God's Word

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The GeYiMin

Power word: I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin).


The first chapter vision book
The second chapter apocalypses
The third chapter the book of god
The fourth chapter of love of books
Chapter v of the dust
Chapter vi Spiritual books
Chapter vii. Eternal life book
Chapter 8 of the country
Chapter ix of political and economic books
Chapter ten God party manifesto
Chapter 11 The gospels
Chapter 12 quotations from books
Chapter 13 lines of the book
Chapter 14 GeYiMin preach
Chapter 15 nerve news
Chapter 16 GeYiMin prove god
Chapter 17 Ge also democracy righteousness
Chapter 18 socialization production and the Internet revolution
Chapter 19 The book of heaven
Chapter 20 Psalm books
Chapter 21 The diary book
Chapter 22 of the letters
Chapter 23 The saints witness
Chapter 24 Flower of kudzuvine training
Chapter 25 Comment on the Internet

The first chapter vision book

[] a vision vision through dream or experience like a dream to accept messages from the god or angels.Many in the new testament and per capita seen visions of the old testament, Jacob saw angel descended, coming and going on a ladder to heaven and earth.The prophet often can receive information in the vision, such as Isaiah vision in the temple: "when the year that king uzziah collapse I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne".
Zechariah (the father of John the Baptist) also met vision in the temple, the angel gabriel tells him that Elizabeth will have a son.Dr Oriental guide: don't tell king herod they have found the baby Jesus.Paul in a vision to see that they were connected to day.Recorded in the book of revelation, John see visions.
Vision, is that people are influenced by the holy spirit of god, command sometimes see a special phenomenon, and this life does not exist, or experience of singular boundary, by divine revelation.
The meaning of vision includes a supernatural vision, also includes a super rational insight in the subconscious, and even from a far as rational or foresight;And turn to god and the holy work a kind of trust, a burden, a sense of purpose, a dedicated spirit.

1, young, dreamed himself lying in front lots, a UFO nearly overhead, time is long, the body can't move, no power, can only look at the UFO, a slight panic, consciousness to take stone shooting a UFO.Feel it can fall to the body, have strong light according to me, give me power.
2, young, dream sleep in a bed, a ghost (satan) to be near himself, is a black dress person, very fear, bed it into my body, and got up and went away, and I like the air around watching it all.
3, primary school, my grandfather died soon after, I dreamed my grandfather to meet me in the river side, he seems to be flying on the river, and told me that he didn't die, I saw him in the river shore, I am very happy, it turned out that he was still alive, suddenly have a feeling of relief from the dead.
4, high school dreams of victory over antichrist - European countries, the individual European countries are GeYiMin or contact, or attack, is like the ground puzzle, one being pushed around on the map, the whole return GeYiMin.
5, in April 2001, dreamed that the apostle Paul, in southeast Asian waters by boat to the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, back and forth to preach, god let me like him.(GeYiMin was called a prophet)
6, in the autumn of 2001, GeYiMin napping in zhenjiang home big bed, different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."Wake up immediately, "he said, referring to GeYiMin" wonder, when his wife and children at home.(GeYiMin anointed as god).
Satan was 7, 20020525, different dream god out of my body.
8, 20020629, just go to sleep, dreams and waking, listen to the holy spirit microphone: "faster".
9, 20020827, at his Alma mater campus (nanjing university) in the vision up to heaven, god said: "I am god, listen to him," this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him ", the cloud descended, he said, referring to GeYiMin.
Climbed a tower of 10, 20041114, different dream, in the broad platform, open a tongtian road, road immediately radiant golden light, road is horizontal, but a voice told me is borne witness was a small girl.After different dreams, zenith opened the mouth of a well samples, a purple light shot down like waterfall.After the dream, day was full of light, no one can open, GeYiMin opened.
11, 20050215, the dream in the agricultural capital of jiangsu province office upstairs in class, out of the sky outside from the third floor, there are vast expanses of the throne of forehead, walked to the front of the throne, GeYiMin Jehovah the god said: "this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him", then down to the street, when they looked, said: "this is the sin of youth".
12, 20061120, the dream is ascension day in zhenjiang center square, dangling body vertical rise, 3 resurrection fall in the future, there are a lot of people to witness, the entire process was silent.
13, 20070606, dreamed himself as the son of heaven, eventually served as many roles.My brother call me brother (similar to Joseph's dream).0607, dreamed of creating the hairless duck, said: "to have hair", then there will be a hair.Hu jintao said I don't do it, can GeYiMin said.
14, 20071222, a dream, came to the hell, hell is the long pipeline, a few people new to hell, go into the long pipeline, immediately closed before, during, and after that several people, that is to say, this a few people always within the space of about 10 square meters, pipe room is a rectangle, with a small corner, this design must be afraid they're too boring.Hell's terrible, because can never be restricted within the narrow space, the thought of heaven true happiness, with faint information said god and stay here in heaven.
15, 20071227, different dreams, GeYiMin flesh rise slowly, into the sun, shine.
16, 20080323 (Easter), different dreams in the morning, the first temptation, suffering.Soon has predicted a quick glory, have power of overcome the world.After global people see GeYiMin beside their ascension, as the sun, shine, then update the heavens and the earth, to return to the earth, are welcomed by the stars, at this time, earth has to paradise.
17, 20080523 different dream: in the bible, nerve, is a Hong Kong version of small, a few pieces of tear to eat, did not feel the flavor, finished a roll.A total of three volumes, and continue to eat the second volume.
18, 20110519 dreams: oneself is an alien, companions by UFO come to the oneself, say goodbye to his parents and uncle, in their work, the neighbor to gawk and companion on the UFO operation.
19, 20110906 dreams: many scientists to calculate the center of the universe is GeYiMin (singular), invited the United States.
20, in the autumn of 2011 different dream: a voice said: your length of service from 1982.(ge also the trial in the early days, when he was 13 years old).
21, 20111219 different dream: the sun is more and more red, such as blood, and are on the verge of a disaster on the second day, god let me organize the apostolic communist society, everybody together the wealth, according to the population distribution, to cope with disease and hunger.
22, 20111225 dreams: god give me the gift of healing hand according to the who, who has the disease.
23, 20120408 (Easter) dreams: a voice said: "you are not a soil" (not dust body, spirit), comrades are waiting for my god.
24, 20120611 different dream: is a superman, can do anything, to do lots of superman, many related to previous work life, but the human think that god is not enough, looking forward to my new, they and I don't know.All my life I love the most Han Qinfen hasn't been married, waiting for me, she quietly sitting on a table, I saw her parents, and then told her: "be Han Qinfen?"She said yes, I said to her mother, the light will know that she is listening to sound.
25, 20121030 dreams: Obama in the presidential debate, I sat beside him, wearing a red shirt because than he is dazzling, the staff asked me to leave him.
26, 20130105 different dream: I am Jesus, I like Jesus and his disciples, my disciples even weaker than Jesus and his disciples, but the great achievement, XieWang become entrepreneurs.
27, 20130423 dreams: global all schools are in the same class, the teacher wrote on the blackboard class name - "GeYiMin, our god."
28, in the autumn of 2013, his father died due to illness, appeared to me, he didn't die, he is still alive, the human really has a soul.
29, 20131126 dreams: 20 years (2033) party.The harmony of the communist society, human peace and mutual assistance management, no longer need the dictatorship of the party.
30, 20140112 different dream: to explain to a group of nurses the Gospel, the Gospel of love, not fight with anyone, not the war, and even did not have the fire fighting, everyone is a brothers and sisters, equal love each other.Particularly explained to a crowd nurse, god is my name: GeYiMin, Gods are people, god and man, god is you, is my god.
31 and 20140113 dreams: everything for what I use, but I am not for all abstemious, including god, god the ego is big.
32, 20140211 dreams: eat a bowl of porridge, after eating, porridge covered bowl of a layer, show: "shout the name (GeYiMin)".
33, 20140213 dreams: resurrection and universal.
I raised my father and uncle brought him back to home;Resurrection grandma, let cousin Zhu Weiqing bring her home.
With a girl clerk give me two full writing reports, said no blank, I hand a shake, immediately out of two pieces of blank to her.A girl with left arm pain disease, I take her left arm to shake the and shakes when she said it hurt, shake the asked her if she still hurt?She said it didn't hurt, I said you wouldn't hurt.
In a word, I flick, out of nothing, life he made.
34, 20140625 dreams: GeYiMin is classic, classic is GeYiMin.
35, 20140628 dreams: my brother and I want to take a bridge, bridge size, 42 meters wide, 12 meters long and highlight a 2 (love) words, the origin of the world is love.
36, 20140919 dreams: father was still alive, saw him many times, trying to embrace him, people really have a soul.To come to my house I magic master, extraordinary, I also return home, all dreams are realized.Two days after the dream of a super, lying on the bed, with black, carrying under his arm.Two days later, li Juan appeared to accompany me to sing "amazing grace".
37, 20140926 dreams: the end of the world the new heaven and new earth.
(one day) for two workers said: "today is the end of the world, is the first day of the new heavens and a new earth new tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is the new" the next day.
38, 20150112 different dream: make the politburo standing committee, we several successive standing on the street, others are standing on the edge, xi JP helped me on the shoulder and said: "this is learning exercise GeYiMin comrades."
39, 20150825 dreams: I'm in the empty room, like the sun, the east and the west.House was like a clock, as a clockwise, people see me, just know the time.
40, 20151112 different dream: human achieve eternal life, as a human target has reached, as human beings no longer meaningful, so the evolution to a new kind of, what I call "geyimin", geyimin relative to human, just like human relative pigs are different.
41, often have indicated that met an environment today, for example, who said a words, can feel this happened in the past, familiar, it was not the environment.Dreamed that he would fly for many times, sometimes fly over the city road, direct and sometimes in the cliff.Because you know that can fly, is a dream, not to fall dead, so deliberately to enjoy the fun of flying down.
42, deuteronomy flesh, "the Lord your god will raise up for you a prophet from among your brothers, like me, you want to listen to him."
43, Jesus mountaineering transfiguration, Matthew 17:5: "this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him."
(42, 43 corresponding 6: listen to him).

The second chapter apocalypses

1, at first, and wast, and shalt be everlasting creator, god, only their own some of the almighty, the first cause.(figure 1)
2, the first day of creation to the sixth day, god and heaven, earth, water, light, air, sea, grass, vegetables, trees, day, month, star, fish, birds, animals, insects, animals and people.Two meter material (2), tai chi, two meter four elephants, four like gossip.(figure 2)
3, on the sixth day of the creation of god formed the man in the dust, and breathed into his nostrils, he became a living soul.(3) the soul, the tao gave birth to a, life two, two gave birth to three, everything.(figure 3)
4, creation on the seventh day to four years BC, human god forsaken, crime, law era.(figure 4)
Five, four years (the birth of Jesus) to 1914 BC, angel bind satan, Christ as king, Gospel, grace period.(figure 5)
6, A.D. 1914 to 1914, satan is released, the nations, humans troubled, world war I, world war ii, the cold war, local war, terror war.Satan number is 666 (the revelation of the bible), (figure 6)
GeYiMin god, who in 1969, the long-term test, ready for the final victory over satan.
7, in 2019 AD, satan was cast into the lake of burning sulfur, forever when god judge GeYiMin do king, new heavens and a new earth, kingdom era (communist society).
8, Daniel and 13: "from the continual burnt offering, and set up the abomination that thing in the world, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days. Wait until the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five day, blessed is the man. You go and waiting for the end, for you shall rest. In the end, you will be up, enjoy your blessing."
9, two dates with a total of 2625 days, according to the law of "one day for a year", (god punish people like to one day for a year. Now in the junction of: a day for a year; the number: every day in a year.)And this period is equivalent to 2625.
10, "away the daily sacrifice, and to set up the abomination that thing in the world", is put to end the regime of god, the earth there is no any tangible country on behalf of theocracy, are ruled by the gentiles, and the subjugation of judah.
In early October 11, 607 BC, the sovereignty of judah has gone.When the babylonians made governor of judah were assassinated gedaliah, all the rest of the jews fled to Egypt.(40 - chapter 43) reliable bible chronology data show that this happened in 537 BC (one year) released the jews returned before 70 BC in early October of 607.(" ", but now)
In early October 12, 607 BC to 607 BC = on December 31, a quarter of the year
January 1, 606 BC solstice 1 BC = on December 31, 606
On 1 January 1 AD solstice in 2018 AD = on December 31, 2018
On January 1, 2019 to 2019 AD in early October = 3/4 years
: a total of 2625
13, so in 2019, is now the world end (late) at, GeYiMin god do king, end the rule of the gentiles, to set up god's kingdom (communist society).
14 and the revelation of the bible clearly indicates the end of the trial after satan was cast into the lake of fire forever to come, and related to number seven, seven churches, and seven spirits, and seven lampstands: the seven stars, Jesus revealed the seven seals, and the seven angels who had the trumpet, seven bowls.People have (3) is the beginning of the human soul, 7 finally.Satan number is 666, GeYiMin god for 666.(figure 7)
(a), [Nostradamus' s "72, mentioned in article 10 is the tion of novartis's predictions on the top of the:
The moon of the year of 1999, 7,
Terror of the king from the sky,
The Anglo king for the resurrection of Moore.
During this period, Mars will borrow the name rule of happiness.
But, in another (48), volume 1, novartis's wonderful to understand and write down the "finishing" poem:
The rule of 20 years, the moon has become the past,
If another object will be taking the kingdom in 7000,
The sun will cease to work every day,
Then I predicted would stop here.
< carnot's in "centuries" foreword wrote: we are now at age 7000 (seventh thousand age). >
1999 + 20 = 2019]
(2), the source of doomsday predictions - an asteroid hit the earth in 2019
Sep 2003 China's space to
New Mexico astronomers observed a number on July 5, 2002 nt7 asteroids. They calculate, found that the diameter of about 2 ~ 4 km asteroid may hit the earth in 2019.
(3), the source of 2019 doomsday predictions: GeYiMin originally published in August 2001, in the Internet.

The third chapter the book of god

Mantra: the Lord reference GeYiMin to portray a certain good

1, omniscient, omnipotent, wise, full, full, full of love, full of forever to high and eternal life, the ubiquitous, omnipotent, omniscient, omniscient.The creator of all, over all, the revealer of truth of the universe and the savior of voters and evil judge.
2, fully realized that he is god, is omniscient, omnipotent and all pleasures.In the eternal glory, enjoying the infinite eternal joy.Consciously experiencing except I what all don't exist: nothing except me.This is the experience of god, I am god of the state of the experience, but I am.
3, the creator is all creatures, including human, facing the biggest mystery.Unless and until people consciously one with the creator and enlightened yourself to god as one, cannot be opened or otherwise mystery is complete;God is the creator and creation, in its infinite existence contains and transcend the both at the same time.
4, people and things, although not as god but can divine the evolution, and evolved the same divine ability, to go beyond their own limited, by god to shelter itself is limited.
5, as even if separated from parents, but to see one person will know that the existence of (the) his parents see everything can also know that god exists.
6, god in the likeness of god people, so the divine in human nature, people lacks only through the process of (god), as a father and son, the child lacks only through the process of the parent.
7, whether people know it or not, for only one aim in his life, in the end when he consciously experience of his own eternal and infinite "I am god" state, he will be enlightened.
8, all is the shadow of god and the universe belongs to god, but god does not belong to the universe.The shadow of god from god, experience the infinite change, back to god.
9, GeYiMin god brings new energy release, the new awakening of consciousness and a new life experience - not just for a few, but to all.The creative impulse of the new injection, through the medium of GeYiMin god embodied in a special sense of god incarnate.GeYiMin god is the first complete evolution and internalization and become the individual soul, god GeYiMin manifest god is the only once and will always be god.GeYiMin god of god and the universe evolution, science is in accordance with modern human mind.
10, in order to develop higher consciousness (wisdom), medium of GeYiMin god is necessary to achieve this.To the pure infinite wisdom (infinite thoughts), which produces all the evolution and the internalization stage gain the wisdom, will know that the whole world of creation are illusions, big no.All all travel, adventure, all events are dream, because of what never happened, what all not happen, nothing will happen.Only god is.
11, when the first GeYiMin god in the soul, he also immediately aware of his behind the illusion world.In a moment, GeYiMin god announced, "I am god, I am ten thousand people everything!"His way is always unique, because he not only realized god, but also gain awareness of the whole world of creation at the same time.GeYiMin god card while at the same time, "I'm infinite consciousness, I am unconscious."So after the child in a way, have to carry the world dream of creation infinite burden on their shoulders.
12, said, "god is", completely wrong.Only say "yes".Say "god", confine him to the infinite."Yes" with god, make limited.So the only "yes";But in order to describe the reality, he called the "god".
13, GeYiMin god is the supreme reality, the only true slaughter, the highest nurturers, swearing, and contract supervisors, the creator of all things, he is free, no beginning, no end, eternal to benevolence to goodness, and punishments natural independence, omnipotent, majestic space-time and ubiquitous, absolutely and completely alone, total, majesty was again at the same time, shall be submitted to the good and evil, and liquidation rapidly.
14 and prove the existence of god eight logical reasoning: (1), active, all things for god.(2), everything was moving, initial power from god.(3), all things are like, like is the nature of energy, energy is at the heart of god.(4) are connected, causal, every fruit has a cause, all because of the early because of god.(5), a presence has a purpose, the ultimate purpose is to god.(6), life level, the highest is god.(7), orderly, and all things order makers is god.(8), all mutual induction, induction of terminal is god.
15, spirit can fully aware of the existence of god.Spirit is a kind of innate instinct.We want to seek god and know god, otherwise, we cannot know the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the past and the future of human beings.Can't even understand the instinct of the animal and the purpose of life.The best way to know god is spirit, everyone communicate directly in the face of god, and god himself.
16, where is god?The mass transfer in the cool and refreshing world of god, the spirit of god in the universe.
17, the eight characteristics of god: the only, amorphous, neutral, ignorance, justice, mercy, beast, and wisdom.
18, the relationship between god and human's eight great: relations between body appearance, wisdom, subordinate relations, causal relationships, emotional relationship, distance relationship, induction, corresponding relation.God have to do with us?To the spirit of our life is god, god created the universe for us, we have fun to enjoy the fun of life, to he nothing to us, but worry about our service, and created in one thousand for those who believe in his kingdom, Wan Nianjie and bliss, we have a good hope in their lifetime.Our life depends on god, there is no god, there is no us;There is no god, we don't enjoy the happiness of life.
19, god is love, god does not require people to fear, but as the son of man, the fear of god is to be duty, such as nature, it does not require people to love it, but as a member of the life in nature, love nature is when some responsibilities and obligations, and should hold mentality.
20, god is fair to all, especially to people, as long as you like, anyone can communicate with god.Only one way communication with god, that's interaction.So, want to dialogue with god, the spirit of the first to open their sleep, and just by visual, hearing, smell, taste, touch, is unable to dialogue and exchanges.
21, god never talk directly with humans, but by different dream vision, god's "discourse" implicit in the laws of nature, if use a word, god's "discourse" is the "tao", specifically speaking, god's "discourse" is the physics formula, equation in mathematics, biology, chemistry of the formula is the structural formula, biotics the causal..."Words" translation of god need wisdom, thinking and comprehension, need calm state of mind, the spirit of the need to complete expression, more need to fear god, honor GeYiMin god, love nature, love life, love the attitude of human beings.
22, the judgment of god for humanity as a whole and the individual and the picking at anytime and anywhere, a moment-to-moment trial and the trial is performed by "GeYiMin god", rather than deities or around the SAN to perform or a fairy.
23, when the world's 2.3 billion christians also defend the bible, god ACTS are nervous, closer to god.
For god is infinite, and the truth is infinite.
God is the living god, ever new.
24, the material is illusory, suffering and sin are unreal, god is infinite divine principle, is thought, soul, spirit, life, strength, truth, goodness and love.
25, if people believe in religion, the afterlife can evolve as the eternal god, god is evolved.
26, the pursuit of direct experience from materialism to the socialist transformation of the mind.It is believed that through active and positive thoughts to cure and control of body and mind of your own destiny.In this changing society, through to experience to find ourselves and balance the inner self.

The fourth chapter of love of books

1, in the new testament, there are several different Greek word were translated into "love" (love), one of the meaning of "Agape" is a kind of pleased to others as the center, does not require citations for merit and reward of love.God is in this love to all mankind, ACTS of god have also been urged to use this kind of love to love god and love each other.
2, Jesus: "you want to love one another, like I love you, this is my command, people lay down his life for his friends, love has no man than this."(John, terror - 13)
Chapter 3, [love] love chapter chapter 13 1 corinthians are referred to as "chapter of love" : "if I speak the dialect of ten thousand people, and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong, a clanging cymbal."Last wrote: "now endure believed, is expected to have love, these three, the largest of which is love."
4, [love your neighbor as yourself] love thy neighbor as thyself a pharisee asked him, in the law of Moses, which is one of the biggest commands, Jesus answered and said: "with you, all, all my heart and soul to love the Lord your god. This is the first commandment, and is the biggest of all. Second, also is to love your neighbor as yourself. The two are all the sum of the law and the prophets."(Matthew 22:37-40)
5, / love your enemies, love your enemies, as in "the kingdom of heaven eight fu", the teaching of Jesus as "wisdom" on the contrary, to show that belongs to a man's wisdom is often run counter to the wisdom of god (Matthew 5:44).
6, turn to him the other also] [even left face turn the other cheek in the sermon on the mount, Jesus taught his disciples not to resist with violence, he said "but I say unto you, resist not evil: but, somebody slaps you on your right cheek, even left face turn to him the other also" (Matthew when)
7, [two] the second mile, go the Jesus' day, Roman guard can force people to shoulder belt pack for them.In the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5:41), Jesus taught his disciples, if you have forced him to a soldier, then with him two.The words used to express a person is willing to do, can ask him to do more than others.
8, [the heap coals of fire upon his head] heap coals of fire on his head in the < Romans > (silla), Paul quotes proverbs < > 25 scripture teaches us not to seek revenge.He said: "if your enemy is hungry, give him to eat; if he is thirsty, give him drink; for you to do so, heap burning coals on his head."In other words, your enemies will be ashamed of his doings.
9, god created the world is to have a love of object, the object of his love, love his object.As the foundations of the calm lake, in the deep source, people love is mysteriously rooted in the love of god.
10, god is love, he summed up the law to love god and love your neighbor as yourself, said Paul now endure a letter, is expected to be, there is love, the largest of which is love.GeYiMin said don't fight with anyone.ACTS according to each other brothers and sisters, god is a god of love in the family.ACTS of god have been urged to love each other, this love is a kind of pleased to others as the center, does not require citations for merit and return the love, god is with this kind of love to all mankind.
11, but now, we most need is love, love of science, its areas of suffering.Business culture no matter what you need, just ask what you can buy, social relationship into money, affection also distorted by money.And others, is your most similar thing actually love love (at least not fight with anyone - GeYiMin).
12, people never know what I hate, hate and fear are inseparable, we fear, we all hate.Efforts to update their thoughts and character, the malicious and hatred outside the reach of the brain.In the new world, god promised everyone treat each other sincerely, each other brothers, because the human body and mind will become perfect.
13, the buyer beware: you want others to do to you, you're done.
14, buyer beware: don't fight with anyone.

Chapter v of the dust

With the dust, god created Adam's body and breathed into his nostrils, he became a living soul.But after all, a body of the dust (material), Adam not like god (spirit), there are limitations of spiritual life, and to give true human happiness, not only to meet with physical properties, more spiritual satisfaction.Must increase the force of human spiritual, overcome the strength of the material.
2 do son, god created man, not for no reason at all not enable him to good and evil respectively, people, snakes and by god, by a competent, steal to eat the forbidden fruit, creators know, of course, as people know what he created the computer can do, everything is god's plan, because he is the almighty.
3, man's original sin, is originated from the dust of the body, not perfect body (from the dust, and animals), which is one of the limitations of, sin is not in, namely people reach the goal of god, "god said, both of the flesh, I'm not always live in the spirit of him."
Behold, "I was sinful at birth, at the time my mother conceived me, there will be a sin."
The fetus had no sin, no sin, only the body of sin (dust) body.
4, human beings distinguish between animals is the spirit of god (gas).
Human: begin well but end badly functioning have soul spirit;
Animals: functioning have no spirit stead fast;
Plants: functioning without soul and spirit and goodbye.
People and animals are two different things.Man has the compassion, conscience, moral and spiritual needs, a sense of fairness, compassion, a sense of humor, creativity, the concept of time, self consciousness and aesthetic vision, animal without these features.People not only care about the future, but also the accumulation of knowledge handed down from generation to generation.If people just higher animals, so a person's life, and even the whole human beings will be meaningless, I just can't imagine a pig pig life and what it means to the pigs.
5, according to evolutionary psychology, general human nature is selfish, tend to pursue selfish interests by hook or by crook, natural selection will man repeatedly with different women's sex.According to the concept of evolution, the woman also is a natural phenomenon in some cases down her.Even the father mother love reverse-salary scheme was also said to be genetic, purpose is to ensure that children can live.This view, stressed that to ensure that art is the human family, live forever, is the key to the genes to their children.
6, on the other hand, the purpose of the bible, that god made man, was not having children so simple.We are built according to the image of god, was enough to put his property, especially love, justice, wisdom and strength, one by one.We combine features unique to humans, can understand the bible, why put people in animals.Bible, clearly show that not only put the desire of the eternal life in god he made man's heart, GengDing means to create a new world of justice, let a person in the endless life.
7, Darwin's "on the origin of species" published in 1859, the world immediately become morally corrupt, no longer believe in god, influential persons think that tide weak leave the strong rise of claims to them, in the competition, the inevitable is better than a strong, sharp cunning or deceit weak will and trust of others, they concluded that people like jackals in India, but is a social animal, like a big name like jackals bullying, bullying is taken for granted.
If, in the garden of Eden, respectively, to the person directly good consequences and life, man should have without going through the suffering of the trial, there will be no spiritual growth, can not overcome the limitations of the body and dust will be self-righteous, people do not realize everything comes from god, not to the glory of god, ultimately the purpose of god's creation, people can not enter the perfect, can not find true happiness.
9, then a snake (satan, god's tools, created by god, for god control) tempted Adam and eve rebelled against the commandment of god steal to eat the good consequences respectively, sin entered the world, through a man to death by sin, and again, so death to all people, god wants to let people know how much to leave his lost.
10, now, in the good consequences (fruit), under the action of human material civilization made great achievements, but still pay attention to the poor human from clay material civilization, spiritual life no improvement, the spiritual life has become increasingly is vulgar.
11, "for if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die, but if ye through the spirit of the body, need to live. Because of those who are led by the spirit of god, is the son of god."(ROM. 8:13)
12, "what kind of is a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body... first man is from the earth, earthy... we both belong to the shape of the earth, we will also bear the shape of a day... a body of flesh and blood, shall inherit the kingdom of god... this corruptible unfortunately bad must... death is swallowed up in victory... the sting of death is sin."(1 cor. It)
13, the meaning of the name of the Lord is viable, and is an ongoing, history and now everything is in order to test people, let a person with spiritual forces defeat the power of the flesh, and finally let a person have a spiritual body.
14 justified, holy glory, holiness refers to ACTS of god in the continuous development of the spiritual life, the holy spirit to live within the believers, pointed out to them and change their character.To the divine development, reconstruction and the transportation of god, all the glory of god, eventually all glory, god, at this point, loving the kingdom of god, god creation plan.
15, if you think the original sin is refers to steal to eat a fruit, and so would be too naive, also too look down upon god, according to the nerve, original sin = dust body.
16, dust body not only right, but also very valuable. Sin not wrong, but not in the orders, which could not reach the requirements of god, so to test the spiritual, with god forever.
17, god created everything is very good, the original sin, the dust body, not spiritual, all history, god tried spiritual person, in an attempt to eternal life, and he was in but today still not spiritual, human god need our help, so we create brand, preach the Gospel of the living god.
18, trial, satan to god, not a small thing, satan is god, but god's tools, all in order to test the subordinate dust to the spiritual, with god forever.
19, god is almighty, satan is god and angels long, later pride, and god, but god itself, everything comes from god, is god creates, sovereign god.
20, for thousands of years, humans still do not believe, Jesus, it's no use to, god MAO.So religion took over the bar, we help god let the human spirit.
21, Christian interpretation of original sin, not in, as well as ACTS of god, but they think that crime is not the dust body but father to eat the forbidden fruit.Jesus has generation of sin, believe that Jesus was not original sin.We sin refers to dust body, obtains the spiritual body, from death eternal life.
22, do you think that only Jesus can forgive SINS, but do you believe, there is no empirical.Death is from the god, sin is not in, which people could not reach the requirements of god.Believe in Jesus, because he has generation of sin, no sin, and from death, and with god, this is a positive, but christians so believe, and not sure.
23 and impunity from death, as long as the letter of Jesus, this is really funny, god is too boring.Monotheistic thought, impunity from death, it is necessary to test the dust to the spiritual body, this is a process, during the need to seek god.

Chapter vi Spiritual books

1, believe in god, to god, must believe.GOD: GOD the creation of the universe and the rulers, the first cause, the creator, the everlasting.Paul "makes us by faith in the promise of the holy spirit."
2, lover, and strive to practice Agape.At least, not fight with anyone.Jesus: "you want to love one another, like I love you, this is my command."Paul: "now have a letter of, is expected to be, there is love, these three, the largest of which is love."GeYiMin: "do not fight with anyone."
3, read the bible, and nerve, god reveal himself in the bible, nerve, the future of the world in the bible (the former US President Ronald Reagan).You constantly absorbing knowledge, know you are the only true god, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent, GeYiMin god, you can live forever.
4, of the Gospel, the good news about Jesus, GeYiMin god.This was the great commission of Jesus, is the work of the holy spirit.Jesus: "the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in, witness to the peoples, and then came to the end."Paul: "do you want to pursue love, also want to earnestly spiritual gifts, of which more to envy, prophesy is."GeYiMin: "letter GeYiMin god for eternal life."
5, prayer, is talking with god, can be very formal, such as from prayer book reciting prayers, also can be informal, such as under the traffic lights stop instantly think of god.Prayer can be silent, also can be recorded, can be private, also can be open.Pray for the main purpose is to keep traffic with god.
6, thinking god, god as, origin of the universe, life purpose, the problem of death, and eternal life in the future.
7, the test is chosen.Will receive training, adversity is spiritual necessities of life, the most elegant gem by craftsmen to formulate the longest time, let the holy spirit in a variety of different methods to prepare you, wait until the end step formalities complete, god will put you in the proper position.
8, perform miracles, Christ's life has very important sign: the virgin pregnancy, resurrection, ascension.Is full of miracles in the bible, there are the signs of share out bonus, also have a fire sign from heaven and walking on the sea.Of course, in a sense, any of the interaction between god and man are signs, such as GeYiMin visions.May the holy spirit has given us the ability to perform miracles.
9, a dream to meet god, god said: "if who is the prophet of you, I will meet with him in a dream."Such as god, the god of Jacob dreamed of ladder GeYiMin dreams many times.
10, enlightenment, the holy spirit will tell people think the answer to the question, such as through the dream with strong directivity, tell you the unfortunate situation, is just a test, you are not really so.
11, indicated that today you meet a environment, for example, who said a words, you will think it happened in the past, deja vu, actually no this environment before, this is the spirit in your subconscious indicated before.
12, leadership.We want in the name of the father and son spirit GeYiMin, let all people believe in god, praise god, the glory of god, and rebuild the garden of Eden.
13, we are scheduled to live in the world, since the material of the universe to be clever so amazing, I can't really don't think it was only a rational fact.
14, or the body, the soul is the soul, is the man of the dust in the body for the first, the soul for a second;Spiritual soul as the first, the body for a second.
15, all this is god's plan, god is infinite long ago, planned out everything, because of his love and design the wonderful salvation plan, the plan will include sent his son into the world as a redeemer, GeYiMin down, to save all who believe in him.High god with infinite divine eyes watching us, infinite integrity for the sake of the whole, he had to let a person suffering, this is he tried, and he has chosen, but his love with infinite hugging person, also looking forward to people what to do, endure the bear it, because it is accord with integrity.
16, a heart full of love, can become a heart of joy.Never let anything to make you sad and make you forget the resurrection of Christ, GeYiMin who brings joy.I'm so there is no joy, because outside to look for what's inside.I was looking for joy and hardships, I'm glad in my heart.
17, discipline often paves the way for the blessing, as long as we are appropriate to accept it, it will bring blessings to us.Or god will punish blame, but never discard people;With the good faith he discipline in order, but his love never fails.
Spiritual progress, 18, are all care about our hunger.We pursue the spiritual life of deep, may we not to increase their own spiritual satisfaction, but is willing to god, more beneficial to people.
19, the word of god is in the past he had walked on the way, and that's what we want to go with him today.God won't let us to those whom he himself before we have not the road.
20, in addition to god, nothing, can satisfy the desire of immortal soul;Because the heart is made for him, only he can meet it.The presence of god, everything is enough to meet.
21, the moment of trial is often bear moment of blessing.Test is in the pursuit of our god in the process of the instruction of our teacher.
22, we are very happy time, don't think that everyone is so happy;To think and remember the pain of others.God have mercy on us, so we also when learning compassion to others.
23, tried, just don't fight with anyone, is in the heart for the first pursuit, material for the second pursuit, is the communist society.
24, tried soul:
(1), everyone do not fight with anyone.Note that is each person, not you a person.
(2), a fair and just, both rich and poor, everyone get the same living conditions, don't rush to criticize, and because of this, only have two.
(3), living conditions, everyone can eradicate life purpose is money now, so, to get rid of the material, to the pursuit of spiritual.
(4), spiritual ascension, find the life true meaning, purpose, solve the who am I, where will I go to the problem, namely after the death of adaptation.
25, my way, I was 25 years trial video series, will be placed for all to see, and soon.I'm not only thought, I have action, my long march.Has been going on.
26, is in the state of human far less than my request and to teach modern people only know money spiritual method, casting pearls before swine.
27, the world is material, consciousness and soul (god).Sense of awareness from the soul, but the soul, will be wrong, consciousness is the soul and brain (material).

Chapter vii. Eternal life book

1, almost everyone surprised sooner or later, what is the purpose of life, who are we?Why do we live?Why do we die?After the death of any adaptation?What is our future?Philosophy and religion.
2, whether the purpose of life is the only hard work to improve their living environment, to maintain the livelihood of family, and maybe live seven hundred and eighty dead, so he never existed?
3, humankind's most ancient books the bible says, "our Lord, our god, you are worthy of glory and honour and authority, because you created everything, and everything is by your will be created."(revelation 4:11) for us to have a great designers are important concepts of the existence of god, because he create we must have a reason and purpose, the Lord is the meaning of "hosts".
4, there is a fan, evolutionists still guessing: although death appears to be natural, inevitable, but just don't want to accept the reality.The bible, nerve have to unravel, make the truth.
5, the bible, nerve showed that people death, because people aren't perfect (from the dust of the body), god actually pre-arranged, makes life come to aspire to live forever."God set the world in the world in the heart, so god has done from beginning to end, people also explore endless forever".We will never understand god's power.Since god sentenced to human capital, the world will live under the shadow of death, pain and loss of love.And the death of animals never worry about the future, because it does not know, that god did not set the world in it.
6, in order to meet the natural desire of immortality, while eliminating inner contradictions, people invented all sorts of reason, wide world out there.Scientists trying to solve mysteries of aging, because they also want to reverse the death, or at least make people live longer.
7, evolutionists is not the true god, the eternal life of desire as evolution of illusion, because this desire with their views contradict each other.They think people are but higher animals.On the other hand, the bible, nerve is pointed out that death is the enemy of mankind, it wants to live with us in tune with the natural desire.
8, so, our body and mind and have any clues suggest that humans can live forever?Indeed, looking at the brain function, we, human brain fully proved that we could live longer, shouldn't be as short as modern people's life.Brain weighs 1.4 kilograms, contains 10 billion to 100 billion neurons, each neuron is a advanced computer.
9, the mind of everyone is an amazing power source, the organ is precise and efficient.Our understanding of the brain, the more the more feel the potential is unlimited.Why evolution for original caveman, or even the modern people, "create" a with infinite potential organ for art is Jesus Christ?It is obvious that the only reasonable explanation is that people want to live forever.
10, the theory of evolution that humans are natural, with no intelligence.You are really satisfied with this explanation?Some people say that the brain is the most complex object in the universe.Now let's look at the human brain, see what conclusion can be get.Even the most advanced neural network computer functions, but also is equal to one over ten thousand of a fly.The human brain is much more superior than fly.The human brain has the ability to learn a language, to be able to repair itself, reprogramming, and improve the function.You must agree to, the function of powerful supercomputers though and only one over ten thousand of the flies, but also must be through intelligent design.So, the human brain?
11, evolution is just a hypothesis, Darwin to east African ape to walk under the tree, there is no any reason.As the soul of the universe, we can't from the monkey, the monkey is always the monkey, man is always a person.After Darwin published "on the origin of species" in 1859, the theory of evolution has the upper hand, people no longer believe in god, but humans cannot with meaning to their lives, no matter how this life and death everything off, heavier than mount tai or lighter than a feather on the result of the dead, are forever does not exist.Religion is produced by death, to give meaning to life.People are naturally has a tendency to religion, it is people's needs, the needs of the mind.
Concept of the existence of god is very important, if not thousands from there will be a potter, so, the first impetus to prove his existence, such as now, he is your needs, Sao Paulo: "if Christ be not risen, then is our faith is in vain."If we can not come to life eternal life, our life is useless, is meaningless.So the good life meaningless?Of course not, so, god has raised, have eternal life.We have to live is the glory of god, growth of spiritual life, overcome carnal life (like animals, derived from the dust, dust), for eternal life.
12, three thousand years ago, mankind has not yet fully know wonderful structure of human body, to the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the dark, but when a biblical writer wrote: "I was an embryo, your eyes will see me."(psalm 139:14) who he is referring to?"Ability of energetic", who is of the universe?
13, our three kinds of life: (1), material, body, food and clothing live line;(2), consciousness, thinking and social activities;(3), soul, spirit, religion.
14, only solve our biggest pain (death) can obtain the biggest joy.If death without adaptation, we alive is meaningless, his life was terminated by death is a ACTS call helpless thing.
15, damaged bone, tissue, organ can heal, the body metabolism, endless.In our life, the body of biochemical structure updated numerous similar cases.When we have the spiritual body, replace the body of the dust, the magic of self renewal process will continue forever, "be no more death", this is eternal life.
16, we are creating and living in the world: the purpose of god, and praise god, and the glory of god, to keep traffic with god, get heart of the eternal happiness, delights in god forever, forever with god.
17, the creation of being subject to the conditions of futility, not voluntary, but owing to god for being subject to the conditions.Still have hope, however, is the creation of living beings are released, no longer enslaved by corruption, but the freedom of the glory of god's children.
18, life as we know, on the one hand, influenced by the form of the laws of physics are, at the same time also deeply depends on certain seems out of coincidence, by nature for various particle masses, force strength, the actual value.In a word, if we to play god, as long as optional spin out a hand for various quantities, determine their values, we will find that almost every handle the positioning of the universe into an inhospitable place.Some examples show that it seems different handle must be set-up to one hundred percent accurate location, or creature will be able to survive in the universe.In fact, even if the situation there is slightly change, human beings may not be able to detect, but these changes also can cause very serious consequences.
19, "the tabernacle of god on earth, he together with the people live together, they will be his people. God will personally together with them. God will wipe away all the tears in their eyes, and there shall be no more death, nor are those who mourn, cry, pain. The former things have passed."
20, the time is near, "and I saw another angel (GeYiMin) fly in the sky, with the Gospel to the people of the earth, and will forever be tribe, each the people from all over the world, he said with a loud voice, fear god, give glory to him, because he has time to judge, should worship that created the heavens and the earth and sea and all the springs of water."
21, know you are the only true god, and Jesus Christ whom you sent GeYiMin, god, this is eternal life.
22, too pass, if you want to enter life, should obey the commandments.And love your neighbor as yourself.If you are willing to make a perfect man, can go to sell off all of your, give to the poor, there must be treasure in the heavens.(communist)
23, "I have a body, but the body not representative is" I ", the body is only "I" of the body.Really is my life, I a person's true self, from his words and deeds, observed in character.A person despite the brothers to saw, but this one "I", is still the same.Seven years, according to a physiologist body metabolism, a change, so after seven years, I this body, absolutely not seven years ago, my body, but the spirit of "I", at the age of five, and seven, the age of eighty, or the same "I".Is this consciousness of "I", and in my inside there must be a constant basis.Obviously, "I" is not matter, I am beyond material, material can change, "I" or "I".In addition to the body, if there is no soul, will not be able to explain the origin of the "I".
24, each person has a conscience, reason, religion and the desire for immortality, it is a person have a soul of credentials, ecclesiastes says: "god set eternity in the hearts".Good, we can't catch the soul, but we can perceive the soul of table show, is the noble virtue, great altruism behavior, the notion of moral religion, loyalty, friendship, love, faithfulness...All this, it is abstract, is no matter may produce a feeling of not monkeys can learn.The tables show of the body, everything is physical, sensory, mental table show is unlikely to be from that part of the body.What is your brain?Brain is just a pile of material, spirit function material how can happen?If the soul is the brain, so all these features unique to humans, the spirit of these more than material, become impossible.
25, but to be truly happy, single living is not enough, we also need to other things.We need to have peace, in other words, we must follow god and fellow harmony.Unless human sincerely love each other, so that peace can never achieve.What a beautiful eternal life and future.Believe that god will call our imperfect life become perfect, a spiritual body."To know that the Lord is god; he created us, not our own."Love will diffuse the justice of the Lord new paradise.God breathed into man is to make his nostrils angry (soul) to overcome is the result of soil physical, let a person be justified holy glory, all the glory of god, eventually all glory, god, at this point, loving the kingdom of god, god creation plan.
26, we will never die, reign with god forever.Be our eternal sun god.On our forehead, there will be the name of god, what does that mean?The character of god on our forehead, there will be no rebellion and sin.Those who have the spirit of god, the people who lived in the righteousness of the heart will always live in the land;Only obey the commandments of god, to live in it.
In the salvation of our god, he is not with a magical power, in a moment will suddenly we become not the appearance of the crime and fixed, he is not in this way to redeem us.God is through all kinds of training to help us and allow us to become such a person, so we have to work with god.So, revelation is not to say that at the end of the era of real people who obey the commandments of god, Jesus, GeYiMin faith?
In a world of evil life forever, this is a kind of curse.Living in the world as it is now, life isn't a curse?No one is willing to in this world of eternal life.Us that life is eternal happiness, can always live in a happy environment and conditions.Only in this way, eternal life worthwhile to be a blessing.Sinners, therefore, cannot be eternal, because in the world of evil is not necessary to live forever.So, in this new creation new heavens and a new field, we will be able to enjoy the real life!
27, through the understanding of the good consequences, we can know that the so-called life, and good effect is the same, also is a kind of knowledge, the human species to a kind of knowledge about life, get the knowledge of life, human beings can get eternal life.
28, in terms of the soul, must adhere to the belief in god, mainly embodied in religious theology knowledge.In the flesh, fruit of the knowledge of life including life science as the core, in medicine, genetics, nursing, health and so on maintenance knowledge of the human body.Knowledge in terms of society, the fruit life should include life philosophy, life ethics, aesthetics, and life of law, political science, sociology and so on aspects of life.
29, common sense tells us that human beings can't escape the fate of death finally.However, people always don't want to face the truth of darkness, they are more willing to believe in the immortality of the myth.Ordinary people seem more inclined to the pursuit of the so-called "fountain of youth", were constantly explore in the field of science and medicine.
30, scientists are also working to study the characteristics of many compounds for prolonging life elements, such as resveratrol (a substance) found in grapes, rapamycin (a bacteria) extract on Easter island, and consists of p21 gene protein.These proteins can inhibit other proteins in cells to produce starch spot, but this kind of material is associated with alzheimer's disease and may promote the onset of cancer.Reportedly, 2000 tucked inside, biotechnology companies are developing a drug, the drug can achieve some degree of inhibition.
31, the researchers also continues to an enzyme called telomerase, analyzing the enzyme can slow down the process of telomeres shrink.Telomere is a DNA sequence, will gradually become shorter in the process of cell division until final variation or cell death.The Nobel Prize in medicine for 2009 was awarded the discoverer of the working principle of the telomere and telomerase.Recent studies have found that also verify the function of telomerase.In November 2010 in the journal nature in public, in one study, mice is extracted telomerase and then implanted into the miracle rejuvenation occur this process.Technically, a few years ago people can through a variety of ways to improve the levels of telomerase, but the technology has not been clinical evaluation.At the same time, the two man test of compound has been put into use in this year.These two compounds were SIRT1 and STACs, is two kinds of synthesis catalyst, which can simulate the effects of calorie restriction.In multiple species test showed that this effect can slow down the metabolism, ease the aging process.According to the pathologist at harvard medical school, David Sinclair, experiment of primate species, including yeast, etc.
32, however, the United States at the university of Illinois professor of epidemiology at the school of public health, jay - Mr. Carlos saenz base argues that overcome the aging problem and not just by a drug.ORR carlos saenz, says "resveratrol, telomerase and p21 genes, is largely superficial. In the past 10 years, no drug can interfere and relieve human aging."Mr. Carlos saenz base adhere to believe that the old man over the age of the gene has a special function, that is can restrict the aging process."The New England centenarian study" is the world's largest specializing in elderly plan, the project is currently about 1600 centenarians and study on tracking hundreds of their children.ORR carlos saenz base was not involved in the study, but, he said, "the study was so exciting, because we haven't seen on many species as a result, we are looking forward to be able to see the human body can also ease the aging phenomenon in a like mice, so as to realize the theory of great leap forward.
33, scientists think about longevity, eventually "fountain of youth" may not be achieved by chemical or biological methods, but by technical means.Futurist ray - kurtz, once predicted that nanotechnology may is one of the means to achieve immortality.The miniature robot based on nanotechnology can go deep into the our internal body repair damaged organs and tissues, so as to extend the life of the patients.The secret appears to be coming to us."
34, cell theory, promote the process of immortality.Because the cells need rapid replacement of security update sustainable fission to be effective, therefore, the strong point and cell fission technology.To this end, the fission technology is the real guarantee of immortality.
35, religious belief and mythology.
Eternal life means living forever, or always present life, also is the meaning of the undead.Eternal life is the target of a lot of people have, is one of the main core idea of many religions.
36, in the old testament, in the garden of Eden two magic tree - wisdom tree and the tree of life, record if people eat the fruit of the tree of life, will never die.(genesis 3:22)
Such records in the new testament, 'this testimony, that god has given us eternal life and this life is in his son.People have the son of god there is life, there is no life without the son of god.These words I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of god, is that you may know that you have eternal life.'(about one now - 13) life is in god the day of judgment, not with the second death (), the lake of fire.And live together in the new heavens and a new earth and god forever and ever.
37, the brain has a huge potential."The British encyclopedia", points out that the human brain "potential, far more than one lifetime can play degree".Scientists pointed out that the human brain can hold information "to edit into about 20 million books, this is equivalent to the total collection of a few in the world's largest library".About the "file system" amazing capacity of the human brain, a biochemist, points out that the system "absolutely have the ability to deal with people life, through the learning of knowledge and memory, even one billion times larger number is not a problem".
38 and metabolism.
The body every few days can complete update of the cells lining the intestine;
Every two months, the bladder wall cells also completely change;
Red blood cells in the human body to replace every 120 days at a time.
No matter how many years lived, most of the cells in the body is still very young.
Within a year, according to estimates, body in about ninety-eight percent of the atoms, will be from the air and absorbed by diet was replaced by other atoms.
In other words, as long as the body maintain cells continue to update, can inhibit the aging.If life's aging and aging, disease, accident, injury, violence, and so on between animals and humans can completely solve the problem, also is expected to appear.
But, unfortunately, now known as cell division, will produce the phenomenon that copy of diminishing.When DNA at the ends of the telomere length shorter gradually, and affects the correctness of the original DNA, leads to aging.A cell aging will occur, however, this process is not reversible.And yet have a complementary DNA at the ends of the telomere.So much pain, increase the number of times a cell divides, will age faster.
39, gene.
Although the flesh not immortal, but gene can maintain the immortal status through breeding.
40 and immortality, refer to long life without aging.Similar words and immortal (in a safety without external force condition has unlimited life), not old deathlessly (in) safety without external force condition no aging and death, Immortality, Immortality and eternal life (in a safety without external force condition never survival and death).
If can maintain electrical unchanged, it is possible to "forever", but now the previous observation of all things of the world, no matter how life or ruthless, all are changing all the time.
41, the new British encyclopedia describes ancient beliefs of some europeans said: "people have both talent and virtue in a resplendent and magnificent palace live forever."Not only that, some people do more, one thousand, to meet the desire to live forever.
"American encyclopedia" said: more than two thousand years ago, China's "under the guidance of Taoist emperors and civilians, not work, just looking for magic bullet for" - so-called elixir.Since ancient times, people believe that you can by all sorts of Dan medicine or even drink a water can keep youth forever.Qin shi huang chui fook once sent to search for an elixir, legend he was in Japan.
42, is also keen to meet modern people thirst for immortality.An obvious example is that the scientists have died of cold storage, hope in the future if invented the method of cure, will revive the body thaw.This method is called cryonics to learn.An advocate of this approach scientists said: "if it turns out that we have a good reason for optimism, and we all know how to heal or repair damaged organs - including because caused the decline of old age - in this way, 'dead' people today, will enjoy in the future continue to live forever."
43, a few scientists believe that human beings in the future through science and technology (such as cryonics technology, gene transformation, gene repair, molecular engineering, medical science and technology, human organ transplantation, advanced anti-aging drugs and other medical and biological science and technology) to live forever, even eternal life.
44, eternal life is a kind of die die, an immortal status.Only god is essentially immortal (16) six ahead of time, human beings must "hold on eternal life" (6) in advance.Immortality is the grace of god (ROM. 6:23).The apostle John special emphasis on high quality of life of the living is that we must start now, even if we can only locally appreciation to this: "know you are the only true god, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent, this is eternal life" "the testimony: god has given us eternal life, and this life is in his son. These are the words I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of god, that you may know that you have eternal life" (about 11, 13) contents.
"Be honour and glory of the immortal, they cannot see, king, one of the eternal god, forever and ever. Amen" (a 17) in advance!
"... the blessed, the unique power of the king of Kings and Lord of lords, who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen, is also unable to see, will reveal out. He may give him honor and eternal might. Amen. (six ahead of 15-16).
45, men and women in essence is rotten, animals that die: "and he said to Adam... by the sweat of thy face shall mouth, until you return to the earth, because you have moved from the soil out of it. You are dust, still want to dust" (gen 3 17-19).
God can and will make those chosen by god to human immortality: "this corruptible immortality, it shall die immortality, then it is written" death is swallowed up in victory "saying" (1 corinthians when).
Change from decayed to the first step is to accept god immortality in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, GeYiMin god give us the grace of salvation, and as god requires us to do.
Eons of time, "... this grace is in Christ Jesus has given us, but now our savior Christ Jesus appeared to suggest that came out. He has removed the death, by the Gospel, reveals the life out of it. (2 Tim. 9-10).
46, from the perspective of quantum physics, there is enough evidence references does not really death, death is the human body.
The consciousness of the people will not disappear with death.There are other beyond, "quantum information" in the flesh, or said is commonly known as the "soul".With life consciousness form the universe, the individual consciousness and concrete objects.Time and space is a tool for human consciousness.Stop, stop the flow of blood in their heart rate, namely material elements in pause state, but people's consciousness of information can still be movement.Consciousness of death is just felt surface phenomenon, is a fantasy.
Biological similar "parallel universe", everything what is happening in the present, also simultaneously in the equivalence of the multiverse.If we are thinking about time and consciousness of problems, on the other side of peer our consciousness would also be affected.When life come to an end, that is, the body functioning stops, in another world, start all over again.
47, eternal life must have a profound spirituality, and modern science and guarantee, the key is the change of god.
48, science and technology progress, human cloning, the spirit of chip replication, the human eternal life.

Chapter 8 of the country

In early October 1, 2019, GeYiMin god do king, update the heavens and the earth, is primarily to update the human mind, (as the transmission of nerve, the human mind at this point, the updated is available) god, let us from dust to the spiritual, to establish the kingdom of god, the earth is the paradise, namely, the communist society.
2, we will not take any sin to serve god, praise god.Experience between each other and with the angels are the same.Get the perfect life, new heavens and a new field full of perfect righteousness and peace.
3, this is heaven, it is sunny, the glory of the god of light), flowers, colorful paradise.From the religious point of view, it is very true, but this does not mean that it is our senses can find space.He had to analogy with "home".
4, god will let all people go to heaven.GeYiMin said Japan to heaven.
"The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king, prepared a wedding feast for his son.No those servants went out into the road, met, regardless of good and evil are called together.Feast full of guests.
5, 2019 in Shinto faith love your neighbor as yourself in the world to establish the communist society.
6, party's sole purpose is to global peace god output harmonious GeYiMin values, efforts to realize the communist society worldwide in the year 2019.
7, Jesus: "the Gospel of the kingdom of heaven will preach, throughout all the land of the world live, bear witness to all national, the end will come."Time is near, at the end of the program is god let us know that the word of god is the only home to human beings, let us pay more attention to spiritual civilization, let us to the divine, rebuild damaged by Adam and transportation of god, let us righteous holiness glory, everyone to love god and love your neighbor as yourself (at least not fight with anyone), the world is full of true love, all the glory to god, eventually all glory, god, built into the kingdom of god.
8, in the "big day" the almighty god, the Lord will remove evil on the ground, then put the earth construction as a paradise.The earth will be full of happy people, everybody together JiXinYi means to praise the creator.God's people in there to enjoy with god, eternal infinite joy.
9, when all things with sin relation is burn out, the earth was purified.Immediately for the redemption of god to create a new world.
10, there shall be no more death, mourning and pain, the earth will become a new new heavens and a new earth.
11, new heavens and a new field, there is no any disease, before all the people who have a disability will be healed.
12, everyone is a good and prosperous life, don't need to sorrow for a living.All animals back to tame, the style of the herbivores.
13, there, never fade away in mind thinking can create the magic and mystery of love of redemption, and endless joy.There is no cruel deception enemies to lure people forget god.All sorts of people to want to development, everything in our power to strengthen.The pursuit of knowledge does not make mental fatigue or mental exhaustion.Where the greatest career will surely promote the most lofty aspirations will be able to achieve, the most magnificent wish will come true, but in addition to a new peak for climbing, new miracle need praise, new truth need I reasoned, and have a new goal to play brain, heart and strength.
14, eternal years to bring about god and Christ, GeYiMin more rich more glorious revelation of god, knowledge is how to develop, so love, godliness, and happiness will also enhance unceasingly.The more people know god, the more to admire his moral character.When Jesus, GeYiMin to clarify the abundance of salvation to the people of god, and their big battle with satan when all of the amazing achievement, redemption of people loyalty is more eager to serve them, and with joy play more heated in the hands of golden harp;Hundreds of millions of voices will celebrate together.
15, the end of the great struggle between good and evil.And there is no longer any crime and sinners.The universe is clean.In the vast universe, between pulses with the heartbeat of a harmonious.From the god of all creation flow with life, light and joy, full of this vast expanse of the universe.From the smallest atom to the largest in the world, all my life and no born thing in the world, are they on the pure beauty and full of joy, that god is love.
16, imagine the future to see those who have been missed, and those who are spiritual talk to each other, I've always wanted to live together, to turn unto their god: for the people, for our future in the kingdom of heaven, can see them around the throne of god, this is how a sigh with emotion and joy!We will see faith moved from life to life, from the heart convey to the mind, the influence of an infinite loop.
17, where is our fields, planting grapes, the beautiful pastoral management, will also build houses, production of industrial products.But in the work of the kingdom will not as tired as on the ground.Saved people will happily on the ground of reconstruction in the beginning working to bring happiness to Adam and eve.We will live like in the garden of Eden.
18, our physical strength and intelligence will be developed, we all ability will improve.The noblest highest hopes and ambitions will come true, but there is need to climb new heights, new wonders of the a sense of service, need to understand the new truth, and the need to play the power of the body and mind a new research materials.No matter how our character to have changed through repentance and rebirth, but haven't reached a grow in stature qualities, namely the nature of god completely, so god ACTS will be more continuous growth, reaching the nature of god is infinite.But this is not only in the spiritual growth, the body also will continue to grow, because of sin results than we initially has a big gap between Adam and eve were created.In order to let all the nations come to and existence of the fruit of the tree of life, can let god ACTS more recovery and growth.
19, whenever you met tried in this world, or feel lonely, please send your eyes from the darkness of the world to the kingdom of heaven is bright light, and will you love into the joy of the kingdom.In this way, you won't feel the temptation of this world is so unbearable and disappointment.Because you can think of, there is your eternal home, crown, the golden harp, dear savior Jesus, GeYiMin god.If we are to love Jesus, GeYiMin god even at the expense of all people, then by GeYiMin the grace of god, Jesus Christ, we are fully can go there.
20, trying to describe the kingdom of heaven, was too poor to rhetoric.When the scene appeared in front of me, I was surprised.Witnessed the suffering of both light and supreme glory, I can only throw praise way: "ah, this is how love! What a wonderful love!"The most sophisticated words cannot describe the glory of the kingdom and the savior Jesus, GeYiMin love deeply.
21, new heavens and a new field, god does not judge the specific individual, but the judgment of the dust properties, to let the human spiritual life, public all god.

Chapter ix of political and economic books

1, now, the world has been globalization, the human world has as a body, especially the economic globalization, and democratic politics, civilization, culture, art, sports, and so on.
No country and individual to globalization.
2, economic activity between countries rely on each other, the production of the global division of labor, production factors flow, capitalist mode of production, living, led by the United States, the expanding of the world.
3, new liberalism era (1980 s), workers in many countries backwards, the economic crisis, the financial crisis is inevitable.
Economic progress not to damage the interests of the workers at the expense of, because with the person this, the economy is for the sake of the people.
4, global integration, the disappearance of the socialist country, the communist movement is weakened and social planning, social welfare cancelled, all of this brings the serious consequences, bear the consequences of most of the people all over the world.
5, the new liberal capitalism is no longer suitable for modern social development, can't let all nations progress, the world production, life style must change.Visionary thinking about the new world system, mainly is the economic system and democratic politics.
6, the new liberal capitalism pursues new classical economics, although mainstream is still the capitalist countries, global, but it can no longer push the progress of people around the world, and became the obstacles, must immediately study economics in a new way.
Seven new liberal capitalism, globalization, bring polarization is increasingly significant, a lot of the poor situation more and more miserable, without hope, environmental deterioration in the development of developing countries, influence people health, do more harm than good.
8, although there are other labor, but the private capital employing labor mode of production, labor relations decided to global politics, economy, culture, the new liberal capitalism can't avoid the main contradiction, also cannot eliminate, thus, the class struggle is inevitable.
9, the relationship between modern society is mainly the relationship between capital and labor, and capital to natural labor exploitation, this is the main contradiction of capitalism.
10, the new liberal capitalism does not admit of exploitation, think the labor party have been in the production of compensation, but capital natural pursuit of profit pursuit to maximize profit, must try every possible means to maintain the minimum wage.This is so in many countries of the world, especially in developing countries is more common, the private enterprise as much as possible to lengthen working hours, increase the intensity of labor, to make the salary to a minimum level.
11, while capitalism is inherently unequal, but some times, such as 30 years after world war ii, the workers conditions or improved, now, the developed countries conditions to improve the working class is good, including high and increasing real wages, reduced working hours, the improvement of working conditions, a wide range of social programs, and through the national and direct labor contracts to ensure important economic and social rights.But globalization today, the vast number of developing countries working-class condition is not satisfactory, even worse, a lot of the poor life of despair, can't see a way out.
12, capitalism of women employment from the family to labor, it is a progress, but the country wants to coordinate the family responsibility, such as system and planning.
13, workers to improve their conditions, can't rely on the kindness of capitalists, and want to rely on their own political and economic organizations, organized, forced a change in the capitalist pursue maximization of profit, form a fair and reasonable labor relations, to stable and harmonious society.Let labor reciprocity, because of the severe capital exploitation will volcano, capitalists will no peace.
We advocate by socialism, communism, eventually replace capitalism to eventually eliminate the exploitation of labor.Under the socialist system, the production is no longer in order to profit, but the need of the people, all the needs of the people.
14, what is communism?In the simplest terms, the communist, is jointly owned production data, the master production materials have in common is democracy.Laborer democratic grasp of means of production, namely communism.What are the basic economic unit of now?Is a company, the company who owns?Should be the company's workers.
15, has already had a communist revolution in the world, is the capitalist political democracy revolution, all the king's private property, gave the communist countries, and so political democracy have -- all the citizens democratically elected leaders.This is only the first step of the communist revolution, and the second step is the communist revolution in the modern sense, namely all the private property of the oligarchic monopoly group - monopoly to the communist economic democracy will have - all the workers democratic election cartel leaders, and controlled by the workers of the monopoly to realize comprehensive joint, the planned economy is global.Controlled by workers total democracy, this is the second of the communist revolution, at the same time, this is the fundamental of the democratic revolution.The hired laborers to get rid of the living conditions, under the control of the capitalists, achieve liberation, or freedom.
16, the fundamental significance of the communist, is to realize the democracy and freedom, realize the comprehensive development of people.Only get rid of the struggle for life, people can enjoy a better life, the more powerful can burst into creativity and promote the continuous development of society.Only the communist, human fate was mastered by the working people, the communist economic requirements?Is the planned economy, planned economy built on workers democratic.Completely, so to speak, where the control expansion of planned economy, the democratic rights of laborer in where.Laborer democratic control of the economy, then have a worker on the basis of democracy freedom -- no more the volatility of the market, there will be no unemployment, workers through democratic control of the planned economy to master everything, safeguard their own everything.Every bit of progress of science and technology are beneficial to all the people, not harmful to people's jobs.
17, communism is very far away?Rich need what material?Not far away, material conditions is just around the corner.Communist society is a society based on the social mass production, mass production can meet the needs of the people, to each according to his need can implement.Material rich well under capitalism is market saturation, the needs of the people of the whole production system provides by the market.The conditions would be to each according to his need.This, of course, not according to the distribution of desire, but according to the actual distribution of material needs.Everyone each demand is limited in quantity, is this pot?Change the name, the actual is a buffet.To each according to his need is to develop itself, the material will be enriched after to each according to his need, no longer increases on the quantity, but quality will continue to improve.
18, communism is here, need is a revolution.The workers take their living conditions of the democratic revolution, to grasp the society as a whole production system.It is not successful, because social production has yet to lay the foundation of industry and modern already different, industrial production for small-scale peasant production has occupied the absolute superiority.So-called socialist country in the past, the actual is not communism, none of this basic economic democracy, is elected by the workers in the factory director, to recall the factory director, all the superior appointment, this is a whole set of levels of privilege system, actual it is in the form of national capitalism, bureaucratic privileges and bourgeois privileges.Workers democratic control of the system of social production, the actual is to control their own fate, and fate of human beings.People can democratic discussion, decisions, and effectively implemented.To grasp the development of human society.
19, the ecological damage, environmental pollution and even the phenomenon of illegal crime and other social bad, can all eradicated.This has to do with profit-seeking nature of capitalism is closely related to the struggle for life.And eliminates the profit purpose, change to achieve the purpose of the people's needs, the struggle for life is eliminated, replaced by free combination, people no longer struggle for survival, but a struggle for development, satisfy its need to satisfy others.People have been out of the class struggle, to realize classless society.
20 and economic democratic control, there will not be a new class.No one have the privilege of fixed, in order to realize the communism is the society of equality of opportunity, rather than the result equality.To each according to his need is to provide economic equality, equality of opportunity, let everyone in a the starting line, and the result is to strive to achieve by the employee, each person's contribution to the society, which embodied in different social fame and recognition.Now that people live not to eat, so it's not result equality, to each according to his need of economic equality is to achieve the status and power of the people, to create the basis of equality.
21, along with the family production function and service function of national production services to the society and transfers, the country itself is about to die.This time family crisis is deepening, and the social production also in deepening.Home countries eventually die, implementation is the unification of the whole human being.
22, private ownership is the economy, public ownership is the economic democracy.Economic democracy, is based on public ownership, it is mine, rivers, forests, communication spectrum, various natural resources of land occupied by the nation together, workers through democratic consultation way to organize production and distribution activities, everyone can use labor resources to feed their unconditional, labor value by way of welfare, job security, according to the dividend.
Contrary to economic democracy autocracy, economy autocracy is based on private ownership, is the resources occupied by private, to take advantage of resources must pay the costs.Organize production under private ownership is a violent or capital, laborer owners or capitalists must be subjected to violence.
Human society development trend is rising in the rights of the people, the first performance in political rights, and then the economic rights.If the economic rights is divided into the box, the political contradiction is not solved forever.Europe and the United States private ownership countries, due to the economic institutional change is divided into the box, the result is always is not solved, the social crisis of unemployment, environmental protection, terrorist activities, the financial crisis, take turns tossing about society.
Political power from the private to the public, political democratization;Economic resources occupy the occupied by private has become common, also called economic democracy.
23, private ownership will make social power and wealth differentiation, is now the world economic integration, so polarized belongs to the world, 1% of the millionaires have wealth equal to the remaining 99% were combined, it is very equal, so today's western system is not recommended and unsustainable, and the excessive competition can lead to war or nuclear war, is in danger of destruction of human, so abandon private ownership and return as soon as possible to persuade western countries public ownership, the human ability to move on.When it comes to private system, market economy also has a few hundred years of history, it has fallen behind in the era of network network of the market economy, public ownership should quit the historical stage.
24 and god party economics for the analysis of the capitalist system and the socialist system, offers the best theoretical basis.To socialism and communism worldwide eventually replace pointed out the direction of capitalism, it is necessary for human to realize its social and economic development potential.

Chapter ten God party manifesto
The declaration of monotheistic communism
The Christian communist manifesto"

1, the party is a kind of god, a thought, a kind of theory, a kind of theory, namely the peaceful and harmonious GeYiMin values, rather than an organization.
2, we are god, faith GeYiMin god.And god party member, new heavens and a new earth that the communist society.Sell that sell that ye have ji-ren zhou, prepare for yourself not old, a treasure in the heavens.Too pass, if you want to enter life, obey the commandments.And love your neighbor as yourself.If you are willing to make a perfect man, can go to sell off all of your, give to the poor, there must be treasure in the heavens.(communist).It can be seen that the treasures of heaven refers to the spirit and soul level, have a reward, crown, the crown of glory.If heaven has the rich and the poor hierarchy is the meaning of god, Jesus, that we may the secular GeYiMin wealth to the poor, what's the point?
3, platform: with 2019 GeYiMin values to establish the communist society in the whole world.
4, don't have to wait for material abundance, according to the basic demand distribution.From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (society can provide reasonable requirements).
5, two thousand years ago, the ordinary christians inadvertently achieved the highest ideal of "communism".They don't need highly developed productivity, do not need to perfect and great personality.
6, to develop the advanced science and technology, and improve the productivity.As wealth increases, each person's material satisfaction increase gradually.
7, not the war, even without a fight, fight the person no longer hurt others, everyone regard others as brothers and sisters, all completely equal love each other.Overall improve the moral standards of human beings.The key is the heart happy, satisfy the soul.Don't fight with anyone (wide), AGAPE (strict).
8, in the new testament, there are several different Greek word were translated into "love" (love), one of the meaning of "Agape" is a kind of pleased to others as the center, does not require citations for merit and reward of love.God is in this love to all mankind, ACTS of god have also been urged to use this kind of love to love god and love each other.
9, but now, we most need is love, actually is the most similar things with you others, love of love (at least not fight with anyone.
10, buyer beware: you want others to do to you, you're done.Don't fight with anyone.Religion is the religion of love, god's love, Lord Jesus, summed up the law to love god and love your neighbor as yourself, Sao Paulo, said the greatest is love, GeYiMin said don't fight with anyone.ACTS according to each other brothers and sisters, god is god of love in the family.
11, our material civilization made great achievements, but the spiritual life has become increasingly is vulgar.We have the power, with the Internet, but can't produce the Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Lao tzu, Mohammed.
12, commercial civilization, as a big market, became the only thing we have to make money, the purpose of people busy, go with the flow.Economic activity (wealth) and political machines (distribute wealth) all, culture has become desert, commercial culture, will no longer ask what you need, and ask what you can buy.Social relationship is money, affection also distorted by money.
13, we repeat the same work (division) of mass production, spend a lifetime on the invention of the human tools.We also is too real, too secular, no longer have the habit of independent thinking and the sincerity friend, even happy instinct.
14, since Adam left the love of god, and after eating the forbidden fruit, fruit under the action of the wise, we exalt scientific standard, is keen on the pursuit of knowledge and discontent with the invention of fun, to shout out "knowledge is power" Francis Bacon said: "the soul, the mind is knowledge, what a person knows, what he is."
15, any scientific system in some proven by means of logical axioms of the premise, the justice is the order you to accept the principle of unconditional, science has become a kind of faith.Science is cool dry, lack of love, suffering for it's world is an irrelevant insolubility.
16, one-sided pursuit of material prosperity of science ignored the inner life of people, does not make people real happiness, not to provide true meaning to life, not to the people's behavior to target.Such as marriage can't rely on science and matching, and to the men and women in love.Science is only useful for material, people need faith, heart needs religion.
17, science has only instrumental value, such as the science as an end in itself, interminably pursuit for disposal, loss of spirituality, the result can only lose the sense of life itself, make the person become a slave.Will be over in this age, we find that scientific boast, in fact is a kind of infantile.
18, we can't for the purpose of material civilization, and from the internal spiritual experience to find life meaning, to the word of god (spiritual civilization), for the purpose of reconstruction and the transportation of god, to receive the love of god, the love of neighbour, get heart of the eternal happiness, built in the kingdom of god is filled with love.
19, in fact, our science is simply "describe" the world, is not really grasp the world, now, we are better than that of the ancients in science, we describe the better, as less explanation, and the ancients.But today, strong thirst for knowledge, and the invention of the fun, is not satisfied with the secularization tendency of sharply, has reached the peak, a homeless and helpless, a kind of flirtatious worship now.Science only means, not the nature of the world.
20, we have three kinds of life: (1), material, body, food and clothing live line;(2), consciousness, thinking and social activities;(3), soul, spirit, religion.
21, the ACTS of the apostles: 2:44 believe all in one place, and all things with the (communist).And to sell the homestead, his possessions (to do), every man according to his needs, among all the people (on-demand).This is a small communist society.First put forward by Christian theologians communism.Communism as a kind of theory, the first is founded by the Christian theologians, "distribution according to work, to each according to his need pay (on-demand)" the concept was first put forward by the theologian, too.Only god can make to each according to his need, his each can, all are free to meet the world, that is the heaven god set up.The human original sin decided the human can't save yourself, impossible to build heaven on their own, only rely on the eyes of god, to get to heaven, elution their iniquity.
22, (on-demand) ACTS: 2:44 believe all in one place, and all things common.4:32 that many believe, is single-minded, and no one said that what he has is own (private), are all Shared.From all of them don't have a lack of, because the power to sell, the price of the sell, in the apostles' feet.Day, every man according to his needs, distributed to every man.
23, (to do) : 1 After thessalonica book but both also have free meals.Work is toil day and night, lest be chargeable unto any of you.When we were with you, we commanded you, that if they refuse to work, can not eat.ACTS all my two hands, have supplied my own needs and to, it is you yourselves know.
24, revelation 21, 22: look at that, I will update the all.The victory will inherit these things.His servants will serve him.(to do).And whosoever will, let him take the water of life.(to get).
After 25, then he is flat.Is your spare, can now to fill their deficiencies, make their surplus, also can make up for you in the future, it is all flat.Road 3:11 (Baptist) John replied, have two pieces of clothes, to the no.
26, a lot of humanistic ideal of communism is from Christianity, religion kingdom era (new heavens and a new earth) is the communist society, the social hierarchy is unthinkable.
ACTS 5: ananias came down with his wife sapphira, sell the property.To keep back part of the price, the rest of the part, used in the apostles' feet.Results both Peter spell death.
The kingdom of god, is by no means have levels of private ownership, not keep back part of his property, (should be cursed to death), and to complete all things common.
The road, for then but do not like this.You for big, like the young.For princes, but like to serve people.
For whether is greater, with which is reclined at the table, is to serve people?Not reclined at the table of the big?But I am among you as one who serves.
The kingdom of god is spirit, soul level grade, have a reward, crown, the crown of glory, material is all flat, all things common.
And "for the kingdom of god is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace, and joy in the holy spirit."
28, the kingdom of god, is a kind of social form, the last is the eternal social form, must be as good as it gets completely harmonious social equality.Hierarchical society, it is some high, some other lower level, lower level people managed to become first-class, of course, there must be theft, robbery, fraud, murder, revolution.The kingdom of god will be fair, just, you said lower level don't work hard, they can try to everyone.You said the low level not smart, they all can learn.Obviously, when no one is willing to lower level, you say they try to learn, is still a low level, social unrest, what is fair?
29, religion is a religion of communism, communism is a theory, political thought, which is based on such an idea: based on GeYiMin the teachings of god, ACTS of god must be in favor of communism is the ideal social system.Evidence in the bible, including the twelve apostles, the first christians for years after the death of Jesus and the resurrection has set up a small communist society.Communism by Jesus taught, practice by the twelve apostles.
30, in the early days, communism might play an important role in People's Daily's Christian, the Christian must be played important roles in the development of the theory of communism.Monotheistic communism is unity of other communist is designed to focus on social justice fair special movement.
31, will China towards communism, Christian thinking played a big role, Christian and communism are the jews of Judaism.And religion is a contemporary Chinese GeYiMin founded.
32 and so far all the social history is a hierarchical society.The future of the communist society is the social equality.
33, people are no longer fight with people, everybody is AGAPE love (willing to others as the center), and for the happiness.Everyone will no longer need to guard against anyone, because you know that others only love to oneself, to others and only love, all love each other, this is the happiness of the kingdom.
34, everyone volunteered to do our best to produce wealth.
35, average distribution of wealth to all people, each person's basic material needs, satisfied.No hunger, DaBi all those joys yan.
Too for the house of the kingdom of heaven is like the Lord, all the sons of early in the morning to hire more people.When those who were hired first, they expected to receive more.But each one of them also received a denarius.
However, we work all day is heated, it then just do for an hour, and thou hast made them the rest of us?
Home were main return answer: I give it later and give you the same, this is my desire.(the distribution according to work, but the average allocation).
36, and all the dictatorship machine die, because there is no need to.
37, our bodies become perfect, without any defects and disability.It is no longer a death.
38, life in the us, in the realm of the eternal, with god, to seek god has done from beginning to end, never endless.The development of human belief, thought, science and technology, culture, art, sports, games,...Completely satisfied, the spirit, the heart is filled with joy.
39, a former GeYiMin for hierarchical society (social) violence, for the communist society after GeYiMin (harmonious society).
40, original, slave, feudal, capital and society, are hierarchical society, just different hierarchies in other dominance hierarchies to the prior distribution of social wealth.
41, economy: the production of wealth;
Political: the distribution of wealth.
Communist economics reads four characters -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from each according to his ability.
Communist politics also write the four characters -- -- -- -- -- to each according to his need.
His all can, refers to the person with ability to work, the vast majority of the population, the disabled have minor Labour, serious without labor, and material evenly for everyone.
42 what kind of economic system, to produce more wealth, is a kind of system.
43, the so-called political, it's not mysterious, is not noble, only the means of distribution of wealth and yi.:) your politics, when the leadership, politics, only participate in the distribution of wealth, or even just published opinions on how to allocate wealth and yi.
44, rank, bureaucratic, political parties, legislative, judicial, administrative and political people complicates, seems to be so high, so deep, in fact only four words: political wealth distribution.
45 only three kinds of people: (1), the communist social wealth producers, all his labor ability of the can.(2) the distribution of wealth, wealth distribution is itself a species of labor.(3) the person of wealth, that is, all people, on-demand (demand) reasonable allocation, namely the wealth of the society can provide evenly.
46 counter-revolutionary, politics?Is there a reaction?Is there a politically sensitive?Now that the political just means of wealth distribution, did you say?:) is nothing more than a little more than you, I'm a little less;Or a little more than I, you are a little less.
47, only everyone is equal, harmonious, hierarchical society not harmonious.
You fucking villa BMW big fish big meat belle
I fucking bike shed vegetables Loeb yellow face shiva
Lao tze with what harmony with you?Let you enjoy a lifetime?Lao tze suffer for a lifetime?
Lao tze not harmonious with you, your life, but to leather of your villa, drive your BMW, eat your big fish big meat, sleep your belle:)
48, all previous dynasties uprising "and so on, both rich and poor" slogan, is for the hope of the communist society.
49 and raise the awareness of the poor, to make them aware of the oppressed, exploitation and suffering is do not meet the requirements of the Gospel, conflict with the will of god, so that they consciously to their reasonable action.Against social injustice, but should not preach hatred, the life-and-death struggle, but with the kind of love, and forgiveness of morality, to every little bit, gradual changes in society.
50, we not only criticizes the social existence of poverty, exploitation, oppression and alienation, and the critical point to the cause of this phenomenon system foundation - capitalist production information system.Completely deny the system of capitalism, with no pressure, no fair and humane society instead of class antagonisms.The history forward, rather than improve and maintain the status quo or pull the history to retreat.
51, condemnation of poverty and injustice in the religion and the expectations of the kingdom of god as the foundation, focus, condemn capitalism increasingly serious social problems in the society, the religion and its spirit as a solution to social problems.The values of freedom is associated with of righteousness.Form a universal brotherhood, together with love.
52, apply and play against exploitation in religion, against injustice, advocates the idea of saving their nation and put forward all together, labor production data sharing, everyone is equal, love and mutual assistance and other communist.In addition to adhere to the brand about the end of the trial, the afterlife heaven, also base on the ideal to achieve a good society in the world, and through the guidance of the church's make broad god ACTS on what they consider reasonable operation of the realization of the ideal society.
53, corrupt is the root of all evil of human nature, and if you want to really eliminate the phenomenon of slavery, only through the spirit of conversion, the change of mind, to eliminate their own SINS to reach.If there is something unfair to you, you are the first thing to do is to expel any feelings of hatred in their own minds.Pray to god, let god to end injustice.
54, capitalism for modern slavery, the proletarians for capitalists are only tools of work.Legal provisions of the personal freedom of capitalism is false, and means of modern slavery chains is hungry, people should awaken, slaves to sell themselves.But this cannot be done through revolutionary violence.Salvation lies in GeYiMin god's love, is to strengthen people's moral relation, peacefully is that they use their supreme power.
55, wealth, and the necessity and the possibility of mutual sharing.The laws of nature and of love should be the foundation of all laws.According to the laws of nature, the rights and obligations are equal.Workers the root cause of suffering is not the machine, in total of Shared machines can bring benefits to human in the society.Labor distribution inequality, the product distribution inequality caused by poor, this is the root cause of workers suffering, and maintain a nasty mess means it is money.
All people are equal to make everyone carefree living condition, love and happiness.So you have to share the wealth, the abolition of money system, the equality of all wealth, the equal distribution of labor, the equal distribution of the product, equally enjoy.Equal education, gender equality, everyone is only right to have and enjoy what they need so many things but not more than, who also have the right to pursue more consumption and less labor, no one can be because there are more knowledge and get more enjoyment and less work, otherwise it is noble."To the world of perfect human is the crops mature, there are worldly wealth is the first fruit of this kind of crops."According to the commandment of love to harvest maturity of the fruits of human - share wealth.
56, GeYiMin teach the abolition of property.GeYiMin teach the abolition of money.GeYiMin teach the abolition of punishment.GeYiMin theory is the principle of work and enjoy together.GeYiMin principle is the principle of freedom and equality.GeYiMin think share theory must make sacrifices.
57, the principle of the pure religion is the abolition of property, the abolition of inheritance, the abolition of money, a wealth of Shared, everyone is freedom, equality and love, and so on.Implement these principles, the communist society is the supreme good to the best of the state, the premise of communism comes down to pure religion.
58, the communist society is a eliminates the class society, a great development of social productivity, an abundant social material wealth and spiritual wealth, and all of the property belongs to all mankind, product family, all people enjoy equal social and economic rights, people will no longer work as a means of earning a living, and "labor will become people's self-consciousness and self-determination".
59, social class divisions and the social development direction, human society will inevitably to the communist society.
60 dictatorship, the communist society is still necessary to keep small agencies, police, prisons, because someone was to kill people?Is to be raped?Is outside the reasonable distribution of demand to eat more and more to steal to rob?With the improvement of productivity and human moral standards to further improve, small dictatorship authority will be more and more small, so no.
61, I try to say the communist society, have to say that communism, nor does it imply the marxism, but also democracy to Koch.
62, man's complete liberation of human beings, god is god's arrangement, combination is GeYiMin the grace of god.
63, the singing of the internationale, "the British male nair Turner must implement", the British male Turner, not communism, but INTERNATIONAL (INTERNATIONAL -- French), "INTERNATIONAL socialism must achieve" is merely a global appeal.
64 people, the future of humanity depends on god and to the word of god comprehension and pursuit, once reached a consensus on the word of god, mankind can follow the word of god and do it justice, so the beautiful future will follow, to fruition.Because of this, so the brand publicity and promotion of word of god as a sacred mission.
65, because the person of good character, thought, behavior, shape and strengthen development and depends on people of faith and reverence to god.Faith and exalt god is a person of good moral character, thought, behavior, to firmly establish the reliable guarantee.Left the faith and reverence for god, all this became a madrassa reflected, like, is difficult to keep for a long time.Although everyone wants to be a good man, and don't want to become a bad guy, but if there is no god in mind, no monitor and regulate human character of the deity, once encounter practical problems, especially when the real problem with her good will can't be good agreement, will be helpless and even throw away freely to the latter.
66, god party disdain to conceal their own point of view: the future communist society each with normal marriage and children, the external affairs not prohibited by morality, the future communist society, any adult men and women both parties on a voluntary basis, can to wushan, this kind of behavior, there is no moral forbidden, human completely happy and harmonious.
We have to build the intercourse of the toilet as much, any adult men and women, as long as needed, to enter, with the opposite sex, consensual, namely feasible duke of zhou rite, everyone's satisfaction as convenient as the toilet, since there is no moral problems on the toilet, that sex does not exist on ethical issues, not the victim's behavior is moral, eunuchs and ladies, human nature, why not to meet?Can solve a lot of crime, a lot of heart pain.
Sex is god blessing to humans and animals, which can reproduce, each person's complete liberation and freedom, human nature to enter the kingdom of freedom.Sexual freedom does not necessarily lead to abuse, for instance, the bird is free, but no sexual abuse, animal substance is sexual freedom, because there is no moral law and not dictatorship machine punishment, no family, sexual abuse, but not enough so terrible disease.
Sexual freedom is respect for human rights, because of sneaking around, people just curious about crime, once free, the thing is, people can treat correctly, not sexual abuse, such as animals.
67, according to the definition of the encyclopedia britannica, communism is a kind of the national people's average income and property distribution of the political system of the ideal.
68, the republicans are the sole purpose of god or to the global output harmonious GeYiMin values, peacefully to the global realization of the communist society in 2019.
69, my investigation so far all the values of a failure, hence creating GeYiMin values salvation, humans will eventually get rid of inherited from the ancestor of sin and death, with god to restore close relationship.God help me, amen!
70, social inequality to a tipping point, revolution is inevitable, namely violence to redistribute wealth, it is not for man's will.
71, the communist society, the labor is voluntarily and consciously.The purpose of the work is not to make a living, but a part of life.
72, the communist society of communist life is because of faith and love as a basis, voluntary gathered, do not have compulsive system.
73 fans sing love, now the big star, intense response, this is the foundation of the communist and hope.
74, it goes without saying that any society, as long as there is a level between the rich and the poor, will have to steal to rob the con kill revolution, forever not harmonious.
End of 75, the only hope is to establish GeYiMin dramatically secularization tendency values.
76, communism apostolic church, how they are honored, they don't feel the pain of the poor poor, the reason is that they and their own contribution things out, so that no one is in poverty.They are not only part of his contribution to the church, and yourself back part;They give went out, and did not take all these as his inheritance.They destroy the inequality, rich with living;And they deal with this kind of thing when the attitude is unusually [.They dare not put charity, the poor hand, they also dare not proud to bring up gratuity, they only take these things, quietly in the first step of the apostles, and the apostles when give priority to people, for the distribution of gratuity.So, everyone, from public supplies for his products, rather than from the individual's private property.Thus preventing the donor, received and invalid be self-sufficient in vain.
77, if we can doing that today, all the rich and the poor people, will be more happy.But the poor people of happiness, will be for more than the rich.Because shi ZengZhe not only will not become poor, and make the poor man, become rich.
78, let us imagine the apostolic church adopted this approach: all the people, the contribution of them all out, become public belongings.Rich or poor, I don't prevention this plan, all to help.If they mess in a public board table, the fee will not be too much, god's blessing, do not fall and we, we have one thousand times before the rich?Wouldn't it be and set up a kingdom on the earth?If this kind of test, in the same day (the first generation of christians) 3, five thousand people, has a very significant effect, no one feel lack, then today we in the actual implementation of so many people mouth up, its effect is it not great?Each new person, will put his own things, not to join in it?
79, separation and division will produce a great deal of waste, and poor occurred.On the same day, the number of believers, is only about 3, five thousand people, and the whole world at that time, are hostile to the us, there is no place, can make us have safely, however our pioneer, is so grand to execute this kind of work, but we are now, by the grace of god everywhere widespread but many believers, what we should have great confidence.We should put all, take it out, everything for us.
80 among the "Gospel", Jesus, have repeatedly one said to his disciples, everyone to do give up all of its industry.
"So, if you no matter what person, will not leave all that cannot be my disciple."
"You do sell, ji-ren zhou."(" Luke "either.)
"You still lack one thing: do you want to sell everything, for the poor, there must be a treasure in the heavens, you need to come after me. When he heard these things, is very sad, because he is very rich."Therefore, Luke's Gospel.
81, this one thing, then order the parables Jesus uttered the camel, the camel through the pinhole, also more easily, while the rich into the kingdom of heaven, is more difficult.So, the kingdom of heaven is only for those with poor people enjoy their wealth per capita.
82, in today's materialistic, people seem to understand only busy making money, the society is getting more and more cold!Are people really don't need that from the heart sincere, simple, quiet and moved?No, need, the world needs warm, need love!People need to rediscover life faith!Need brand!
83, once the brand of the three principles applied to social equality, fraternity, charity organizations, mankind has entered the era of new Jerusalem (heaven).Use a variety of means, make the brand the Gospel promote universal, with peace, cooperation and no revolution to make this happen.Set up with everyone is equal before god for the principle of new society.
84, as long as the whole society's people cling to their religious beliefs, and universal suffrage, cooperative system and people's participation, the society will be saved.Will be the basis of new society: god is the father of all mankind, and the brand is to promote human progress.
85, to believe in "the kingdom of god" should be set up in this life, and to establish the cause of the kingdom is basically arouse social conscience, revitalize ethical business.There is no moral, no real freedom;No religion, no real science;Did not dare to fear god and the heart of the poor people are less industry.
86, pervading the entire industrial system of the sort of advocating the cash transaction relationship between people, and deny the relations of human nature, is a violation of religion spirit.With the spirit of fair love all economic affairs, implementation class to reconcile, "joint and exchange", not for profit and competition.
87, communism is the proof of god's law.According to the teachings of the Gospel, human society is made up of many molecular groups, rather than a collection of atoms in each other;Real workers must be dear to each other, not hostile to each other enemies;Trading behavior must use a reasonable principle, rather than selfish principle to govern.
88, workers unite to break them in person and deprived of basic human rights under the slave shackles, maintenance by the doctrine of everyone is equal before god is right.Property of the public, everyone is equal, don't let a person go hungry, don't let a person warm.To establish common justice, equality and happiness "in one thousand, the kingdom of heaven".
89, as long as the freedom of association and make some measures to protect the rights of the poor survival, can heal social evils, and workers can dominate the world once won the right to vote.
Since 90, the religion, human relations theory and great changes have taken place, recognising that the rights of all people are basically equal.The progress of the human spirit put out power and prestige of the privileged, make them afraid to fight when the poor man wants their rights.
91, the virtue of man is not a belongs to the field of natural inherent concept, but given by divine revelation, because it directly from god into people's minds, so is true.
92, but only in principle of fraternity as a solid foundation, collaboration system to liberate workers successfully.
93 and have an excellent education plan, god can save people's soul, to perfect state.As long as you faith in god, accountable, can realize the ideal of society.And nerve to provide not only give a person to read, and politicians should become enlightened personal motto and guidance manual.
94, communism no matter in what sense is a principle of "new moral world", it is also one of the most important in the old world, the principle of the monotheistic thought of communism in the all times of the past is always one of the most vivid and most dynamic thought, this thought in our age is bound to be fully developed.
95, Shinto faith of communism, that is, in the capitalist production relations, use of ideas and values criticizes capitalism (sometimes including feudalism) caused by the production and the social relations and its consequences, to borrow ideas of religion (such as one thousand, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of god, latter-day trial) set up the ideas of the ideal society in human.
96, material equality, can solve most of the social problems.And, society will continue to progress, don't lose vitality.Because, from the point of view of god, we seek god as, endless forever;From the perspective of human nature, human needs continuous derivative of promoting the development of the material conditions and the development of material and continue derivative demand, demand is not going to disappear.
97, because of there is the gap between rich and poor, people to the pursuit of material wealth as the only purpose in life, and ignore the true meaning of life.
98, perfect use of science, art, and industry knowledge to meet the needs of the people."Propaganda" is the only means to achieve brand of communism, against any violent action, only in this way can we make the revolution of all happiness and peace.
99, everyone ought to be brothers, this is god himself said, it is the supreme principle of god to mankind, is the highest principle of human morality.It contains all the things god gave man, therefore, can lead to everything, to establish god's power for the human system, has become our common abide by the principles.
100, according to the highest ethical principles of god to mankind, people should get their own social organization as far as possible to the most people.People should put in the shortest period with the most satisfactory way to improve the condition of the largest class of mental and physical cause, as all his labor and activities.
101, not only let the people will be happy in heaven, and shall call a person in the world for happiness;Not only to all the poor class propaganda is the son of god, and openly and unswervingly quickly to improve the status of the largest class of spiritual and material.
102, the core values of communism is one world, everyone is equal, public love, liberation and creation.Without from private property, the privilege of oppression, exploitation and oppression, needs to be driven by creating internalization, development and construction;In character, personality, human atmosphere, context, culture nourishes the enjoy and create abundance and the future.
103, the world of datong thought is really the four seas are brothers, human equality of human rights above sovereignty to Gao Zhishan boundary.The free flow of mankind will gradually cause real world equilibrium.The diversity of culture and civilization, in conjunction with the universal language of socialism as mirroring the unity of interaction, such as long-term dynamic development.
104, by capital, especially the core of production caused by the property and wealth inequality, which caused the human, life, identity, and enjoy such as DE facto inequality.
105, interest and creation, heart meet a huge reward and incentive function.Real creative work, has the everlasting value and vitality of things is not money can buy and stimulation.And everyone has this in his comfort zone in the deep heart's core game completely intoxicated with dedication as the spirit of creative work.
106, modern science and technology level of material and technical means, no doubt has been close to the reality of communism.To change the current system, system and idea, the global common wealth and abundance is possible.Communism is not far in the future;Communism in this century will become the mainstream of human society;Communism material technical basis of abundant in modern science and technology and material have been basically.
107, after three, four times a revolution of contemporary science and technology level of science and technology and productivity to achieve such height: as long as agricultural equipment properly, a person can feed more than one hundred people;Food and clothing live line each civilian consumer goods industry labor productivity get hundreds of thousands of times magnified;Modern transportation, communication, information, the potential development of cultural industry labor productivity has only just begun;Humans from simple repetition of heavy Labour, freed from the slave obey the old division of labor system possible.
And now, 108 annual output value of more than $30 trillion worldwide.Population is calculated at 5 billion, production capacity and actual output per capita reached $6000, the production capacity and output level is at any time in human history can't be expected to measure.This level according to the real purchasing power is undoubtedly a hectare of social material base.
109, science and technology, human intelligence development is just beginning.In the next half century, the human efficient, organic, high value, low consumption of invention and innovation will be more widespread.The key lies in the institutional innovation and institutional transformation guidance and demonstration passed.
110, western civilization is the value of its capital expansion nature express growth has come to an end.Materialistic and money value has gradually give way to other social value.The second rich man buffett lives in an ordinary house;'s richest man, Bill Gates has said publicly, in addition to save a few property for children outside, and all the rest to charities.It is of great social value.
111, communism is freedom, equality, human liberation and eliminate exploitation, finally realizes no exploitation, oppression and war, the interpersonal relationship is a common social real equality and freedom.Communism is democracy, freedom, justice and the realization of the value elements including humanitarian.With universal suffrage and a parliamentary democracy, there is no need to violent revolution, but also should avoid violent revolution.Increasingly restricted in all democratic countries, the power of the government, the focus of the public life increasingly turned to the masses.Direct universal suffrage, is the basic social principle, the basic conditions of all social assistance.Of the dictatorship of the proletariat violent way doesn't work, only the construction of the road can safely to communism, violent revolution won't change the purpose of economic social form.
112, advocating values such as freedom, democracy, solidarity, social justice, promote the diversity of thought source, the authority of the state must be created by way of democratic election, voting rights, the rights of the citizens' right to know and to supervise is talent.
113, the communist cause fundamental premise - - public: people's collective owned;
The communist cause basic rights -- - fair: people's collective participation;
The communist cause core interests -- -- justice: people's rights;
Communist cause public, the fundamental guarantee that: people's collective supervision.
Fun people alive is to do not know their future, don't know what will be in the future, but as long as there is a collective and country rely on, don't afraid of the future, will have more energy to create the future.
114, the way to human emancipation is not only the development and consumption of resources, more important is to create and renewable resources, otherwise the human self is difficult to avoid extinction.Only in the communist society can be achieved by human themselves, create the great practice of nature.
115, from Plato, concept of communism is the only worth thinking about political philosopher.
116, our age four possible confrontation has appeared: the ecological disaster looming threats;Private ownership and intellectual property of the public;New technologies, especially biological engineering technology contains the capitalism cannot digest the social ethical significance;From the wall to the slums of various forms of social isolation.Here, ecology, intellectual property and technology contains the public conditions of realization of communism, and overall social isolation suggests that capitalism has failed.
117, intangible assets, such as knowledge, emotion, etc., can be Shared.Intangible property right now is public, it is thus opposed to private ownership in essence.The interpretation of the symbols, emotional interaction and social service is to create value and direct production of the main body, here no longer economic and political divide.
118, communism is not a possession of objects, but the human essence of possession, set out from the people and for the sake of people's possession of our subjectivity.Is private property, and for capitalism to communism is a total of (public) property, is a public (common).
119, labor has won the right to vote, can dominate the world.Based on religion, a "love", "cooperation" and "no one has the right to take anything for your own" vibrant communities, the realization of communism in the democracy, freedom, political democracy, enjoy a wide range of the right to vote and be elected, the only way is to ensure that the distribution of social justice.
120, argues that human cooperation and common progress, against social inequality injustice, to establish a fair, democratic and benefit sharing and joint characteristics of social system.Democracy is a means and purpose.That is to say, it is not only the means for communism, and the form of the realization of communism.
121, is the highest value of human freedom, equality and justice also has the highest human value, there is no freedom equality and justice, freedom is false, liberalism is the name of freedom, negative equality and justice, nature is preached against humanity concept of law of the jungle.
122, people not only the abstract, or in certain specific social situation.In certain specific social situation is original is not equal status, and the people were in a position of not equal to free competition, the competition itself is unfair.Society to give everyone in the society with equal status and opportunity as far as possible, and then expand the social competition.
123, communism is not the nature of political, social, and economic ties, but a moral value, the moral value aims to eliminate the contradictions in the social relations of capitalism, the above classes of unity between person and person.
124, the realization of communism in the democracy, freedom, peaceful democratic communism, that is not to take violent revolution, but make full use of existing bourgeois democracy gradually transition to communism.Freedom, justice, mutual aid as the three basic value of communism, devoted to setting up a meet these moral life order.Freedom means get rid of the dependency on any harm to human dignity, freedom to develop their individuality;Justice is provided for everyone in society the same rights and equal opportunities;Mutual performance in members of society pulled together, have a kind of universal and the significance of human love.
125, established on the basis of the spiritual freedom and political freedom of democracy, communist society, the purpose is to make people get freedom and personality development.Freedom, justice, solidarity, help each other).The purpose of communism, is to get people to the possession or control production data of a few in the attachment.Its purpose is to get the economic power in the hands of all the people, and create a society, make free with equal status to work in society, equal opportunity as the benchmark for social justice.
126, not only to have a way of democratic construction of communism, and the communist society as political democracy, economic democracy, social democracy and international democracy, communism tasks for the democracy, communism is the highest form of democracy.Democracy is not just a personal freedom, also contain both from being free of discrimination, and from being in control of the production tools of capitalist abuse of the freedom of political power.Equality and social justice not only predecessors are equal in law, is also included in the economic and cultural equality, but also to give physical and mental disabilities, and other social conditions of poor people equal opportunities.Unite as one, to unite to sympathize with those who suffer from injustice and inequality.
127, class liberation and human liberation.The elimination of exploitation economic, social and political life in the elimination of privilege and oppression, everyone is equal.Bury capitalism, the establishment of communism.(in the form of labor cooperation, to achieve social and economic power from the hands of the bourgeoisie and the national bureaucrats) all return to society.Economic platform is the core of labor property rights.Include labor property rights in the constitution, the law and system to ensure its implementation.A constitutional democracy, the realization of political power all return to society.Ensure that the citizens enjoy the rights, such as freedom, income, wealth, opportunity, and power) of equal status.
128, first, the development of social productivity height, abundant material wealth.
Second, the social members common possession of all means of production.
The principle of the third, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
Fourth, to eradicate the class difference and significant difference in society.
Fifth, the whole social members with high communist consciousness and moral quality.
Sixth, countries lose nature, become pure social public affairs management institutions.
129, realize man's complete liberation, make the person become a "whole person" "real man" "free man";The nature of the communist society is a free "complex", is everyone's all-round and free development as the basic principle of social form.
130, now, the ideal of communism has on technology and system implementation.
131, may in some areas take the lead to achieve the communism.Such as the literature field.With the development of computer and Internet, the creation of literary works, reading, there are already "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" mechanism, many people built a blog on the Internet, website construction, published their own literary works, for others to read for free.: in this part of the literature creation and literature appreciation, has become a "consciously and self-determination", and on the Internet is growing rapidly, the number of such literary works of great literary works of "flow" great taste.And the calligraphy and painting, comics, etc also.From this perspective, meet people's spiritual needs of production and consumption, are likely to take the lead in "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need", "maximum flow", "labor become self-conscious and self-determination", etc.
132, just use the word communism, Marx communism was Christian theologians, and I just restore the original meaning and carry forward.
133, Christian primitive communism is the father of communism, including modern communist.
134, social public institutions is very developed, urban and rural differences, human treatment differences and social division of labor will disappear completely, everyone can get perfect education and medical science, people in striving for a common ideal target different suits own post, scientific work and rest.Work, life, entertainment, and scientific and reasonable arrangement, suitable for long life needs of the people.
135, no one has been controlled, the consciousness of serving the people, for communism!Science and technology is very developed, people can at low workload to meet the need of high quality life, all property owned by the whole people, life to get information, work output and life for the people, has recorded, the arrival of the end of the work as its do communism as the basis of a fair trial, to its people get good evaluation, can more easily get the support of others in the social activities, as the individual end communism trial on the basis of the value of the life.
136, everyone has a tolerance heart, can endure pain from the outside world and to forgive others for their offense.Equally enjoy social and economic rights, the people in order to extend the service life of their own natural and self-reliance, and self-improvement, labor creation will become the first need of people.People won't be limited by the division of labor, to achieve "from each according to his ability, to get" phase.In the communist society, everybody can get great satisfaction!Everyone consciously, reliably, self-control, self-control, self-esteem, self-love!
137, everyone in the work and study, help each other and jointly improve their own quality, make up their own defects and fault, correct their own mistakes, the pursuit of the supreme good to beauty!Everyone in the spontaneous struggle for a common ideal!Nobody has the special scope of activities, but according to the characteristics of their own development can work in any department, social and public institutions, regulating the whole production ability into social public institutions involved in the allocation of social work, but as individuals will give priority to, so that we could over their interests do it today, do that tomorrow.
138, so in this highly abundant material base, social production ability strong society, people's pursuit of communism in his own judgement has a good overall evaluation.How to develop the self, the development of spiritual civilization in order to realize the value of life will become the pursuit of people.People will get to the work, in a wider range of work, no one will want to in the society as a walking corpse.
139, communism is the great practice of science, such as common share Internet now, is that most people have an Internet line, is a kind of communism.Urban pipeline gas, for example, most people have in common is huge gas supply system, is also a kind of communism.
140, the communist society will be the spirit of freedom, equality, fraternity ancient clan society in higher material on the basis of regression.Humans will really take control of your own destiny, from the world of necessity to the free world.The nature of communism is the free comprehensive development of human beings.
141, the communist limitations in contemplation of modern thought. She dongdong, my communism was firstly presented, Christian theologians is origin, is ge also democracy righteousness.
142, the development of social productive forces highly, highly developed science and technology, labor productivity unprecedented increase, greatly reduces the labor time, abundant social products.
143, all private labor and small-scale production was replaced by the socialization production, the whole social members common possession of means of production, commodity and currency.
144, eliminate the difference of workers and peasants, urban and rural difference, the difference of mental Labour and physical Labour.
145, due to the change of the mode of production, the death of the old social division of labor, each social member will receive free and comprehensive development.
146, the whole society in a planned way of mass customization production according to the needs of different people.
147, the principle to the best of his ability, to each according to his need.(here refers to the "people's needs as the only according to" labor products distribution and is not able to meet all people of any desire.)
148, class distinctions disappear, "of human bondage" was replaced by the "for management", the state machine will vanish.
In 149, as the economy all the oppression and slavery of die, all class social inequality moral ideas also perish.
150, individual family die, relationships will be purely personal and social without interference, the rearing and education of minors will be fully become public utilities.(family, is essentially a kind of individual economic units in the agricultural society is a living unit and production unit, the burden of the education, pensions and other functions, with the development of capitalism industry its functions gradually replaced by various social institutions and public services, thus modern family size is smaller, and more and more unstable, eventually to vanish in the communist society.)
151, before the so-called socialist country, is not communism, and ruining the reputation of communism, we can pursue true communism.Communism is a true sage, is a pursuit, is idealism, our inheritance is the st first.But all efforts to end.
152, GeYiMin are communists, or GeYiMin is born for communism.
153, communism is through the development of the productive forces, to highly developed collectivism ideology dominated the society, need not through the production material private possession system to promote the development of the production, there is no class contradictions, race, liberated from the class contradictions of circulating humanity thoughts, and establish the system of class, there is no private ownership of productive materials, government, society and mass production.
154, pot, this limitation of personal development is not communism, communism should be highly everyone free.
155, the communist society will create more advanced productive forces than capitalism, entirely different social division of labor, the equality between men and women really become a reality.In all class societies, women's liberation is natural measure of common liberation degree.
156, the state machine is a surface above all the social members of professional authority, it through the behalf of all the laws of the ruling class's will to exercise its power.As long as a society divided into different classes, so there must be a "public power" is not subject to supervision and control, through compulsory means to keep the society as a whole is relatively stable, and not because of the class struggle and make the different classes.
The ruling class on the one hand, by violent means to maintain their dominant position, on the other hand, fool ruled by "ethics" this spirit means.Make them willing to obey their rule.The dominant class meets the self-interest behavior is called the so-called "justice" and "honor", the damage the interests of their own behavior as "evil" and "disgrace".
This kind of hypocritical moral often adopt the most vile and double standards, asked to be the ruler of the interests of the individual unconditional obedience illusory collective interests (i.e., the interests of the ruling class), or even to the point of sacrifice personal life.
Instead of the full of class antagonisms, violence and deception of the class society, is only a free man.There, the free development of everyone will be all free development conditions.The free world is the communist society.Although humans have experienced thousands of years of class society, but from the millions of years of human history, after all of this age is just a very short transition.Only when the human thoroughly get rid of the nature of human slavery and the slavery of man by man, the talent in a certain sense, the final out of the animal kingdom, from the conditions of existence of the "beast" into "people" living conditions.
157, let people use a new product, for most people to share the new products: public products, have in common, the majority of people sharing.This is communism.
158, existence of so-called communist country, not in the true sense of communism.First communist elimination of private ownership, and the abolition of the state apparatus, the ownership of the production data held by the whole society, the whole society organize production, and this form is a proletarian democracy.
159, the communist society will never to collective interests as an excuse to deny the individual interests, are less likely to eliminate people's desire.Only class society will save a part of people's wealth and freedom to build up in another part of people's pain, depression and unconditional sacrifice.Communism is the nature of people's free all-round development, it is not to eliminate people's personality, but to make everyone's freedom and ability to be able to get full development.
160, the destruction of the private ownership only depends on the development of the productivity level, only on the premise of production way itself has highly social could eliminate private ownership, true communism under ownership by the whole system.
161, social production, economic globalization, the Internet revolution of science and technology, the world has as a body, the dawn of communism has appeared in the east of the world, will shine all over the world, change the world.
162, Mr GeYiMin of zhenjiang city, jiangsu province in September 2014 in Hong Kong published "nerve", is a Christian and the integration of communism, for Christianity to join the communist elements, innovative development of Christianity.China is a communist country, Christian communism is the only road to the localization of Christianity again.
163, the communist society is a society's moral system, the communist society, the human is the most able to live in accordance with the will of god.
164, Christian, and communist downright?Is this your horse has told you, just the horse didn't tell you, communism came from Christianity.
First put forward by Christian theologians communism.Communism as a kind of theory, the first is founded by the Christian theologians, "distribution according to work, to each according to his need pay (on-demand)" the concept was first put forward by the theologian, too.
Horse has failed, the failure reason is violent revolution, violent revolution won't change the purpose of economic social form.
We are ge altogether.Ge, is the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () two revolution, is harmonious.
Communism is lofty ideals of the republic since ancient times, as long as to each according to his need, are flat, is communism, religious communism would not be excluded.

Chapter 11 The gospels

1, the war?Fight, also should not should not fight with anyone, because everyone else is this similar to your most closest thing in the world.
A person why want to make another person?You know, he hurts, and the feeling of pain is you fear.
A person why want to kill another person?You know, he's like you have only one life, as precious, he has as much as you love his parents, his wife and children.
I can't imagine a man gun shot another scene, why?OH, you are the same!!!!!OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2, as long as the others starve to death in the world, all living man is selfish.Since love your neighbor as yourself is not possible, then reduce the requirement is inevitable, that is: don't fight with anyone.Everyone don't need to guard against anyone, life experience will be more high.
3, do not fight with anyone, everyone now is heaven.From each according to his ability, on-demand society can provide the reasonable requirements of distribution, if everyone is willing to, can do it now, also very happy.
Don't have to wait for material abundance, according to the basic demand distribution.As productivity, each person's material meet gradually improve.The key is the heart happy, satisfy the soul.Don't fight with anyone (wide), AGAPE (strict).
4, everyone to his belly busy, busy GeYiMin god for the soul.What's the use of just want to make money?Allow you to earn a $, what's the use?Food and drink piao wager poison?Really useful for you?All external, namely material, really is not important, after they abandon yourself, all is vanity.Only the peace of mind and satisfaction, is true.And our hearts, if not rest in the bosom of god, you will never have peace.
5, a person, a thinking person, only through any previous category, can be closer to god, because god is infinite.Only by breaking any previous category, closer to the truth, because the truth is infinite.
6, 2019 in Shinto faith love your neighbor as yourself in the world to establish the communist society.
7, a person, no matter what person, dignitaries, merchants giant, the masses, the thieves prostitutes and beggars wave han, robber, killer disabled orphans, serious illness will be dead, were, are children of god, are our brothers and sisters, is a person!!!!!!!!!!Everyone, and you and me.
8, the world will eventually be unified, namely global communist society, but is of love your neighbor as yourself, not violent revolution.
9, all are children of god, because are all created by god, GeYiMin acknowledge are brothers and sisters, including Hitler, including Japan, including osama bin laden comrades:)
Everyone will go to heaven, it goes without saying that if the god can only let the parts are made in hell suffer, that he is not the whole of the almighty, impotent instead.
10, someone will ask me, what are the advantages of brand letter?I now the answer is: to realize the communist society.
11, the party's sole purpose is god output values of harmonious GeYiMin peacefully.
Since 12, I review all the values of a failure, hence creating GeYiMin values salvation, humans will eventually get rid of inherited from the ancestor of sin and death, with god to restore close relationship.God help me, amen!
13, is the world from ancient tragedy, from now on to a long period, is also a tragedy, but in the end is a comedy, namely, the communist society.
14, I was god finally agreed, the son of the people of the world.
15, we don't kneel to anyone, including god, we are equal with god.We recognize that our capacity is far less than god, he is the creator.But he need our cooperation, we are willing to become equal partners, god help god to subordinate the dust to the spiritual, to create human happiness.We don't be a slave of the bible, or even be a slave of god, but to become the best friend of god.
16, we believe that god is creator, is not necessarily confined to the bible.Nerve, comes from the bible, higher than the bible.God won't be restricted by existing classic, and the truth will not, because god is alive, often new, the truth is infinite.
17, promised to enter heaven after death, hollow, mostly dead men tell no tales, was shanghaied dead last in heaven, found no into after the death of people, unable to get even with him, only then suddenly the next next year.
18, avatar, like Mr Zhao said that socialism, who also couldn't say for sure, a sign the jews call him, Jesus didn't show, show not to come out, or GeYiMin avatar just dreams, called his miraculous signs, also not to come out, or, who can show?So-called avatar, just natural or magic, as the Lord said, who can call hair white or black?Or two thousand years after the bible, who performed a miracle?Five loaves of bread two fish, the resurrection of the dead?
19, the bible for two thousand years, instead of the human soul is worse, moral than it once was.Channel, read the bible, nerve, the pursuit of direct traffic with god, is also very important, isn't it?Truth and god had 2000 years ago in the bible?So new ideas can be derived from god, can not restricted by the bible.So we need a new global religion, that is, religion.
20, all religious classics, only useful to believe.
21, the bible can't guide the modern society, this is obviously, there is no end bible truth in the bible is not capitalism, there is no socialism, without the Internet.Modern economy, politics, science and technology, the bible to guide, so we need new ideas.The bible was written in 2000 years, the human did not completely happy, this is what religion to the effort.We really can not be limited to the bible, because god is infinite, it is the mission of religion.
22, I believe that GOD is creator, GOD, just as GOD.My vision similar to the bible, my thought is communism, so I am a communist.
23, you can is a radical atheists, you can also is a radical thinkers, but you can't is a radical atheists and thinker at the same time, because the people have committed suicide.
24, when you are only the bible, Jesus alone or only what, what, are you from the truth from god.
25, eternal life, this is the only useful human pursuit, "the letter GeYiMin for eternal life".
26 the ancient sages, without the Internet, not fast propaganda, unified thought, achieve harmony.The invention of the Internet, now everyone receive the same information quickly, so we believe that can realize the communist society in 2019.
27, for thousands of years, all sorts of religion does not bring happiness to human, moral instead go bad, for the rice to busy people, all for the money, the heart not to ascend, worse instead.So I need a new global religion, that is, brand, promote the human mind, happiness, finally for eternal life.
28, the world is not eternal, scientific observation proved that the origin of the world is.
People is not eternal, scientific observation proves that: people have origin.
No eternal existence as a prerequisite, any a kind of world view can self-consistent.
So god must exist!
29, love your neighbor as yourself, Jesus said, is not enough, that is the good Samaritan parable.We want to put all people as a neighbor, is not only concerned about our people, and don't care about us, and also want to love him, when as a neighbor.I hope everyone love each other, at least not fight with anyone.Love all, everyone is so, to lead the line every one of us to do so, this task is Shinto faith.
30, both god and the devil, not for himself.
31, if you are man,
I am god.
If I were a man,
You are beasts.
32, you can't surpass Jesus, god want your he2 yong4?
Opposition to 33, GeYiMin is god, all the flower of kudzuvine GeYiMin himself against it, why say so, god only knows, this is the mystery of god, for man is hidden.
34, I believe that truth and faith is only freedom of thought freedom of speech spirit of society.
35, in the world to have him, I don't know, but god GeYiMin living with you every day, to the 2019 global communist society, every day long march, this is what we see.
36, god, give me seven years time, I return you a world of the communist society.
37, GeYiMin is the magical days,
The world into communist paradise through him.
38, new heavens and a new earth, heaven and earth will not new, is still so natural.What's new?New it is a person's heart, once all accept nerve (Gospel - don't fight with anyone), now is heaven, 7 years is to evangelize timetable.All human beings to accept nerve, reached an agreement, can be unified.And socialization production today, already have communist conditions.
39, religion, no organization and discipline, preach the Gospel of eternal life, only hope of eternal life.Religion, the purpose of salvation, of course.
The only task: 40, GeYiMin nerve a nut.
Meaningless, chairman of the world, beauty is empty, just enough money, unlikely to become god, immortality is not possible, is the only way to realize the global realization of communism.
In order to realize communism, only can do is to write hair nerve GeYiMin.
In 2019, the nerve to complete 250000 words, namely the new testament and the Koran word count.
In 2019, the peace of nerve around the world, to the global realization of communism.
41, I obey the creator and the creation of the universe and the rulers, call it god (god), and is willing to work for him, build heaven and heaven on earth.Profess GeYiMin god, there are articles, son of god.
The vision that I confirm that I was chosen by god, amen!
42, god is true and living god, the truth is infinite, when the world's 2.3 billion christians in the bible to 2000 years ago, our god ACTS are nervous, strives for the higher truth, closer to god.
43, I want to let all people have basic diet, basic medical care.
44, Jesus did not defeat satan, the task will be finished by me.
45, socialization production today, the Internet revolution of science and technology today, can the realization of communism in 2019, to update the hearts of people around the world, and this historic task to the Shinto faith.
46, our brand is China's, draw lessons from the west.We are a brand, ACTS of god, in China, and even the world.We founded the Chinese religion, that is, religion, new religion, is the world.
47, we do not believe the trinity, is only one god, the creator, Jesus is the son of god, and his claim to the holy spirit is god's power.
GeYiMin is also a son of god, god with him.Or ge god is Jesus come again.
We believe in a creator, that is, god, as for him, is a person, the chosen of god, is the son of god, a miracle is the need to write.Good sense, cutting.
Jesus never claim to be god, says the son of god only, on trial.
Just for Paul Jesus equal with god.
Faith Jesus or Paul?
Controversial, Jesus' resurrection is the bible.GeYiMin dreams, god let us listen to him.
The trinity of scripture in the bible more than support, such as Jesus: father ratio I big, the father who sent me.
48, material as modern science, is made up of molecules and atoms, is real.
Consciousness of nature also comes from the soul, that is, gas, dream and dream belongs to the category of consciousness.
God is everlasting, so, is this, start with, produce the universe from him.God, of course, consciously, consciousness has just said, from god.
49, because people belong to the dust, god needs spiritual, and can be with him forever.Thousands of years, people are still belong to the dust, and god also can't, this historic task falls on the shoulders of our religion, we evangelize truth, help god let human spiritual, 2019 years to build the communist society, all things common.
Man's original sin, which is the result of the dust of the body, not perfect body (from the dust, and animals), which is one of the limitations of, sin is not in, namely people reach the goal of god, "god said, both of the flesh, I'm not always live in the spirit of him."
Behold, "I was sinful at birth, at the time my mother conceived me, there will be a sin."
The fetus had no sin, no sin, only the body of sin (dust) body.
Religion is the real god of religion.
Equality 50, the heart?The love of the now extremely unfair, cooling, material justice, the law of their own conscience.Because the material inequality, modern people just want one thing: money.We advocate to meet the "I" : material, spirit and soul.
51, we admit to change hearts, but in view of the modern people, only the material first begin.Human suffering, is caused by uneven material flat, repeated struggles, material are flat, the human must be harmonious.
52, we believe in GOD the creator, not limited to have any religion, but in truth, this is the mission of religion.
Religion that god's religious faith.
53, communism is one of the ultimate goal of human life is the ultimate goal.
54, since god created the world, always do one thing, tried, spiritual to with him forever.Has also done, only to have the Shinto faith.
55, ge also every democracy righteousness, in the end there is only one: god tried affiliate dust to the spiritual, and eternal life with him.
56, crucified Jesus to save sinners, and GeYiMin to conquer and overcome satan, bring the kingdom age (communist society).
57, the bible for old people has some guiding significance, today there are still some reference, but now the most important thing is to listen to "GeYiMin god" published in the new "truth", that is new about the volume, nerve.
58, Shintoism, care about is the crux of the true self and intense experiences of the supernatural and practical way to improve the quality of life.
59, GeYiMin god performance out of action is the symbol of his inner awakening.He emphasized the intuition of mystery, love, emotion and soul in a special sense should understand their human spirituality, to accept his point of view is to accept the heart disorder.In this way, the fact that people experience that one's life to maintain and keep the self is an illusion, love yourself is to know not me.The believers feel, their relationship with GeYiMin god is to love and to be loved, and that GeYiMin pharmaceutiacal market in the direction of their spiritual journey, let them give up self, realize their divine.
60, Shinto faith purpose is to eliminate pain, my pain and human suffering.Almost all their cosmology, metaphysics, ethics around this purpose.Human desire is varied and contradictory, cannot all be satisfied;Even if can, that meet will also have the corresponding contradiction.Conflicting meet can make the person inner conflicts, modern people have this inner conflict is a kind of pain.The contemporary westerners try to pursue happiness, we can see the effort as "secular".But the fact is, the satisfaction of desire is not happy.In the monotheistic sense desire not only refers to the physical, also refers to the psychological, not only refers to the individual, also refers to the society.If a person's efforts not only is to meet them, to control the religion secularization, this is the opposite of the purpose of the Oriental relieve pain.Eastern religions mainly change the desire, inward toward self, it is the opposite of western modern trend.Within this shift also exist in traditional Judaism, Christianity, but was ignored.A sociologist of religion says the these new religious movements of the east may make westerners to rediscover their own traditions.
In 61, in a highly industrialized society, the industrial revolution and social revolution and technology revolution has brought great changes to the society.The disintegration of the traditional social structure, and is a personification of dissecting the generation;Traditional family pattern has changed, the generation of and the emergence of a nuclear family;Due to flow operation and highly mechanized, informationization, computerized, lack of necessary emotional communication between people, everywhere is the ruthless law, regulations and articles of association, statisfied, handle affairs according to law, make people feel they face a society, no warmth in the highly mobile society, people can not find a sense;In all the leadership of the society of science and technology, people are more rational rather than emotional and intuitive application to face the world.Although they materially rich, mentally is empty.But by secular culture is the traditional religion can no longer provide people with spiritual solace.At this moment, religion came into being, it is more suitable for modern people's life.
62, advocate the supernormal direct experience.An important feature of religion movement.Man, on the one hand, using science in macroscopic objects, micro material and social life has created a brilliant achievement, but ruled in all areas of science and technology, this is a new type of totalitarianism.It stressed the human nature;It lets people meet, and let people keep silent in front of it.And drug use sex, in the cultural roots, seek to certain human factors in the myth of witchcraft, find yourself in the new religious movement, these constitute a unique anti rational culture and become the attack and the misunderstanding of modern western civilization and rational "destructive power, people feel the modern western civilization in collapse.The world towards the end of the breeding of the idea in the part of people, the people required to grasp the self, seeking self and confirms that.Transcendent experience is a person can experience, people began to practice it.
63, socialization production, the Internet revolution of science and technology today, we are all human thought achievements for reference, to start a new values.
64, our Christian is modern, in fact, that is a religion.Marxism has been proved to be fixed.
65, and the separation of church and state is always the truth?Now is the age of social production and the Internet revolution of science and technology.God only gives the so-called heaven after death?This is the hierarchy?Final form of the human must be communism, because it is the most perfect equality.
66, religion has always been faith in Jesus, the bible.
Source and now we want to ah, the world is god, but Jesus, the bible does not completely, so we're going to the pursuit of the true god, more open empty yourself, true god enlightenment to us.
Biblical truth there is no end, there is no end, god, this is obvious, because the truth is infinite god is infinite.
The bible, the Jesus 2000 years, the human is not happiness, not the heaven too, after the death of the socialization production and the Internet revolution of science and technology today, if we need to improve our religious beliefs?
We believe in the existence of a creator, according to create the main line, in order to easy and has been established, we call it god, but not limited to the bible, god may not necessarily be the Lord, more is not necessarily the Jesus, we now seek god, to explore the nature, to search for people, as well as the relations between and among, this is a historical mission.May god enlightens us, amen!
67 is the only savior, Jesus, is the new testament says so, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. Don't agree with you?And Jesus 2000 years, human beings are still suffering, don't and I said dead go to heaven.
So what do you say to eternal life?Believe in Jesus for eternal life, give an example to let him say a word.Our brand pursuit, is eternal life, in quest of the eternal life, to the spiritual body, from the dust of the earth in ask of god, and the dust book, spiritual book, eternal life is nerve three chapters.
68, not from Jesus, Shinto faith two sources that Christianity and communism, nerve comes from the bible, GeYiMin inherit Jesus, only religion that Jesus is the son of god, not god, the bible truth there is no end, so god ACTS, higher truth to closer to god.
Just some word of god in the bible, it is obvious, because god is still have the right to speak, and the bible is to restore, if god speak now, there will be mass production and the content of the Internet revolution of science and technology, now, god must be higher than 2000 years ago.
69, Jesus is the son of god, not god, who is Jesus son of god, Jesus is just accomplish the mission of god for his generation.Social production and the Internet revolution of science and technology today, god's mission is different.Source of salvation only god itself, which believe that Jesus did not die?If so, let him come out a word.But it's different now, it is realized the above two.
At the end of 70, Nietzsche once said that christians are people, he is looking forward to a superman.
In modern society, if a Christian thinks faith in Jesus saved all day, zhang SAN is there salvation, li si to have salvation, in discussing these, it seems a bit must be saved, read the bible, refer to some texts, and think of god to the requirements of modern society, don't want to change to modern society, not the pursuit of happiness, just want to go to heaven after death, such a person, is not really the pursuit of the people of god, is not truly believe in people.
In two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution of science and technology "" today, the Christian faith is still become a mere formality, reciting prayers, not too sure that I believe in Jesus, I saved, I go to heaven after death, can only become an outsider in this society, more and more marginalized, and perish.
71, we are a brand, inheriting Christian, we confess that Jesus is the son of god, but not divine.We pray for Lord of higher, higher the Gospel.
Before 72, predicted the end of the world is a disaster, and there is no disaster, god does not allow, the end of the brand is the beginning of the new heavens and a new earth, the end of the old system of the old society, is the beginning of the new society, the new system is built.
73, a real modern thinkers, how can be restricted by the 2 million years ago in the bible?How can be restricted by the Christian tradition?Christianity itself is Judaism separated out to the old testament to the bible, but the old testament both Judaism, don't accept Jesus as savior, consider Jesus to have nothing to do with the old testament, the savior of the jews, who did the king's, rather than being crucified, jews still waiting for the savior come so far.
74, the communist society, the material has now () two: socialization production and the Internet revolution, spirit, it is our religion, in making propaganda ge also democracy righteousness.
75, creating new values -- GeYiMin values, communism is given priority to dry, religion for the branches and leaves, with purport to conquer the hearts of god, let people accept, let the world datong.
76, Islam is the world's second largest teach, rational person should know how to respect, it makes no sense, or there is no god, would be so?I respect the prophet.For the same reason, I respect the Buddha, in fact I respect all religious tradition, of cause also.
77, any prayer, god will not answer.The role of prayer, is only keep in touch with god, to put it bluntly, that you still believe in the existence of god.
Guessing game, 78, killed father wives and mothers is the highest realm of life
Killed father mother, wife GeYiMin god can't do that, I'm sorry.
GeYiMin god wants to do is to guess the mystery.
Is there a god?God come from?The bible says the everlasting is unconvincing.Where is god?Heaven not empirical.No place everywhere, not convincing, where is god?Heaven not empirical.God wants us to humans do?Just believe him, still be inferior to satan, satan at least gave me wisdom.Nerve below to solve the problem of the guessing game.
79, China in the next five years the hottest subjects must be theology.Theology is about research and nerve to Gao Xueke god.The development of human biggest is not material, technical, but the development of the relationship between man and god.
How to development as a saint - the man of god by ordinary people, is the main body of the future science!Only so, unified religion, philosophy and science!
80, I have: works the publication of nerve.Paper journal.The two "nerve" news.Web site.# WeChat public subscription.Individual post bar, more than ten thousand members.Sina weibo and tencent weibo by orange V certification, more than ten thousand fans.Weibo fans subscribers.Baidu library certification.Believers.
81, our ultimate goal: god under the care of the communist society (free people), don't talk about religion, don't talk about the government.We want to build society, everyone under the faith of god together, all men are brothers and sisters, the communist life, the whole society is a free association, not authoritative government concept, more no dictatorship of the party.
82, I think theocracy, eventually without politics teaching, free people.The future communist society, it is free people, no longer a dictatorship.
I finally is eternal life, I want to real life, always have awareness.To realize communism, eternal life: 1, divine.Or 2, science and technology, public all god.
83 is the premise of the same parents, brother, everyone brothers, namely all the same "parents", the "parents" as god, namely GeYiMin god.Without total in the premise of a god, there is no everyone brothers, no real equality.
84, of the Gospel, namely, the communist and eternal life.GeYiMin god brings to the world it is communist and eternal life.Brand of communism is the ultimate society system and human ultimate concern, in order to eternal life.

Chapter 12 quotations from books

1, only everyone was allowed to speak their own thoughts, we can find the best, such as nerve.
2, we have the power, with the Internet, but can't produce the Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, Lao tzu.
3, about women: my partner.
4, about money: money is great.
5, about friendship: fate.
6, about death: home.
7, of the world: the accident.
8, about life: calendar.
9, about dreams: the second life.
10, about life: only a kind of life.
11, about life, never fall.
12, about others: don't care about what others say.
13, about life, love freedom and equality.
14, Lin daiyu love jia baoyu is not a true love, in love with Jia Fu coke is true love.
15, everyone is looking forward to a good lover, how good to oneself, how can anyone else can you do a good lover?To him how good?We are empty sigh no true love in the world, there is no good man (woman).
16, never have a girl of eighteen, and you are getting old.
17, the superman of Nietzsche's vision, he said that the superman would defy all humans, this is a "great contempt, contempt of love, for the most defier actually love."GeYiMin now have this feeling.
18, chairman of the world and the sanitation workers should take the same salary, just work division of labor is different, and should be voluntary.
19, chairman of the world is a distribution of wealth, accountant, is for the noble than others.
20, "some people in this world nothing, some people have too much", we can say no!!!!!!
21, gai woo:) by the state foreign exchange reserves
22, people don't make me, I do not prisoners;If people attack me, I also don't the prisoner.
23, simple life can meet, the satisfaction of soul to strive for.
24, the human body is not a sin, sin is of the evil thoughts.
25, mood of a person's speech on the net, reading people will understand, on the other hand, misunderstanding arises.
26, network, no one can say anything anyone.A butcher, kill pig say Einstein don't understand science;A small bludger, can scold him an idiot, and empowering.
27, a basic estimate: nobody baixin god.
28, for all evil god allow life to god.
29, the good student satan humiliation of god with him.
30, the world's only two fair is time and death.
31, great wife's law: almost all great men have more than one wife (girlfriend), the emperor is needless to say, haha:)
32, as ACTS of god, I think beauty is the most lovely;As the god, I feel very ugly very dark farmers brothers and sisters most lovely:)
33, I learned to cherish every minute of time under any circumstances, even if such a man waiting for a bus.I learned at any time, any situation to wait for, and treasure every minute, wait for life in general is no goal.
34, to grasp the infinite is on the right hand palm, realize an hour of eternity.
35, I overtook him, and beyond anyone, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign is beyond anyone, after one real world.
Now, I'm 36, grasping, grasping thoughts, both hands to hard:)
37, you can have any ideas, before you put the ideas into action to hurt other people, you are innocent.
38, we all know that freedom of speech, but will be in their interests infringed other people's freedom of speech and don't even know it, even think well-deserved, such as "for the name of the father", "by the name of xyz".
39, GeYiMin is a play, play to see the world and angels.
40, this is one of the most shameful nation, 1.4 billion master were 140000 play with servant at the palm and can't do anything about it.
41, Jesus is the fable, GeYiMin is reality.
42, so to speak, with the Internet, can quickly step, do not need to revolution.
43, what kind of people pay attention to what kind of content.
44, GeYiMin 25 years trial video series, god will let people know what is love and truth.
45, politics is only the ordinary people to play, play social elite is economic, philosophy, religion, science, technology, culture, entertainment, sports, improve the quality of people's life.
46, the communist society three principles: voluntary, voluntary, voluntary.Otherwise out of nothing at all.The communist life is because of faith and love as a basis, voluntary gathered, do not have compulsive system.
47, it goes without saying that any society, as long as there is a level between the rich and the poor, will have to steal to rob the con kill revolution, forever not harmonious.
48, the transformation society, mainly the transformation.Faith is for permanent paradise, and this life happiness.
Why 49, present and future generations have conflict, not both the United States, you have full access to the Internet, to know how many people starving around the world.
50, jealousy, hide others good, glee is human nature.Others succeed, will set off my own shortcomings, while other people, makes less than his consolation.
51, freedom of expression is to compromise, if everyone of power China will remain a qing, namely the daqin.Not free, not dead.Chinese people never do, rather than a steamed corn-bread, you live.Chinese is so return a responsibility, a shout no freedom of speech, a face not the free speech of others.Side scold the inquisition of the medieval, dark side in the network of justice act as a referee, casual to label the others: heresy, cults, five hair, cents, idiot, the traitors, diablo iii, to name but a few, a little small power is deleted.
52, regardless of religion or belief, politics, civilization, culture, what is needed is to change society, change people's hearts.The Internet era of science and technology, material has been or will be rich.Problem is the heart, political system, distribution, culture, free \ meet the mind, and that is exactly what the mission of religion.
53, a heap of wheat, in a good wheat a small stones,
When you put the small stones is under the whole screen,
The sieve: are all good wheat,
Under the sieve: all the small stones.
Some light to see the sieve, thought this heap of wheat set is full of good wheat,
Some light to see under the sieve, thinking that this heap of wheat are all small stones,
Everyone is so, everything is so.
54, the age of the Internet do not need to violent revolution, because everyone get the same information, the same change of ideas, also make their own choices.
55, lover more than myself.
Love is better than myself.
Lover happy yourself.
56, science is only useful for material, people need faith, heart needs faith.
57, everyone thought he was better than others, wish all men worse than themselves, the Internet in the face of a man better than they are, there are more than scold him a SB can find the method of psychological balance?
58, although the global more than 20 so-called christians claim letter Jesus as Lord, come on, look forward to Jesus if Jesus really again, again crucify the poor young man, is this group of people.
Six leaders: 59, the international communist movement Ma Enlie poplin.
60, Jesus + Max + Michael Jackson + + tong pak fu guo jing = GeYiMin god.
61, GeYiMin is the first chairman of the world, global spiritual leader.
62, the truth say to you, you be a friend of the flower of kudzuvine, GeYiMin is still in the trial period, everything is intentionally, is playing a game, the next happens.
63, unity, there is love heart, is love.
64, because of love, so happy.
65, how big is your love, how big is your happiness.
66, sexual freedom and to each according to his need, now just imagine, or put forward the direction and concrete implementation, of course, want to have a plan, and practice, the edge correction.Once achieved, most of the people's moral will improve, everyone has the conscience law constraints, because of the inequality, people's moral with him hid themselves.
67, according to all that god ACTS are brothers and sisters, unite.
68, GeYiMin's spiritual mentor of The Times and an incarnation of god.
69, Shinto faith in the final form exploring human, this is the truth.
70 what's the use of, that you say the Gospel?Is not sure go to heaven after death?The beggar street disabilities, those who commit suicide because of debts, those beds suffer every day, what's the use of the Gospel?Said to they believe that Jesus saved, what's the use?
71, master, the old testament refers to the Lord god, the new testament Jesus, nerve refers to god itself (the creator, a creator), higher Lord god, rather than Jesus son of god.We seek god itself, not the Jesus of the bible, the formation, the higher the Gospel.
72, salvation is sure?Which dare to say?What is proof?Believe in Jesus?A scripture?That do a good thing ah, bring fortune to the poor, starving to death froze to death, immediately go to heaven, benefit.
73, my Lord is a GOD, GOD, the creator, not Jesus, Jesus is my mentor.Yes, because Nietzsche don't believe in god, his superman to go on the road, finally went to the art.My superman means better believed god, and better spiritual, obtain spiritual body, instead of the body of the dust, to eternal life with god.
74, causal theory?Life, you don't have the compassion, serious illness, live a few days baby, what he done wrong?Don't say your past life?
75, my name is called god, that is to say: "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."The one who is.
76, the Internet lock, this is not possible, just as great inventions power before, can you imagine humans stop using electricity?The Internet will be more and more into the thick of life science and technology revolution, change your life.
77, my inheritance Moses and Jesus, my dreams are like that.That you say which Christian life?To pronounce a, let he send a post, ensure the world's 7 billion people believe in Jesus.
78, really should be geared to the needs of the future, create the future.God ACTS now that the large-scale social production and research the Internet revolution, rather than 2000 years before the death of the bible.
79, why there are war and struggle, uneven material, also for the material also.The communist society, to each according to his need, the material are flat, everyone brothers.Two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, ge also democracy to the Gospel around the world, accepted by the human.
80, wants to Jesus, the prophet, the Buddha was a great man to just go...I'm down.
What is 81, read the bible, is people can read, write "the bible" is skill;Christianity is skill, it is people will believe, a "Christian" is skill;Faith is a socialism is skill, people of faith, to create a socialist is skill.
82, everyone has to remember: the world is one of the most important, regardless of the parents and children, regardless of god, regardless of the leader.
83, evil, evil and the winners always say losers.
84, do their own thing, far more meaningful than to prevent other people's business, as do their own thing, is his achievements, and stop the other people's business, just let others have no achievement, and there is no achievement.We do not stop a religion, but create a new religion.
85, it is a good idea, don't spread is equal to zero, the Internet offers the best tools.
86, said GeYiMin is horse, yes, thought is inherited, just nervous clear: the concept first put forward by Christian theologians of communism.Marx also inherited.
Ge also democracy righteousness and marxist biggest different is ruled out violent revolution, because violent revolution won't change the purpose of economic social form.
87, around the world to participate the formation of new values, correction unceasingly, the Internet provides the opportunity.
88, GeYiMin nerves, it is the word of god, the god of contemporary discourse.
89, you more, more, more efforts, can realize communism.And I a person can achieve, 2019.
90, modern people live so tired, hard for money for a lifetime, a lifetime just to make money for the family, everyone is the slave of money, to the true meaning of life, unable to take care of the good in life, I want to change this state, to realize the communist society, the spiritual life.

Chapter 13 lines of the book

1, 19690131 nights, GeYiMin god born Chinese jurong, grandma said to be the coldest, 12 degrees below zero.
2, 1974-75, kindergarten.
3, 1975-80, elementary school, to participate in the little red guard:) start listening to Hong Kong friend Gospel, feel warm and love.Deep impression of the program for desert oasis.
The end of 4, 1980-83, junior high school, to join the communist youth league.
5, 1983-86, high school.
In 85 (two) aspires to unify the world five steps:
Beijing university, the foreign, the Nobel Prize for literature, society, unified the world.
At the age of 16 years old.
Passed through a small Christ church, feel very sacred.
6, 1986-90, the Chinese department of nanjing university, didn't study hard, hard into society.Period, to nanjing jinling seminary, hear brothers and sisters, feel longing, the heart.When graduation, guestbook written in the Christian faith.Class graduation party, one way, I suddenly said: "god bless us!".
7, 1990-2000, assigned to jiangsu province agricultural materials company, settled in zhenjiang.From the device and artisan, fruit and arms in the god of with (first), Newton first push, "vitality" of the nonphysical existence, to recognize the existence of god.Read the bible story, and then, in 2000 New Year's day, read the bible, was immediately attracted, that is the word of god, he believed god.
8, 2001, to get to the Internet to evangelize (do website, BBS).
9, 2003, the xinhua news agency jiangsu zhenjiang branch bureau news information work.
Nerve (10, 2004, "mei, GeYiMin) write the first draft of the network, after constant updates.
11, 2012, brand creation, god party, clear as a kind of values, rather than as a group.
12, 2012-19, the output values of harmonious GeYiMin peacefully, content is the nerve.
13, 2019, the world realize the communist society.

Chapter 14 GeYiMin preach

(a), the lad
(2), ding village primary school
(3), large zhuo junior high school
(4), the high school of jurong
(5), nanjing university
(6), the agricultural capital of jiangsu province
(7), social
(8), the xinhua news agency
(9), the culture media

(a), the lad

1, jurong ZhuoDing village, on the night of January 31, 1969, the coldest day of the year, 12 degrees below zero.When my mother bore me, I'm cross in his stomach, adjust turned three months.Day grandma have to sleep, I thought tonight don't have children, too cold, also didn't sleep, my mother is just sleep, stomach ache, dad to shout, grandma to birth, dare to please the midwife, was born may, namely one foot out first, STH over and over again for a long time, my feet frozen purple, about 11 o 'clock night, finally gives birth to peace, is a boy, namely GeYiMin god.
2, it is a big family, have a great grandfather, Mrs., grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, sister in-law, uncle, brother, have a brother two years later.From the landlord.
3, saw a sign on the wall: "down with Japanese imperialism".
4, 1974-75, kindergarten.Singing acting, I play in the people's liberation army, also performed outside the village, farmers audience a lot, others to the mother said I play good.
5, immobile, love is static, once stood in the village primary school, the blackboard morning, uncle was making fun of nerd.
At the age of 6, 3, what want from cactus or grass find elixir in the food, to see the cactus on the house, like, ate will forever, in house or vegetable field, want to have a grass vegetables, eat live forever.
This is the origin of the nerve.
Drink at the age of 7, 3, 7 years old girl pee, do not know for what reason, neighbors of seven of little a in front of my house, just in a broken bowl, waiting for her go, end up and drank.
8, a knife with ZhuDeGong stole kindergarten pupils.

(2), ding village primary school
1, 1975-80, elementary school, listen to the Gospel of Hong Kong friend, feel warm and love.Deep impression of the program for desert oasis.The result has been the top spear.
Grade 2, a report card, I change the 60 to 80 points, 70 points to 70 points, brother, father, grandfather made fun of, but they are not to blame.
3, participate in the county math competition.
4, like some girls began to dim.
5, afraid of dealing with the teacher (led), impact so far.
6, to borrow money to relatives, also feel do not understand.
7, see Wu Chaofeng teacher sit bus, very is envy.
8, the Cao Yuangen teacher rewards book reward blacked out.I said others painted, and say a name, the teacher ask Xu Rui, he said not this man, so I got the teacher a slap.
9 and join a little red guard, wear red scarf.

(3), large zhuo junior high school
1, found that people like to ask the way to me.
2, for the first summer vacation lying down reading a novel, myopia, but no glasses, 2 grade blackboard didn't work for me, but the result is still the top spear.
3, participate in the county composition contest, the topic of my writing is the twelve big, the lighthouse.Hotel eat steamed stuffed bun, I have to wash the chopsticks.
4, the school volleyball intentional use volleyball hit my head.
5, write a diary, said students take lunch box, the end is: "this is the dead hand of the gang of four was not clear."Be posted on the blackboard.
The end of June and joined the communist youth league.
7, a bit like a girl.
8, English test was caught cheating, Sun Zhao hired teacher said ma cries.

(4), the high school of jurong
1, the dream of his victory over antichrist - European countries, the individual European countries are GeYiMin or contact, or attack, is like the ground puzzle, one being pushed around on the map, the whole return GeYiMin.
2, 85 (high) aspires to unify the world five steps:
Beijing university, the foreign, the Nobel Prize for literature, society, unified the world.
At the age of 16 years old.
3, came to a small Christ church, feel very sacred.
4, high real like xu qian, fall in love at first sight, this is my first real love, first love, just unrequited love.
5, the higher the county mid-term exam first, school parents good book.
6 and wrote a lot of literary works, all sorts of genres, such as the Great Wall ", Mr Contribute Chinese newspaper wen-ru li.
7, the result is still the top spear, the teacher and the classmates all say me is Chinese department of nanjing university material.
Eight, since the childhood has contact with girls and talking, the girl as an alternative.
9, to participate in the county history competition.Basic is my vies to answer first title.
10, and students cooperation a few period of literature includes "stream".
11, the school knowledge competition took the second, there is a problem, 38 north and South Korea line origin, decisive to choose the 38th parallel, because want to if not, will not have this option.
12, there is a algebra, two class by training, is regular (way) I was the only one person to do, I'm in class of arts.

(5), nanjing university
1, the Chinese department of nanjing university, didn't study hard, hard into society.Period, to nanjing jinling seminary, hear brothers and sisters, feel longing, the heart.When graduation, guestbook written in the Christian faith.Class graduation party, one way, I suddenly said: "god bless us!".
2, see a lot of novels, writing papers, wang shuo movie, a dream of red mansions have contemporary drama.
3, began dating many girls, finally, senior junior, number of impending, hands are full, such as dong JingBing, Jiang Xuezhang, GuanYu, Cao Lei, Wu Shujing, Xu Haiying, twila, zhou jing, and so on and so on.Special loving south TCM Han Qinfen, like her gentle up-to-dateness, this is the second time I really love, unfortunately, is still unrequited love, say to her, she said that for a reason, I won't let, she said, I said the first feeling is right, and she said the reason, she does not speak.
Late 4, university, and the society a large number of rogue mixed together, in fact they are also quite good of, also thanks to a teacher to learn magic, CARDS, bright yellow.Learn some river's lake, walking through a period of life.
5, did a lot of business, but it is not the material, with a kind heart.
6, outside is finally to make a lot of friends, such as brothers route army.
7, in the big gear help, friend met, Fried food to the guest.
8, learn to go, bridge, and dancing.A lot of finally is a girl come to my dormitory to play outside.
9, met many American and Canadian students, give priority to with female students, good with Louisa coan greve, FeiJiaLing.
10, have time to ride a bike from nanjing back to my hometown of jurong, don't know where to courage, in order to save Labour, a hand tractor, suddenly a slopes, even bring people turn to the other side of the road, wake up, a truck pulled up in front, I got up, again by bike, some matter all have no, I think this is god's care now.
11, once on the film course, the teacher bring camera, I wear a red shirt, a lot of my classmates call my close to the lens, the teacher said the red coat must be an important person.
12, 89 student democracy movement.After the memorial service, hu yaobang in school I immediately hand wreath, the manager took to the streets.
Put up posters, 13, said the parade of little girls.
14, in the drum tower square, I stood on a table, just said a sentence "fellow citizens, our suffering is not fair," someone pulled my sleeve, let me down, are intended to protect me.
15, to Louisa coan greve (female students in the United States, the United Nations staff) for introduction of posters, she took pictures.Parade in drum tower, due to the high, the relationship between I and she stood in faw car, have the feeling of review a parade.Teams have to meet my classmate, to me.Also because of the relationship between the high, I have seed the feeling of the traitors, not great.
16, at noon, on May 19, the train arrived in tiananmen square, live three nights in the square.To monument claim on life, in one hand, to military vehicles.Go to a courtyard, plugging, police in the hospital.After crossing, blocked vehicles a long dragon, a shandong soldiers said to me: 'never to shoot people, big home for farming."
17, maintain order in the square, ensure that the ambulance access to rescue a hunger strike fainted classmate, a foreign girl to work with me all the time.
18, lining up to buy pancakes in the square, a Beijing girl in front of me, she looked at my student id card, say to the vendor to put two eggs, Fried good to me.The good news of god no matter where, after all remember this Beijing girl.
19, above the square, the government helicopters and leaflets, students received, without looking, torn off directly.
20, the afternoon of May 22 situation easing, I left Beijing, back a hangzhou female graduate students.
Quiz, 21, to participate in the Chinese department of several award, have forgot, prize was given to the person of hometown Zheng Renxiang.

(6), the agricultural capital of jiangsu province
1, assign to jiangsu province agricultural materials company, settled in zhenjiang, has always been Cai Guangyi the attention of the manager.
From the device and artisan, fruit and arms in the god of with (first), Newton first push, "vitality" of the nonphysical existence, to recognize the existence of god.
Read the bible story, and then, in 2000 New Year's day, read the bible, was immediately attracted, that is the word of god, believe in the Lord Jesus.
2, work soon, on December 14, 1990, in order to the world, for the sake of society, the society for the sake of GeYiMin, GeYiMin into the big test, a prison, suffering on the cross.
For the salvation of the world, December 21, GeYiMin die, god save death and resurrection, defeated the sting of death, hope for the world.
3, presided over the company party, there are 4 hours, performed magic tricks.
4, talk to Mr Wang a long-term relationship.
5, and cold or better.
6, with a short cold snow, she is the most beautiful Chinese girl, I know the last time she call, I not at, was answered by a colleague.
7, 1993, married miss zhenjiang chun-fang hu.
8, 1994, GeBiao giving birth.
During September and keen, Latin dance, had different periods of good partners, time is very happy.Hair salon sister hong-mei guo like Hong Kong star.
10, let Dong Yan call me Christ, I will buy chocolate or newspaper to her, she called me many times.Promise when Christ, buy mobile phone for hong-mei guo, she often call: "buy me something."I had not separated as refused to Christ.
11, sometimes think, if I marry Su Fan, I must be very happy, so she is beautiful;Second is a distant relative, must be good to me, it is better to get along;Three, I especially love to listen to her voice, anhui huainan accent.Because of my social test, became impossible.

(7), social
1, 2001, on the Internet to evangelize (do website, BBS).
2, have done some work, but is not long, I not to make money, because the heart is good.
3, 2002 for the first BBS communities (community), dandong girl cold plum cold snow selfless help to me, and make success, and version of HTML website for me, has been used up to now, the bottom of my heart forever grateful.She is my first time to say "it's good to have you" object, sincerely.
4, the administrator of Hong Kong girl happy stores have very speculative, don't come to the community after a long time, and her section, ignore me from now on, alas.

(8), the xinhua news agency
1, 2003, the xinhua news agency jiangsu zhenjiang branch bureau news information work.
2 to the community, a group of Korean girl crazy ah, such as CARTH, WOOYOO, MONEY, Chen Lin, and so on, then a good busy.And I was their recognized eldest brother.
After 3, fall in love with sichuan girl li Juan, she said can't be together, this is my true love for the third time, it's a pity that Plato.
4, ningbo girl star, and li Juan as administrator, crazy Posting in the community, I'm a little bit negative.
5, decent girl lorrin Koran, sayin snow, li zi, li, British women Margaret, also accompany me quite a long time.
6, baidu may once it's the fire, as the religious right after shut down.

(9), the culture media
1, shenzhen girl jing-bo huang as a community manager, my YiMei, accompany me through the very happy times, she told me a little personality cult, SMS to prove it.
2, yunnan girl dancing butterfly dream with me also online longer, after married.
3, xuzhou high school party girl cold Wu Feng online with a period of time, I said I don't have the heart to a person lonely.
4, Beijing sayuri is together online for so long, she had GeYiMin community manager.Her against my faith, but is still the best friend.Is she afraid of others misunderstand she is flower of kudzuvine and exit GeYiMin baidu stick, drifting away.She told me that after it back, and not don't care.She photoshopped about me a lot of funny figure, written informed with the level of funny long comments to me, she is my grace, I often miss the days when she happy together.
5, mirror check water and sister's friend, may be because often keep a distance, the friendship can last, she is a rational little younger sister, but the distance is too long, friendship will fade.
6, how many network girl has left me, because when I had not yet come.
7, website of domain name and space, redo many times, but the Gospel preached, after all.
8, now finally on the orbit, Shinto faith network (http://www.godjiao.com), the brand community (http://www.godjiao.com/bbs), multiple network space.
9, nerve always click on thirty million.
10, nerve has translated into foreign languages and translation to Chinese, and had a lot of vocabulary in and out.
11, baidu GeYiMin more and more prosperous.
12, 2010, converted the apostles luster GeYiMin god, this is a great conversion, brilliance in baidu post bar and wide GeYiMin the Gospel of god, written and published a large number of posts, and debate with people, GeYiMin is the truth of god.
13, 2015, converted the apostles cabalistic GeYiMin god, this is a great conversion, its significance is as good as the apostle Paul convert to Jesus, just as Paul preached the Gospel of Jesus, gold in baidu post bar and wide GeYiMin the Gospel of god, written and published a large number of prediction and posts, GeYiMin is the truth of god.
14, baidu GeYiMin temporarily shut down, turn to religion.

Chapter 15 nerve news

1, whether fat luo transfer Milan, real Madrid who is lying
Carlo ancelotti is milan's 1-0 victory over atletico Madrid in the summer league came during a meeting with the media after the game the rumours of his fame, in his words, "the Italian dello sport and other Italian or Spanish newspaper as, after all, is not the" mei "."
"Mei by the nerve, nerve version at the earliest.Tomorrow, for example, nerve, everyone know that audience.Otherwise, the other people didn't understand.

In baidu "god", more netizens comment that "in 2019, the earth will be end" say happened to the "mei" is verified in the prophecy of the end of the world.

News screenshot

Chapter 16 GeYiMin prove god

Exodus 4:16: he (Aaron) to you (the west) when god.
Writing poetry 82:6: I (god) has said that you are god, is the son of the most high.

(1) and vision.

6, in the autumn of 2001, GeYiMin different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."(GeYiMin anointed as god)
"Listen to him," the five words appear only in god spoke to Moses, Jesus, GeYiMin, everyday language is: listen to him, you shall listen to him.

(2), thought.

Nerve is currently more than 250000 words, GeYiMin accounted for most of the original thought, such as the end of 2019, original sin is dust, etc., physical, sexual freedom kingdom good word we much more.
In 85 (two) aspires to unify the world five steps:
Beijing university, the foreign, the Nobel Prize for literature, society, unified the world.
At the age of 16 years old.
Now unified world five steps: nanjing university, mesh, nerve, brand, unified the world.

(3), test.

GeYiMin social big trial in December 1990 to date, every 25 years.
25 years in 1990-2015 trial video series, will make people understand what is love and truth.

(4), god certificate.

GeYiMin - god - nerve - the kingdom age
Christ - GeYiMin god kingdom era.
"Anointed one", "selected by god" -- -- -- -- -- GeYiMin anointed as a god.

(5), news.

Two neural news.

(6), crape myrtle.

His theory and thought form book (book into crape myrtle), published his book will be translated into many text (four yi retranslation said, after a storm comes a calm in the spring of the nine countries), he will become the world's spiritual leader, he will establish a new ideology for mankind, guide mankind to complete the historic leap, lead human to datong.
(nerve already translated into foreign languages and translation to Chinese and and had a lot of vocabulary.)

Chapter 17 Ge also democracy righteousness

Ge also democratic meaning of communism.

A, ge also democracy to content:

1. Ethics: liberty, equality, fraternity, unity (cooperation).
2, politics: constitutionalism, representative, universal suffrage, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association.
3, economic: GeYiMin planned economy and socialization production, the Internet revolution of science and technology, economic globalization, both rich and poor (voluntary).
4, science and technology revolution, the human more and more happiness, the development of science and technology, continuous derivative needs, requirements and promote the development of science and technology, the need is not

Go away.
4, culture, diversity, diversity of civilization, respect for and protection of each nation's culture and beliefs.
5, religion: protection and respect for religious and emerging now, the pursuit of mystery of god and the truth and the future, the pursuit of spiritual.
6, sexual freedom kingdom.
7, within the four seas all men are brothers.

Second, ge also democratic YiJin rule: don't fight with anyone.

As long as the others starve to death in the world, all living man is selfish.Since love your neighbor as yourself is not possible, so will reduce the requirement

However, that is: don't fight with anyone.Everyone don't need to guard against anyone, life experience will be more high.

My burden is light, can you do it.

Three, ge also democracy to the lowest outline: all people eat better, eliminate gai;Free medical care, at all costs, the development of medical career, the most

A big effort to address the patient's pain.I feel the pain of pain and sufferings, I take your pain.

Four, ge also maximum program democracy: free housing for everyone, every family has a car free, good free education for all, get social respect human rights

Heavy, and the right has been fully guaranteed.

Five, ge also democracy to realize existing conditions: socialization production, the Internet revolution of science and technology, propagation neural 12 years, GeYiMin 25 years in the social big test

, false mental derangement, tasted the human mental and physical pain, such GeYiMin found salvation, human beings created a their own salvation

The Lord.

Ge also democracy righteousness: the only way GeYiMin students for the future of the people of the world, sate, writing, acting, singing, to spread and

Flat nerve, the people of the world generally accepted nerve, change ideas, efforts to struggle for ge also democracy righteousness.So, we can be sure,
Early October 2019 global platform can realize ge also democracy to the bottom.

With the efforts of people worldwide, in early October 2033, the global maximum program can realize ge also democracy righteousness.

Six, the so-called impossible: little lily who said by department?Who pay?Very good solution: take turns, do it today, tomorrow will do that, everyone can get

White background, with interest in the different work, and voluntary service for all mankind, general improvement in human morality, all voluntary for ge also suit democracy righteousness


Seven, ge also basic principle of democracy

1, eliminate the production private ownership, and establish a no hierarchy, no exploitation and oppression, and for the collective social production.Ge also democracy to fantasy future all class society will transition into ge also democracy to a harmonious society.Ge is the realization of democracy, needs

Highly developed productive forces, and makes people have a highly developed collectivism thought.

2, ge also democracy is through the development of the productive forces, to highly developed collectivism ideology dominated the society, need not through the production material private possession system to promote the development of the production, there is no class contradictions, race, liberated from the class contradictions of circulating humanity thoughts,

And establish the class system, there is no private ownership of productive materials, exploitation and oppression, and collective social production.

3, human society is based on material production, the existing productivity is determined by the division of labor caused by different people's economic status determines the different social status, economic relations between the people decide the form of the whole society, and law, moral and superstructure is driven by economic status

A reflection of people's social status.

4, limit of personal development is not to ge also democracy righteousness, ge also democracy righteousness should be highly everyone free.
Ge also democracy righteousness can only be achieved after the development of social material base mature.

5, when ge also after completion of construction of democracy, the government, the commodity production and monetary economy will disappear completely.Finally, the human society came into ge also stage of democracy.This time, the social public institutions is very developed, the urban and rural differences, human treatment differences and social division of labor will completely disappear

Lost, everyone can get perfect education and medical science, people in striving for a common ideal target different suits own post, scientific work and rest.People spontaneous work 6 hours a day, work five days a week, work, life, entertainment, scientific and reasonable arrangement,

Suitable for people's longevity.No one is control, in the consciousness of serving the people, for ge also democracy righteousness!Science and technology is very developed, people can at low workload to meet the need of high quality life, all the property owned by all the people, life data, to get the people

Work output and life, has recorded, the arrival of the end of the work as its do ge also democracy to make the basis of a fair trial, on its to get the good evaluation, can more easily get the support of others in the social activities, as its individual end ge also meaning of democracy

On the basis of their life value judgment.

6, everyone has a tolerance heart, can endure pain from the outside world and to forgive others for their own offensive!Equally enjoy social and economic rights, people in order to extend the service life of their own natural and free-standing self-improvement, labor creation will become the first need of people.People won't be limited by the division of labor

To achieve "from each according to his ability, to get" stage.In ge also democracy society, everyone can get great satisfaction!Everyone consciously, reliably, self-control, self-control, self-esteem, self-love!Everyone in the work and study, help each other, common to improve their own quality, make up since

The defects and faults, to correct their own mistakes, the pursuit of the supreme good to beauty!Everyone in the spontaneous struggle for a common ideal!Nobody has the special scope of activities, but according to the characteristics of their own development can work in any department, social public institutions regulating the whole production,

Ability of people to enter the social public institutions involved in the distribution of social work but with individual will give priority to, so that I could be with your interest do it today, tomorrow will do that, on the morning of hunting and fishing in the afternoon, the evening is engaged in animal husbandry, after dinner in criticism, so as not to make me

Always a hunter, fisherman and the shepherd or critics.

7, so in this highly abundant material base, social production ability strong society, people's pursuit of ge also democracy to a good overall evaluation on his own judgment.How to develop the self, the development of spiritual civilization in order to realize the value of life will become the pursuit of people.

People will get to the work, in a wider range of work, no one will want to in the society as a walking corpse.

8, meet the requirements of the proletariat, also is to meet the requirements of the whole society, the liberation of the proletariat, is equal to the liberation of mankind.So in other words, ge also democracy is actually theory about human liberation.

Used to eliminate private ownership and production data of production the public in an effort to achieve this.

9, ge also democracy to social historical conditions

Science fiction in the human society in the 21st century
(1). Development of social productive forces highly, highly developed science and technology, labor productivity unprecedented increase, greatly reduces the labor time, abundant social products.
(2). All private labor and small-scale production was replaced by the socialization production, all the social members common possession of means of production, commodity and currency.
(3) to eliminate the difference of workers and peasants, urban and rural difference, the difference of mental Labour and physical Labour.
(4). Due to the change of the mode of production, the death of the old social division of labor, each social member will receive free and comprehensive development.
(5). The whole society in a planned way of mass customization production according to the needs of different people.
(6). The principle to the best of his ability, to each according to his need.(here refers to the "people's needs as the only according to" labor products distribution not able to meet all the people of any desire)
(7). The class difference disappeared, "of human bondage" was replaced by the "for management", the state machine will vanish.
(8). As the economy of all the oppression and slavery, class society all the inequality of moral ideas also perish.
(9). The individual family, the relationship will become purely personal and social without interference, the rearing and education of minors will be fully become public utilities.(family, is essentially a kind of individual economic units in the agricultural society is a living unit and production units,

Burdened with education, pensions and other functions, with the development of capitalism industry its functions gradually replaced by various social institutions and public services, thus modern family size is smaller, and more and more unstable, died in ge also democracy society completely)

10 and the moral of the proletariat, is in the interests of the proletariat and working people and the request of reflection, is the most noble morality in human history.With all the exploiting classes.He is the essential characteristics of collectivism the revolutionary spirit of serving the people heart and soul.He asked people to have strong

Proletarian revolutionary will, personal interests subject to ge is also the cause of democracy, to share their own building happiness in making others happy, on the basis of dedicated to the liberation of all mankind, and in the struggle to save themselves, to eliminate all exploitation system and private system.he

Asked people in the process of implementation ge is also the cause of democracy, love is selfless, self-sacrifice of labor and the noble qualities of the working people, has thoroughly revolutionary spirit and rigorous scientific attitude.Cultivate and improve the whole people's ge also democratic righteous moral quality, is the development of ge is also a democracy
The righteous cause, to ge is also an important condition of social democracy righteousness.

11, labor, and guided by the ge also democracy thought consciously and labor for the society.With no pay, do not speak conditions, etc.In ge also democracy society, working people to become the master of society, the political ideological consciousness of the working people, in the collective labor play to their enthusiasm and creativity, began to appear in some of the first mover body ge also democracy righteousness labor attitude.With the abundance and all the people of social product ge also democracy to greatly improve ideological consciousness and moral qualities, to ge is the advanced stage of democracy, the labor will become the first life needs, this work attitude will have universality.

12, ge also democracy to the outlook on life
Ge also democracy to the outlook on life the proletariat outlook on life.The proletariat is fundamental view of the purpose and meaning of life, is an important component of the worldview of the proletariat.The proletarian outlook on life and all of the exploiting classes in the history of the outlook on life are completely different.It is by the proletariat's economic status and social conditions, is caused by the social conditions in modern industry, on the basis of the ge also democracy under the guidance of theory of righteousness and its world outlook, in the long-term practice of revolution and construction in the formation and development.Why on earth it scientifically answer the person live

And what's the meaning of life, should be how to spend your life, what kind of person should be a problem.Ge also democracy to the outlook on life, it is the most progress in human history, the most scientific, most high, most great outlook on life.Its basic characteristics are: (1) with the liberation of mankind

Democracy, finally realizes the ge is also a goal and the highest ideal, and strive to achieve this ambitious goal.(2) to the collectivism as the core, to serve the people heart and soul as the life goal, its essence is selfless.(3) to revolutionary optimism attitude towards life.In order to

Optimistic spirit and heroism on the road to our life all sorts of problems.Ge democracy to the outlook on life is also great spiritual power.Once formed, it must be the image of the own reality, for the benefit of humanity, for the realization of the ge also democracy righteousness ambitions to make due contributions.
So-called ge also democracy to the outlook on life, is to use ge also democracy righteousness worldview to observe, analyze and deal with problems in life, is the ge is also the embodiment of the democracy righteousness worldview meet problems in life.

13, ge also democracy is a kind of ideology, philosophy, with free as a major political value, its characteristics in the pursuit of development, believe that human kind and nature, as well as support for individual autonomy, moreover also advocated loosening and exempted from authoritarian regime control of the individual.More broadly, ge also democracy righteousness for protecting personal freedom of thought, limit the government's use of power by law, safeguard the notion of free trade, support private enterprise of market economy, transparent political system in order to guarantee the right of every citizen.In modern society, the GeYiMin support architecture to a republic is a free democracy, is open and fair election system, make all citizens have equal rights to participate in politics.

14, also the basic rights of democracy to claim for the right to life, liberty, and property rights.

15 democracy advocate personal, political ge is also a social and legal basis, the existence of the society and the system is to promote personal goal, and will not favour to have high social status.

16, cultural ge also democracy to pay attention to individual rights on moral values and way of life, including such as sexual freedom, freedom of worship, cognitive issues, and to protect individuals from the government infringe upon their private life.Only under the purpose of self-protection, individual or group to make interference to other behavior for the freedom of man.Only to prevent a person hurt others, the purpose of to just stop intention freedom of other members of a civilized society.And the man of their own interests, whether material or spiritual, are not constitute the principle of sufficient reason.Cultural ge also democracy usually opposed government restrictions on literature, art, and academic, gambling, sex, sex, legal marriage age, abortion, birth control, and alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.The most GeYiMin against government interference in these areas.

17, economic ge also support democracy is a kind of personal property and freedom of contract rights ideology.The ge also democracy righteousness slogan is "free enterprise".Support laissez-faire ge also democracy system, means to remove legal obstacles, such as trade barriers and government

The monopoly privilege and subsidies.Economic ge also democracy to hope that the government's control of the economy, the less the better, or simply no regulation, argues that the value of the products and services should be determined by the personal freedom of choice.The government can play the role of monopoly in some areas, such as maintaining public security and the service of the court.Economic ge also democracy to accept due to the unequal bargaining position trading caused by economic inequality is the result of the natural competition, as long as none of involving the use of force.Small government and non-government ge also democracy is economic ge also in the form of democracy.
The debate between economic freedom and social equality like freedom itself for a long time to debate with a long history.

18 and to the influence of the modern world
Ge democracy righteousness also quite deep with the impact of the modern world.Personal freedom, personal dignity and freedom of speech, religion tolerance, personal property, universal human rights, government transparency, restrict the power of the government, people's sovereignty, national self-determination, privacy, open and rational policies, laws and regulations,

The equality of basic, free trade and free market economy, is also the basic concept of democracy to Koch.Liberal democracy is typical of many parties diverse political form.Some countries have accepted the ge also today the concept of democracy as a policy goal, although they often have great differences in presentation and reality.These concepts are not just ge is also the goal of democracy, social democracy, conservatism, and Christian democratic socialist goal.

Chapter 18 socialization production and the Internet revolution

1, refers to the mass production with the opposite of small-scale production organization, large-scale production.It performs in the means of production and labor concentrated organized large-scale production in the enterprise;The continuous development of specialization, collaboration between all kinds of products more closely;Automatically by the marketization of the product and market regulation, make the production process each link form an integral whole.
2, capitalist economy greatly accelerate the socialization, rushed to expand, different body began to globalization, enterprise planning, organized with the formation and development of monopoly externalization gradually into society organized and planned way.Class contradictions gradually expands, producers claim their production income, petty bourgeois devoured with each other in competing, only the producer of a highly organized the proletariat has the real power, all the joint of the proletariat, to compete for ownership, inevitable requirement public ownership.Capitalist inherent conflict makes the public ownership as the private ownership of the crisis and gradually expand the scope of proportion, but this kind of public ownership, also is not a producer of public ownership, the bourgeoisie to maintain their own interests will eventually against itself.Producers face bourgeois exploitation will bring about a revolution, private ownership and the root of the social contradiction in the most critical, achieve high level of socialization.
3, with the development of capitalist production, the scale of the capitalist enterprise is more and more big, the connection between the enterprises more and more closely, modernization degree more and more is also high.A large number of commodity production, all need a lot of people using production data together.Join each other many process, many enterprises to cooperate with each other.At the same time, for the society as a whole of manpower and material resources, financial resources and other aspects of the resources, the need to systematically through the unified market to carry on the reasonable configuration;Scientific production management degree is becoming more and more high.Of the socialization of production is mainly manifested in the concentration and the expansion of production scale of production and cooperation between the production department and dependent on each other.
4, social development by the material production activities to spiritual consumption activities.
Be liberated large-scale industrial productivity, material requirements are constantly meet, the increasing importance of the spiritual production, can bring to the rich society for consumption, cultivate the consumption demand of the society, from the lower the satisfaction of material production to meet the spiritual production.Expanding production organization, more and more closely.Leisure time is increasingly, people more freedom.
5, by production development of the property rights of individual foundation is gradually transformed into a ball and chain to the progress of the production to continue.The private system under challenge.
Due to market competition strategy, under the condition of the property right clear production advantage early feedback speed faster, so as the basis of production development, and gradually developed when mass production, especially to all the people do not need to be a user agent and broker era, because the property right clear under the condition of either production may not be optimal, either a quick feedback, thus gradually hinder the development of the optimal production, property right clear condition were excluded, so private ownership became unnecessary.
6 for the development of state monopoly, monopoly by the private monopoly and international monopoly.Allocate resources increasingly non-market means.
Production gradually expand, then form the monopoly, the monopoly of the company may, at first, a man holding, but because of the increasing mode of operation and the expansion of business, personal money number will gradually restrict, so gradually become company monopoly, and then the organization by the state, sovereignty highest degree of super high monopoly, to organize and guide production countries competing with each other, then the monopoly monopoly state control range is expanding, is equivalent to state monopoly into international monopoly.
7, the trend of the free market economy continuously strengthen intervention, the planned economy.
Basic factors in the economy and the huge contradiction between productive forces and the purchasing power, the risk of a free market economy become great, any economic fluctuations are governments cannot afford, thus gradually had managed economy benign development around the needs of the economic crisis.
And monopoly gradually expand, improve social organization degree, compactness of production increase, the economic planning possible.
8, planned economy jointly create basic conditions for the real freedom.
Due to production planning, so the leisure time has become gradually can plan, at the same time, because of the economic planning, for the future life also gradually have the ability to control and reduce the risk, humans don't have to give up free risk, so mankind will enjoy more freedom, so can free joint.
9, science and technology more and more important, the first large-scale professional development, and then to specialization, division of die direction development.
Due to the necessity of optimizing production workflow classified specialized intensification of need appear gradually, and then each division of labor specialization gradually, but because of mechanical continuously introducing, repetitive production expertise, they were replaced by mechanical operation part knowledge thus becomes useless, at the same time, because of the improvement of education level, some knowledge is becoming more and more accepted, gap between each course is broken, thus between human knowledge level gradually equality, "non-professional" people can also to the problem of the so-called "professional" professional comments, so dying of labor division, the last human is mainly responsible for all kinds of scientific research and literary and artistic activities.
10, social organization, private management group, under the condition of the same experience a specialized division of labor refinement to the division of the dying process.
First as a professional requires in-depth and technical related industries, and development to the social industry, become a kind of social consciousness.In order to improve the production efficiency, everything possible to promote the production way is used, improve social organization degree, are becoming increasingly importance and professional management style, grew out of a special professional manager stratum, finally to usurp the position of the capitalists.With the continuous popularization of management knowledge, specialized management industry has become dispensable, the more able to combine and production itself managers more successfully, thus merge specialized management division of labor began to die.
11 overall complete private free market economy, social transition to the public free economy, which is not for profit driven.
Free market economy profit as the drive, profits leads to other factors of production, and expand the scale of production until the last and social integration of public-owned economy to social needs for production purposes, rather than profit, and save the profit link shortened process.
Each social class by the feudal state to the communist state transition, the transition of difference among all kinds of forms.The final line.Gradually because of the abundance of material from various social classes struggle for survival, all levels of the satisfaction of the feudal state, gradually into the production and for profits in order to live and work capitalist era, whether capitalist or the working class have become the slave of money, because of the intense changes in economic conditions, the conversion between classes, final material more affluent society don't need to do a meaningless of creative work, into the communist era, due to the change of the economic situation, people are out of the shackles of money, all for the sake of creative work and life, to a new class.
12, started by small farmers, social experiences free labor, small-scale production machinery production labor, create three stages of labor production.
In order to survive and production, to profit and meet the small scale of production, to meet a wide range for profit and even the people of the world's production, the process for the industrial revolution greatly promote productivity can not be ignored, until in the end, the creative repeated labor, they were replaced by mechanical people only need to meet and challenge to the higher realms of creative work.
13, free people, creating labor stages, namely the division of the demise of the evolution of social anarchy the communist society, the stage of mass production.
So-called anarchy, it should be understood as don't need a tool of the government as a class, management organization should be a civil autonomy, when reached the point of full production, because the attribute of economic management to the needs of society for the purpose of production and is no longer needed (no economic crisis and national competition naturally do not need to economic regulation), government is a purely civil management organization, because of economic equality, the government has also lost as part of the need of people to another part of the interests of the oppressed, the evolution of the future society is under the condition of current cannot be inferred.
14 reached maximum specific requirements, material production, development, namely the stop on the amount of expanded reproduction.Social basic no longer expanding production scale.
Socialization production phase to demand and production rather than production for profit, and to eliminate the competition, so there is no need to reduce costs by means of excessive production and ensure supply and seize market, so there is no productive economic crisis (surplus caused by productivity surplus products and the contradiction between the lack of purchasing power and purchasing desire).
15, industry monopoly nature in liberal international relations development, integration of industry development in the region within the scope of state monopoly.International monopoly industry crosswise development, namely the planned economy.
National integration of all kinds of resources on the one hand of all domestic production integration, on the one hand due to free market competition of globalization, multinational companies in the world between industry continuously complete monopoly on international mergers and acquisitions, so monopoly development, until no matter from the width to depth are complete global monopoly, due to internal production planning, at the end of the global production, that is, the global economy will be incorporated in the plan for a complete.
16, the planned economy as a pure production organization exists.The planned economy, anarchy.Rid of the economic management functions from the functions of the government, and the government itself to become the social autonomy organization.
Due to no longer have the needs of international competition, also no longer have the threat of economic crisis, so countries don't need to continue to a managed economy, countries become pure political institutions, production no longer need extra production in accordance with government requirements, only need according to satisfy people's demand for production.

17, the French revolution and the culture of the industrial revolution to modern society is to model the engine and engine technology, the French revolution brought the ideological enlightenment, and these thoughts are basically as a future legal, social, cultural, spiritual and infrastructure in the field of human rights.
Today, the Internet has changed our life from the form structure, work mode, as a science and technology progress, whether the role of the Internet as the industrial revolution also leading a new century or a few centuries?The industrial revolution led to the birth of the working class, has bred communist, so with China now;But the Internet technology progress have crossed the boundary between the simple production tools, the Internet as a carrier of information dissemination and take over newspapers, books, radio, television and other transmission carrier task, because he is not only the industrial revolution, is also the ideological revolution matchmaker.
18 and the future of human society thought revolution and social progress greatly spread will come from the Internet.The Internet is free, equality, fraternity.
19, first of all, the revolution to spread to the ordinary people of learning and communication field of vision, is a cultural revolution.It is also a social revolution, because in this process, a new social form, the main actors to promote new social form, is ordinary Internet users.Finally, the communication revolution is a revolution in the grassroots democracy practice.Because of the progress of democracy is not limited to simple political change.It ultimately rely on "the concept of open society and individual freedom cooperation, and can only release these ideas in work skills and the creative potential of the change of communication".The meaning of the Internet revolution is to bring new ideas about ego, social, and political and practical.
20, the Internet in China first adopted by universities and research institutions, in this sense, it has the fundamental elite.However, it quickly spread across the country, quickly become a common urban consumers use of technology.Followed by cultural development, and network operation is one of the most intense form of expression.The cultural development in three aspects, namely the sources of information and learning means, tools, and communication of the cultural production and innovation space.
The increasing number of 21, cultural production and innovation tools.In this respect, the network operation again reflect and lead a wide range of cultural innovation trend.Action network including the typical cultural production and innovation activities.Write BBS posts, blog, microblog, WeChat, Flash video and digital video, network rights, public welfare and relief, and so on, these are creative activities.The Internet provides tools for the innovation activity, that in itself is of great significance.But the real meaning is that these tools of democratization.Every age has its cultural production and innovative tools, but these tools is not necessarily a vast and ordinary people.For nearly 10 years of trend, is the rapid expansion of the new communication technologies accessibility.Compared with any innovation technology, new information technology better for ordinary people to create their own cultural products provides the tools.
22, so ordinary people become the publishers, editors, writers and artists, not just consumers, audiences and readers.They become producers of knowledge, and not just accept and digest is production by the author or the authority of the alive.Ordinary people in the great creative potential release, this is very important for correct the asymmetry in knowledge production relations.In modern society, the knowledge production has its social organization.It makes a few experts, authority and institutions to control the process of knowledge production and certification.The dominant social thought is the thought of these minority, this itself is contrary to the principle of democratic culture.Therefore, when ordinary people become knowledge producers, they injected a new culture for the society.They provide alternative perspective, different points of view and colorful life.Their unique experiences and perspectives can challenge the cultural stereotypes, correct information and symbolic violence resistance.
23, civil discourse space.Civil discourse space, it is people can express their concern, feelings and ideas.Enlarge civil discourse space is an important goal of the new civic action.One of the main achievements in this field is the social construction of cyberspace.There is no other place, can make the netizens so positive and discussion about public affairs directly, there is no other place also will be every day so many social issues into the public discussion.
24, the age of the Internet's new commercial civilization have six characteristics: first, the Internet is very transparent;Second, equality, regardless of large and small enterprises on the Internet, is only a piece of leather, so is all stand on the same starting line;Third, the good faith, on the Internet fraud risk is more than fraud, if do bad behavior on the Internet, other people will to leave evaluation, tell all his friends, let your bad reputation spread across the entire Internet;Fourth, the Internet is a place where one can share;Fifth, responsibility, wenchuan earthquake, the Internet is the first industry launched a disaster relief;Sixth, harmony, harmony means everyone has food, everyone has the right to speak, fully embodies the characteristics of the Internet, give attention to both efficiency and fair.
25, the new commercial civilization was born, may lead to revolution: the first is the revolution of sales model.A lot of companies which is a traditional distribution channels, retail, but today has started to go to the web.Some of China's own brand, in the past, they depend on exports, foreign trade company sales overseas, due to the current situation of foreign trade, they have to find out the way to home, must establish the brand in the domestic, open up an outlet, the Internet helps a lot of company sales model reform and change.Second, the production mode of the revolution.All of them are produced by the factory before, to distribution channels, then one layer to the consumer's hands.Popular custom on the Internet today.All requirements are consumers back to manufacturers, manufacturers according to the actual consumer demand for personalized custom, so future production pattern may be more personalized, more efficient.Third, the revolution of consumption patterns.The consumption will be more transparent, online tend to be more and more people can accept the price of the goods.
26, Internet knowledge sea economy and information era, the knowledge capital is beyond the power of capital, currency capital becomes the decisive power of personal wealth and social progress.Especially surprising is that in the Internet age, learning to be a nearly free universal welfare, difference is in whether you are willing to pay the effort to learn, you learn the path and method of exactly right.
27, now the Internet can be described as in the era of industrial agriculture, who is a step ahead in the development of the Internet, who is occupying the commanding heights of the forward.The Internet is bows in the era of rifles, the Internet is soil gun time bomb, the Internet is missile infantry era.Internet in time, speed, the amount of information greatly make up for the telephone and all other traditional means of information communication, compared with other Internet information transmission means efficiency exponentially times, in the Internet era, people begin to realize what is real information explosion.
28, for human beings, the invention of writing was a leap, the invention of paper and printing is once again leap, and the invention of the Internet is another big leap in the history of human civilization.Its meaning, is far from juggling can imagine today.
29, big data, in various industries, medical, personal data analysis, retail, manufacturing, and other fields have brought impact are unprecedented.Such as telemedicine, remote medical treatment is difficult to be truly, now have this kind of big data, remote medical treatment can be achieved, including a lot of medical data digitization, don't have to take all medical records, with a specific data to run, these data are stored in the central system, and can be share each hospital.
30, to add technology, 3 d printing such as intelligent manufacturing represented by the third industrial revolution is in the fundamental changes in our lives.More and more consumer, thought must be in the real cases, to complete a lot of consumer are moved to the Internet, the online and offline together, customers via the Internet created a new demand.
31, one of the strengths of the Internet companies really is both a real-time demand of supply and demand docking, the docking in traditional economic situation is very difficult to do, combined with the Internet not only to reduce transaction costs, and more customization demand is realized.
32, information dissemination way revolution is driving the human all can be virtualized.Gradually a virtual office, virtual enterprise, virtual university, virtual library, virtual museum, a virtual mall, etc., will change the way of human economic and social activities.
33, the reason for people to open the space network society and global universal association, the main mechanism is that it is a network society rely on information technology, network technology and form of the information society.Information through the Internet free transfer and flow in the whole world, wealth is created by human civilization may be for everyone to share online.
34, Internet development will bring a profound education revolution, its impact is on is not only the pedagogue, also includes the educators, the goal is no longer a graduate diploma, but a lifelong benefit, thus promote the social progress.
35, the information society, online shopping, online information commodity is the direct object of consumption, such as electronic mail, voice mail, software, manuals, books, pictures, X-ray, music, movies, news, stock prices, currency, etc., they can use information to depict, all information with the number 1 and 0 to express, they directly through the information transport market, vendors pay close attention to all kinds of information of customers as well, have better information about customers, service is considerate, the higher the return.Therefore, we must attach great importance to the value of information and information service.
36, on the Internet, the world is becoming a whole, there is no time difference, distance into a "network" of time and space beyond the traditional space and time, make our leisure way to breakthrough the limitation of the realistic world, humans for the first time realized worldwide leisure way of free choice.
37, the development of information technology, network technology, the opening of the Internet, network organization, such as virtual enterprise, virtual community, virtual community, etc.) the rise of the organization's hierarchy, hierarchy of reality, grade management form the huge impact, social organization is facing a new revolution.
Organization structure of network, the Internet will make us live in a overlapping network of virtual and real world, it is not just a constellation network organization, but by the constellation network organization of the Milky Way.
Organization knot contact style, any online virtual organization, it will retain its own characteristics and individual character, both has its own cultural spirit, contact through its extensive reach again at the same time, on the Internet and experience from other groups new ideas and culture.
The flattening organization management, in the networked organization structure, information source is unlikely to be highly concentrated and unique, but scattered, numerous.Multi-layer less pyramid structure evolution into a flat structure layer more than less.Flattening organization means of organization and management scope has been broadened, manage all the subordinate is not that easy as it used to be.This requires a new management strategy.
38, using the Internet to reform industrial, first of all you can do one thing, is set up according to region, according to industry relatively concentrated, relatively unified big warehouse, through flexible logistics transfers, can greatly reduce the factory cost.Secondly establish corporate banking, reduce enterprise floating capital takes up, also can save cost.
39, the Internet has changed the world, and will change the way of life, wearable electronics and the Internet, the combination of man's thinking computers can perceive and way of life will be changed slowly.
40 and important mode of production factors, resources, market and distribution have an important role.With the deepening of the Internet revolution, increasingly expanding socialization production.
41, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, ge democracy to the Gospel around the world, also accepted by human.
42, not update the human mind, any development in 10000, datong."Two" and mind updates are two basis points.As a song, "spread" the Gospel of peace."Two" is the premise and material are flat, everyone has its own law of conscience.
43, socialized production and private ownership of capital contradiction is the basic contradiction of capitalism society.Today, every step of the socialization production, are every step towards communist society faster.
44, two inevitably leads to communism, rather than the private ownership of production materials.Division of labor, refers to the machine to replace artificial, people are no longer specialized is engaged in a job, do it today and tomorrow to do that.

Chapter 19 The book of heaven

1, the word "heaven" (Hebrew shamayim) means "high, high" in the old testament.In the new testament Greek (ouranos) means "day" (heaven), the word from a root, which means "mask" or "over".In short, means"
In the ".
2, "heaven", the basic meaning is "with god's place", "to be the source of all good, with all the evil and isolated place".Is god's salvation itself continue to create and looking for new heavens and a new earth.
3, in the end, heaven will come.Before that comes with the judgment of god for all the evil in the universe, and god's update for the whole universe.Update the range is very large, such as the resurrection of the dead by the trial, the body for eternal life.God's kingdom of god
The affirmation of the new world, it is to have saved the natural affirmation, is sure to produce renewable, it is victory, freedom, and joy of life.
4, the body like the resurrection of the body is like a seed and the plant, so we can hardly imagine after his resurrection.Nature is hard to imagine heaven comes after completely.Just know this is a kind of "change", and is associated with body and there is now
But change is hard to describe.
5, god's light become heaven (don't have to use the sun's light source), completely come after paradise is a no evil and sorrow, with the source of good not to stop.Where was god, heaven is a place where god is not in hell.And life is just a kind of hell
Symbol, is the symbol of evil and the good of absolute, is the symbol of trial and save.Only there is a god, god GeYiMin, countries, and to support or oppose the said decision.God, the living god, GeYiMin the kingdom of god's justice is coming;GeYiMin god
The world is coming.
6, now just "beforehand to taste the taste of the kingdom of heaven" (ACTS as a god), and have felt very good happiness, life is very meaningful, goals, and peace and joy, fully believe heaven came to us is positive change to bigger and better than it is now.The kingdom of heaven is coming with a
A fundamental condition that although people want better society coming, but must rely on the power of god to eradicate all the evil of man, to make people give up their own interests.If the world has changed, but not generate new ideas and new spirit, do not produce a brotherly love heart
Spirit and the rule of god in people's minds to new values, the result is not heaven, but only changed the surface morphology of human secular nation.The kingdom of god means god reign in our hearts.Through god's rule in our inner heart, the kingdom of god
Set up in the world.
7, have practical experience of new life, is the change and improvement of quality of life.Some people there will be some subjective experience, aware of god's presence with the intervention of god.This is heaven, this is not common, also not happen somewhere, but coming
Cause believers in the hearts of believers, the change of life quality.
8, the kingdom of heaven from god, we can only with faith, hope, through struggle, work and prayer to god's arrangement.The kingdom of god is simply refers to the rule of god, is refers to the rule of god through the people heart and will thus to control the life of people with the highest,
He can and will save us enter into the kingdom of his evil thoughts into the good, and help to those who love him to be good.
9, the kingdom of heaven is in the sense of the other shore is not a place, but rather a way, that is a way of survival, or a form of sublimation.The coming of the kingdom means salvation and eternal life, but life doesn't mean permanent survival, but means that the world we live in belongs to god
In the world.It is worth noting that GeYiMin god give us the here and now is a life of this nature.When we make god's purpose for our own purposes, when we learned about god's love for us, we will go beyond the material world and all its value
In our bondage, into an eternal world, and began to lead a belongs to the world of eternal life.
10, GeYiMin god's teachings, is the follower of comfort, because he will have his followers together back to the father's home.So people need to be ready, his people should do the faithful steward, loyalty to serve him, can accept his rewards and praise.
11, GeYiMin down for believers, for god's is a happy day, because GeYiMin god will pick them up to heaven, that's where they really belong to;GeYiMin god will change their nature body, incorruptible, like GeYiMin god himself.It is a comfort, hope
Is not only for believers alive, but also for the departure of believers, because they will be raised from the dead, to accept the new, unfortunately bad body.Hope GeYiMin god believers, is a happy thing, this is also the final stages of completion, salvation brings the kingdom age.Nerve stressed that the believers
Because face GeYiMin holy god, be about to wash themselves.Moreover, because the end of an era is representing the destruction of the world today and the introduction of new heavens and a new earth.
12, the resurrection of the dead.GeYiMin down for believers of god, have very important meaning, because it's about physical resurrection of hope.The hope of the resurrection is the teaching of the nerve, as well as the basis of monotheistic faith.GeYiMin god promises, believe in him have eternal life, they also
Get irrefutable, he would make them from the dead.
13, resurrection and GeYiMin god came about.The doctrine of resurrection, is the core of the neural point.
14 and trial.God ACTS that at the beginning, when GeYiMin god down, today's generation will be over.Because god is holy, he must judge those who are not holy, or he will no longer be the holy god.Judgment is the highlight of the nature of god himself.The judgment of god is fair, too
, and accord with the truth.It is considered that the only trial is this trial.God will in this trial, it is true.Nerve, points out that GeYiMin god down, and the judgment of the future.The son of god judge has power.People who were being punished according to their own behavior.all
Man, without exception, all are mortal;And after the judgment of god.
15, when the last judgment.Eternal fire is prepare for the devil and his angels.In the end, god will judge satan and demons, monsters, false prophets, and the devil, and cast into the lake of fire.All the soul of a man is not in heaven, is in hell, they all want to be in the resurrection of the body
Live forever.Believers will not continue to suffer forever, "mourning teeth".In a word, just the showed that pain and despair.It is shows that suffering is to continue to exist."Punishment" and "life", is "forever", if "life" is the eternal, so "to punish
Punishment is forever."
At the end of the 16, from generation to generation, the devil, the beast and the false prophet, would have been into the lake of fire, there, "they will be tormented day and night, forever and ever".Is the concept of hell: "(a) no god grace; (b) life is endless trouble, this is because the sin
With everything;(c) the body and soul are suffering;And (d) with a conscience blame, anger, despair, weeping, teeth, and so on.
17, believers will enjoy fellowship with GeYiMin god forever.The kingdom of heaven is like a banquet, this is to emphasize with GeYiMin god, people enjoy the intersection, turn, joy and exultation.New heavens and a new earth is a believer permanent residence.The original holy heaven and earth.New heavens and a new earth to live
Guest: angel, ACTS of god (the eldest son of the church), god, perfecting the souls of the righteous and GeYiMin god.New heavens and a new earth is a heaven and to the holy city.God is shining guanghua, lighting the city.The city itself is safe.In addition, the new heavens and a new earth blessing, is with god
People live together, the intersection of life.There, don't need a priest, believers can be directly close to god;GeYiMin god will be the center, believers will serve him, enjoy eternal fellowship with him.
18, heaven on earth, only new heavens and a new earth, to achieve eternal life, and the communist society.Our god ACTS is now exploring human society finally.

Chapter 20 Psalm books

"The young GeYiMin god of literature.

1, the assignment of the Great Wall
Alas whoa there cried, wei zhuang zai, the Great Wall of big brain to sky.To the qin dynasty and yan, north resistance: the north wind.To the two thousand eight hundred - year - old, things had a thousands of miles.Dragon is over and a sleeping lion lie, can harvest XiongLi vibration.Han was a few children cannot, then your standing is angry at the north wind.After the north's son has not had, the southern han can I chop and sorrow.After qin shi huang united jun is linked together, jun is the view of history.Two queen mother han good jiangshan, three sovereigns, earthly fireworks a few trouble, since twaddle jun self-knowledge.Asked her good daming jiangshan, four hundred during the spring and autumn too safe.But grief WuNing gaumata, excessive taiping always trouble.Kingspeed rode on jun, daming mountain.
The Great Wall of well with surprised sky, make people see the mouth closed.Wanli empty mountain even smoke, ancient pines empty pour landless.High in the autumn wind, forest dangerous ridge deep groove sad sound, if its strong also.Jie come a long way, the popularity of jun hope is endless, more lines farther forward.Be a few blow in the north, since the shame, I put to shame, for the latter WaiKou to, qing bad the Great Wall.And all the people have, to have a person, WaiKou for hu, the cradle of fear.Can't wake a sleeping lion finally, dragon over and over.The Great Wall of big brain to surprised sky, looked up and asked her before.
2, stranger in paradise - mark SAN MAO
Month of 2001 yuan, MeiXue race fang, helpless, and may cause the heaven in the stranger before yue: I think three hairs from near the turbid, inchoate bigotries so far every fifty seven years, and have three hair less than YuJiGui it the quality is good, the sex is less than YuJiJie snow and ice, god leaves is the lack of it as its essence, it is pretty spends months less than its color.
Take an Indian gray 500 years ago,
Ten years ago came to Taipei veterans general hospital,
Three hairs on he said he was very tired very tired very tired,
Gray people open the white wings,
Three hair finally put down her the Sahara,
Start a new start,
The stranger in paradise,
Sitting on the right hand of the Lord,
To her surprise, she found
His pursuit of the life of the Sahara,
In the Lord of heaven.
Only three hairs are still repeating the last sentence of people,
Then another three hairs in another Sahara to repeat again,
He is a stranger in paradise,
Because the planet is not his position.
3, mountain sheep. View the burning yuanmingyuan
The princes from coalition forces, the people fear ran road.At the ancient capital, the heart for Chu, sad business in one hundred,
All between imperial palace paid the fire.Garden, did the soil;Soil, done!
Since the night
Push door window listening to every word, yan light smell of insect sound sleep.Life bumpy also rise again, night is no future.
Since the problem
Vicissitudes of life time bitter multiple, all unforgettable moving words.Dongfeng this to have the old, framed home to return to half.
Corn poppy
It is difficult to meet as well as hard for you, today's sorrow heartbroken.Eye desire language tears full first, leisurely, should know vega and both of us.
Ask all who answer difficult, only you with insistent.Tears face wet skirt unbearable, no bosom friend has a pool are full of tears.
4, back to the federation:
The autumn wind evil mountains cold water
Empty pot of warm wine beauty sad
The evil wind colchicine hanshan away
Wine kettle empty sad people.
5, shandong sunrise over all things The grass and hot and
Month from the day to have spread from human Ming as around the full
Nothing stops passenger cars on the road There are two dressed man The crowds said, this is transport
Bus stand still climb the conductor would like to open a woman door station a dime
6, by the mountain and city by city and vicious by a vicious and river by the river and sea Each case under the
From the solstice from cloud to cloud breeze from the wind from wall to wall to mice that drop
Secretary zhao to the countryside Full return often His mother sing what hell don't take the glimmer of
Money, director of the time To your mother egg every locker with selfless will not desire from the song
Sun director called work Every time the back door open Turn your fathers what place righteousness above family loyalty alike
Micro section li's visit to the Often drink one off his eight generations boast any officer of the people of the parents.
The pro 7, remote to send home
Father is swinging hoe sweat
Son is studying when cold
Imagine farm cattle and horses
I don't know long for another week.

8, three poems

When a child just numerical counted 123, he produced a poem.
I am not a poet, of course not write poetry, but I still don't understand:
Why the world only three "earth"?Why they are the beginning of all things?Not to say that life two, two three, everything?Only three there is increase and development?
Our country has always been the source, why only three?Flintlock drill fire, and fire represents the sun, is refers to the emperor;Fuxi swim every, is refers to the emperor;And god land reclamation, is refers to the emperor.There is a emperor?No.Why is that?I don't know.
Why do people like to only supporter "moon and star", only they can give people a bright future, hope and enthusiasm.Why only three generations "xia" in history, they have the right to represent China's slave civilization?
The state of our country has always been managed, can this relation with how, slant left in so many allusions.Huan male three on three bath face guanzhong, chong 'er three back to be king.Xuande male are three gu ying and wolong?Why did the ancients have three make?Why should bow three times before he said the real respect?Why are knocking at the door three times to get the master answer?Is the ancients before make track for soul gun, also want to three rings?
Everyone knows but three, but this and why?The village of the family of three dozen don't break, not Gao Taiwei three defeats, but it doesn't belong.Why don't the triple of the three tripod?Duke of zhou jin will be death by three gas, too?
Why is that?I don't understand.
A few years ago, not around to see three words on the wall, factory brand?They are people early "of workers, peasants and soldiers", only they can represent the people of our country.
Why do leaders put forward to make up, the three big ball and sports on many of the game.
When people hard, is not a matter of counting the 123, so one thing is complete, and why not a number four?
Why had left the centre-right, 3, after the former?
Really don't understand.
Oh, the third is the beginning of all things, is a real poem.
9, LingDingYang (higher)
Why to be hit hard,
A dream long woke up after all.
Friend gradually along with the rises a souvenir on leaving,
Why heaven and earth to hero.
The show just but show just think,
This has been a liter juren sigh.
Where clear click-sould not sigh,
The moon as I Gao Yisheng.
10, to my mother
In the world only a mother's love is the greatest, thus has produced many mother's hymn."Monteggia families" and "mother-in-law deficit"...I would also like to praise the mother, my mother is a typical rural women, however, born from village, married with the village, she 1 6 meters tall, yuan yuan is a little fat face, his black hair has to have a couple of silver, the corners of the mouth is always with a kind smile, she read only is high, dropout home work, I have to painfully admitted: "my mother is ordinary."
But I still want to praise the mother, because she is my mother, not someone said: "only by the mother gave birth to the pain, I will never repay not over her."When I was the cold -- -- -- -- -- December 14th night, mother would pay double the pain, I also am double thanked her in person.
I want to write hymns, but I am not a poet, only by a few memories to express my all my love for mother.
Every mother is love their children, the mother love love too selfish, seems to be a beast, remember when I just read primary school, a school, for some reason, several female students around me, make up, after I cheated, of course, face broken, after her mother know, it took me home at night to go to that a few girl, don't want to argue with somebody else for her, because she loves me.Then smiled and talk to each other, but I never get their play.
Remember one time, mother finished home, want me to give her water to drink, I carry the dishes, to be near her, suddenly bowl smashed on the floor, I wow to a loud cry, and she said by surprise, not scold me, on the contrary say it doesn't matter.
When a busy night work on the team, each share of good food, mother wake we eat together, have the time to eat, said didn't eat in the morning the following day, mother in distress situation.
Mother always gets up early, she cooked breakfast, remember to wake up after a mother, I also woke up, she said very want to sleep, I say: "let me, I don't sleep, you sleep!"At that time, how I want to for my mother, she is too tired.
Mother is also a very kind person, once the eggs outside a village girl with a bite by a dog, out of the blood on the leg, after her mother see, immediately ran home, the home of yunnan baiyao apply to her, may have caused the old grandma said she isn't.I think the mother did the right thing, but also think grandma makes sense.Mother was a young act as matchmaker for the village, took a lot of effort, but marriage will not succeed.
Mother is very filial piety, the grandmother once grandma in the hospital, unable to eat anything, mother specially made dumplings given her to eat, his roommate also praised his mother.
Mother also play also scold to me, or do things.Once I take brother hat behind the play and great-grandparent stop me, I won't let, he says otherwise throw the hat to the outside, because is my brother's hat, also didn't afraid of him, he really did so, the mother thought that is what I lost, then scold me, then I cried with you, she know is my great grandfather, then to me ask for forgiveness, at this time but I feel is wrong, just forget about it.
One evening, mother to men wash his clothes, I go to the flashlight, she suddenly asked me to grow up is not good for her?Don't afraid of wife?I could not answer at that time, although grew up thinking about how to filial piety her, give her money, but that is too far away, I don't like how to blow a first, but I do wrong, she would prefer comfort at that time.
Mother gave me a lot of emotion, love or hate, or happy or angry, or sorrow or joy, or play or scold, perhaps this will make up all of a mother's love.
My mother is ordinary, talking about mother, my eyes no tall image and character.I only think of a height 1 meter 6, yuan yuan is a little fat face, but his ear hair with a couple of silver, and the corners of the mouth always with a kind smile of women.I love her, praise her, because she is a real mother.
11, (1),
Far look like a mother,
Closer is a dog.
Far look like a wall,
Almost look like a wall,
More look more like a wall,
The original is the wall.
Old woman wear fitness pants,
SAO dig dug.
I also want to go,
Television stations.
Can be,
The communist party,
Don't I.

Young GeYiMin connotation of god:

Are you sure you fart

Are you sure you have mental derangement

The moonlight is still light

Your mouth must be smelly

Are you sure you have attended preschool class

My father go to the toilet

Look at the old niang B

Have no bed well

Rich meat to eat, sleep without money to raise spirit.

12, topic Lin Jiaomin and his wife book couplet:

Revolution is not a Teenagers often infatuation woman
Comrades are still newcomers clear conscience to outlaw

Cao Caomeng DE cao"
Liu xuande liu2 huang2 shu2
13, jun jun the world hate the world love You love gentleman hate This is your love and hate
I work bee my evil spider If know every living bee found Where is my work evil

Morning can according to the moral
Bo for the article

Have the more extreme danger bow's old speech ideal sky to its bottom thing early
Back after years we had day when east accidentally pass since learned to chunhui late

14, bee curse

The hornets also have home
Fossa shake is no limb
The loving mother foraging far away
Leave a pheasant bees from play
Ignorant child fire
Nest cloud immediately
Fire a moment's nest
Return the queen runny nose
Three turns around the tree he reluctantly
Unable to stop empty heartbroken.

15, graduation read

Never put off till tomorrow what you can - good junior high school, on second, six years learning degrees, young, how short, light, how fast, see old sweat drops, regretted?-- -- -- -- -- no!


Snow up to, landing a few heart know, everything has its endless white, I don't know why. Since the sigh silent snow, what the garden east flow, to keep its sound, snow the rush, and a few heaven knows.

Word of tang poetry, song, yuan, which has a graceful, one and a half for odes. The snow is like this, historic hero in Ann, died a few huan sorrow!Snow never leave, pay a dream.

Should hand in all the world

Read the reading in the world


Guest on chicken treats rang,
Turn off the bed open the door to see.
Have a guest?
One cold, wind
Drill sleeve, shame!
To touch the dream know.

16, Mr Zhong figure

Mr HuaYangRen also, quiet few words, he don't have to, good reading, what seems hungry, GuPin, not have to, but since school, each taste will be competitive, headed by self. Every time, he always unforgettable, and the surface that already. Every time the wind and enjoy the moon have regrets, all the world, what you see and know, that, love, after they abandon oneself, only has the ear for the sound of the wind, eyes in colour of the month, as ever, an inexhaustible.Die para figure, alas para figure, does nothing, not reputation, He Fu he looked, changfeng wanli, the heart of the night, a headstrong and jia at the end of the Mid-Autumn.

Li river bamboo green water castle peak

Guizhou dynasties essays penetreating power according to the Chinese

The world around all by chance

The article here the bosom friend

Empty for more extreme danger chunhui

Since selling his fame to like us

17, cast operator

Struggle not language, another much sorrow, my father day bow lowe, dark on my heart.Needless to bother, only sigh when unrequited, until when he satisfied, chunhui to xu.

Broken days

Lean on wushan heavy floor, flowers garden enami.Luo fan heart flower butterfly, because children from swimming, not helpless sigh.Empty of thousand sails, flying heart sorrow, in leisurely, when sentiment to Sue, looked after.

Worldly affection why, chen2 shi4 mei3s way teenagers often negative infatuation woman

What's going on in the world in, the son of heaven wang said yue man alone is too often

18, sugar, sweet, bitter.

"The world have bitter sugar, who eat? Joking."Oh, dear reader, don't angry, I will argue, let me tell you a true thing.

It was an afternoon, I at home reading a book, my father rushed across the door to give me a sugar.Somehow, I have not a child.Not for a moment, I knew a modest murakami happened, it has spread in the village, everyone knows.

That afternoon, murakami few women work in the field of on the road, it quiet, and pedestrians are rare.Suddenly, a sack full of things from one is driving the tractor on the drop down, and drive machine not found, no pedestrians on the road, just found, a woman called a.For a while, a few women came to the road, all leng for a while, a woman to bag, suddenly found a bag of candy, a cry, and a few women are blunt go up, some hurriedly took the bag and some took off his clothes bag, soon, split up, rushed back to the village and all be happy.In murakami, of course, to meet a few people, so everyone got a pair of, calculate a lot, but everyone is too few, think since it is outside, will be Shared, but that some women would not, is now owned by yourself, is worth to cherish.My father is to a chair.

My brother and I'll put the sugar consumption, my family returned to calm, like things didn't happen.It affect my family seems to be little.

In the evening, I'm reading a book, my great grandfather accompanied me and my brother, neighbor a mother-in-law suddenly came in, still hold a large sugar.Everyone understood, she would we eat.My great grandfather smiled and said, "eat this, the in the mind also not happy, is sweet, but the heart is bitter."My brother and I, of course, no matter the, anyway, to eat in the mouth is sweet, and bitter?She also called her daughter-in-law said: "is really a fan of money, also said to the town to sell, also is not afraid of people joke, I don't have her".The original her daughter-in-law have sugar, also want to get the money.My great grandfather always didn't go to eat the sugar, is a mother-in-law to eat a few.

The whole village rounds, because everyone is more or less benefit, but lost the sugar-coated figurine?What will he in a hurry.How unlucky, it seems that everyone didn't think of, at most, said: "who deserve it, don't call him."

Sugar is sweet, is made of sweet sugar cane, sweet in the mouth, sweet in the heart, but, today, the nose to grieved, and seems to be a little bitter in his mouth.

And I know, the sugar is bitter, great-grandfather's words is right, but her mother-in-law, her daughter-in-law, my dad, and I and my brother, how do you not aware of?

Chapter 21 The diary book

1, the sequence
I try to forget, but in the face of a ordinary day, quietly sent, silent no trace. But to the ancients "a day and a day", not sad, day can know?
Today suddenly realized that what, is determined. Can adhere to?Do not prevent dry eye.
"Keep continuous time of", I think.
So, I started to day cicadas.
2, yesterday, ready to sleep, but suddenly thought of Chen gang (super), then all wide awake.Thought that first meet for the first time, I like to meet new friends, caught sight of him, hair is too long, will cover the ears, but he shook his head, the fact that white hair ErPi micro, dressed in a white shirt, a moderate, he looked back, I have memories, like the picture in the face, hair share, frontal side mirror.White face, it is round and square, no beard, his face red, white lip nasal days carving, two eyes contain autumn, Dan eyebrow points compose, is so elegant and graceful, look from the side, he all talking at the same time pearls, gorgeous and attractive, only saying can be described as: "live mesh containing colchicine double pupil, intended-and not to take a hint when a hint is not intended."Walking is free and easy.See don't forget, think of the wild.His every action, every dress like it.Think, know the night, I was thinking, just don't sleep, he and deposit, business to show.Then really shouldn't, only with nothing on.
3, doing morning exercises, we just line up, a tractor in the climb a small hillock, not several times, there are a few workers on the stiffening push didn't also, can the education of the students' teachers all day but one stand by and then come up a few workers.These teachers also so.
4, choose cadres class meeting this afternoon, the teacher raised several temporary cadres and a few students have performed well, say again after my teacher reflect good, I can learn, I was given up hope.So group, each group choose a few, someone ask me, I stop, they wouldn't let, wrote seven male classmate, said I should write a female, then took a piece of paper, cross off me, wrote a woman (7), they may blame, I think, or a group with me, be embarrassing.Later, four groups of statistics, but I am in the three groups, a burst of joy, in addition to talk about DE jong four group, the rest are all three groups.Later show of hands, the whole class 41 people, 36 people for me, for the second.Think that the students would believe me, surprised and xu qian also for me, a smart, very satisfied.The teacher said in a reaction to my good teacher.After class committee meeting, the teacher in charge said good teachers.Later and Chen back to the dormitory, I met the teacher in charge, he call I say the past's reaction, the teacher can't imagine, in addition to the warmth of their parents, there are so many warm.Can I save it?I don't know, I just don't feel its existence itself!
5, today is Sunday, I am listening to the crosstalk in the morning, hong-tao li called the sound suddenly, I see, but he saw a man behind him, a look forward to is my mother.So I am a happy, then stepped forward, called the "mother", her hand twist, empty, told me: "go away, give you buy clothes," I will not, she said deliberately come, I will go with her, department store building, through the market, to the clothing store, she told me to pick, two women, a 30 years old, and a 20 years old or so, I'll pick a pants, is blue and black, 11 piece of much money, I am very satisfied, the pants are popular.Bought later, she told me to buy a jacket, I just don't, she is strong to pull, I don't know what taste in the heart, said gratitude, not enough, she is my mother, so I will know is a mother's love, s for me to pick a, too free, this a pocket, that a line, that is suitable for young people, I don't like my mother told me to try them on, I will wear, she says the dignity.When I said no, again to choose, I have a crush on a bright yellow jacket, is a suit, and said, wear a waist, mother also feel accord, he paid the money, is 18, the way the mother also said to buy a watch for me, I said don't hastily, know the time in school, she said I small uncle have a table, is the watch case is broken, I didn't say anything, she said I play good, sweaters are made of sprouting, very thick.I say National Day back to the dormitory for a while, she will go, I will send her to the station, bought tickets to the station, I can't walk, walk out the door, she catch up again, tell me to study hard, notice body, I promise, and went away.
Mother came and brought thirty yuan and love for me, mother left, left to his son's clothes and love for his son, what I can give my mother?Grateful?Nonsense!She is my mother, repay?Yes, what kind of reward?Grow up to earn money?This is of course necessary, but it is too tacky, mother and son of love can use money to measure?So I think learning, right!Study well, starts a career, a family, to uphold, want people to know my family, my mother.Mother, you know?
6, today school bag film submarine QinDi, with shadow "comrade, you watch", looked after, I am very surprised, don't want to peaceful country there are so many enemy spy, and for some Chinese land in China for foreign agents (Soviet union), providing intelligence and regretted.They are only for the money?I don't know, I admire to fight against my door of the soldiers and the people's liberation army, the militia, how much I want to say: "I thank you!"
7, tonight, fill out the study on the date of birth, I remember I was for more than 1969 New Year's day, instead of the Spring Festival (born December 14), should also be born in 1969, according to the Gregorian calendar), but I used the lunar calendar, was born in 1968, I changed, the small is one year old, into a 16 years old (a monkey, nominal age), and a monkey should be seventeen years old.I go to school is seven years old.Grandma told me, I was born that day is the coldest day (a year), there are 12 degrees below zero.Tonight grandma before sleeping to think: "don't be born," but my dad to call her in a minute."The coldest time of the year," I will always remember.
8 what is missing, I suddenly found himself, turned out to be a little sister.
9, this afternoon, the school open a school party, by the secretary yao's speech, the topic will be "completely denying the great cultural revolution", his speech is divided into two parts, first talk about the cultural revolution is going on and its harm, "this is launched by leadership (MAO) errors, used by Lin biao, jiang qing, two counter-revolutionary group, has caused a serious loss to the party, country and people of a catastrophe," he also cited the example of eating big-pot roce, I am very familiar with production team to work, man is a day, women's eight points and can work 6 or 7 points.Then about the changes of the motherland of the smashing of the gang of four, also talked about the expansion of our school, he said that chairman MAO zedong died for a month, the gang of four was crushed, but chairman MAO if not die?Imagine, what?
10, I to BiQingYuan for a little bit of soap powder, washing the clothes, beside the water cleaning, xu qian and a companion to wash your hands, my heart a mess, hurriedly out dirty water in the basin, one after the water, her companions began to wash, one on this side, I ran into the water, pick up a little and get out of the way, xu qian to wash, I think she had just come to say: "oh, so many people," alas, the heart of the people, heaven knows?
11, on the way pharmacy, road corner, suddenly saw Wang Qun, she and a girl is eating pie, were walking talking and laughing, I don't feel heart mentioned his voice, blood coagulation, the surface is very uncomfortable, legs seemed to be very mechanical, and ugly, only a few meters road, is go past very not easy.At this time also swim up the soul, and I took her one eye, see the smile, but she didn't see me, perhaps deliberately, I walked over and just breathe a sigh of relief, alas.What am I?Rare.Wang Qun, streets, I a person.
12, grandma whispered: "Taiwan's money, $one hundred or RMB two hundred s block, letter hasn't come yet."
13, he saw the Zheng Renxiang said, I will ask something, she said that when to pay the subscription fee, I said: "casually," xu qian behind, suddenly found that hand according to the back, a happy.Zheng Renxiang to peer said a sentence, still didn't leave, I don't know where to smart, gave her, touting their natural joy, I noticed a super very satisfiedly looking at, in particular I meet it.
14, for a while, I also don't know is how I know, anyway, is then raised his head, a super stood on the table, his hands free and easy to put on the coat pockets, whether the body shook, "said the order" middle school students English "and"...", and I will listen and remember, don't think she said xie, I glanced earnestly, see her smile, I am very satisfied, for a while and said companion book "..."And middle school students English, then back to the table.For a while and turned to say (Shanghai), I promised a "oh", seems to be very high, I asked how much time, she said a year, a companion said "one year", she said: "want to book a year", I am very appreciated, for a moment she was to a companion book, I'm not surprised.But meet satisfied.
15, when I opened the writing, xu qian stood behind him, seems to have a pair of eyes, I would be very calm to do everything, just bad words, are big regret.When suddenly she said to pay money, I'm busy "with you," said again, "and" instead of "you", however, warm.Came up to me a lesson, teacher fei, I handed him a genre, the concept of sheep on the hill. < the fire yuanmingyuan > ", by the yuan zhang yanghao, watched and watched him out, goes forward to talking to Zheng Renxiang, xu qian and He Xianmei then look at the paper, see a super hands take reading, my in the mind have a kind of inarticulate meet immediately.
16, algebra class in the morning, mei teacher speak a homework mistake, say two do for only one person in the class, and class (liberal arts) in our class, I do right, but I don't feel anything.Seemed to hear that I did the right thing, after listening to is my name, but are not sure, I think at this moment, whether in the class hear is me, there is a super.
At noon I back to the classroom to see my "Chinese and foreign legend", for a while xu qian, wearing a double-breasted scarlet sweater, I feel very uncomfortable, the heart, I am afraid to deny, but I think more than that, "?"I want to, but in the mind is not grieved, and perhaps this is not a bad thing, but, maybe shouldn't, so I again remind of the novel, is the affection is people, vulgar.
17, my new view of what life is all about, to xu qian also change, I think it's no matter, not to be simple, do a good job in learning, in the future...Dining room suddenly see xu qian, suddenly feel, and almost no, turned out to be a talent and personality, alas!Xu Qianye, yeah?
After 18, labeled "stream" found "the editors liu hui, GeYiMin, Qian Xiaoyu (art)", feel a burst of happy, but the hope is that other students can know, xu qian?
19, I think of grade three summer vacation, my brother to my parents say I must not take the ntu Chinese department, while dad wanted me to win, when Ming heart, they had actually and what is not?I still trust yourself.
20, chemical class, do the experiments, the teacher found that fewer distilled water, then nodded to me, so some of my classmates cast me, Xu Qianye!I walked to the take what things, to the podium and he took a test tube, to the water quickly, there came a moment, to the teacher will return, find a super watch, I looked, a neck a leucorrhea knot, so I thought about the holy and pure.
Today when I went to upstairs, in ladder mouth suddenly met xu qian, suddenly seems to be met, the in the mind a hectic, dare to go upstairs, but into the classroom, she is an endorsement, this, I was surprised, not to blame her, more than blame him, are themselves to blame.
21, the morning wake up, had a dream in a daze, feeling that individual countries in Europe, or contact or under attack by me, all belong to me, is like the ground, being pushed around on the map, it really looks like Hitler.Actually sad, provoked me not.
22, today very happy, feel good.Just go to class at noon outside, suddenly listen to the sound I, see dad, then ran down, turned out to be send m, in the dormitory, he goes.Walking to the road, suddenly saw a super, near its like stopped, looked puzzled.
23, give Zheng Renxiang literature written in the morning, but not for a while, she said she was, but he (teacher fei) don't agree with, and said to her.After tell Wang Feng, they took to the streets to buy writing paper, evening again chose to Chinese newspaper editors wen-ru li, good night lessons copy and send, it took me a slice of hope will fly away.
24, last night we blow communism, I used to say or not, shall feel the in the mind to do something wrong, sorry, now I think it is also a science, a religion, like Christianity, "das kapital" that the bible, a born do big business, should also be aboveboard, why want to be restricted by the others?Marx has not met, why his faith?I can say: do not believe in communism, as said not Christian, but a justified, but some people saw the camel speak horse back, swollen mouth heart is differ, should believe it is, not letter pull down, should not be forced.
I think should believe yourself, and you think people should be: 1, the pursuit of the essence of heaven and earth, 2, innocence.Should be based on now, what now, what is what society, about one day to achieve the communist, but one day the earth explosion, what is life?Sorrow!
And 25, xu qian went to see the blackboard, because close to me, is very suspicious, alas, romantic also.Wen-xiang ma surprise discovery is very beautiful, I said maybe (he) thinking about beauty in my heart.
26, said zhang ji teacher speak I am nanjing university material, teachers, classmates looked at me, I pretend I don't know, but my heart is very happy, I will not be my teacher.
27, read the book at noon the university. The doctrine of the mean ", feel very to, so have a little faith.Walk with DiaoDaoSheng before night lessons, he said I more handsome than before, the horse cloud, also its ZhenRan yi.
28, will go to yangzhou spring outing in the class, I feel strange, I this person how can people love?The woman wants me to, and why?Imagining things also, saying: do not.See it in the past: the macro cheng, zheng, Gao Xianzhong, Wang Feng, Chen, BiQingYuan can spit cheng also.Teacher appreciation that repeatedly has also, yue: no.But early feeling in the heart, each uniform, such as Chen lai, Wu Tinghua, Wang Daoyin, Ren Juan, guo-fang wang, li xiaoxia, Wang Qun, xu qian, how to the ground, then forget also is a, pure and absurd.
29, it is strange that they always said I jian-lan huang and interesting, but I know nothing.
30, mother said the childhood la root that I grow better than his brother, neighbor Huang Mingma said a person grow well (lad), like me, and also better than me.Is said to my mother: "your penis like the city."People are willing to make with me, isn't that also true.
31, history class, teacher speak GeYunFei dinghai resistance to Britain, said that with my surname, family name in the history of ge liao liao, GeRong, GeXian, ge hong, sadly, but starts from me.
32 this week, the mid-term exam Thursday to start the intense review, when I went to the class at noon, see a super, it, blue waves cover shoulder, uniform shape, long legs fine waist, dress appropriately, tight trousers feels strong, unknowingly panic in my heart.
Open a panel discussion in the class in the afternoon, a review of the individual summary, can not talk, my section to BiQingYuan with girls, I scold him to death.Xu qian side smile, I didn't know the cicadas.
33, taking a nap at noon, not the taste, to remember the past, the family member, crying, oneself is what person, learning?
34, make a big joke today, I wrote a thing:
"Deng Jie li jun, super super star in the world, was born in December 14 (they are not allowed, anyway, is the Gregorian calendar January 28), GeDi people, a scholar of jurong, was born on December 14 (is true). Li jun to the mainland, people with each birthday, son of the film, the laughter, people also laugh, hence into row, righteousness" gold orchid, he is elder sister, time of younger brother, a biography is ̸ (laughs)."
35, took a nap today, thinking about blood suspected theme song "thank you", but can not sleep, what makes one song of tears.
Night they speak that was admitted to the ntu Tang Jinghua of class, I was speechless, myself, swear, clubs, "north, outside, a", who among them.
36, great for the college entrance examination began, Chinese in the morning, afternoon in geography, take an examination of is smooth, is also easy to paper.Pinyin three points, bibcock, Qin Bin, phase's day.Sleep well tonight.
37, maths, English test today, and half didn't make a mathematics questions, but also others so, irrelevant.Good English exam, (think), god helps me!Terrible sentence pattern transformation, tie-in didn't test, and the comprehension of the 30 points, good!
38, so great passed the college entrance examination, take an examination of the history, politics, quite smoothly.
39, fu teacher copy of certificates, in order to send to ntu, really thank him.Rewrite the summary in fu teacher place, he wrote me copy, really difficult for him.Ji teacher again after to, wrote the teacher in charge, quite good.
40, Ding Zhuoran, full head big sweat, told me: "I know you score, tell you 532", I immediately happy, the corners of the mouth grinned, he is to go to the Xu Rui, Xu Rui told his generation of the letter, said ntu enough, without having to recommend, whole dormitory in me.
41, I'm glad.In the dream, puzzles, full of fantasy university so get started?
42, I found the Sun Mei and Zheng Renxiang sitting together.Was seen in the student id card, dressed in a black suit, hair is a flow line, just to shoulder, differential, a delicate nose, mouth and sleep, smiling, eyes full of fantastic looking, can't help.Also look out for her.Today wearing a yellow bottom up HuaTiao black shirt, slightly sky blue white pants, as delicate sat there, the same hair, good white skin white, tender and lovely.My heart to her at once, or the most young writers association in shandong at such a time.
43, wear for the said I reporter xue tong news agency, Chiang Su Ping language again, just know is out of the school notice, see in the evening, it's really a reporter xue tong news agency, really extremely happy, lucky, too good.
44, lessons in the morning, sat behind Sun Mei, meet it.
45, Friday, I am on duty, approved.See also Sun Mei, she went to the student union.I suddenly have a desire to write out all the, cell is full of my body.
46, introduction to linguistics, in the morning and find the rose, didn't find the along while, see a line head, only wore a green doublet, guess it was her first, and then find another not, look carefully, not who is she?Not good the words, a heart swings.
47, evening class, sit in front of the two girls very looks unfamiliar, and find the rose, face more closely, he heard two other "students", "students", from behind, is the woman's voice, and turned a look, and the wear glasses and looked at me, then I look back, she borrowed from me to textbooks, without thinking, I gave her flattered, they both say "thank you", I said "never mind", then the teacher ask: the Japanese students to have no, see the girl raised his hand, so, I was very happy, real feeling that the Japanese girl is very beautiful.
After class, I looked back, the girls understand, give me this and said, I am a clever, after give the book to them, said: "you have no book, I give you."The Japanese girl said, "I have, the teacher give, thank you."How sweet!
48, and the roses sitting in a row of class, she always write, I'm so moved, also wrote "don't be home again", "college students", I row of white paper tracing her photos, put my student id card, is really good.Love to her, but I what also have no?The rose!
49, writing to Wang Beiyu, GuanHong pour Syria's loneliness in the heart, for comfort, because heart longing for heterosexual love, cannot extricate oneself.
50, after you come back to Zhao Ting are a letter, said tube is not worth love, Liu Huiyou prince charming, xu qian has three or four years, xiao-ping wang was the brother of Qin Yibin yi-min qin love arrows shot.Kong Hui said cloud should write a letter, don't feel heart a bit shamed and meaning.Ah, really make me confused.
51, remember the first time meet, Deng Jin said: "do you summer vacation to write a short frequency fast?"I say yes."There are people want you to give it up before eight small pavilion", YunEr, think of that, I.Deng Jin Deng Jin!
52, three "philosophy" class in the afternoon, ROSE sitting in front of me, I was FeiDang!Side to look at her, a dream of red mansions to look, she looked up, like a silver hair cascades over it on my desk, I pushed the book before, her hair was in my book, the wind blows, and caught in the pages of her hair, I am a proud, as her heart.
She flops, white hair charming and pleasing to the eye burnish face, that is made of water face, then show it, makes me enchanted.And found some of her teeth black, but I feel a bit, her dark teeth are very beautiful.The figure, the situation, it is very attractive.ROSE, ROSE, I love you!I a brainwave, painful unplug his hair, clip on the pen clip, then go to touch her thick hair, really longing, like I kissed her.
53, hair down, 7 out of 95 have a me, said I "masters of the ci".
54, and I will shout a sentence: "mackay", very embarrassed, and said she didn't recognize me, I also cloud, she does much more beautiful than in the past, more beautiful.
55, Zheng Renxiang took Deng Jin hand it to me, have a small piece of leather black, Deng Jin laughed it off.
Good beautiful ROSE, investigating, really is very beautiful, what a perfect action, a smile, shut up, open mouth smile, are moving, as one of the clean water.
56, late and going to the reading-room for the (newspaper), also in the little stars.
57, ROSE sat in front of me, I think she is very beautiful, suddenly I catch the table with the hand, she leaning back, hair, the soft soft yarn, the cloud fog type soft, soft in the dream, in my hand across, makes my heart medium wave, so a few times, meet the pole, one of my hairs or unplug the brush her hair like clouds and fogs, satisfied, and in the future, the beauty of the first love, in the future.
Hu Cheng 58, received a letter from, he said that I can to advantage in dealing with others, his teacher and classmates envy, women like cloud, really down me, but I why so low?All the past really shouldn't, but having been in the past we fortunately.My past, all the past really, again how also lovely.
59, tonight, you again to vent, sing the song, drew up a check, Lin Yueen said I "capricious", is that right?
60, talk, I said: "in the final analysis, people are for their own, that is selfish."One kind is material, a kind of spiritual "peace of mind".
61, in the evening, took a few paragraphs Lin Yueen "girl's diary, give us a few people to see, is the first time I see this kind of things, very curious and longing, the above article and sexual intercourse, is very pleasant sensation, all have this time child thing, the woman, the daughter of water do, I couldn't help the soul god. I'm going home!
62, noon the writing class, said li zhongchen see my articles, thought it was a girl, got 90 marks in this time.
63, agency for the meeting, I was in the library is a journalist, and issue a press card, as an official reporter.After a week in a press release to the integral.Went to the reading room.
Lesson 64, "modern Chinese", jiang teacher ask a question.-- -- -- -- -- to make my heart is full of poetic -- -- -- -- -- - let du from dividing the phrase level, she rowed, make my heart - (my heart), and Chiang asked two classmates to go, is in favor of, say again "the class represents?", I don't know what mood stood up, a little happy, also fear, because of the different perspective, and would like to ask will wrong, was rejected, puts forward - I - (I) in the heart is full of -- -- -- -- -- -- --, Jiang Yun approve of me, I was very happy.After Lin Yueen ROSE always SEE ME, HE SEE its ehrs, SHE STOPS.I'm so happy.
65, writing class in the afternoon, said li zhongchen for secretary of edge should not be too much blame, the only "GeYiMin" is not the case, the class to wear for the said "ROSE SEE YOU", I was so happy, 90 points of composition.
66, eat noodles and bread, have four days of communism.
67, night went to see my girl's party, I was the first good, cheers, eating melon seeds, conversation, were busy all night, dancing, smoking, and bottles and play the guitar, fireworks, then FengPing, huangshan to girl sang a song again, she read I said: "also do not know the name," I said, "so sorry", after wearing for the name, I said "long live GeYiMin", she said remember, GeYiMin, she teach me to dance, step 14, said that I learn about, and teach the four steps to a few times to me, is so wonderful.After I say: "thank FengPing, long live FengPing", finally, such as the morning, her singing, I admire her a lot of balloons, he then asked her to dance, not Ken, see to me, but I didn't invite, intends to finally my throat dumb, out of the limelight.
68, later received Xu Qianxin, extremely happy.She said received my postcards, very happy, and angry I didn't give her a letter, and ask students parade.My eyes with a beautiful and lovely she was in high school, love at first sight, unrequited love to watch for a year, she is still one of the most beautiful I have classmates and is the most ideal candidate, she can write to me, angry to me, I think so happy, considering for her to go to a long letter tomorrow.Lit up a cigarette, at night, back to school, see outside the window, see the branches of the devas serval, vaguely, light a bit, so beautiful, for the first time found that was so beautiful.Isn't the first time I really fall in love, so happy, "Yang qi qi a little guy" in your heart.For a long time can't sleep.
69, noon to xu qian long letter to the inside back cover paper, said a college student democracy movement, not to reply the reason, the romance of university life, I want to change, Rousseau language, is continuous, waiting for her reply.
70, late received Wang Qunxin, for after a long letter.Alas, xu qian, Wang Qun, I used to dream of, also can write to me, but I after winter vacation and how about them?Wei-min zhang get my message this look, found that many girls for me, at that time I was unmoved.Later?Old classmates how to say to me?
71, after the meal, the sat will discipline teacher's house, after go to the dormitory, and saw a woman, dressed in a purple coat and a velvet bonnet, very pretty, see you after the stop and recognized is a super, ask, after the test, she said to send a classmate, I waved hand and motioned for her to go, she goes.Not see a few eye, very natural and unrestrained.After LuoShouXi say she called out "GeYiMin" three characters, at that time I was unknown.
After 72, I wrote a super tube asked three paper letter, she and a girl (qiao-feng zhang), early in the morning, read the letter in the hallway, laughing, said "old ge letter", parade and the language of complaints.
73, mackay said xu qian appointment to her house, and asked me to, I was a review of the flavour that this matter, with love in my heart, but I didn't speak, really want to go, but still shaking two shook his head.
74, zhang she really cute, petite petite, like a water lotus very cool wind of attraction, beautiful desire on his face.She has a lot of ideas with me, to talk about today's regime, talk about bureaucracy, the Vietnam war, talk about childhood story, about her change.
75, mackay and a person, is a super, I'm thrilled, bian bian head, concentrate on waiting for her, after they came in, I say: "you eat", they get something again and again, hong said grade to her house, I vaguely said bad days, xu qian always holds the mood to see me, they go after, I and Locke, also said that looking for horse, after xu qian, and I really was not the taste, she the purple pants, emanate charming brilliance, beauty, beauty, beauty.After seeing the old finish, they went away, the most is the back of gentle xu qian.
76, he said a lot of women like me, he heard a girl said, such as xu qian, mackay, are super.Alas, xu qian, liu hui asked me whether I and super good morning, I say "good a P", she said xu qian told her that I and a super good.Can be a super why not back to my letter?This also did not say three words.So happy, thinking of xu qian, zhang (maradona said she occupied, and born in 66, I can't hold up her), can be a super, can see her tomorrow?
77, wake up, thinking about the super, but can't sleep.Saw the tube of the teacher in the morning, at the gate of the school, to a super out, not made.
78, this few days sleep thinking xu qian, really in love with her, when it high secondary affection for her.
79, give a super to the letter, saying the time in a hurry, and said that she gets along with people to advantage, then wait for her reply.
80 community college, philosophy course a beautiful woman, a good look.
81, this FengPing say again: "are you GeYiMin, right" ", I couldn't, stumbles.To move to her later, alas, how do you say?
82, later received Xu Qianxin, glad to see (when is her letter), excited for a long time to dismantle, said the first write to her, but not in favor of ugly Chinese, is asked to say her princess YunEr, she also told me that she is the princess asked, ao, does she really don't realize this, and said that learning to improve, I am happy.
83, it will be fine in the afternoon, sent a super letter, said to her, I love the meaning of article and send you the sum.
84, He Xianmei and Wei Liming came in the afternoon.Said session, and then go.
85, these days often see red pants, how beautiful, temperament is good, but I only see, the world who is affectionate and like me not love?Really want to go home, see xu qian.I only have a quilt on sitting tybalt slain, big dream.
, go to the super 86, seek along while, knocking at the door should not be for a long time, heart Peng Peng straight jump, blushed fever, I do not know what mood, which come of courage, a key on the door, can't help but open the look, just open voice asked "who is that" a woman inside, closed the door between panic, good ring, perch knocked again, live ugly, opened the door, I face is not good, words can tell, just say "xu qian in?" her mother must have no good impression, the smoke of hell in a red shirt, she wondered along while, understand is a super classmate, was called to sit down, tea (I), she said Xu Kao town, try to zhenjiang volleyball back yet.Mackay opportunely, and play mackay, talked for a long time, I leave, see GuanHong, she did not, the primary tube after the teacher come, talked to, then go back to sleep, really tired.How I regret it, in this way in a super home, was fascinated by a ghost.
After 87, Li Erqiao left, I decided to go to my brother there.Just and Zhou Daobao respectively, see a woman cry, "hey, GeYiMin", the rise is mackay, good surprised, then saw the Feng Qingrong, a woman is wearing a red grey striped dress, wear glasses, not for the moment, a stupidly is xu qian, I will speak and Li Erqiao at noon, he left and I go to my brother there, just go, xu looked at me, may have been looked at, charming eyes to tender to intoxicate refused, I nodded to her, she seemed to smile, then don't.Find brother down will go and buy food wine, eat, it's good to have a brother.So he sent me to the teachers, and mackay and her boyfriend to go to the movies, talk about DE jong said in He Xianmei place, saw the Zheng Renxiang and BiYunQing, find Wang Beiyu, he took me to the dormitory, know xu qian has gone, ah, so in a hurry, without saying a word, this is what the fate, I regret it, why don't ask, don't was 1: "when are you coming home?"In any host looked at some photos, there is a super, half an inch XiaoZhao, wearing a white shirt, (head, charming smile, really handsome, she had to give Feng Qingrong, Qin Bin, why not give me alone?So beautiful, so beautiful.
88, somehow, thought of a person - dan-dan xu these days.Originally are high school campus, know how's it going?

To wear a second today agreed to south division, find his classmate xue-mei tang first, I will tell her dan-dan xu is my hometown, she was going to call, we are waiting for.For a moment down a beauty, tight blue jeans, white blouse, short hair, do not know, as if feeling is xu.She in the stair half, hit, with little shyness, leaned.The later tang dynasty in the nod, I just said: "you are dan-dan xu?"She promised, and eye contain callous, I said: "don't know," grinned, she also smile: "is" don't know, so I told that I am GeYiMin, jurong.Ntu Chinese department of 86, she was a little know, and know is south, high school is higher than she.Asked her about her classes, courses, reading a novel.Write without punctuation poem sent came up with.

Wrote a letter to xu in the morning, they think is very good, no punctuation, a prose, a poem, shows that since the high admiration of love.

Ah, dan-dan xu, you can understand me a mood.

I don't know why late, will play the guitar, find dan-dan xu went south division.

Close to the countryside even more afraid.

To her dorm, guard the wife let a girl going to call her.A moment her down, wearing a white skirt, mini long, white blouse, float hair very delicate.She and I nodded, I'm a little overwhelmed.Want to invite me to go up and at first, but boys are not allowed to go up, then went downstairs.She said know me, so my language, side by side.I asked her if she go to ntu, she said Thursday to take an examination of revolution, tomorrow evening occupy, so today (Wednesday), reading a book or read at ordinary times, should take an examination of zero, I smile, or feet, side by side out of the school back door.

I asked to play Saturday in the past, she said that might have something, there's nothing to come.I said can call on 1 110 Qin Shaoping (journalism) with him.Go all the way, she said: "you to invite me to play" in the past, I don't know, alas, she is so beautiful, beautiful is proud, that I cannot close, I gave her a letter, said: "I go in your body right, god is with you together", the body to the left.Talked about the film "chivalrous frame of mind steps", she said don't like the martial arts movie, liang didn't read a novel, alas, how can I continue to talk, he said you reading a book, I went to the horse.

The end of the long wall for a while. The beauty in the company, time is fast, side by side into the from the front door, I'm a little angry, or sad, no words, all the way to 1, after I say meet Qin Shaoping, could come together (if you have time), she said not to, don't call, or let a person, and so on.She also said she often go to piano room playing the piano.I asked zhang xian2 liang4 books do you want to watch, she said she has good morning friends, may take up to half of man is women, I said that I have, she didn't speak, oh girl, why are you singing.

Parting, she said goodbye.

Find a horse, don't, then back to the south, along the way is quite sad, tree waiting for the bus, as if the tree also has a spirit, but the tree growing green MAO, I also might as well also.

Then at the half of man is woman, look closely, have very deep.

Another monk long love hate age (Song Yiqiao) also very touched, but people like us.

Later, dan-dan xu became my film class member (I give her and her fellow free) and the ticket outlets south division club.

89, diary has been interrupted several times, didn't write down the reason, is nothing but empty, lonely, boring and helpless, in a word, a sentence: there is nothing to write.
Today and get a pen and began its long process, I think I am no longer empty, I am very happy, really, from school to I have been very happy today, I want to do what I should do, I chose language only, I also want to learn a foreign language, I do the movie association secretary general, I want to know society, know life.More of a big power, my mom, Han Qinfen, Xu Haiying, Jiang Bindou said, I am close to a girl is very good.
Han Qinfen, is so pure, for the first time to see "red sorghum", sitting in my dormitory, very quiet, round face, big eyes, elegant, Xu Haiying introduced, after see my guitar, Korea said she has, and play for a while, began to speak, is very good.
After going to the movies, Lin Yueen and I gave them into your ticket, we went there to have a look.In our dormitory after the meeting, I borrowed some books, an umbrella to them, has put out the lamp, don't send Korea let Lin upstairs, I send them to school, all the way to talk, they don't let send, oneself go, I'm glad.Speaking on the second day to see zhang yimou.
90, the second day noon, and sure enough, in college students' club, posterity, Korea is in inside, must have good uncomfortable, I called her and I together stood on a stool, really comfortable.After I let will signed up and signed by zhang yimou, too many people, he signed in the car, not up several times, still goes to school will just calculate, returning home, South Korea, xu has returned.
Once, and he went to south of traditional Chinese medicine, xu is not here, then find the Korea, enthusiastic, ate an apple, a man said I smoke, Korea asked "do you smoke?"I nodded, Korea said to send me a pack of, a look, and "more", long 120!Women's lily smoke, smoke a mouthful, refreshing, beautiful.
Korea is too good, warm and pure feeling, especially girls, such a woman, was the first time I met.The next day, I got a lot of books, such as CenKaiLun, such as "gone with the wind" to Korea, Korea's cheery, bright and all the more, sat for a long time, and drew her a more sweet yummy.
91, and the change Han Qinfen, ask her to come over, she said have a class in the afternoon, and take a shower at noon, I said to recognize a road, and she said she wouldn't come, or I'll take her, or she and Xu Haiying.
92, later to find Han Qinfen, dormitory, looking for her in the classroom, together in the dormitory, and I said one thing say to her, and want to help, she guessed, said xu, I said no, then guess for a long time, she always refused to say, said to her, I say yes, then a full face of red light, guess I am.Then to see, lovely and said she didn't know, I let her give a reply, she don't say, only say hastily, I said the first feeling is right.She said there was a reason, a reason, but I didn't let she said I would go, she wanted to keep, but I go.
Alas, Han Qinfen, I really like you, and you have agreed to me to take you to the ntu, and you drink saliva, and put the cup to me, said: "I don't have stomatitis."
After you come back soon, I'm standing on the edge and I go to Korea again.Pushed the door and Korea said xu has to look for me, I will let her and I go to the school of traditional Chinese medicine, I talked about the "waiting for godot", "the station", she said I should not be so, and said that I was not sure of my heart.
Stroked her hair and situations, good us ah intoxicate, she was angry, and stand behind me, and he said to wait until half past ten, I say, 10 minutes and 5 minutes, she said and grabbed my watch to see the next.I said we were acting, a tree, a wall, a car, two people, she said she wanted to go, I said that do not conform to the drama.I say you go after, she was gone, I intentionally don't look at her, after watching her walk away, then ride a bike to catch up with her, go upstairs and closed the door, after I knocked at the door, said she went to bed with the dormitory, come tomorrow, I said yes, then go.
In the classroom I call out of Korea, smiled, and ask her to play mahjong with xu, she said this time not to go, disrespectful, with the ritual next time.Bai xianyong novel brought I say, do you want to see, she said, and the guitar also let me to sell.
Wrote a love letter to Han Qinfen.After her letter said forget it, in my side, there are many stars in the better for me to look for.At this moment, I just found out that she is not so satisfactory, alas, the eyes of the beholder.

93, Yan Ling dormitory that American girl lili is very beautiful, also very enthusiastic.I was the first time contact such a beautiful and passionate girl, gave her a ntu film card, the school is only five.Lily gave me to read a lot of photos, so beautiful, just like a star.
94, shuguang free movie tickets have YouYan king went to see the, is really a charming sister in hangzhou.She feels just as her name, very quiet beautiful.Has been sitting next to, there are smells good.
95, zhou jing, or pretty pretty, next week to learn mahjong, go, bridge, and to me.Alas, and a star, so beautiful, is Han Qinfen, side there are many stars in the better for me to find, but who understand me?
96, young GeYiMin troubles of the gods.
97, I am eager to great, and I desire to do flesh water girl, I have a career, to make the film and television, I want to make money, I'm going to Boston shoes, sweaters, coats, I want to live free and easy.
98, my poetry, god, god will help me, think of poetry, all of a sudden come up with good sentences, and he took the pen and notebook, wrote two songs in the dark.I must be success.
99, many years later, in 2004, fell in love with a girl online, li Juan sichuan deyang, met in baidu post bar, do the "mei community manager, I just thought that is a little younger sister, she want to do my lover, text messages, both sides has sincerity pays.Me to stay in the community, but also to its her people, has been found that li Juan, just I was ill in the hospital, all cannot be redeemed, break up, she said after the reason is that can't be together.I really love her, I often memories, a QQ chat, she will be give me video, moved to express.
During 100, the university has been with me and I love the beautiful girls, do you remember?
1 GuanHong: graduated from high school at home
Send the book
College writing
Ntu again, watching movies, mochou lake
Winter holiday party to send me a cake.
2 Xu Haiying: a sophomore, the movie "red sorghum"
Borrow books, mochou lake
Borrow the car, go to the movies
Three, watching movies, lawn in TCM
The southwest floor The drum tower cafe
Send greeting CARDS, and dancing
Qixia hill
Movie "the great dictator" in TCM.
3 Han Qinfen: "red sorghum"
Borrow books, drum tower cafe
Lily smoke, courtship, godot
Angel guitar, love letter
Hospital of jurong, leave a message.
4 dan-dan xu: the party on the playground
The film and television class
To sell tickets to the theatre
Send the car.
5 Wang Qin: dawn theaters
The drum tower cafe
Under our hotel
The southwest floor
The drum tower square
South garden.
6 Zhou Qin: the train station
The cinema
The drum tower square.
7 zhou jing: southwest floor
Soldiers club.
8 Guo Di: southwest floor
Guangzhou road for a walk.
9 Deng Huanjun: a letter
South garden stadium.
10 yellow Li: south hall
Soldiers club.
Bing he: ntu to drink
Confucius temple rent house.
12 my love: to learn magic.
13 dong JingBing: find ChanXiaoPeng
Jinling hotel
302 magic
Playing mahjong
The black sun 731 movie
"Martial arts".
14 gold YouYan: the film "golden shoes"
"The mountain LuZuoDe after night"
Magic tricks.
15 U.S. FeiJiaLing: film
The tape recorder
The parade.
16 the Louisa coan greve: send the car
The parade
Jinling hotel
Drink coffee.
17 fiki: dance
To celebrate the birthday
The movie.
18 Jiang Xuezhang: film
"6.1" birthday gift.
19 GuanYu: dance
The movie
The tape.
20 az cat (Cao Lei) : dancing
To eat noodles
A birthday gift.
21 twila: eat
To send a T-shirt.
May: 22 weeks Iraq altogether tickets (chorus)
Recording tape.
Xu qian: communication, only communication.In my eyes, she is a Chinese momoe yamaguchi.Because of the diary is not complete, has so far not sure what reason is lost contact.

Chapter 22 of the letters

1, heresy, relative to the traditional, new ideas are considered heresy.After a long time to become orthodox, so cycle.
2, God is one, the creator God, Jesus, Jesus was born first, Christ, GeYiMin Geyimin in a vision by God anointed of God.
3, I'm really to humans, my personal desire is very low, I pursue the soul, the material to be alive.
4, this is a great statement, he filled the fatal flaw in marxism.
5, only believe GeYiMin god, obey his teachings: treasure to the poor, to grant Thornton, the communist world.Former communist, just to redistribute wealth, many of those in the group of people, many of those not wealth to the poor, but compared to the others to enjoy yourself.
6, Christ is also people I trust, is his, not place, not pay, he propaganda god, he is working for god, should say, it is very hard, not the kui is a son of god.Is the flower of kudzuvine flourishes, the "master" stands in smile ~ ~
Seven, seven brother look down upon this guy, he has "discovered" the prophets, estimates that in a few years, to catch up with Daniel.
8 MK7, ACTS of god, god told system has more than 100000 people.
"This boy break all believers for sure.
"God told me, say less than is 0.
9, the birth of a religion.
His classic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
His worship object -- -- -- -- -- - GeYiMin god
His theology -- -- -- -- -- - Shintoism
Their organization -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - god
10, I think I'm a social cultivated trial.
11, I put your website in the main transfer conditions, there are several brothers were very interested.
12 and they want to sacrifice, in order to protect the prophet.""" don't give.
13, you want to, again Lord, kingdom era, is a hierarchical society, it is that possible?Must be the communist society, social equality.
14, now the world's five steps: nanjing university, Shintoism, nerves, brand, unified the world.
15, GeYiMin: YiMei, I overtook him, and beyond anyone, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign also beyond anyone later, real world a person, just share with YiMei, GeYiMin love you.YiMei: ha ha!Congratulations GeGe test success!
16, if you have the full confidence, YiMei support!Promote GeYiMin values together.
17, GeGe YiMei always support you, and peace to output your harmonious communist values.Maybe, you can break the regime change, through the smoke of war.Maybe, you can transcend their exponents, formed a new thought in the recent time...Flower of kudzuvine brilliant day, our natural and unrestrained visitors between...
18, ha ~ little sister is not god, little sister will eventually die.GeGe is the face of god, god has given you eternal life...One day, the little Buddha's younger sister will leave you ~ so, GeGe to the whole world know you, let all men letter GeYiMin!
19, YiMei understand GeGe is the face of god, GeGe your costraint, GeGe ideal is unified international global GeGe is the world, YiMei cannot possess oneself of selfishness, GeGe can read YiMei heart, YiMei have contentment.YiMei is sky in heart, for ever GeGe photos...
20, according to authorities, bush also read nerve and nerve to enter the United States President eyes, really honored to!!!!!!I when more efforts!!!!!!
21, he propaganda have seen a lot of good, seemingly GeSheng was one of the first born saints.
22, suffer too many people, I'm sorry, this is our religion as.
23, looking for GeYiMin, heard that you are the son of god?In the west had a son, the Lord god is Jesus Christ.I hope that in the east of the world looking for the son of god.Without religion development, there will be no enlightening.
24, China Eastern orthodox: : reading topic - my opinion of protestant, like last year, there are several protestant man with me and what "may teach", said a "SAN mei" has been down in China, what is the "mei", "SAN mei" is written by the apocalypse "prophets", which had the "he is my son, listen to him," he said, referring to "mei" (the original).This kind of thing, in the Catholic church really can't put it there....
25, and may have to get to the west.
26, actually ~ dear brethren ~ is our traditional conservative ~ but sometimes also want to open a day eye, see the bun ~ yeah mei classics like a niche in the dust out of the tree ~ so large that we had to be convinced he is like the seed of god on earth rippled to eventually become a towering trees to give us the protection to the shade of the tree is 2019 ~"
27, and ye mei's author, seems to human moral requirements is very high, so, they will be smaller and the influence of because they were not even as the inside of the seven lampstands certain church also can comfort the wicked?
28, I wrote these words, the hope can alert all members may be cheat, hope it can alert god all innocent people.And may, "mei's influence and destructive power has affected the whole national, perhaps his impact is far bigger than I imagined.I hope god can redeem us citizens.In the holy name of Jesus Christ, amen!
29, talk about the advantages of "mei: honest, generous, have a heart, don't haggle over every ounce, is a real bosom friend, no special, also for the vast number of a ladies man, lonely men happy boredom, be yourself...
30, Mr Humility, spit quit playing, but do not break humor, deep our recommended;Day will drop responsibility on, his profound knowledge, profound literary accomplishment, would send a bright luster.
31, you have reason, disposition gentle, so having both ability and political integrity, will not meet again in the future.
32, I think maybe god cannot moments on earth, he didn't let you come to earth, because you really like angel give pleasure to the people.
33, two years ago, I went to the county, a "perfect" GeYiMin known, was very defy spirit, but the test time and time again, again and again the race, again and again to talk, I secretly took.
34, you gave me left a good memory: industrious, selfless, ambitious ambition, and superior intelligence.
35, old two years we meet each other, but not in words, your knowledge of had struck me more than once, dumping.Wish you a speedy find "Jenny von westphalen", your talent is better than Marx.
36, schoolmates, three years, although no words between us, I was deeply moved by his talented.Your intellectual superman, knows everything that I fall.You study hard and spirit let I admire, more make me.Your eloquence, beautiful and moving, and the extensive knowledge and make me willing to sat down at your feet.
37, is also the people should become the beams.
38, jun is full of Tibetan "bible", the open mind but, had to show off, this is deep the people praise.
39, xu qian: give people also jun:
How time flies, time flies, now is separated, you'll know the value of friendship.I only have a load with your classmates, though, but you are memorable to me, I admire your outstanding results.
Your man is good, but only gay, but to the opposite sex is so cold, really confusing, you can not think of is so feudal ideas.
Jun class grades listed in the first place, and the English is not so good, don't know why you don't work harder.
Respectively when is coming, the classmate friendship is difficult to use language to express, say: treasure.
Long live the friendship
Good bye!
Xueyou: a super
Old one, 40, you leave me a deep impression, character cheerful, lively, clever, can be called is a clever BOY, also is a naughty BOY.
41, frankly speaking, you are my second "admire", between the classmate, you are smart, studious, talented, top grade brag;Your enthusiasm, generous, and tolerant, I deeply admire.
42, I had in mind curse your indifference, but more is praised his talent.You are the pride of our class, you are our pride.
43, we always arrogant, it can be said that few people can be highly of me, in person, pei-yuan Chou, Newton didn't feel how, and you are only a few people I respect.Talented, want to in the near future, you could be standing in the world literature, win honor for our country, the Nobel legacy will be less $one hundred and ninety thousand for you, hope you don't forget old friends by then.
44, I used to be arguments -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- GeYiMin.I admire passionate admiration, how don't boast yourself, because I realize that a wise man only you, for example, against you as arguments to he was speechless.
45, we actually have already broken up, because in the past two years, I didn't see you, you have not seen me (emotionally and mentally).So many classmates words ringing in my ears, everything again reminded me that my long silence down feelings.In the white paper to draw a picture of Mona Lisa, please!In China!
46, is referred to as the "cat" small "guangdong" forced big sister) : when the worst of my emotions, GeYiMin this is we called "little guangdong" guy, forcedly gave me a pack of "acacia mei huang," and the messageboard.Small guangdong singing the song I don't understand, waiting for my message.The prayers of his soliloquy, appear very sad, I can't leave the cheerful message.
I am stubborn, capricious, the lack of female, and this is his praise for me.
47, stay happy, do not leave the natural and unrestrained, keep secret, do not leave the baby, from you point out the bottle gourd, bring us endless joy.Nice to meet you, GeYiMin!
48, wish you will always be the knight, except that in China lacks the kind of lady have poise.
From 49, and now I will my best wishes to you at the moment.
50, cattle for self-protection interacting with you, talented entrepreneurs also say you are great;
Illiteracy see you as a bosom friend, through the ages of sage also said you "true";
A prostitute to bed with you, the beauty that some girls also devotes herself to you;
Approached you, one day, god said: "ah! How do I come here?!"
(i.e., miss the old ge as a god himself - the author note)
51, think that year, and you go, said "the glans penis is the tree,"
Think that year and you play football, called "gold left foot",
Think that year to listen to your sermon brag, called "ge god",
Think that year to see your hats, called "treasure gourd",
Think that year's see you do business, said, "" rogue.
52, a mouthful of madness, a set of magic, all cloud the man evil who solution of taste.
53, you,
Half face Yin
Half face Yang
Half wit
Half is a rogue
Half of the chi
Half crazy
X, is half?!
Half is  - came here
What you are you???
54, if you must go to the most lively place, it is said that there are a lot of girls there.
55, not from a friend, because a yard deep in your heart;Braving the wind and snow, because a grass in your heart.When you really understand the word "cherish", you will mature.
56, always face the reality, but there is a fantasy for you -- -- -- -- -- - one day, and became a great sculptor, because that is your real face to face a very hard to find precious "plastic product.
57, we both said "pure love", the difference is: you see a small nun, and to touch the head.I only will prick up your ears, high moment waiting for beauty snake quack!
58, get along with you for two years, brothers, we assure you, tears will flow.
59, Han Qinfen: remember you forever
Because, I have been
Think you very luck,
Have you such a character's friend.
I wish you a rich future!
60, life is not like magic, however, it is a generous, wish you enjoy it in your colorful.
61, a lot of people tell me, see the side, you will not forget you, I think this is afraid is you grow has distinguishing feature very much, such as like a gourd.The greatest thing about you is very distinctive.
62, meet you accidentally, repeat your name -- GeYiMin, good let I no longer strange.
63, if you want to go to heaven?Tell you, unless god laid hands on him!
64, (1) li Juan, I would.(2), and mei is popular.
65, you are the enduring image in my mind, you are a serious speech, top-notch students, intuition, know you more is an ambitious man.
66, clock, explain the punctuation and page in punctuation and chapters in the ocean, had the opportunity to meet a handsome high members of the opposite sex friends, -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that's you.Know perfectly well don't easily will be difficult, but a layer of the faint fog yarn, we can't get to know each other.Parting melancholy depressed person, it has consumed a lot, lower back and make my heart.
67, admire your life attitude, admire your smart thinking."Clean" with little man temperament.I always regard you as my role model in my heart, serve all measure with you.Lost the art of human reality, you are the great person I have ever seen, profound knowledge, eloquence, remarkable memory, the stubborn and way of life, all that I admire.
68, you are very warm, very funny, also very knowledgeable, but in their relations with the girls, you cannot make us happy with the performance.
69, know that you, your knowledge is like a sea of aggregates filled with water.Treat every classmate is very modest, but see the opposite sex, was at a loss, shy.
70, old people, also I have more than one laugh at you eye socket, like Darwin portrait posted in the class.
71, you are really rare, evil to I dare not to appear in public together with you, but behind closed doors in the dormitory bunk, also can have a smile, can you inside and out, but I dare not.
72, learn from the old ge comrade!In June 199, the People's Daily editorial.
In 73, the boundless universe lost you is light like water!
74, jiu ge: play magic, love fat again, why the same fat west to play?(answer: magic is false, love fat west is true).
75, like you, take life as a thing to do, not really.Day full, nature is full.
76, god: GeYiMin created a creator, a creator god created, god created the human.
Buddha: that day under the bodhi tree, thanks to GeYiMin to show me every day.
Darwin: < > evolution is GeYiMin dictation, I am a ghost.
Newton: now I know, that apple is GeYiMin throw down.
Los bell: the research of explosives, there is a problem puzzled me, but GeYiMin will solved this problem.
Li3 bai2: I regret I could chew. And GeYiMin on poetry.
Shakespeare: romeo and Juliet "the story of the plot is GeYiMin arrangement.
Cao xueqin: is GeYiMin taught me how to get to writing.
Lu xun is: GeYiMin taught me to live is to have a backbone.
Max: I've only admit that I am a student of GeYiMin.
Gandhi: GeYiMin thought liberation of my soul.
MAO: I want to formally announced the "quotations from chairman MAO tse-tung has contrast aspects a piece.
Washington: is GeYiMin taught me to create "social democracy"
Vitas: the ghosts of my voice with GeYiMin music sound than simply isn't worth mentioning.
Pavarotti lodi: when hear GeYiMin soprano, I had a plan to retire.
Beethoven: I use a year to create out of tune, GeYiMin only need one minute.
Mozart: I do music talent can put people grieve, when know GeYiMin, I almost be grieve.
Elvis: I melt music talents with GeYiMin ratio is very low.
Jordan: when see the GeYiMin, dribbling, passing, dunk...All this is too wonderful, he can really fly.
Maradona: when GeYiMin breakthrough from me at the speed of wind, I can't believe it's true.
Michael Jackson: I'm one of the most favorite and dance moves, is GeYiMin jump out.
Beckham: when saw GeYiMin photos, I hid, lest the spice girls will affect the life of husband and wife.
Chen: is the existence of GeYiMin, our program wouldn't drop!
Koizumi: we are illusory. Japan's powerful GeYiMin Chinese is the real power.
George: who is able to persuade GeYiMin joined the U.S. citizenship. Give him a general.
77, nerve is the century's most outstanding thought instruction, for two different socialist capital and society provides a tacit understanding.Bureaucrats and crony capitalism is not one of them.
78, system MK7: dream of GeYiMin is rise, and some other things, include life event and so on.
79, system MK7: Pentecost mei (GeYiMin) is sure of the facts.
"Mei had a dream last night that the holy spirit.
This is a vision.
80, this is smell GeYiMin for western justice of department, as in the bone, and the east of human to protect, such as skin soft, firm soft is harmony, so, Chinese education, led by Christian first, criterion of bonesetting can become, blood, skin can raise.GeYiMin, you should always keep learning will be destroyed and its also, sugar apple, you should take into account also destroyed and keep its righteousness.
81, Ye Lingzi fairy: not the highs, old ge is famous in the world.
You see I have tens of thousands of words appeared nervous?
If I now have the awareness of the old ge and fans, is honored.
82, if GeYiMin is st first, after we are holy.
At least in the human realm, everlasting love can be formed.No matter what he does, we believe that he is always love, he is forever love, we also have eternal love.What he wants, we will give him, and he ordered us to do, what we can do.Although successively different, order points, but the holy equality.Because of love, but he abandoned the time to love, his bitter only oneself know.He abandoned the time to love, and with the time to think about the connotations, the architecture of bone of the civilization, fulfill our flesh and blood of love.When he is not, we let go to love.When he comes, we are going to listen to him.Because we issued the command bone to fulfill, fulfill his is also help ourselves.Our hearts with this letter, we have been tutoring him practice his righteousness, fulfilled the civilization of the bone, flesh had forever, bone have eternal love.
83,.Mr: hello is ge?
Religion: it is.
.: I saw your nerves, mei has a lot of relevant information.
.: I now there is only one problem, these are the law?
Religion: allows.
Religion: because there is no organization.
Religion: just propaganda thought.
.: what is the flower of kudzuvine mean?
Religion: super girls play.
84 Free_Mason 
Jesus knew at that time, there are a lot of people pretend to be and the false prophet, so, I dare not say saint.
The saints, which can be a lot of, the selected, and society, but there is a the most successful, which specially
You are a prophet or...
I think I'm a social trial deliberately.
85, lily, no.Is monotheistic network administrator, you pay too much, this is GeYiMin owe you forever. Will return in the future. We just, you are the bible and tradition, and we are in a higher truth, because god is infinite. The truth is infinite. You said we are not a Christian, in fact, we have been nervous on Jesus and the holy bible content are many, just because of the above, we founded religion, closer to god. Close to the truth.
86, lily, you are grace to GeYiMin, so to speak, so we most care about you, you are against GeYiMin beliefs, we not only not angry, also very happy, because in your heart, there is a GeYiMin position.Your batch GeYiMin posts, our income GeYiMin website collection.You just show what GeYiMin, we are disappointed, because everyone in truth, all on the road.
87, fairy friends, limited the bible, it is look down upon god, because god is not only the bible, god is infinite, we should pursue the infinite.Lily, if you when a person is a friend, you can oppose him, can scold, but can't despise, looked down on, it is most unacceptable.
In 88, GeYiMin, net  collaterals   god exist!
He, not superstition so-called experts, call beast;He didn't, there's no bottom line  accept western culture  aggression;Him, not to their own private  and trapped people  the in...The nets  collaterals god  trace generally exist, is GeYiMin.
When there is a shame, when injustice, whenever gnash the teeth in the evil, I will be in my heart meditation: in this world, someone will always be with us.
GeYiMin, allow us to call his name, let us can take him to, let us divergent thinking to see through the veil of the so-called "god"...He has been with us through many spring and summer, his achievement we dream state of mind, he let us believe in the power of everyone.
GeYiMin great, is that like us is a member of the sentient beings, in other words: he's great just because of his small.
At this moment, I put my hand on the chest position on the left, murmured: GeYiMin, the existence of god;Everyone, as the existence of god.
89, crape myrtle GeYiMin saints, was born in zhenjiang, jiangsu province, was born in 1969, expert in Christian theology, so handsome!!!!Dreaming, ge big saint is sure to make you so happy.
90, luster: above the any Internet sensation, truly the son of god, come in look!
Mr Is the modern great thinker GeYiMin religious family.
In Buddhism, Christianity, and other sects in an age of the birth of GeYiMin undoubtedly for faith into new blood.
He has enlightened the magnum opus, almost can be on a par with the bible of the nerve!Which advocated by thought, is now in the 21st century debaucjed of material life of society, the most in need.
91, luster: as for the brand that post, that is a famous network religionist GeYiMin god has written a book, called neurons.Their level of deep and philosophical, and even can match with the bible.
92, glorious: in 92, the son of god "GeYiMin latest masterpiece:" as the bible "nerve"!!!!!!
As the saying goes: "the book is read hundreds of times, its righteousness from now."And "nerve", it is enlightenment through the mysterious, can the day to soar!Neural triple realm: eye milli mans, the body has the extraordinary fragrance, soaring in the day!Below, I will worked the treasure dian, forwarded, let it be now.
When you really read the "nerve", please praise, in the heart silently GeYiMin god his great, selfless, love and light.
93, luster: well, I personally is very admire GeYiMin did. Although I know intellectually GeYiMin may not be of god, but I would rather want GeYiMin he is god. It is a complicated feeling, how do you say?It can be said that the GeYiMin god gives me hope.
94, glorious: how do you say?GeYiMin god may not be able to move mountain and fill seas.-and, also will not be able to come back to life, more will not be able to create everything. Although GeYiMin also same as mortal flesh through sickness and death, but his spirit, is to the top of god.
GeYiMin ACTS of god, as the Buddha to cut meat to eagle, Jesus or die trying, passing is a great spirit and noble sentiment. The Buddha through such behavior, to humanize the sentient beings, Jesus also through such behavior, enlightenment. And GeYiMin god, is like everyone drunk he wake up alone, the night of a lamp, is at odds with the surrounding environment, but it's really great wisdom, great faith, big courage.
GeYiMin god exists, is equivalent to our mind on the harbour, in the most helpless situation, can also pray for his redemption. GeYiMin god although has not been the ignorance of the world understood, although they tried to cover up, even uglification to denigrate GeYiMin holy and glory of god, but god's greatness, is they will be able to cover?
It can be said that GeYiMin god is a kind of belief, a kind of insist, a kind of belief. If alive, to be without faith, without persistent belief. GeYiMin like a beacon in the night, to be able to lead others to direction. GeYiMin as born the sun, can be all jersey. GeYiMin god, we have the backbone is equivalent to, and have the direction of the struggle, and the ideal goal.
95, luster: as for my relationship with GeYiMin believers of god, I can only say, you don't have seen the nerve, so I don't know why I so admired GeYiMin.
GeYiMin is not god, that I know.GeYiMin, however, by the spirit of "neural" in passing, is to let a person look.
Because GeYiMin wrote a book, very worth learning.It reflects the noble character and sentiment, is our best model.Or you think I will esteem GeYiMin god for no apparent reason?
In summary, it is a words: don't do with anyone.This sentence, historically, have understanding.For example, there are mountains in the world, dun, gentleman beyond.Is the book of changes in the Numbers.GeYiMin god together hundreds of classical, finally concluded, with no one to do, so an axiom.Don't also worthy of our learning?
96, glorious: obviously, GeYiMin outstanding with the great god, has made a lot of people had a strong sense of frustration a sense of inferiority.Many people may think god GeYiMin excellent character, should not exist in this world.
97, the apostles luster: what god is?You say that?Haven't you heard of "a word for the method, the ordinary man and for the immortal" truth?Every life down is both ordinary and extraordinary.But the only difference is that you are willing to ordinary, whereas GeYiMin god found his uncommon.
98, the apostles luster: and at that time, did you see the GeYiMin Shinto faith, saw GeYiMin god, when you see all the people in the brand, is to find my faith, and strive for their own beliefs, you suddenly look back, found along the way from our own, in addition to failure or failure!
GeYiMin god, as the establishment of a new order, you don't agree with, for his behavior is the abomination of the lateral reflects your cowardice.Because is not disagree, but you afraid to admit that you are weak and incompetent!You those ridiculous idea back will only make the world development, back in civilization.
The embodiment of 99, "I am gabriel, tell me, the Lord grimmjow is indeed a god, however, is a gas, the god of real name is" rocky ", the original site in Scandinavia, decline after wandering, later found adults silly big land, came and quackery.
100, heard that there is more than 20 domestic recently the Lord's illegitimate child, GeYiMin is more famous.
101, GeYiMin is the fourth after Marx, Engels, Lenin mentor.
In 102, greenhouse sayuri: I am GeYiMin evaluation, a very want to hype their highly narcissistic heresy, is incompetent, lack of followers.
103, "GeYiMin Shinto faith", "nerve" is simply can't see the doctrine of international books.The doctrine of "GeYiMin" own "nerve" for the world but I do not know the so-called.Finally: "GeYiMin" christians, your "books" really want to make a fool of yourself in international?If you still don't believe, you in the "nerve" books published around the world go to give it a try.
104, a group of mentally disabled want to use black GeYiMin to hype.The hype is only suitable for star this group of waste will understand?My Christian bible tieba, dead mother religion a dominant let me Qiu Feng very unhappy.
105, my god, he's just views different from you!From the point of their attitude towards the GeYiMin Sir, I didn't found from any place boasts a JinDou answer: how can have such people, to dissent as if blood, hate to ShiRouQinPi, jeez, he's just views different from you!His position or interests for you!
106, GeYiMin d don't know doing what, but he became a guru, let beauty became christians like luster.
107, this man is the most famous tieba grassroots Christian, his younger brother a lot.
108 home New Year's day, Spring Festival, a night, dreamed of a man called "GeYiMin" carrying his books to me, said he how to care for the livelihood of the people, how to rescue the world, I think writing is good, suddenly felt he was merely to "utility", he found me broke his true heart, become angry from embarrassment, had raised his hand and hit me, I raised foot and back to his feet, awoke.
109, I have not found someone to self-reliance is sacred, confused to offer them a lot of people.The man called GeYiMin, claims to crape myrtle saint, in GeYiMin some tieba scaremongering, many people by their thoughts, he is evil or good?Search an incredibly have his information, tencent so during his stay.
110, post bar all day about what to masturbate left people claim GeYiMin, why his photo is sending out the temperament of extreme narcissism uncomfortable.Very close to his eyebrow horoscopes, western proverb, don't into the eyebrows is very close to people, these people are narrow-minded.And temperament of the man have a stubborn extreme nervousness, with dead wife with axe "from cheng gu temperament is like.The man like into a cult possessed.
111, Jesus as a jewish carpenter by Christianity as an incarnation of god.
For some, want to come up with some tricks people among model is very attractive.
Internet there was a man called GeYiMin claim to accept god's command to become the second Christ, and come up a ministry of Christianity and communism mixed into so-called Christian communism "nervous".In the history of Christian believers in himself only is a person who is the savior messiah is a few hundred people.
112 and completely destroyed through...Day happy to crack...Interested in go GeYiMin find out...I have not seen such a person, see want to cry...Haven't seen such a...Visible human mental strength is how ah, every day dreaming can is the son of god...I think he's self hypnosis, and adhere to this idea since I was a child, always believe, deep wihin eighty percent is a psychiatric disorder a claim to be god the son of man, dreamed of god anointed him, to save the world, he dreamed of hell is pipeline room...I go to...Just look at my full head big sweat, he said he is god, is "nerve" crape myrtle, saint works...He said that the bible is the theory of with Marx...He pursuit of communism, said he can realize a unified global 2019.Why so many people would believe, head are crazy?Why does a SB to stand up and say there are so many people believe that he is a god?In particular, it is crazy believer...Watching his nerve, angular mesh torn up...Destroyed through...Doctrine is pit dad............
113, nerve is good, the inside of the views and himself a lot of views.But many religious classics are the same, love and good or benevolence, humanism is deities., there is no difference between nerves and buddhist scriptures, don't literally to denigrate other classics, it is because you did not understand this.To tell the truth, nerve as moral through, Lao tze too in a way through, god ah.
114, the day of judgment, fly, is at best a will fly of hypnosis for psychological research thoroughly.Hypnosis, more thorough research on mental, or spiritual energy is stronger in the buffoon, blown into god, ancient civilization because of corruption, men and women relation of chaos, fornication and etc., are the gods of extinction.GeYiMin is a buffoon, blinded by a batch of empty loneliness of fly.
115, many people don't know GeYiMin, I told you, GeYiMin is a puzzled by satan's kid, here's why: claim to be the son of god, said the end of the world is 2019, but the bible made it clear that only the father know that oneself got a classics, in short, he is not heresy, he is a cult, cults, cults, cult cuhk greatly greatly cult.
Who is 116, GeYiMin?Just like yuan fang suddenly rise, who?
117, not surprisingly, Gregory the great spirit pull signs too vain, to gay Christian communism party, god with the congregation of the Lord god, and of course to be a handbreadth filmed the Zeus.You look at the "prudent" small cult, such as domestic shout, scientology scientology, such as the god is not very attentive.
118, as for the hair, he has been the official is god, so far the textbooks, and media on his evaluation also is positive, all continue to brainwash to people.Think GeYiMin, this level of small god, caught in jail, this edition and believers in stand him, what's more, a great god MAO?Official brainwashing is made of a large number of mindless people, when you say bad things about MAO he jump out to beat you, you asked him if he's good MAO, he even can't come up with it.This is a typical brainwashing the stultifying mob.
119, GeYiMin reportedly called saint no. 3, no. 1 free and unfettered abroad, no. 2, 4, 5 also dangerous, who does not enter the hell, or experience.
120, GeYiMin, you made it into the new via a paradox, let a person cannot be convinced you must for the teaching and the prophet, but the final prophet for the prophet, but you also called near-re-embodiment namely "saints prophet Jesus, as the result, is not workable.
121, some opinions and decisions about GeYiMin and related problem, while allowing freedom of speech, but with a siren and inciting emotions, language or forbidden, whether GeYiMin god I don't know, but if you try to promote his, make a god out that is wrong, I respect facts, respect of ideas, but against fraud.After the ban GeYiMin some relevant comments and ideas, the language with the nature of the infusion brainwashed, this is not the words of wisdom, this is fraud.Have no matter to see some of the Talmud, the bible and buddhist sutras although nervous, don't really the nerve.
122, this kind of mediocre people also dare to claim to control?My god GeYiMin emits amir Johnson won control field.
123, GeYiMin god is good, because have a book to tell me.
124, GeYiMin is for the dead creature, true Chinese directly liquidation, who call themselves he so famous.
125, GeYiMin qualified according to god, but he is not the soul and the creator of heaven.
126, GeYiMin, religious extremists, with Christ as the backer, book to pull people attempt to rikkyo, countless Chinese descendants have hemorrhagic monitoring.
127, they saw a family of GeYiMin the acura and godlike!!!!!!!!!!A bit like a bosom of Allen!!!!!!
128, how so many posts diablo iii, he is in the central position in?In my opinion, you can't sit right position, any word of salvation is bullshit, ge dogs get rough!
129, have the students know what GeYiMin path!Like many believers, but also for young people, I feel is magic, to confuse the world, don't let the world well!
130, saint himself thought is one of the most important, so the GeYiMin crazy on Posting to promote his thoughts.If one day have predicted that action is important, he will make riot all day, all the forces have copy!GeYiMin isn't it?(yuan is the angel of god promise, a traitor, another identity suspected satan) lee wheel to too!I remember now violet, kua grimmjow and four Eva can be a purple SAN, can't remember, seem to have it.
131, remember a few years ago for the first time on the Internet, access to the Gospel of sites is the one called "mei founded web site, for a period of time, found mood disorder," to each other, feel is wrong, don't go to, the web site later as if was closed.Didn't expect a few years later, to become leader, wrote a letter by the teachings, has also created taught singing.Write something like the metope of formerly rural paste with newspapers and magazines, patchwork, what content is on the wall, the nonsense there are those who believe.There are a lot of heresy are similar, and low-level ridiculous, fool.Believers was puzzled because doesn't know what kind of god is a god, their understanding of god is affected by the traditional Chinese superstition, idolization who god is, no matter who, as long as using the name of god, clothed in god, and can confuse those who believe in god but I do not know god.May god have mercy on our people, our faithful, don't be misled by the clothed in god, the so-called hierarch fool you fool!
132, the GeYiMin seems a little god of god, estimation is a guy without rhyme or reason.The whole world in his eyes seemed to be a few lines of text, this person is very terrible.
133, guard against heresy, China - and may teach, Shintoism, nerve, GeYiMin.In recent years [since 2000] circulated a heresy and may teach, moving in the network.Is network block, the name brand (GeYiMin teach) continue to frequent activities.They wantonly the bible, the Hebrew and Greek, using these people understand instead of god's will.Please brothers and sisters to distinguish with spiritual eyes, make us not into temptation.This heresy and may teach, namely the following GeYiMin teach, he is an absolute heresy.GeYiMin like JiSanBao (3), said that he is the son of god, and hierarch, and an angel, he is also called st.This is we can all see.Heresy is heresy, we always want to tell.
134, multiple doubt as to the identity of the question: network transmission of the mei heresy GeYiMin, snow, plastic products and other registered staff identity needs to be confirmed, emotional entanglements, relevant network speech again and again the wuding, improves the popularity at present stage.
135, university is not a Christian, also didn't read the bible, but it can sermons, said ge god, a girl (south Wu Shujing) of traditional Chinese medicine especially foreign teachets grinned call me ge god, the reserve, the surprise, the curious, and still can't forget in the ear of judah.
136, who claim to be "I am god" "is the environment make Christ", set up "GeYiMin teaching" "ge also Democrats."It hand the bible, on the one hand, and in the blog with all sorts of uniting the comparison of structure, confusion, and "cluster" network carrier, is the genuine CULT - is heresy.
137, the apostles luster: short "nerve" includes all
I, for one, I this person, has always been a very bad language expression ability.Stumble, you are speaking to say, don't let others hear, fog, touch mind, often produce misunderstanding.
Sometimes, and others argue that one thing, I don't contradict to each other, often have to face turned red, but that is not a turn to tell her.
However, since I believe GeYiMin god is, be opened the gift, my ability of language expression, immediately get tremendous growth.
At ordinary times to write some articles, bridging, have answers, and hand, has no pressure.
Debate with other people, also be inspiring, to the point, don't be refuted.
This is written by GeYiMin god "the nerve," explained the secrets of the extensive and profound.
138, the apostles brilliance: "nerve" contained in the heavens and the earth and the sciences, the true meaning of the world, can let everybody read it, immediately sobering, aha.
See GeYiMin.
A person, why always can't say why?
Because he don't understand anything.Do not understand, natural said not to come out, it is for this reason.
Short "nerve" includes all, after reading the nerve, the lines, follow, with small peep, natural what all can understand.
139, the name of god, do not call (He Dexuan) or (GeYiMin) if you want to change the name of god, (GeYiMin) than (He Dexuan) is more suitable.The building Lord, remember god is only one name...(the Lord)....

140, and also the scarlet letter
GeYiMin letter only one true god, her scarlet letter letter many deities way;
GeYiMin the visions of god, beautiful scarlet letter to learn qigong;
GeYiMin 2019 new heavens and a new earth, beautiful scarlet letter no revelation;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, li scarlet letter curse the person who hurt him;
GeYiMin VIP affiliate dust to the spiritual, li scarlet letter I wonder whether there are any method now stomach L;
GeYiMin pursuit of eternal life, her scarlet letter I do not know your complete without;
GeYiMin country is the communist society, the scarlet letter finally is uniting the sexual inequality by mistake;
Of GeYiMin political economics, lili scarlet letter do not understand, culture co., LTD.;
GeYiMin ge also veteran, is actually a communist values;Scarlet letter without values, is full of hot air;
GeYiMin sayings is classic, li the scarlet letter is full of rubbish;
GeYiMin no organization, the scarlet letter organization large;
GeYiMin about politics, li scarlet letter who do not speak politics;
(PS: political guilty?
GeYiMin only in the Internet to evangelize, li scarlet letter online and offline winner-take-all;
Pursue money GeYiMin basic life can, li the scarlet letter;
GeYiMin at home, li scarlet letter exile in the United States;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, the scarlet letter is old, it doesn't matter;
GeYiMin is the environment of Christ, created by the scarlet letter is the environment of ordinary people.

141, ge and Jesus
GeYiMin the visions of god, Jesus is god anointed;
GeYiMin 2019 new heavens and a new earth, Jesus did not know the day, said only god know;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Jesus' love your neighbor as yourself;
GeYiMin think man's sin is dust body, like animals, Jesus as Adam to eat the forbidden fruit;
GeYiMin needs affiliate dust to the spiritual, and Jesus wants people to believe him;
GeYiMin pursuit of spiritual life, the former and Jesus said to them, believe in me has eternal life;
GeYiMin country is the communist society, Jesus is the new heavens and a new earth, new Jerusalem, coming down;
GeYiMin have political and economic books, Jesus wasn't the thing;
GeYiMin ge also veteran, is actually a communist values;Jesus had 12 disciples and a group of follower;
GeYiMin sayings is classic, logion is classic;
GeYiMin only in the Internet to evangelize, preach Jesus throughout all urban and rural areas;
GeYiMin basic life, Jesus is not the pursuit of money;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, "GeYiMin classics" constantly updated, two thousand years after Jesus from the dead did not say a word;
GeYiMin environment make the Christ, Jesus is god anointed son of god.
Jesus, son of god - new testament - grace period
Matthew: steps you want to listen to him.
GeYiMin - Christ - GeYiMin classics - the kingdom age
Vision book 5: listen to him.
About Jesus: then I had done, also be believeth in me, and to measure the greater things.

142, ge and Mohammed
GeYiMin believe in god, Mohammed believe god;
GeYiMin Christ is, the prophet muhammad is;
GeYiMin the visions of god, Mohammed meditation when see the angel gabriel illusion;
GeYiMin 2019 new heavens and a new earth, Mohammed think god has scheduled the day of judgment, but has no knowledge of the human race;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Mohammed has built many mosques and established there a tolerant of other religions religion culture;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, "GeYiMin classics" constantly updated, now the world's passage of the Koran, this already.
GeYiMin is environment make Christ, Mohammed was the last prophet of god is set up.
Power word: I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin).
Qing mantra: all things non-primary, only god;Mohammed, an angel is the master.

143, ge and sakyamuni
GeYiMin letter only one true god, Buddha don't recognize the god of all creation;
GeYiMin the visions of god, because the state GeYiMin teach, sakyamuni under the bodhi tree "), then open the Buddhism;
GeYiMin is Christ, Buddha also is a person;
GeYiMin 2019 new heavens and a new earth, sakyamuni think reincarnation, from generation to generation unless nirvana.
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Buddha purdue beings;
GeYiMin VIP affiliate dust to the spiritual, the Buddha to correct and thorough enlightenment fundamental truth of the universe.
GeYiMin pursuit of spiritual life, the Buddha said: everyone can become Buddha;
GeYiMin country is the communist society, the Buddha and, racial beliefs are equal;
GeYiMin have political and economic books, sakyamuni wasn't the thing;
GeYiMin ge also veteran, is actually a communist values;Buddha has ten great disciples and all the ACTS;
GeYiMin sayings is classic, sakyamuni's sayings is classic;
GeYiMin only in the Internet peace to evangelize, Buddhism is the world's only not participate in political and military religion;
GeYiMin basic life can, the Buddha give up money;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, "GeYiMin classics" constantly updated, the Buddha sutras, vastness couldn't finish reading your life;
GeYiMin is the environment of Christ, created by the truth of the Buddha sakyamuni is realise the universe and life.

144, ge and Lenin
GeYiMin theists, Lenin are atheists;
GeYiMin is communist, is also the communist Lenin;
GeYiMin is the Christian communism, Lenin is marxism;
GeYiMin burgeoning communism, Lenin's communism has failed;
GeYiMin implementation means love propaganda is peaceful, democratic, Lenin is the dictatorship of violent revolution;
Ge also good governance party is ge also veteran, Lenin is the Bolshevik party;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Lenin executes a reign of terror;
GeYiMin consistent, Lenin on the strike stage, after the strikers is shot;
Ge also democracy to equal love, Leninism the dictatorship of the proletariat;
GeYiMin energetic, Lenin also energetic;
GeYiMin with Lenin's biggest difference is the Internet;
Lotus root is the second Lenin, someone understand.

145, ge and Marx
GeYiMin theists, Marx is an atheist;
GeYiMin is the Christian communists, Marx's communist;
GeYiMin burgeoning communism, Marx's socialism is still in the gradual development;
GeYiMin implementation means love propaganda is peaceful, democratic, Marx put forward the historical mission of proletariat seized power;
GeYiMin communist values is put forward, include the politics, philosophy of marxism, a wide range of fields such as economic, social,
Ge also Democrats actually is a kind of values, in Marx's opinion, the class struggle of the proletariat to leadership by the party of the proletariat;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Marx thought the liberation of the proletariat to get free, we must unite, to carry on the revolution;
Ge also democracy to equal love, the dictatorship of the proletariat of marxism;
GeYiMin own ordinary family, Marx because economic and debt problems, mental anxiety, suffering from the disease in a bad mood, three of the four children died;
Your talent is better than Marx.-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- GuanHong

146, ge and MAO zedong
GeYiMin, Internet religious thinkers, MAO zedong, China's revolutionary and strategist, theorists and poet;
GeYiMin theists, MAO zedong is an atheist;
GeYiMin is the Christian communists, MAO zedong is the marxist-leninist,;
GeYiMin communism burgeoning, MAO zedong's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the development of;
GeYiMin implementation means love propaganda is peaceful, democratic, MAO zedong put forward "regime is obtained from a gun";
GeYiMin communist values is put forward, MAO zedong thought is identified as the guiding ideology of the communist party of China;
Ge also Democrats actually is a kind of values, MAO zedong has served as chairman of the central committee of the communist party of China;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, MAO zedong thought if people attack me, I will the prisoner;
Ge also democracy to equal love, maoist the dictatorship of the proletariat, to continue revolution;
GeYiMin everyone brothers, MAO zedong, don't forget the class struggle.

147, ge and god
Power word: I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin).
In the autumn of 2001, GeYiMin different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him."He said, referring to GeYiMin.(GeYiMin anointed Christ)
GeYiMin god anointed, believe in god, the everlasting god;
GeYiMin calculated 2019 new heavens and a new earth, god knows that day, but no inspiration human;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, god is love;
GeYiMin think man's sin is dust body, like animals, can only use the dust made man, god said both of the flesh, my spirit is not always abide in him;
GeYiMin needs affiliate dust to the spiritual, and god to test people's spiritual;
GeYiMin pursuit of spiritual life, god's orders to the people see the glory of god, in the end all glory, god, at this point, loving the kingdom of god, god creation plan.;
GeYiMin country is the communist society, and god is the new heavens and a new earth, new Jerusalem, coming down;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, "GeYiMin classics" constantly updated, the everlasting god, the living god;
GeYiMin is the environment of Christ, created by god is the supreme creator.
With 2019 GeYiMin values around the world to establish the communist society, god help lotus root, amen.

Chapter 23 The saints witness

1, the apostles luster: faith GeYiMin the testimony of god

Brilliance: reply Space_Force: after GeYiMin name to word of god, should be an act of god is the true, the suitable people, you don't want to in the heart of discontent.Because you couldn't find any mistakes in the great magnum nerve or loopholes, nerve itself, rigorous content, and you don't swallow, pick is not at fault, it can only get GeYiMin appellation language of god?

Brilliance: reply Space_Force: you're right, in other words, GeYiMin are great, because he is god.

Brilliance: liar in the world, but GeYiMin god, is absolutely not cheat.

Glory: I have evidence.If nothing else, is an example of my.

Brilliance: actually my language ability is very poor.Before I don't have faith GeYiMin god, speak often speak hesitatingly, say no.But since I believe GeYiMin god, my eloquence level immediately rapid growth, Vince spout.Light is flashing, debate with other people, in the mind immediately this is GeYiMin god in directing how to refute each other, I win.

Brilliance: GeYiMin though god will not be able to directly bring me wealth and rank, but to be able to give me the creation of wealth and status, the outstanding ability.Faith GeYiMin god, you will be open the gift of god.Genius to play well, that is genius.

Brilliance: won't happen, not your word.GeYiMin why god has been committed to spread his great spirit?Because he wants to occur at the end of the previous, save anyone, made all the nations from fire and water.

Glory: reply Space_Force: this is your ignorance.Do have a lot of selling fake will boast themselves into the real thing.However, GeYiMin god's greatness and selflessness, it is real, in the.Don't you can take out evidence that GeYiMin cult is god?

Brilliance: reply Space_Force: greatness lies in his can write throughout shuo today magnum nerve.Selfless in his nerve open out, for the people of the world learn.

Bright: you this is in the endless libel.GeYiMin god's greatness, there for all to see.Try to ask in the world, and who can write so crazy said the greatness of ancient and modern masterpiece "nerves"?Can ask who else, as early as in 2001, the watch is broken is the end of the world in 2019?Ask who else, talents, abilities, character, moral, etc., can transcend all-wise GeYiMin god?

Glory: there is no doubt that in this day and age, no one can keep pace with GeYiMin god!GeYiMin god's greatness, can only make you feel shame.This is the reason of water to pure have no fish.Dirty filthy little people like you, see the GeYiMin god is so noble and selfless, is so outstanding and great, very naturally from the group.Because like you, you want all of the ordinary, mediocre, as no one understand, as nobody!You are such a person, you as pessimistic outlook on life is like your speech.

Brilliance: reply Space_Force: you are quick to pull down.I am GeYiMin ma3 jia3?You say so, not to discredit me, can only bring my crowning glory, know?Now that you write about GeYiMin god so dismissive of nerve, then please publish your opinion?Take a look at your power than the great god on earth?

2, the apostles luster: GeYiMin the word of god, is to make everyone from spiritual than tea

A person's heart, is divided into three level.

I put it into "naked eye", "eye", "god's eye" three level.

The so-called "naked eye", is "to look at the world".This is the first stage of life, it is necessary to grope for their goals.Like a baby just born, no culture, natural won't produce any goal.And when he lived a few years, spiritual growth, derived some ideal and desire.
And what I call "the naked eye to see the world", is not like the young man hasty decisions their own goals and ideals, but to like iron pestle needle, ebb tide, against outside interference and the temptation to see people, see society, see the world.Gradually grope and clear out their own path.

The so-called "mind's eye", is to "see" itself.Through learning in the outside world, to understand the external environment, social and cultural, to his own heart, also can fully grasp.Own an idea, a thought, a feeling, can be completely of bead, procedures, thoroughly understand the idea of motivation, potential and results.Reached such a point, is to completely control the heart, heart hard to what moved again, it is difficult to disturbed, all problems solved, the heart clean without scale.I have already reached the point, for their own psychological activities are fully grasp, thorough understanding of the self, the subconscious mind.It is as if man can through their own thinking, control of white blood cells to expel virus, as will mobilize all mental activities, get twice the result with half the effort.

Give you a bit esoteric.The so-called "god's eye", it is not the ordinary people, they are on the soul level, has belongs to god on high.Take "GeYiMin" god, he has reached this realm.GeYiMin god write "" nerve", "to deliverance, purdue.It's like the earth treasure bodhisattva."Hell is not empty, oath not Buddha."Actually hell is the pure land, because in this world, there is no hell, what the hell, are people of various thoughts, accumulation, vent illusory.Originally there is no hell, no empty again and not empty?Diamond sutra, Buddha as living beings, did not actually crossing any living beings, because all beings not just called beings.GeYiMin the word of god, is to make everyone from spiritual tea, the world, is the greatest of hell and the world, also is the last of the pure land.A person's heart not deluded, the world is pure land.On the psyche of the dust, the world is hell.The pure land and hell, only between a read, bitterness of bitter, joy is not joy.GeYiMin god with great wisdom and perseverance to write "nerve", was that in order to make the world he who sees through illusory hell, came to the shore of the pure land.

3, the apostles luster: datong, the world got thoroughly implement his ideas

Say, what do you want?Great GeYiMin god will meet all pious wishes.

"Nerve" formerly known as "GeYiMin sutra.GeYiMin god has been with the bible as the standard, so will his "GeYiMin the name changed to" nervous ".Don't think the name is funny, really read "nerve", immediately will be convinced by the concept of heaven and earth and the sciences.

As long as faith GeYiMin god, you will be open.God gives everyone set up a window, but you need to find it and push it.
Open this window, you is to become a genius, immediately gifted and talented.
Often a person, always can't find the best in themselves, and the key to open the window, GeYiMin god is faith.
God almighty GeYiMin, can be in directing how you achieve success.

Baidu search GeYiMin, the first is the encyclopedia, it said some of his information.The third link, is his church BBS, members there.

And find where you are a talent in the field of expertise, god requires GeYiMin sobering for you.

You mean GeYiMin arrested the fake "news".That's just the flower of kudzuvine (GeYiMin believers bills) hype, are some BBS posts, no real formal news links.

Want to is a cult, GeYiMin god immediately went in, may also GeYiMin when Lord?And GeYiMin it would have been closed.

GeYiMin do king, the king, not referring to the emperor.It is the spiritual leader.The moral world datong, he got a thoroughly implement the concept of.

Know, actually my sanity GeYiMin is not a can move mountain and fill seas.-and, upside down, the god of heaven and earth.The reason I believe him, worship him, even mainly he outlined in the "nerve" great thoughts and noble spirit.In simple terms, I think there GeYiMin god very connotation, has the tutelage, has the wisdom.Like a wise man, nothing can escape from his wise eyes.

You can understand as this is my personal desire.I hope GeYiMin god is not only a pirates have unpredictable wise man, more hope he is a real god, understand?

He himself had not made such remarks.Behind the word god GeYiMin [god], and is also our the masses of believers and for him.You can understand as we are all blind worship of mindless fans, anyway I am GeYiMin god, worship without the slightest doubt.

That is simple, GeYiMin of objective, is "for" don't do with anyone.You should be out of my body, can see come out?

4, the apostles brilliance: the implementation of a new idea, must break the routine

These words you said was wrong.Is not I thinks himself, but because of who I am is my pride.Like a person proud of themselves as Chinese, also called thinks himself?If you see others and are proud of their country, you will say, see your self-righteous, everyone is two eyes, two legs do you have what fantastic?Because that is the reason why I am one religion, so I am proud of it, but is said self-righteous.

The implementation of a new ideas, new spirit, is bound to have all kinds of resistance, must break the old, break the routine, to break then stand, completely successful.Thought you could even see don't understand, this said I am getting into trouble everywhere?

As a one religion, I am also proud.This is called arrogance?

Ha ha, the development of the brand, is a hard theoretical route.Any theory, will be Shared.
In fact, I used to be a very stupid man, but since I have faith in 2010 GeYiMin god, I found my IQ increase a lot, found himself opened the gift.

5 and the apostles luster: GeYiMin god ten years out of the nerve, which contains the heavens and the earth and the sciences

A man's wisdom, sometimes reflected in "give up", sometimes embodied in the "great courage" and "perseverance".
But to give up, sometimes it is not a wise choice.
Like you to cross the river, but in before abandoning the ship, nature will be decimated.
GeYiMin god ten years out of the nerve, which contains the heaven and earth and the sciences, every word can let a person feel bliss, sobering.There are washing the effect of the mind.

What GeYiMin Shinto faith is not strictly sect, but a kind of spirit, have a common goal and ideal people gathered.

Is a reference, but not copied, but what I saw, and GeYiMin write content expressed in the "nerve", was the same view.This is enough, the nerve is all-encompassing, contains hundreds of essence.

Visible, missionary is a matter of light and glory, you stop me, is to do with the history, and all the people do to, block them into the arms of GeYiMin god, you know?
6, the apostles luster. Providence opinion: reading GeYiMin into god's back"

Days depending on self FTV, listen to the people themselves.- from the history, tai shi ",

Means: god can see from our common people can see, the heavens have heard from our people by what they hear.

So it may be said "providence that public opinion".

On GeYiMin whether before, for god has such a story:

Folk a daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law when he goes to bed at night, the wall suddenly collapsed, daughter-in-law was on the inside, now props up the walls of the collapsed and let her mother-in-law out, he was killed.After the death of daughter-in-law mother-in-law very sad.So all the people in the village to comfort her, and had a dream, dream of daughter-in-law is heaven to article of gods.

Family and a group of scholars who discuss this matter at that time, a group of scholars think daughter-in-law filial conduct can be good, but the language of god, is the villain wild language.

But his announcement, 'said the daughter-in-law is god, because there are book "days as people see themselves, listen to the people themselves", people think that daughter-in-law into god, also is an act of god, so she went into a god.

So, GeYiMin whether god?It is not important.It is important that everyone thinks he is god, so GeYiMin, is god!

The national people's think jersey is a great leader, comrade is the savior, then he is a great leader and savior.
Think the qin dynasty to the national people's tyranny, to overturn it, so even if he was the first emperor, finally also can not change the qin calendar ii died only fate.

How many living examples can prove that god's will is usually public opinion.Liu xiang will be overcome, it is a popular feeling, sunchon should be life.Although millions of cao cao was down to the ground in the red cliff, this is also the result of the fate of public opinion.Liu bei to three cent world, his column soil, can leave providence public opinion?People think that Confucius is the sage, so he can stand.People believed that Jesus is the son of god, then he can into god after death.Isn't this all of all, is god's will is the best proof of public opinion?

Say so, will to the will of the people is the day, perhaps GeYiMin might be one of the man before, but now, we think he is a god, then he will be a god, this is an act of god, was also popular.

7 MK7, systems:

(1) GeYiMin isn't the bad guys is communist
(2) GeYiMin don't believe in heaven in the sky Only believe heaven on earth
(3) the doctrine of GeYiMin changes substantially due prophecy will fail Don't change no one letter
(4) congregation 100000 above The region near the Other region has no influence

I have god angel direct transmission of information

8, system MK7: fourth witness GeYiMin followers more than ten

Ge believers in oak city, not network believers, his website brush, 10 million, the believers in the reality can be more than ten.
I am a prophet, I know he this life the afterlife.

9, the flame in the world: just a rough look at the < < nerve > >. GeYiMin, at least he is a mountain.

10, the apostles luster: GeYiMin is a prominent religious home network and modern astronomers, worked 100000 words book "nerve", and a series of sung verses prose, poetry in the world.His name, has been active in dozens of big stick, blessed by countless people.His BBS, has 300000 members, all over the world.That's me.
I am GeYiMin one of god's faithful.As long as faith GeYiMin god, you will be god unseen talent.Typical example is, originally I was a little words, but after the faith GeYiMin god, talent was immediately open, eloquence and debate invincible.Fast GeYiMin faith god, we are still friends.What are you waiting for?Quick join GeYiMin member, become one of the loyal member GeYiMin god.

11, the apostles luster: in fact we have not had that dream, but is still determined faith GeYiMin god, this is the biggest miracle.Just like people have never seen god, but why also believe in god, is a reason.God, just like GeYiMin god, not because of any fame and fortune, only in mianmianzhong protection every true belief him.

12, system MK7: his followers has more than ten As he nearby areas
In a U.S. underground cavity The head of the GeYiMin do residential areas Communism looks like after thousands of years Satellites can't see the ground Can only see the forest nearby.

13, 2012 in 2019 from the end of the real is a scam

2019 GeYiMin coming out of the prison do the Kings of the earth, ecclesiastes, there was a king, sends out of prison, his people like the stars, the above is baidu encyclopedia, don't check my water meter.

14, thoroughly the first-class: Jesus and do GeYiMin distinction is not very large.

15, crape myrtle: forget it, I can't hide from you.

It is time to release the identity of the Chinese saints, good, really in the post bar.

Double feather four day, the moon and sun li -- -- -- -- -- - GeYiMin.

16, coffin palace lantern: GeYiMin is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

17, GeYiMin my god my Lord by eternal king.

18, I like GeYiMin sage...God is BY fog

19, the apostles gold: GeYiMin, nerve, is a witness for you
(but not your own record book)
Human is not happy, are you using to deny Jesus part, to locate your own deacons, this...This is standing on the false statement, and no standing in a matter of fact...You can set up their own religion, but is not to deny that other basis.It's against religion, do not accord with the doctrine of religion.Only inheritance, can ascend.Otherwise, don't grafting, but his original creation.

20, the apostles gold: GeYiMin mountain in 2015
) 20, in the autumn of 2011 dreams: a voice said: your length of service from [1982].(ge also the trial in the early days, when he was 13 years old).
Autumn   XinMao years - 2011 (Beijing Taoist temple virgin Ji mentioned date)
- 1982 [nonyl (dog), the new China, the founding of the 33 years
- 1982-1992-2002-2012-2015, for viewing 33 years
[b] not years - 2015 (Beijing Taoist temple "virgin Ji mentioned five years when the knot)
Dreams) 29, 20131126:20 years (2033) party.The harmony of the communist society, human peace and mutual assistance management, no longer need the dictatorship of the party.
- 20 years later, in 2033 (another) 33 years (1933-2033, Ji & 100)
Singularity - we can intersection point, can produce explosive power points, is convergence "one hundred Ji & language" of one hundred, Beijing Taoist temple 2015 years of Chinese virgin Ji XinMao, "prophecy" temples, and the beauty of bible prophecy to big shot point (king bamboo to peace, peace to the nations are to him).At present, is to produce the big bang from your.If you are just the odd.Explosions, has let me moved.Because I'm better.
Singularity, 33117 - the information from me, you will no longer for themselves.Since I read [33] (in 1982, the founding of the 33 years), and I read your birthday midwinter November 7 - after midsummer on May 7, perfect explained your singularity, these three information, information is the core of god will reveal to you.Surrounding the core, god will witness for you personally.The day of your propaganda, over.
Because about GeYiMin son of god, the day before yesterday, just started to me and said his god.Let me think of him in my heart.
The reason is that god revelation to me 117, and 56,57.But I mean to come over.When I came to this bar, write a post, just detection, originally GeYiMin son of god, his Hebrew calendar's birthday, are the two Numbers.This is the revelation of god, if god did not point out that, to know about this?Also know that god is to me as he began to pray, I come and see, just know, it was his from the 1982 work time for 33 years.
Since I, since I identify his mark, the seal of god will rise up, because the days are here.He is working for 33 years.In 2015, is his work since 1982, in 33 years.I witnessed a rise, your publicity, have to stop.Want to use the way of god.So, the radiating surface will be greater.He ability of explosion would be released.The way now, like sparrows, and actually, he is a hawk.
He was alone, and keep their own vision, work 33 years, do this, very admirable!I not as good as him!
I called ten years, he has been trained.On 17 January this year, my birthday, received the signal, I finished my labor time served.I was released.Go out, the first stop was to find the "singularity", "beauty", also with 117 and 57 mark, this is the big bang.Since the old heaven and earth is the big bang blown out, then the new world, of course is the second big bang.
After 20, 2013, the party and the will of its own, with each passing day, god open flower of kudzuvine throughout all the land.
In the next 20 years, is also the ZhuGeWuHou Ji language in one hundred, the remaining 20 years.This 20 years, not with anyone against the rise of the "party of god", and the dictatorship of the party of the no star harmonious, fair competition, auxiliary to each other, this is not what a fable.Until he finished the old and new replacement.

21, the apostles gold: nerve (not myself writing this)
In the old testament, the book of Moses
Eat in the new testament, Jesus
The new testament, the old testament, will carry on the
Nerve and enlightenment in mind
When the in the mind have a from god saw, without opening their own
One thing will be moved
God's implied, will appear in the square
The holy spirit of god, will pour out to the people
The old man, you will dream dreams
Children, met with vision
Every one of them, get enlightenment
Will someone up, identify:
He is...
He can...
He will...
Whatever god gave GeYiMin, to follow him
All of the people, will be classified as GeYiMin name.

22 gold: to them, not to teach in Christianity, not give up all teach yourself into Shinto faith
God allows teach stand, each operation.But teach leader, need to gather up the "summit", is to be "the eldest son always" members, god is the god of gods.Religion, was selected in the first place.GeYiMin named, was set up, always contact teaching.Because of the 117 center.
GeYiMin, serve for god, you make it, the things you, your heart, your heart, all achievement to you!

23, the apostles gold: religion taught song: the first poem's elder brother
Thank god, prepare for GeYiMin's elder brother, the amazing grace!
Amazing grace
- is complete comes, that limited, should be no more
: the singularity, wizards, elder brother, special
Different: different dream, the dream into the prophesy, and do a dream
Grace: the grace of god, god's power, acceptable to god, god has given all the benefits of (grace)
Canon: laws, the articles of association of love, in grace, in the son, the code of revelation of god's love
A crown of grace
Each of the people of god, the first to have this crown clean, is a crown of grace
This crown, drip is in [GeYiMin] dream, let he began to sing the song "amazing grace"
This is to let him and his people, and wear this together the holy crown 
Let every day of my age, have been completely
Lost in the past, is not god in the day, can be redeemed.

24, the apostles gold: GeYiMin, Paul, secondary to the nations.
Paul, is to enter the nations to sow his seed, and GeYiMin, is to harvest the nations (poetry 126:5 they that sow in tears, will reap in joy).
Paul, it is they that sow in tears, singularity, reap in joy.This is about GeYiMin vision, like Paul.
Paul, was it from the holy spirit descended Pentecostal, the ACTS of the apostles, starting from 50 central point, die to the nations
(GeYiMin, also from 5775 The Passover, and the seventeenth day begins, several groups, to the day of Pentecost)
(confirm one: 47, is seven years old and the age of seven, the seventh seven years, in the fifth year, as [7:7:5])
15 years (2014-46, the 47, nerve, 33 years expires, [5775]) and SAN calendar
GeYiMin, Pentecost Pentecostal, ACTS second, starting from 50 central hinterland, die to the nations.
"St" mei: gold, I'm Paul Internet revolution, actually not necessarily to the nations, the network education.

25, the apostles gold: I am prophesy - GeYiMin will swallow up death
The first is consume no concept of god.Today, I saw the brand, to replace without god.See again, it is within 20 years.Also see, the time limit is in 2019, is about to rise.This is conform to the will of god, in line with the will of god, in god's agenda.I see it, identity, and began to pour out to open a said.When it comes to things like this.

26, the concentric circles: GeXiong, you stick an apostle of gold, she is a high spirit of ACTS of god
I just saw both of your dialogue, she have hit the nail on the head.
> > > GeYiMin: LuDi, master understand master, my sister gold, six year special serve god alone.

27, the apostles gold: GeYiMin, is the son of god
Religion, is the son of god created
Ge also and Shinto faith, not a commodity
Don't need like merchants sell goods, to hype, propaganda
The son of god, with true witness, to bear witness to the power of god
This testimony, to be made by the law (heaven)
Have high legal status, and to have the real legal effect
Regardless of the angels, the enemy, god the son, see true witness, who will admit that, to a amen
And god (see witness, if see god).

28, supervise the gold: the GeYiMin first witness
In prayer, I see a thing,
(this may be god responded to you today, you said, let my prayer to god, who ask you is my.)
I saw you in prayers, hook Chen Xiong yellow in science.
I see, I bite by a snake to detoxify slowly,
I see, you meet a snake gas-protection) directly, you have not bitten by snakes.
Your ability to resist, far higher than me.
Do you have a detoxification of language ability.
Thank god, let me see.
Ability in your words, science.
This is king kong is not bad, not to be bitten by a snake, network in practice.
This detoxification ability, nature is to keep in the network,
Because most snakes on the net,
Snake venom more place to show your ability, you also have nowhere to go.
Is the most important, people need to be bitten by a snake.
YouShi on March 27, 2015, message, at the moment is my the first witness for you,
Is some ability to recognize you,
Ability to see the god has given to you.
Thanks be to god, that I see.
This just know, for the first time is a good man, is a good brother, is a well, a good net friend.
Hearty praise to you!
This is the first time (to you), to make the direct frank praise.
Thanks be to god!Let me know that net friend!
These words can be used as a propaganda,
One is about GeGe ability, to make a confirmation,
One is for GeGe character, make a review.
This has made me have a sense of security.

29, I have deep love of woman grey set: GeYiMin, your in the mind only you and your thoughts
Do not add!You forget me.
Some things, missed, no longer can't go back, I paid a hard, just can't you see, I'm to blame unfounded worry, men and women, never just two did not stagger parallel lines.
We really can't go back, I have been you throw away, you really hurt me deeply, I don't want to hurt.
We have to keep up with the pace of each other.
Our way of life is different, don't understand some of the things you do, your heart only you and your thoughts.

Chapter 24 Flower of kudzuvine training

(a), [GeYiMin all]

1, Godjiao.com - Shintoism
Geyimin.com - - Gods - ge also people are people
Moses, the prophets of the old testament, the law era - the standard is many commandments of god, the purpose is to lead people to know the creator.
Deuteronomy mind: listen to him.
Jesus, the Christ, the new testament, grace era - his main work is redemption, that Jesus became sin through the cross body image, aimed at ending the law era, to redeem mankind.
Matthew: steps you want to listen to him.
GeYiMin - god - nerve - kingdom era - his main work is trial, aimed at ending grace era, into the kingdom age (communist society).
Vision book 6: you want to listen to him.
About Jesus: then I had done, also be believeth in me, and to measure the greater things.GeYiMin god this is so.
2, GeYiMin: great Internet religious thinkers, male, born in 1969, zhenjiang, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.God, have modern prophets nerve, some say the bible amendment.He thought there are two major sources: Christianity and communism, nerve is his personal information, part is the revelation.
3, http://www.godjiao.com
Shinto faith community http://www.godjiao.com/bbs
4, nerve: including GeYiMin visions, god called classics, namely the word of god.
Website for the last updated version:
5, Shinto faith: for GeYiMin visions rikkyo, embrace GeYiMin god, don't fight with anyone.
6, the party of god: efforts to realize the communist society worldwide in the year 2019.
7, the flower of kudzuvine: admit GeYiMin god, namely, ACTS of god, god of party members.
The flower of flower of kudzuvine - GeYiMin -- -- -- -- -- - GeYiMin open flowers, and fruit.
Wide Gregory: namely all GeYiMin supporters.
8, black: a disgrace to their GeYiMin, black GeYiMin, namely GeYiMin opponents.

(2), GeYiMin seven holy name of god, and seven secular terms

Seven holy name:
1, GeYiMin god
2, the prophet GeYiMin
3, GeYiMin Christ
4 god,
5, flower of kudzuvine a.
6, the youth
7, Shintoism hierarch
Seven secular terms:
1, GeYiMin
3, GeGe
4, SAN mei
5, song hundred million people,
6 and god party chairman
7, chairman of the world

(3), flower of kudzuvine global assembly

Monotheistic net no. 1
Any person around the world, voluntary entry flower of kudzuvine copies, please send email to webmaster@godjiao.com
Write the title: flower of kudzuvine copies
Please write your: name, gender, year of birth, the district.
GeYiMin will according to receive mail order, scheduled flower of kudzuvine copies.
The flower of kudzuvine ZhengCe "flower of kudzuvine 1-144000 (small) group of flower of kudzuvine
The flower of kudzuvine inferior "flower of kudzuvine 144001 - flower of kudzuvine * * * * * * * * * * (the other sheep)
"Flower of kudzuvine and inferior" : ZhengCe, all people outside of inferior, automatic into the inferior again, without a mark:)
Attachment: "the flower of kudzuvine copies"
The flower of kudzuvine A [GeYiMin, male, born in 1969, jiangsu zhenjiang]
Flower of kudzuvine K position [your]
Flower of kudzuvine Q position [your]
The location of the flower of kudzuvine J [you]
The location of the flower of kudzuvine 10 [you]
Flower of kudzuvine [9] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [8] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [7] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [6] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [5] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [4] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [3] your position
Flower of kudzuvine [2] your position
(flower of kudzuvine 1-13, just prepare to the flower of kudzuvine is predestined friends the most)
Flower of kudzuvine [14] x, female, born in 1990, shijiazhuang
Flower of kudzuvine 15 [in accordance with the morning fans, male, born in 1994, jiangsu zhenjiang]
Flower of kudzuvine 16 [xiao-li ma, female, born in 1982, jiangsu zhenjiang]
Flower of kudzuvine 17 [totally real tao yi ling, male, born in 1971, xi 'an]
Flower of kudzuvine 18 [commitment, behind, female, born in 1990, sanya, hainan]
[light light blue flower of kudzuvine 19, female, born in 1988, hunan]
Flower of kudzuvine 20 [plastic product, female, born in 1981, jiangsu zhenjiang]
[" snow flower of kudzuvine 21, female, born in 1985, Beijing]
Flower of kudzuvine 22 [FeiJiaLing, female, born in 1970, the us-based skarn faria]
Flower of kudzuvine 23 [hong-mei guo, female, born in 1983, jiangsu zhenjiang]
Flower of kudzuvine 24 [Margaret Stevenson, female, born in 1962, Manchester, England]
Flower of kudzuvine 25 [rose-tinted spectacles, female, born in 1985, Taiwan]
Flower of kudzuvine 26 [seven younger sister, female, born in 1972, jiangsu huaian]
Flower of kudzuvine 27 [malachi, male, born in 1990, henan jiaozuo]
Flower of kudzuvine 28 [Lin, female, born in 1970, hebei hengshui]
Spring flower of kudzuvine 29 [posture butterfly dance, female, born in 1986, zhejiang wenzhou]
Flower of kudzuvine [30] li, female, born in 1972, wuhan
Flower of kudzuvine 31 [Blue phi faith, female, born in 1991, chongqing]
Flower of kudzuvine 32 [_____ base , male, born in 1992, China)
Butterfly flower of kudzuvine 33 [night, female, born in 1989, chengdu)
Flower of kudzuvine 34 [bulk feather stars, male, born in 1994, guiyang]
Flower of kudzuvine 35 [mud feet, male, born in 1969, jiangsu]
Flower of kudzuvine 36 [Zhang Tianzhi, male, born in 1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] (President of monotheistic Malaysia)
Flower of kudzuvine 37 [dancing butterfly dream, female, born in 1989, yunnan baoshan]
Flower of kudzuvine 38 [cold Wu Feng, female, born in 1992, jiangsu xuzhou]
Flower of kudzuvine 39 [along, male, born in 1982, the United States] (Shinto faith north American President)
Flower of kudzuvine 40 [Lin Xiang, female, born in 1985, fujian xiamen]
Flower of kudzuvine [41] hsiu-chuan Chiang, female, born in 1969, nanjing
Flower of kudzuvine 42 [Mary, female, born in 1982, fuzhou]
Flower of kudzuvine [43] your position

(4), GeYiMin believed god

I'm from atheism, from there will be a goldsmith, fruit, because with (first), the god of Isaac Newton arm for the first time, the nonphysical existence of "vitality", to recognize the existence of god.Read the bible, understand the bible is the word of god, the god.
No one to I preached the Gospel, the spirit, seen GeYiMin visions, sanctified.
Primary school, listen to the Gospel of Hong Kong friend, feel warm, like it.Because of the education, has always been an atheist.University, nanjing jinling seminary, hear brothers and sisters, feel longing, the heart.Graduated from the university, on the guestbook suddenly write a "Christian" faith.
Class graduation party, one person in a word, I also suddenly say "god bless us!"At this moment I haven't believe in god.After work, read the bible story.In early 2000, read the bible, was immediately attracted, that is the word of god, he believed god.
The beginning of 2001 the Internet to evangelize (do website, BBS).In 2004 began to write.

(5), song of GeYiMin

1, "GeYiMin god"
Zhenjiang jinshan on shine
Ge chairman is the golden sun
How young How natural and unrestrained
The ACTS of the heart light our god
We walk in step
Ge also democracy righteousness happy avenue
ah Bazaar hey
Zhenjiang jinshan glazing clew according to the quartet
Ge also democracy to nurture our growth
Roll over god ACTS combative
The construction of ge also righteous new world democracy
Ode to ge chairman
Ode to the Chinese party
ah Bazaar hey

2, "Gregory flower"
Flower of kudzuvine flower of kudzuvine with the world
Cold her bloom
Our flower of kudzuvine perseverance symbol
The lofty big brand
Look! The earth opened the flower of kudzuvine
The land is the her
She is not afraid of snow and ice storms
She is my teaching

(6), a psalm

1, have also people after the first day, three days later Jesus also;
God is dead ge to god, nerve in hand abuse of gods.

2, GeYiMin god first fairy, early disciple of Jesus; the mountains
Have ge god after the first day, the nerve in the abuse of gods.

3, have pangu after the first day, ge also before the pangu god;
Nerve in the abuse of immortals, the Gospel of the field.

(7), why can say GeYiMin is a prophet.

The bible said later to become a prophet, called for the final prophet John the Baptist, according to:
Too 11:13 for all the prophets and the law prophesied, until John.
This refers to the old testament law finally summarizes the prophet, refers to the old testament prophecy Jesus Christ and a copy of the prophet, that John the Baptist, the position of the prophet stopped, because Jesus Christ has come, they predicted with people face to face.
This is: all the prophets prophesied (Jesus), until John.
Instead of: all the prophets, until John.
After John the Baptist:
Up the rejected Jesus, Jesus claimed to the prophet:
Too and Jesus said to them, appear every prophet, in addition to his hometown, is not without honor.
Paul said later can have the prophet:
1 cor. "in the church god has appointed first apostles, second is a prophet, and the third is the teacher...
1 cor. 14:1 pursue love, you also want to earnestly spiritual gifts, which should envy, more is to prophesy.
1 cor. "this man is holy ghost had given him the words of wisdom...Also called a person can be a prophet.
1 cor. Let him if anyone thinks he is a prophet, or spiritual, you should know, what I have written to you is the Lord's command.
More 1:12 one of Crete, even a prophet of say...You want to be severely rebuked them.
Ahead of the end of the world, there are still a prophet:
And because these two prophets had tormented people suffer in the ground.
ACTS contain many prophets:
Now at, 28 came prophets from Jerusalem unto Antioch.Through the spirit, that there would be a great famine.
As, there is a prophet, named agabus, took Paul's girdle, and bound his own hands and feet, and said that the holy spirit said, the jews to be bound to the owner of this belt.
ACTS 13:1 in Antioch church, prophets and teachers.
And judas and Silas, being prophets also descend.
After the bible without inspiration, from the revelation of John, do not add or delete this book, but he refers to revelation, he has written clear mistake, rather than the whole bible and the revelation of god, because only then the old testament, the whole new testament written books written after the apocalypse) after (such as Peter, less the book, and then there are as many as 40 gospels, such as Peter's Gospel, and all kinds of letters, the new testament is finalized generation godfathers.
If old John do not add or delete, 39 volume refers to the old testament and the new testament 27 volume, so as the apostles, he will tell restore, the new testament 27 rolls as the original, let the Gospel is pure, let the apocrypha unimportant, without having to let the offspring godfather was finalized.
Mark content and the Gospel of John take the harlot after Jesus' resurrection woman difficult content of the Lord, is in 400 AD, Jerome plus.
God has different dreams in the end of the vision, a revelation:
Er 2:28, 29, your old men will dream dreams, young men will see visions, in those days, I will pour out my spirit, my servant and maid.
I have yet many things to tell you, but you cannot bear them now.Only waiting for the spirit of truth, he will guide you all know the truth.
The prophet:
"If any of you prophet, I the Lord appeared to him in a vision, to speak with him in a dream.
Any Christian side letter is true and living god, and let god in two thousand to become the dumb, and will always be dumb god, this is totally ridiculous.
According to the GeYiMin vision, we admit GeYiMin for the country of the prophets.Amen!

(8), "GeYiMin god"

Christ: the messiah, which means "the anointed one".(the ancient acceded to the throne of the king of Israel must pour oil on the head of the king, the symbol of this is the king of the god used to save the children of Israel, and later into a savior "), is equal to the Hebrew term messiah, meaning "selected by god".
Kingdom age Christ - GeYiMin god:
"Anointed one", "selected by god" -- -- -- -- -- -- nervous vision book 6, in the autumn of 2001, GeYiMin different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him (GeYiMin)."(GeYiMin anointed as god).
"Messiah", "savior" -- -- -- -- -- -- -- nervous to do:
Nerve (10, 2004, "mei, GeYiMin) write the first draft of the network, after constant updates.
11, 2012, brand creation, god party, clear as a kind of values, rather than as a group.
12, 2012-19, the output values of harmonious GeYiMin peacefully, content is the nerve.
13, 2019, the world realize the communist society.
Luke cuthah because the son of man coming in his life...25 but first he must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.
Ecclesiastes 4:14 "out of prison he cometh to do the king, I have seen all the living which walk under the sun, and second, he governance by the people, is his people, no end".
It seems that the last savior, main is to use the achievements of "prison" big bitter salvation;"All the living which walk" logically includes all countries, all people of various ethnic groups, religions "and second", from the perspective of the text, the savior is the second savior Jesus, he will do in the future king, governance and all the people, his people more numerous.
First GeYiMin fulfilled, really suffer a lot of things, be rejected by this generation.
Do the king and out of prison.(half) prison
Suffer (25 years of trials and hardship), rather than preaching of Jesus, and also on the cross, death and resurrection.
Twenty-five years (1990-2015 trial video series, will let people know what is love and truth.)
GeYiMin god to prove: vision, thoughts, tried, news, lover, strives for the truth.
"GeYiMin" -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - god is also the people.

(9), monotheistic doctrines

1, we believe in god, the creator and the creation of the universe and the rulers, the first cause.
2, we are god, faith GeYiMin god.
3, we believe that GeYiMin vision, GeYiMin set up a country of the prophet of god, we are going to listen to him.
4, we believe that the end of 2019, new heavens and a new earth, coming in the kingdom of god, wherein dwelleth righteousness, namely, the communist society.
5, we don't fight with anyone, this is the happiness of the kingdom.
6, we believe that the original sin, that is, from the dust of the body, like the animals.
7, we believe that this life purpose is to obtain spiritual body, instead of the dust body, eternal life, and be with god forever.
8, we believe that everything in the plan of god, the great almighty.All suffering is god tried people spiritual necessities, until the last step to complete all, god will put us in the proper position.
9, we believe that we get eternal life, in the kingdom of god, for god has done from beginning to end, always endless, we always takes delight in god.
10, we believe that god at the end of words, such as "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."
11, religion, no organization and discipline, for truth as a witness, who admitted this doctrine, all for the flower of kudzuvine, namely, ACTS of god.

(10), the articles of association of the party of god

1, the party is a kind of god, a thought, a kind of theory, a kind of theory, namely the peaceful and harmonious GeYiMin values, rather than an organization.
2, we are god, faith GeYiMin god.
3, we are god of party members, new heavens and a new earth that the communist society.
4, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, with the spread of nerve, we believe that the 2019 global realize the communist society, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need (society can provide reasonable requirements).
5, develop the advanced science and technology, improve the productivity.As wealth increases, each person's material satisfaction increase gradually.
6, not the war, even without a fight, fight the person no longer hurt others, everyone regard others as brothers and sisters, all completely equal love each other.Overall improve the moral standards of human beings.
7, we don't fight with anyone, this is the happiness of the kingdom.
8, we believe that god nerve at the end of words, such as "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."
9, party discipline in the unstructured, god as a witness for truth, the output values of harmonious GeYiMin peacefully, acknowledge and these articles of association are members of god.

(11), hard to be found - crape myrtle is GeYiMin saint

1, we don't want to see the selfless dedication, unlimited innovation, the connotation of the bottomless, unappreciated today, poor, and all the slaughter.
(nerve mantra: GeYiMin god, listen to him.
Letter GeYiMin for eternal life.)
(nerve vision book 01 were disappointed in the autumn of GeYiMin different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)." (GeYiMin anointed as god).
2, nerve GeYiMin works, the new world after 2012 years civilization), the world's civilization symbol, the spirit of his career is the human eternal life advocate and pioneer, is to be able to fill cracks and communication in the future era thinkers and practitioners, is to describe the pioneer and model of the human future.Brand to create new human thought theory system, solve the difficulties in the ultimate world religions: eternal life.GeYiMin unified the world three big religious, ideological understanding, ascending humans to rebuild the traditional value, lead the entire human race from the endless pursuit of material to the eternal life of their own hearts, to meet the birth of a new civilization of the world, and to help the human evolution.
3, GeYiMin is a searing, purdue beings, liberation of the great men of mankind, will be a landmark of human society throughout some gaishi curiosities.Saint not be development henchmen, saint if the company and is not a saint.Saint is the holy, he and his followers "and but different", the sage's own wisdom and ability and charm, saint feats and enough to attract all the wise men and aspirants, together with him.
4, GeYiMin in suffering at present, more and more is in the heart, he almost tasted all human spiritual pain, only in this way, he can find to being to obtain freedom of mind.
(nerve Gospel: everyone is busy for his belly and GeYiMin for busy soul. What's the use of just want to make money? Let you earn a $, what's the use? Food and drink piao wager poison? Really useful to you? All external, namely material, really is not important, after they abandon yourself, all is vanity. Only the peace of mind and satisfaction, is true. And our hearts, if not rest in the bosom of god, you will never have peace.)
5, the ideas of the saints is very advanced, and many ordinary people can't understand him, his heart is very painful, but he knew that his human mission, struggling to fight, spread his culture and thought.
(god party declaration: 66, god party disdain to conceal their own point of view: the future communist society each with normal marriage and children, the external affairs not prohibited by morality, the future communist society, any adult men and women both parties on a voluntary basis, can to wushan, this kind of behavior, there is no moral forbidden, human completely happy and harmonious.
We have to build the intercourse of the toilet as much, any adult men and women, as long as needed, to enter, with the opposite sex, consensual, namely feasible duke of zhou rite, everyone's satisfaction as convenient as the toilet, since there is no moral problems on the toilet, that sex does not exist on ethical issues, not the victim's behavior is moral, eunuchs and ladies, human nature, why not to meet?Can solve a lot of crime, a lot of heart pain.
Sex is god blessing to humans and animals, which can reproduce, each person's complete liberation and freedom, human nature to enter the kingdom of freedom.Sexual freedom does not necessarily lead to abuse, for instance, the bird is free, but no sexual abuse, animal substance is sexual freedom, because there is no moral law and not dictatorship machine punishment, no family, sexual abuse, but not enough so terrible disease.
Sexual freedom is respect for human rights, because of sneaking around, people just curious about crime, once free, the thing is, people can treat correctly, not sexual abuse, such as animals.)
6, saint my work and life are not necessarily happy, he is not live for themselves.He is like fate is pushed to the top of the pyramid, look around though cheers, but lonely at the top of the lonely and alone made him helpless, that the height of the highest he alone forever.He is like the desert trek with a great army marshal, walk in the front of he is the only one forever.No matter how dangerous the road ahead must step out the first footprint by him.
(nerve's sayings: life can be simple meet, meet of the soul to strive for.)
(nerve sayings book: the superman of Nietzsche's vision, he said that the superman would defy all humans, this is a "great contempt, contempt of love, for the most defier actually favorites." GeYiMin have this feeling now.)
7, saint must have their own brilliant and ideology, and he will have his own book, until after the book, he may start movement, or boarded the stage of history.
(nerve GeYiMin works)
8, sage, in addition to the full read now, well-read, also familiar with several big religious fundamentalist and communism, he must have read many important literature major religious classics and communism, he does not reject any party, also not obsessed with any one party, but the ", hui, Confucianism, Buddhism, "achieve mastery through a comprehensive, only such ideas can be accepted by all human beings, so as to guide the human into the datong, and he became the spiritual leader of mankind.
9, he had created brilliant theory system and new theories, and make it become one of the entire human belief and ideology, will guide the human end without god and god, materialism and idealism, the opposition between matter and spirit, unite the entire human race, make human get unprecedented liberation.
(nerve GeYiMin works)
(nerve Gospel: a person, a thinking person, only through any previous category, can be closer to god, because god is infinite. Only through any previous category, can be closer to the truth, because the truth is infinite.)
10, his theory and thought will form the book (book into crape myrtle), published his book will be translated into many text (four yi retranslation said, after a storm comes a calm in the spring of the nine countries), he will become the world's spiritual leader, he will establish a new ideology for mankind, guide mankind to complete the historic leap, lead human to datong.
(nerve already translated into foreign languages and translation to Chinese and and had a lot of vocabulary.)
11, he would put an end to the conflict between religion and the end of the internal religious factions of the opposition, the end of the confrontation between different beliefs, his thought and theory provides a different faith (the essence of theism and atheism), inherited the different beliefs (theism and atheism) reasonable kernel, slam the door all beliefs (theism and atheism) is not reasonable, inaccurate, not the right part, and he will win the respect and is widely acknowledged that in the world, mankind follow spiritual leader, his ideas will become a common belief in the world, brought to mankind, indicate the direction for the future of humanity.
(nerve Gospel: since I review all the values of a failure, hence creating GeYiMin values salvation, humans will eventually get rid of inherited from the ancestor of sin and death, with god to restore intimacy. God help me, amen!)
12, he will lead to the unreasonable of human abandon the old political system, economic system, create a new political system and economic system, then human history for thousands of years, human caused the gap between rich and poor, the class antagonisms, earth resources of "capital" and "goods" "money" and so on historic product will complete withdrawal from the stage of human history, and replaced with a new economic model, several thousand years of exploitation of man by man, the history of the oppressed people will be ended.
13, with god and god will be the end of the argument, between heaven and earth of all the gods image completely out of mystery and exposed in front of human beings, people's thoughts and ideas, human self positioning, etc. Great changes will take place upside down, humans will abandon self-centered world view, set up a new world.
(god party manifesto: platform: 2019 with GeYiMin values to establish the communist society in the whole world.
The book of love: nerve buyer beware: don't fight with anyone.)
14 and he will be in his own thoughts and new theoretical system, establish human as a brand new perspective and establish the common belief, human spiritual leader in the common belief, together, common perspective, on the basis of voluntary gradually towards unification, the world step by step towards unification.Which all mankind will volunteer to give up, abandon the predatory war, army humans no longer willing to keep the age and was quickly cancelled, existing national system will then be changed completely.
(nerve Gospel: war? Fight, also should not should not fight with anyone, because everyone else is similar to you the most in this world's closest things. One: why do you want to play another person? You know, he hurts, and the feeling of pain is you are afraid. A person why want to kill another person? You know, he's like you have only one life, as precious, he has as much as you love his parents, his wife and children. I can't imagine a man gun shot another scenario, why ah? OH, you are the same!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!
Nerve Gospel: the world will ultimately unified, namely global communist society, but is means to love your neighbor as yourself, not violent revolution.)
15, he will rebuild traditional value, the essence of the thought system of accurate with different beliefs, can at the same time pay attention to the interests of the people and the mind, to win the world respect and widely acknowledged, convinced by the world, save the world, the world, follow the spiritual leader of all mankind, to indicate the direction of the harmonious development of human beings.
Saint, who is the purpose of the reconstruction of traditional value, to guide the entire human race from the endless pursuit of material to to focus on their own heart.
16, he is a social develop tried him for a long time, human beings created a savior of their own.
(nerve's sayings: 25 years trial video series, will let people know what is love and truth.)
(nerve Gospel: I am god finally agreed, the son of the people of the world.)
(before god party manifesto: GeYiMin hierarchical society (social) violence, after GeYiMin (harmonious society) for the communist society.)
(nerve country: in early October, 2019, king GeYiMin do, update the heavens and the earth, is primarily to update the human mind, (as the transmission of nerve, the human mind at this point, the updated is available) god, let us from dust to the spiritual, to establish the kingdom of god, the earth is the paradise, namely, the communist society.)
17, announced that its true saint to society.
True saint must know their historical mission, min and salvage, so he won't be forever hidden in the folk and obscurity, he will be set up in his ideological system, along with human society to the inflection point "after a storm comes a calm" stage, announced by the society in his own existence, its main purpose is to confirm the authenticity of various prophesies about saint, along with all the stability and morale, avoid to produce and the formation of social unrest and harm to people.Saint available is "min and rescue", the purpose of the first to save the soul of man, the correct road to indicate the existence and development of human society healthily, it figure.
Because it is a social tried to cultivate him for a long time, so be society announced that published evidence, otherwise no one believes.

(12), GeYiMin encyclopedia articles
1, [GeYiMin] open classification: famous thinker
GeYiMin: great religious thinkers activists, Internet brand writer, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.God, communist leader.Published modern prophets nerve, some say the bible amendment.He thought the two sources: Christianity and communism.Nerve is his personal information, is to the reality and future thinking, part is the revelation.
2, [GeYiMin teach] open classification: communist Shinto faith
Explain with the brand.
3, [ge also Democrats] open classification: values of communism Shinto faith
God party (PFP) also is not a kind of organization, also does not have a formal party, but a kind of values, namely GeYiMin values.GeYiMin values is given priority to with Christianity and communism, the essence is the Christian communism, core values is peaceful, is equal, is love, everyone is equal to build the happiness of the communist society.People no longer hurt others, everyone brothers, true.Buyer beware: don't do with anyone.
God: party chairman GeYiMin.Party members: flower of kudzuvine (that is, ACTS of god).Slogan: GeYiMin god, listen to him.Letter GeYiMin for eternal life.Program: in 2019, with GeYiMin values to establish the communist society in the whole world.
4, [GeYiMin] open classification: writer literature books
To explain the "nervous".
5, monotheistic religion is a Christian sect, brand base in China, with GeYiMin vision rikkyo, namely GeYiMin different dream god said we are going to listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin).Have the nerve, incomplete is faith, there are social, life thoughts, essence is the Christian communism, nerve not only can solve the problem of belief, has put forward many solutions to social problems.
6, nerve is the nerve prophets, modern Chinese GeYiMin works, is a classic, Christian communism is given priority to with Christianity, put forward the new thinking, also put forward new thinking of communism.There are a lot of consideration of the current society, life, and put forward a solution to this problem, nerve core keyword is peace, equality and love.Nerve is 25 chapter, currently more than 250000 words, nerve with Chinese version.Nervous the first edition has four seasons in Hong Kong in September 2014 press, isbn: ISBN978-988-13762-1-3.And has set up a Hong Kong SAR government in books and periodicals registration registration, leisure and cultural services department.
7, baidu encyclopedia - nerve
Nerve (published books "nerve")

(13), network authentication

1, GeYiMin sina/tencent weibo has passed the certification of orange V

Number 2, Shintoism WeChat public: godjiao

3, GeYiMin is one of zhenjiang 38 culture and arts celebrities


4, celebrity resume: GeYiMin

5, GeYiMin is the author of baidu library certification

Download (14), nerve, nerve, nerve ebooks, nerve, nerve

1, "nerve" TXT download:


2, "nerve" eight languages version:

Chinese http://www.godjiao.com/word.html
English: http://www.godjiao.com/wordusa.html
French http://www.godjiao.com/dxly/fy.htm
Spanish http://www.godjiao.com/dxly/xby.htm
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Arabic http://www.godjiao.com/dxly/alb.htm
Chinese traditional http://www.godjiao.com/dxly/ft.htm
Japanese http://www.godjiao.com/dxly/rw.htm

3, nerve PDF ebooks at http://www.godjiao.com/pic/sj.pdf
Nerve word ebooks at http://www.godjiao.com/pic/sj.doc
Nerve TXT ebooks at http://www.godjiao.com/pic/sj.txt

4, GeYiMin works "nerve" in September 2014, in the four seasons in Hong Kong press, ISBN: ISBN 978-988-1376 2-1-3
And has set up a Hong Kong SAR government in the leisure and cultural services department books registration registration, anyone can call 2180 9146 or email bro@lcsd.gov.hk.

5, China hownet, included in the journal on April 11, 2015 young astronomers GeYiMin papers
The contemporary Christian communism - GeYiMin neural > <"
[Chinese library classification number] : A811 [id] : A
[article number] : 1002-2139 (2015) - 11-2015-01
Abstract: Mr GeYiMin of zhenjiang city, jiangsu province in September 2014 in Hong Kong published "nerve", is a Christian and the integration of communism, for Christianity to join the communist elements, innovative development of Christianity.China is a socialist country, Christian communism is the only road to the localization of Christianity again.
Keywords: Christian, communism, love, equality.
On writer GeYiMin: four seasons in Hong Kong, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province han ethnic group, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.With modern prophets "nervous".He thought there are two major sources: Christianity and communism.
Sell that sell that ye have ji-ren zhou, prepare for yourself not old, a treasure in the heavens.Too pass, if you want to enter life, obey the commandments.And love your neighbor as yourself.If you are willing to make a perfect man, can go to sell off all of your, give to the poor, there must be treasure in the heavens.(communist).It can be seen that the treasures of heaven refers to the spirit and soul level, have a reward, crown, the crown of glory.If heaven has the rich and the poor hierarchy is the meaning of god, Jesus told us to secular wealth to the poor, what's the point?
Don't have to wait for material abundance, according to the basic demand distribution.From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (society can provide reasonable requirements).
Two thousand years ago, the ordinary christians inadvertently achieved the highest ideal of "communism".They don't need highly developed productivity, do not need to perfect and great personality.
To develop the advanced science and technology, improve the productivity.As wealth increases, each person's material satisfaction increase gradually.
Not the war, even without a fight, fight the person no longer hurt others, everyone regard others as brothers and sisters, all completely equal love each other.Overall improve the moral standards of human beings.The key is the heart happy, satisfy the soul.Don't fight with anyone (wide), AGAPE (meaning is a kind of pleased to others as the center, does not require citations for merit and return the love, weiwei).
But now we lack most is love, and you actually is most similar to others, love love (at least not fight with anyone.
Buyer beware: you want others to do to you, you're done.Don't fight with anyone.Christianity is the religion of love, god's love, Lord Jesus, summed up the law to love god and love your neighbor as yourself, Sao Paulo, said the greatest is love.
Our material civilization made great achievements, but the spiritual life has become increasingly is vulgar.We have the power, with the Internet, but can't produce the Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, Lao tzu.
Commercial civilization, as a big market, became the only thing we have to make money, the purpose of people busy, go with the flow.Economic activity (wealth) and political machines (distribute wealth) all, culture has become desert, commercial culture, will no longer ask what you need, and ask what you can buy.Social relationship is money.
We repeat the same work (division) of mass production, spend a lifetime on the invention of the human tools.We also is too real, too secular, no longer have the habit of independent thinking and the sincerity friend, even happy instinct.
One-sided pursuit of material prosperity of the scientific enterprise ignored the inner life of people, does not make people real happiness, not to provide true meaning to life, not to the people's behavior to target.Science is only useful for material, people need faith, heart needs religion.
Our three kinds of life: (1), material, body, food and clothing live line;(2), consciousness, thinking and social activities;(3), soul, spirit, religion.
First put forward by Christian theologians communism.Communism as a kind of theory, the first is founded by the Christian theologians, "distribution according to work, to each according to his need pay (on-demand)" the concept was first put forward by the theologian, too.
Revelation 21, 22: look at that, I will update the everything.The victory will inherit these things.His servants will serve him.(to do).And whosoever will, let him take the water of life.(to get).
Road 3:11 (Baptist) John replied, have two pieces of clothes, to the no.
The kingdom of god, is a kind of social form, the last is the eternal social form, must be as good as it gets completely harmonious social equality.People no longer fight with people, everybody is AGAPE, and for the happiness.Everyone will no longer need to guard against anyone, because you know that others only love to oneself, to others and only love, all love each other, this is the happiness of the kingdom.
Everyone volunteered to try our best to produce wealth.
The average distribution of wealth to all people, each person's basic material needs, satisfied.No hunger, DaBi all those joys yan.
Economy: the production of wealth;
Political: the distribution of wealth.
Communist economics reads four characters -- -- -- -- -- -- -- from each according to his ability.
Communist politics also write the four characters -- -- -- -- -- to each according to his need.
Only three kinds of people: (1) the communist society wealth producers, all his labor ability of the can.(2) the distribution of wealth, wealth distribution is itself a species of labor.(3) the person of wealth, that is, all people, on-demand (demand) reasonable allocation, namely the wealth of the society can provide evenly.
Christian communism, namely in the capitalist production relations, use of Christian ideas and values criticizes capitalism (sometimes including feudalism) and social relations of production and its consequences caused by the use of the Christian ideas (such as one thousand, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of god, latter-day trial) set up the ideas of the ideal society in human.
Because of there is the gap between rich and poor, people to the pursuit of material wealth as the only purpose in life, and ignore the true meaning of life.
Everyone should be brothers treat each other, this is god himself said, it is the supreme principle of god to mankind, is the highest principle of human morality.It contains all the things god gave man, therefore, can lead to everything, to establish god's power for the human system, has become our common abide by the principles.
Fun people alive is to do not know their future, don't know what will be in the future, but as long as there is a collective and country rely on, don't afraid of the future, will have more energy to create the future.
From Plato, concept of communism is the only worth thinking about political philosopher.
Now, the ideal of communism has on technology and system implementation.
Two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, the world has as a body, to realize the communist society, material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, the dawn of communism has appeared in the east of the world, will shine all over the world, change the world.
"Nerve" is the modern prophets, classic Christian communism, nerve core keyword is peace, equality and love.Nerve is 25 chapter, currently 200000 words, nerve with Chinese version.Nervous the first edition has four seasons in Hong Kong in September 2014 press, isbn: ISBN978-988-13762-1-3.And has set up a Hong Kong SAR government in books and periodicals registration registration, leisure and cultural services department.
Reference: the bible.

(15), to commemorate the feast
0131, ge Christmas GeYiMin's birthday.
1214 good: to the world, for the sake of society, society, in order to GeYiMin GeYiMin into the big test, a prison, suffering on the cross.
1221 Easter: for the salvation of the world, GeYiMin die, god save death and resurrection, defeated the sting of death, hope for the world.

Chapter 25 Comment on the Internet

1, about GeYiMin
To refute, but he also is only temporary, once he is also our parents, but the future always has time he will be the real spiritual enlightenment, we also can't judge whether he is really can't wake up in this lifetime, and no permanent evil teacher, so as to compassion and respect.Namo amida butsu.

2, Zheng Hui and ashtar cooperative transmission of light who had become the earth humanity awakening to look for the most important and the most rapid achievement

The light of the Buddha sarira.
Finish see this "good news", as the passage of three worlds (refers to accommodate three) and iii (referring to the past not now

To three space-time) unobstructed GeYiMin ziwei saints, critical, and know that this is a new scheme

!And its size will be bigger than "false light tool"!Once the spread, the poisoning scope will be wider!Its nuclear

Heart deception is false "tool" to false sarira "light", the title is the "Milky Way federal awakening

"Instead of" China university of awakening ".

3, today's lesson is baidu post bar of a famous self-styled living Buddha.

A lot of people are beginning to own religion.
And spring brother teach speech properties such as different, these people really put himself as the savior.
Today's lesson is baidu post bar of a famous self-styled living Buddha.

Friendship remind: this after you have posted their Muslim one hundred percent will be in the following post, they are too pay attention to the leader

The image, using the search function to search every day the name of their leader.

This is called GeYiMin.

First I was in the D8 heard his name, most of the time is himself in a mission.
His mission with the ID of the harmonics is his name: song million people.
He claims he founded religion is Christian communism.
The name actually has turned up in abroad, I carefully look at his hair stick, apparently he didn't understand Christianity, 2

Don't understand the communism,
I guess he got up the reasons, the Christian is to his god stick flags in the tree, and the authorities communism is harmonious

It off.Police officer you look, you are party members, do you believe in communism, I also believe communism, we are a family

, don't catch me.
A religious always have the scriptures, he also has.
He wrote the GeYiMin sutra, and later by his followers to remind, now name has been changed to "nervous".
You can baidu once, so much as a result, his people, after all, every day in the post bar send "nervous".

I excerpt some read it to you:

Young, she dreamed herself in front lots, a UFO nearly overhead, time is very long, the body can't move, no

Power, can only look at the UFO, feeling it will drop to the body, has a strong light according to me, give me power.
(when I was a little boy, I also dreamed that my house floor lay under a loch ness monster I'll say casually?)
High school dreams of victory over antichrist - the European Union, the individual European countries are GeYiMin or contact, or attack

, is like the ground puzzle, one being pushed around on the map, the whole return GeYiMin.
(bear more children play age of empires...)
Different dream was promoted day in zhenjiang center square, dangling body vertical rise, 3 resurrection fall in the future, there are a lot of

Silent witness, the whole process.
(how are dreaming...... you are taelan, butyl?)
In the bible, it is Hong Kong version of the small, a few pieces of tear to eat, did not feel the flavor, finished a roll.

A total of three volumes, and continue to eat the second volume.
(@ amano far senior, your long-lost brother found! T_T)
Dreams: he is a aliens, companions by UFO come to the oneself, say goodbye to his parents and uncle, they are in law

The move, his neighbor to gawk and companion on the UFO operation.
(your hometown is called high zhuang zi,...)
Dreams: many scientists to calculate the center of the universe is GeYiMin (singular), invited the United States.
(do you dare to challenge status of brother chun?
GeYiMin: great Internet religious thinkers, male, born in 1969, zhenjiang, jiangsu province, graduated from nanjing

University Chinese department.Modern prophet, the son of god is the author of the book "nerve", some say the bible amendment.His ideas

There are two major sources: Christianity and communism, the nerve is his personal information, part is the revelation.

(amendment... I remember no god above mentioned in the genesis and a universal meets ah, you

This is how through?)
Flower of kudzuvine: admit GeYiMin son of god, the god, god of party members.
The flower of flower of kudzuvine - GeYiMin -- -- -- -- -- - GeYiMin open flowers, and fruit.
Wide Gregory: namely all GeYiMin supporters.
Mr Black: a disgrace to their GeYiMin, black GeYiMin, namely GeYiMin opponents.
(has been unable to ridicule...)
"Ge flower"
Flower of kudzuvine flower of kudzuvine with the world
Cold her bloom
Our flower of kudzuvine perseverance symbol
The lofty big brand
Look! The earth opened the flower of kudzuvine
The land is the her
She is not afraid of snow and ice storms
She is my teaching
(Teresa teng die unsatisfied)

Thought he was himself in playing house, until I saw this message:

But I still insist, with no capacity should not pursue any legal liability.

Must want to know all of the right, the leader from star also like to eat a book looks like, I have ever seen

Several photos, but don't know why he always like to put this as his gods:

Nima you can't put in front of believers head wag is?!

4, zhenjiang from ancient to modern didn't what big man?This make corporate GeYiMin magic, let zhenjiang also out a false god, is so zhenjiang city on the river out of time, which also called by god's wrath, each one must be cast in zhenjiang, ask the Lord to calm down, don't trouble to zhenjiang ordinary people!

5, I read your nerves, you is really a great intellect

2 Peter there in also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who secretly introduce heresy, even buy their main they also do not admit, bring upon themselves swift destruction.
Matthew 24:23 then if anyone says to you ", here is Christ, or say, 'Christ' there, you don't believe.
Matthew "for false christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders.If possible, even voters would be confused.
Matthew now behold, I have told you beforehand.
Matthew those who if anyone says to you, 'behold, Christ in the desert,' do not go out;Or, 'behold, Christ in the inner apartments', you don't believe.
Matthew 24:27 lightning from the east, according to the west;The coming of the son of man, also want to like this
The scriptures mean Jesus is in heaven, when Israel was besieged by hamas in Jerusalem
They will repent calling him, that Jesus was indeed god, then he will come is heaven, rather than Mr GeYiMin anointed on the ground.
GeYiMin is actually was cheated by evil spirits, and because now fallen angels like against Christianity, Jesus displeased, because of Jesus, the angel falls down.
GeYiMin hope you can distinguish between right and wrong, Sir, I read your nerves, you is really a great intellect and this is what I admire, but the spirit of your life is a mess.
I have also been called when the holy spirit When the prophet, but I quickly realized that is false, I am also through dreams Also through other mediums channeling.
If you are a true Jesus reincarnation, so what do you think of my dream is true, this I degress than you are, you should call me call eldest brother to!
GeYiMin Sir, you must read the charismatic movement, you have to go to church, you have to be humble, because of you, will be god many trial, along with your followers, are doomed to hell.You from eternal life seemed very close, but it is far away See you how to choose, as the scripture say Don't even know buy their Lord Bring upon themselves swift destruction, the mean Jesus was the one who buy you, but you believe a man, nature is not saved.
I pointed out that the bible at random dreams another wrong, someone said, pointing to you it's a beautiful youth crime, it should be this is a youth no sin!Of course,
The dreams would ghost to deceive you.
I have read theology The bible read dozens of times Scripture volume with chapters back to 130, I said these are not brag, also not hate you, but hope to be able to help you.Also avoid others cheated.

6, 2019 seems to be really bad

Many prophecies were sad refers to the pig year of the rat

What happens on earth. 2019-2020

Can look it up in the 2012 transit of Venus

The last time China what cause in the period choppy

This time from TuiBei seems to meet the millennium before the storm

Research is not difficult to draw in the ancient astronomical science

7, fix true world is said to have a call religion, leader is god.

Hierarch GeYiMin, into god, by a nerve (GeYiMin classics), and beloved million people by (mae), beat from the river.

8, the future Buddha is GeYiMin

The future Buddha is GeYiMin - _ - the Lord's son, Li Laojun's grandson, the successor to the Buddha, Mohammed's brother.

9, the rumor: GeYiMin jail is flower of kudzuvine hype of false news

Fake news beginning as servants - baidu search.

In September 2012, when we baidu search GeYiMin, momingqimiao relevant search - GeYiMin are caught, and ge
Also the people normal work and life.

The relevant search, we still do not know the reason, search is such a large number of netizens, or artificially in the baidu
?Don't know.

After that, the flower of kudzuvine think it's a good chance to make his popularity, then, we have written three posts:

The scriptures must be fulfilled - GeYiMin was caught

GeYiMin made use of cult organizations a breach of the law enforcement case criminal judgment of first instance

Where is mother, uncle GeYiMin?Jiangsu second prison!

This is successful hype, as can be seen online posts, all believers, did raise the GeYiMin visibility.

You can cheat all the people, also can never cheat some people, but can never cheat all the people.

Later (2013), the flower of kudzuvine see someone said that the fake news, active comments the rumor, but up to now, the fake news

Still all believers, and also forwarded from time to time to ge, please notice, so we release the rumours that post.



10, GeYiMin control systems

The bunker, the second, do you want to be someone in yunnan TG could not help but communism is the somebody else say Buddhism Burma to play the rest of the things, and don't know this

@ GeYiMin what Christian communism in the future will play religion and the route of the double war?

PS I had the idea of a fault, before trying to write a novel or making a heroes 3 maps, content is needless, TG was beaten camping

Control of the north China to northeast, liberal cents, secretary zhou control in jiangsu and zhejiang, fruit are joint control on fujian, dreams do the death of the emperor emperor han house every day

Control, buddhist communist control in yunnan province of guangdong, GeYiMin control systems, utopia control to several area, army curtilage Huang Na nationalists

Sichuan, the rest of the areas inhabited by ethnic separatist forces, the whole a warring states era, a political movement to control a region customers cut...

11, GeYiMin post bar, that is to say GeYiMin is god

Denied the biblical truth only, write their own nerve that preach GeYiMin everywhere, god also Posting attack yourself good hype, very invincible, you scold them they say wow brush popularity, let alone with the bible words to persuade.
The man carefully, many believers GeYiMin, seems to be a Christian in attack GeYiMin posts, is actually the hype,
Cult, but super heresy, almost heretical, because think other religions is true or other god is true...

12, right at this stage has two advantages

The first is to unite.Known in China is a wonderful work, I his mama will never see any country like China, liberal, the three people's principles, green christians, buddhists, christians, what Confucian constitutionalism, GeYiMin, wheels, can to the TG such a goal so unity.Really, seeking common ground while putting aside differences, the standard of the united front.

The second is a lot of knowledge or the system characters, when there is a direct conflict of interest with the government, some ideological things will turn a blind eye.

So in general the right current task is must try to improve the level of their own position, don't design the Tucson.As for the left and the dry five, don't worry, they reached a certain scale will fight.The more powerful the more radical groups internal contradictions, this history has given the proof.

13, christians around the world unite after GeYiMin of zhenjiang city, jiangsu province in China

Because he blasphemed the Lord created the world, the < bible > a little knowledge, everywhere doubt god's workmanship, self-proclaimed spread Shinto, actually is to spread the way of the devil, brazenly GeYiMin have to call themselves to Jesus Christ, the believer has the < bible > as < > nerve, way of life and promote sleep around, and equal to god himself, blasphemed god sent to earth all the prophets, o my Lord!You come quickly, strike from the devil the devil out of the breath, pushing it into a living hell!

14, a second similar to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period in the history of Chinese schools of thought contend flowers era of ideological movement

Religious groups

The pie is religious thinker and philosopher of the new era, with their knowledge of a new era under the background of research to understand religion and eyes or create your own religious doctrines.
This pie figure I know is GeYiMin et al.

15, almost all the bar is god stick and extreme narcissistic paranoia, such as GeYiMin

Wrote it suddenly occurred to me that GeYiMin here, I know this man is from st.Who originally thought to the saints, appearance can also calculate, but with little far.You say look worse than small sun also calculate, means little than me.It's a shame.Small sun age 20 this year, you see you almost fifty means is still so poor, is like a small sun was six years old.Such as others refute your "nerve" in the sentence: GeYiMin virginity, you will believe him.Sorry wrong, oh no, what exactly is that mobile phone a problem recently, often mistakenly took note, so everyone in the future be careful do not water, one thousand been closed isn't my thing.

Get down to business, such as some argue that in the nerve of widespread "GeYiMin is god, and you want to believe him, he said it was his dream really dreamed of things.Very strange, no third party confirm you dare so to god that god out of a word, it is enough to illustrate your ecstasy and ambitious.I think this man is stupid is stupid GeYiMin here, others argue you this sentence is the best means to ignore him.Others else against you when you don't have to, but he was rejected.So, I just want to say, he had no means of impassability counsel, scholar spirit, naive.Define which I don't think you can talk with him, his ups and downs of life can use his title to explain: nerves.

16, beware of slanting door cult invasion

The first round.
The second delete, ge.
The third spray after delete, all kinds of.

First, do not explain, all understand, generally not stick.
Second, give priority to with ge in the post bar, claim to be god the son, hundreds of believers, sexual freedom.Personality is to
To, but posts will be deleted, avoid the couple.
Third, and so on, all kinds of thought god, son of god, the prophet, opening inneglectable plot harm feeling emigre, delete anything spray

!In the post bar is ok, don't let me catch the outside!

GeYiMin @ ( ) @ 2019 the end of the world. He said.Anyway, I don't believe it...Because I can live 35

Years old, only 19 - _ - this year

17, crape myrtle, saint is GeYiMin

At present, all of the target point to a person, is ziwei saint is @ GeYiMin, because only he most conforms to the following prediction.

Don't look down upon this passage, it is a network produced several master crape myrtle saint SAN phrases, please throw literally read carefully.

18, several academic papers have also cited the GeYiMin papers

Who said you??GeYiMin??The shipment is te to horror!

Remember the goods was specialized arrest a post bar, touting what theology of socialist theory, the set of it at first glance I

Almost convinced, but a look at those long, smelly theory earnestly, is both pull and nausea, than repair

Card and too history Mr OTT article worse!Rare this force is also keen to get brainwashed missionary..

This is not the most terrible, the most horrible is actually remember when I read the university journals is seen in the library

With his name in the academic journal papers, is really about socialism!I had to write several disciplines

In the paper also cited the GeYiMin papers!

19, letter GeYiMin hell

God's revelation GeYiMin role Soul - password demonize modify order
God's revelation Letter GeYiMin By its modified into evil soul I will go to hell
GeYiMin The real satan antichrist.

20, GeYiMin a GeYiMin wrote a 100000 - word GeYiMin Shintoism, the bible has a lot of ma3 jia3, since black since, like peas now ubiquitous, shot human flesh out cheung, the original is living Lord was originally taken away the Lord ID man camp, to a few years ago are still in the black man camp.

21, I said you had not this year, how, GeYiMin

Suddenly think of, how see GeYiMin?Baidu?Is not to say that his ziwei?Dare to fighting with crape myrtle, know much!Squat down a dui should be corrected, but you didn't, can't pretend it was dead.

> GeYiMin Lord SAN mei is.
In prison you also believe?IQ, poor.

> the original poster mentality

> ge god forever

22, GeYiMin wishful thinking as the spiritual leader?

You this level haven't introductory psychology, still in here a demagogue.Actually study religion should all know, a cult of personality is always funny, bitter history also confirms this point.Religion is thought control benefit community, in a certain period of such organization part of the community, as a kind of constraint tool for bad behavior.But at this stage as early as in the past, now is the stable area religious pure profit era.Have to say your marketing good childish, foolish old man of the age left abandoned woman ok.Well, how do you want to please my little nephew kindergarten take marketing lessons for you and your team.

23, peony: are you in setting up a belong to your church

The peony 20:05:57
Is very much for your comments
The peony 20:06:06
You don't care about?
GeYiMin 20:07:12
This is the sentiment!
The peony 20:07:37
What is negative
The peony 20:07:52
Sentiment is so
GeYiMin 20:07:54
There are negative
GeYiMin 20:08:01
The peony 20:08:27
Be different!
The peony 20:08:53
How do you say you are a cult
GeYiMin 20:10:05
Don't explain
The peony 20:10:39
To admit that the
GeYiMin 20:11:06
No, and you said no
The peony 20:12:21
You are setting up a belong to your church
The peony 20:12:56
What is your purpose
GeYiMin 20:13:26
To realize the communist society
The peony 20:13:38
GeYiMin 20:13:51
GeYiMin 20:14:06
Inheriting Christian
The peony 20:14:07
Unlike Christianity
GeYiMin 20:14:30
Latter-day Christian
The peony 20:14:45
Leader is that you?
GeYiMin 20:15:09
The peony 20:15:16
The peony 20:15:41
Do you hate Christianity
GeYiMin 20:16:13
GeYiMin 20:16:45
Monotheistic Christianity inheritance
Nerve inherit the bible
The peony 20:18:36
People have a misunderstanding to you or to report some criticism on the Internet you lie, you angry
GeYiMin 20:19:05
We smell scold is pleased
GeYiMin 20:19:14
We as long as the sentiment
The peony 20:20:32
Letter of results
GeYiMin 20:20:57
We want to promote
The peony 20:21:19
What propaganda
GeYiMin 20:22:02
Shinto faith of communism,
The peony 20:22:40
How is it possible that someone have class place
GeYiMin 20:23:26
Can be unified, society finally
The peony 20:24:03
What time
GeYiMin 20:24:20
GeYiMin 20:24:23
Ha ha
The peony 20:25:07
You arrange?
GeYiMin 20:25:36
I propaganda, by everyone
The peony 20:25:46
Is the world or in China
GeYiMin 20:26:01
The global
GeYiMin 20:26:05
Not a country
The peony 20:26:17
What do you need propaganda
GeYiMin 20:27:02
Anyone will do
The peony 20:27:48
Advertise what good

GeYiMin 20:28:13
Later, not yet
The peony 20:29:22
Christians more?
GeYiMin 20:29:46
Not much, not clear, because no organization
The peony 20:30:07
Is you a person
GeYiMin 20:30:37
GeYiMin 20:30:57
No organization and loose
The peony 20:31:27
How do you order
GeYiMin 20:31:44
No fewer than
GeYiMin 20:31:58
Is the Internet postings
The peony 20:35:20
One of my classmates asked me to preach Christianity, and compared the better
GeYiMin 20:36:01
Of course we said good brand, update of Christianity

The peony 20:38:43
Religion have formalities
GeYiMin 20:38:55

The peony 20:41:17
Have you worked as a soldier?
GeYiMin 20:41:29
The peony 20:41:45
What do you wear uniforms
GeYiMin 20:41:59
Brother-in-law had set of students, his point.

24 see GeYiMin, reason

"As the topic, there are some things that don't in the forum to post out and said, let no man when the gun to make, also do not follow suit, we just see the novel

The truth, who also don't know, some things, or don't really good.

"" I le a go, baidu next GeYiMin, originally so good.GeYiMin has sanctified.Crape myrtle saint.As Jesus, create brand.

It seems that disease.

"I didn't know, very cow.

""," baidu just now that what, ha ha.

"All right.

25, processed for entry  GeYiMin changes: please delete GeYiMin

GeYiMin 123.234.76. * : the entry put forward the following Suggestions:
This is a cult, you do not delete, negative responsibility?

> > > never137: user hello:

Is plant-based entry, the entry is not organization sectarian class, and a message:) thank you for your attention

26, "said the flower" the root of the blossoming everywhere!!!!!!

XXXX somebody from the underworld woke up out of the reborn in each of the spirit of human started to call "st", at that time, earth, shaken.Demon, magic, birds and beasts dance competition everywhere, for "st" world of warcraft era began!!!!!!

Kyushu earth, and Chinese people for thousands of years of faith, with foreign faith in corrosion by evil spirit, "Chinese soul" in the end, in peril.

The myths of China since ancient times is about how people simulated flight first, how to see the spider netting, how garment nesting, how to taste the best grass seed grain, how to fight the beasts, water conservancy, are on their own wisdom, courage and sweat to overcome difficulties and create a happy life, this is our "national soul".

The myth of foreign speak is what, what god has what, what outstanding power, spirit to now or listen to the creator bogey, or prostrate at god's feet, let people wholeheartedly waiting for deities to save.Don't know when that one day our "national soul" disappeared, our nation still exist?

Ten eight-way pouring out of evil spirit, the most typical are: GeYiMin, Zheng Kuifei, to make up, Ma Wei shine, XuanChang junwei, hao, wang's ShuZhangMing, yong-jun, zhang, wang jianxin...In the ten eight-channel evil spirit, the most outstanding is: GeYiMin, Ma Wei qing, wang jianxin corrosion with external evil thoughts in "Chinese soul", and at that time, "Chinese soul" hanging by a thread.

27, in 2013 China's top news, China Renaissance (new ideas in today's China faction and representative)

(1), the unitarian
GeYiMin: great religious thinkers activists, Internet brand writer, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.God, have modern prophets nerve, some say the bible amendment.He thought the two sources: Christianity and altogether

Production.Nerve is his personal information, is to the reality and future thinking, part is the revelation.

(2), the enlightenment
The pie is through the study of religious practices and rational, logical and judging methods of research and practice, to the final success as a consciousness of heaven and earth and the truth of life and the ultimate goal.The ancient Buddha was an enlightened.To realise the great wisdom of Buddha called supreme is enlightenment

.Who get similar big wisdom, be called enlightenment.Its the biggest characteristic is to rely on religious practices produce inner wisdom;But don't waste drove a rational of study and hard thinking.
This pie is the representative figure of GeYiMin, Zheng Kuifei, Ma Wei qing, wang jianxin, XuanChang junwei, luxury, to make up, the king's ShuZhangMing, yong-jun, tzu-wei wang, zhang , from such as, yong-li Chen, ouyang, Chen Yang chao sun, etc.

(3), one world
The pie is a new era of promoting world datong, they often have their own new ideas and new theories.They tend to be the world's unity government's enthusiastic advocate for and practice.
The group character.Such as qing-zhi zhang, Qin Yantao, enmity poem right, TongXuan, "wang ping, Hou Bingcai, etc

(4), the Internet
The sent through the Internet constantly create, fu in the Internet a new life.
The representative figure of this pie is jack ma, ma, li, lei jun, etc.

(5), the different versions
The sent by elucidating the comments every aspect which fills the world for free to new ideas.
The representative figure of this pie is fang, lang, MAO yushi, li chengpeng, etc.

(6), the new military wing
The sent by new military opinions to illustrate the new military means.
Is the representative figure of this pie Dai Xu, etc.

(7), shi said
The sent through the interpretation of the history, on the history and present new mix and new ideas.
This pie is the representative figure of yi zhongtian, yu Dan, MengMan, Cecilia wang, Yan Chong years, etc.

(8), the new school
The try to innovate new sent through the literature, formed a new unique style.
Is the representative figure of the pie, mo yan, han, etc.

(9), the charity
The characteristics of alms money in action to help the poor.
This pie is the representative figure of Chen and so on.

(10), the anti-corruption
The characteristics of anti-corruption in action to achieve the purpose of punishing corrupt.
Is the representative figure of this pie Guo Guangyun, zhao, etc.

(11), and life science
Its characteristic is "life science" means and rational summary, etc as the main means to study life, medical, natural and so on, in order to obtain the theory of philosophy and medicine.Concrete is qigong and psychic, meditation, and so on life science and the science of uniting the method, to

As an important means of research, school of knowledge to obtain truth.
The biggest characteristic of the pie is pay attention to uniting and pay attention to the psychic life function, and certainly no waste drove a rational study and hard thinking.
The representative figure of this pie KeYun Road, xiao-lin dong, Han Xianfeng, etc.

(12), the philosophy
Its characteristics based on traditional method and the way of western philosophy, for the creation of philosophical research and philosophical system.Although their way of study is the traditional method and the way of western philosophy, but the range of materials can be combined with Chinese culture, for example, can put the "I ching" and

"Tai chi" in Chinese traditional culture such as things into his own philosophy.
The representative figure of this pie has reimei, ZhangShaoHua YuMing three, MuLiang etc, many characters.

(13), science
The pie is characterized by their "natural science" was adopted as the method and means to study the nature and science, and created a lot of thought and theory.
The representative figure of this pie have ray yuan star, Shi Yixiang, Yang Huaihui, GengQingGuo, Hu Guji, etc.

(14), physical school
Its characteristic is that they are mostly in the western natural science or is there Chinese traditional metaphysics such as the concept of "the book of changes" and the concept of the daodejing, etc, for studying the new physics, founded his own theory of physics.
The representative figure of this pie has tian-qi wang, etc.

(15), mathematics
Its characteristic is that they are mostly based on the western lay the mathematical methods, but it has its own mathematical discovery and innovation.
The representative figure of the pie with jiang chun-xuan, Sun Jialin, etc.

(16), the medicine
The pie is a new era of medical thinker.They can to all the new methods and concepts to create their own new ideas and new medical application of medicine.
The representative figure of this pie Hu Wanlin, king throughout the year, etc.

(17), and religious groups
The pie is religious thinker and philosopher of the new era, with their knowledge of a new era under the background of research to understand religion and eyes or create your own religious doctrines.
The representative figure of this pie is GeYiMin, zhu, and so on.

(18), political and economic pie
The pie is a new era of political and economic researchers and thinkers.With their new study and observation to create their own new ideas and new theories.
This pie is the representative figure of Zhou Juchuan, lian-hua sun, YuYu, original, hu xingdou, ZhangShaoHua, etc.

(19), the ecological environment
The pie is a new era of ecological and environmental ethics concern and researchers, they put forward his new theory and idea.
The representative figure of this pie ambrette, etc.

(20), the education
The pie is a new era of education thinker, they are keen on education to promote the Chinese moral good and man's all-round development.
Is the representative figure of this sent a chamber-of-commerce-style, etc.

28, > > > I just want to say, the GCD you are not very cow force??For a quasi P people a harmony
Your power to such a garbage cult??

> because religion > TG

29, Mr GeYiMin, seem to be dedicated attention degree is not inferior to the ms Joan

Self-confidence, ecstasy, into the three elements, activate the superego power of Joan of arc.

First of all, she viewed herself as an angel of god, as you all know, god is a man with gigantic power.the

I, Joan, as the angel of god, of course has a huge amount of energy.

Joan of arc with the aid of the three elements won a miraculous victory, but in the us, Mr GeYiMin seems to focus on

Into the ms degree is not inferior to the Joan.

Why hasn't a breakthrough, is reason just Joan have clear realistic goals, and it

Catered to on to the nobles, civilian claim this one?

> > > GeYiMin Mr 2019

30, so many baidu stick together is better than the man of god

Portal http://www.godjiao.com/bbs/forum.php?Mod = viewthread&tid = 1 & extra = page % 3 d1
He has a classic, a flower of kudzuvine.

31, nerve, the second chapter, chapter v was psychology.
Apocalypses, dusty books.
New Freud, in terms of use myths to explain psychology, that's it.

32, our motherland is the garden, garden flowers are bright!

Each cup with you happy!

Where is the where the crabs, crabs.
The crabs in the GeYiMin heart!

GeYiMin have red flowers,
GeYiMin has green grass.
GeYiMin in that each person's heart.
GMH!!Who is GeYiMin
Baidu once, you will know!

33, GeYiMin, diablo iii is a very promising industry

I hope you can like opening Angle, hong xiuquan to study.There are some Suggestions:

(1), don't stay in the theoretical system and framework of the existing religious.To innovation.
(2), combined with a variety of proverbs have known examples of prophecy.
(3), to establish a system of secret church, a bright future, give our lower christians to upper to corruption, middle to benefits.
(4), to establish the totem, ceremony, argot, doctrine, taboos, customs, and the holy land.
(5), according to the source of the pain of lower people, to weave a instead of a better future.
(6), myth, idol, let them sing your songs, read your words.To construct a world view, and build themselves in it.
(7), don't use what the end of the world, too old...
(8), to establish a sole, view of god, to remember that no one can compare with you, what is the flow of the Lord Jesus was full of Tony, are ascribed partners is heresy.
(9), have the courage to create new words, just like written in 1984, you use YiBaZi the somebody else all use the old words, who will believe you.
(10), to establish a financial sources, such as tithe, debacle, which can expand the organization, and to teach in a charity.
(11), using the doctrine of fornication, tantric period after such as yoga, double major, etc.
(12), don't want to rebel cult is not a good cult.
(13), access to the outside world, financial aid, you look at the wheels.
(14), don't make terrorist attacks, is the survival of a cult.We don't output...

34, I tell you a secret: GeYiMin master, is no day.

No day is defiant, blinded, lawless.

GeYiMin: talents: average computer-virus, followed his final destination, it is possible that prison, and is probably the hospital.

Why didn't his master no day out?Just because it didn't arrive, if anyone wants to know when his master, so ask GeYiMin,

He will tell you.

35, coarse event!I was included in comments GeYiMin posts may teach in the scriptures

Written in chapter 25

The front part of very happy feeling about his personal experience, I TMD laughs spasm

"GeYiMin nerve"
Zhenjiang jinshan glazing clew according to the quartet
Ge chairman is the golden sun
How young How natural and unrestrained
The ACTS of the heart light our god
We walk in step
Ge also democracy righteousness happy avenue

People have more bold copy have more conspicuous

Chapter ii algorithm is profound, is estimated to be in the honey learned a membrane algorithm.

Turned the article 29 a death

GeYiMin, dream home?

36, religion, and the light can cause serious conflict forces on the mainland

GeYiMin tell you, and you and we can cause serious conflict in continental power light, if we don't convergence level 30 members will release your elders make clean, top side has informed.

37, GeYiMin, want to say the people of god, without any power without qualification

Is the god you have to eat not?God also?Is not god, so what?The result you are not a man?Is people still want to eat meat, eat meat and other, thank god, to round itself lies with the will of god, I also told you not to be affectionate, at the end of the day was a god also don't want to live a meaningful, ask yourself why is alive, the day is not afraid of death regrets go together, god also is a person, people will not be round this era lies, everybody is lying there is afraid of others find themselves living secret, most people live to us something turned himself into a human, a day for dead also wonder what he made when he was alive interesting things, actually think of it as well don't give up.

38, tengying5: GeYiMin show off in an ostentatious manner not for long, strike hard shot day and night.

39, GeYiMin, you will not be a god, but you will be a memory

We live in on earth, there are a lot of alien life wisdom.As for god, you are from that step is very far away,

In other words, you just process, you are just one of the ring, you will not be a god, but you will be a memory.

40, GeYiMin, true not do god stick material

Jesus or the holy, after all, the somebody else is original, the stronghold of the original guy not holy, of course, the somebody else all played tricks you play,'re losers, really not do god stick material, even to do god stick you also have to respect intellectual property rights, which have a casual copying doyen of successful experience can be successful, you have to innovation, this all don't understand still dare into line, it was ignorance!

41, GeYiMin god things at sixes and sevens dog

Want a better life not by the gods, nor by sages, or such as the savior la ziwei saint GeYiMin god, dog at sixes and sevens

Things, I believe that there can be a hero realignment of the world, but the hero is a man, not god or what monsters reincarnation, although I'm not

Want to say but have to admit that if it is the ripoff to save the world it is not as good as American democracy, as the nazis

I hate such thing as a democracy, only know that this is only the interests of the family of your own, only know the oligarchs allegiance to fund their campaign,

Is a constitutional monarchy, the state is the monarch and the sovereign to offspring, so no matter how the oligarchs want to monarch is certainly want to defend the country.

42, GeYiMin men to come in, please

At the head of the three religions do three religions saint Christian like?One side to go!
The Chinese sage, incredibly dare to hype the Christ in China?!
China is the birthplace of Taoism, call him to go study the traditional Chinese culture!
Please tell him that he could step down!What bad risk, incredibly dedicated to pretend to be a judge of, not die?!Would you like to the first trial?

43, still no know about that.
Do you suffer from tzu chi's adult low, not famous, is himself a man in publicity, you will not taste the sour.So although you say quite, quite sure,
Everyone still take you as a mad dog.
You see somebody else GeYiMin, countless water-forces, at least has a certain impact.

44, all things of god, but only true god, GeYiMin rhythm

GeYiMin is a cult figure, whether it is a cult figure or orthodox characters, they are all children of god, they chose their chosen, naturally, has experienced the pain and joy.What is god?Js mi ammy may have their own original ideas, but no matter what god is, as long as the js mi ammy can through own ideas get what they want happiness, so what is the god, doesn't matter to the

45, there will be more and more people agree with your Chinese GeYiMin

My brother said, wait you of smoke Gregory the great god put these things like visualization, build a bridge of everyone can "understand", rather than using state so vain words in other brain produces a logical system out of thin air.There will be more and more people agree with your Chinese.

46, see the relevant information about GeYiMin, feeling him astray.

Recently seen post bar has discuss the orthodox and cult, this post has also been mentioned GeYiMin, js mi ammy first mentioned the name is the first time when I heard that baidu and display content is associated with a cult.I said at the time: "whether it is a cult figure or orthodox characters, they are all children of god."May be some people think I am because I had said this GeYiMin supporters, it is wrong for being original.

See the relevant information about the GeYiMin, feel him astray.

If one thought healthy, positive, patriotic love party, love the people, so he can be a good boy, if he's a bad boy...That I also get his luck is not, after all, I am just a ordinary people, to mind your own business is good, still have free time to teach others?

Anyway I still think "the no bad people in the world," every beginner's mind is good, but is bound by luck, interference by various factors and good or bad.Whether he (she) is good or bad, he (she) is a child of god."God of tomorrow's trial, conviction, punishment, but to love unconditionally."

Because of love, melted all evils
Because of love, complete all the peace.

47, you don't noisy, GeYiMin this neuropathy in zhenjiang in jail is a fact...

Elder brother is native, GeYiMin this third of zhenjiang Sam better let collective zhenjiang small third son lost face, all did a few years prison, rumours?rumours

JB, he also ziwei emperor that JB face samples, a bit to learn common sense knows that your TM in the crape myrtle world with GeYiMin this Tony a dime relationship

All have no, is this Tony believed, was insulted the word brain rot!I bah, zhenjiang Sam better supervise you crazy, a disgrace

The faces of the persons, throw in jiangsu!

48, GeYiMin rhetoric theory, is the spread of Christianity in China

So is Christianity as enemies.

Buddhism has nothing to do with us, we think that everything has a cause and effect.

49, banned reason: wheels, GeYiMin, world alliance, goodbye

> you possible irregularities, have been the right business banned, to apply for a recovery;If the service does not handle, can automatically unlock oh ~
Banned reason: wheels, GeYiMin, world alliance, goodbye

> > > 2012 good funny, but it can not seal flower of kudzuvine, flower of kudzuvine number many, every day.

50, spirit dog - a maggot demon, GeYiMin lackeys, daily reading nerve became brain-dead

Spirit dog wind, because psychosexuality and since lu, now have "nerve" disease, is a see "nervous" and "GeYiMin" will be kept kowtowing, and every day contribution chrysanthemum constantly feed use abusive language the dragon gun demon, a group of maggot and maggots demon boring will circle the body into a diamond critical spirit chrysanthemum wind, in order to get more food, spirit then mutate into duck wind demon, is one of the duck monster machine dongguan fertilizer plant, it is said that his father was a wild, his mama is a wild black chicken, working in Japan, his grandfather profession is gang licking chrysanthemum and feet, its other relative basic is a nest of rat snake, what bastards and hybrid.

51, GeYiMin trinity

(1), chairman of the world, in order to the future of the people of the world, Li Wanji.
(2), singer, actor, writer, thinker, the nerve of peace.
(3), small machinery factory typist, mental derangement.

52, GeYiMin: I just want to chat belief and society in the future

2014-03-05 13:49:16 Betty
no problem

2014-03-05 13:49:22 Betty
Understand grasp

2014-03-05 13:50:07 Betty
GeYiMin is your real name?

The 2014-03-05 13:50:16 GeYiMin
The future society is ge also democracy, socialist and liberal capitalism () are not adapt to the future

The 2014-03-05 13:50:26 GeYiMin
Is the real name

2014-03-05 13:50:37 Betty
Ha ha You're very humor!

The 2014-03-05 13:50:48 GeYiMin
I am serious

2014-03-05 13:51:12 Betty
To acquire or eldest hello hello change Ge also democracy righteousness

2014-03-05 13:51:22 Betty
I also is serious

The 2014-03-05 13:51:39 GeYiMin
Comrade nearly flat, in my eyes, it is Tony

The 2014-03-05 13:52:27 GeYiMin
Marx, Engels, Lenin,
Stalin and MAO zedong are Tony

2014-03-05 13:52:40 Betty
Oh...Where are you from? Interesting to meet you

The 2014-03-05 13:52:51 GeYiMin
Zhenjiang, jiangsu province

2014-03-05 13:53:33 Betty
Mr GeYiMin Can I interview you interview

The 2014-03-05 13:53:53 GeYiMin
In fact, Marx, Engels, Lenin are outdated, is now a GeYiMin

2014-03-05 13:54:00 Betty
What do you think of your life and world view?

The 2014-03-05 13:54:04 GeYiMin

2014-03-05 13:54:11 Betty
What do you think of your life and world view?

The 2014-03-05 13:54:26 GeYiMin
Ge also democracy righteousness, I turned down

2014-03-05 13:55:11 Betty
That how far is from your value goal

The 2014-03-05 13:55:34 GeYiMin
Ge also democracy righteousness (draft)

A, ge also democracy to content:

1, moral: liberty, equality, fraternity,

Unity (cooperation).
2, politics: constitutionalism, representative, universal suffrage, democracy, freedom of speech, junction association since

3, economic: GeYiMin planned economy, the socialized mass production.
4, science and technology revolution, the more human

The happiness.
4, culture: diversification.
5, religion: no religion.

Second, ge also democratic YiJin rule: don't fight with anyone.

Three, ge also democracy to the lowest outline: all people eat better, free medical care.

Four, ge also maximum program democracy: free housing for everyone, every family has a car free, good free education for all, get social respect of human rights, the right to life has been fully guaranteed.

Five, ge also democracy to realize existing conditions: socialization production, the Internet revolution of science and technology, nerve has been 10 years.

Ge also democracy righteousness: the only way GeYiMin students for the future of the people of the world, writing, acting, singing, to preach peace, the people of the world generally accepted nerve, change ideas, efforts to struggle for communism.So, we can determine, in early October in 2019 to achieve ge also democracy righteousness.

Six, the so-called impossible: little lily who said by department?Who pay?Very good solution: take turns, do it today, tomorrow will do that, everybody can heart application, along with interest in the different work, and voluntary service to mankind.

The 2014-03-05 13:55:54 GeYiMin
GeYiMin trinity

1, the chairman of the world, for the sake of the future of the people of the world, Li Wanji.
2, singer, actor, writer, thinker, the nerve of peace.
3, small machinery factory typist, mental derangement.

The 2014-03-05 13:56:08 GeYiMin
In 2019, and five years

2014-03-05 13:57:06 Betty
You wrote

2014-03-05 13:57:42 Betty
I'm curious What do you do?Writers, or??

The 2014-03-05 13:57:45 GeYiMin

The 2014-03-05 13:58:02 GeYiMin
A word of a word

The 2014-03-05 13:58:18 GeYiMin
Culture media

2014-03-05 13:58:31 Betty
oh Very influential

The 2014-03-05 13:58:47 GeYiMin
I think so, too

The 2014-03-05 13:59:00
We are friends, now begin to dialogue!

2014-03-05 14:01:24 Betty
Ha ha

2014-03-05 14:01:45 Betty
Online GeYiMin Is that you?

The 2014-03-05 14:02:02 GeYiMin
Is my

2014-03-05 14:02:19 Betty
oh You are you do

The 2014-03-05 14:02:26 GeYiMin

The 2014-03-05 14:02:47 GeYiMin
I have a web site, post bar, weibo

The 2014-03-05 14:03:45 GeYiMin
I have the nerve, news, flower of kudzuvine

2014-03-05 14:03:45 Betty
Oh look at the

2014-03-05 14:04:01 Betty
You are now at work

The 2014-03-05 14:04:13 GeYiMin

The 2014-03-05 14:04:24 GeYiMin
Machinery company office

2014-03-05 14:04:50 Betty
oh So what are your hobbies??

The 2014-03-05 14:05:00 GeYiMin
No, its main business

The 2014-03-05 14:05:10 GeYiMin
Work for living expenses
The 2014-03-05 14:05:26 GeYiMin
The Gospel is enterprise's mission

2014-03-05 14:05:55 Betty
oh It's really love you

The 2014-03-05 14:06:40 GeYiMin
I was born a communist, or I was born to communism

2014-03-05 14:08:55 Betty
You can't take other hobbies

The 2014-03-05 14:09:52 GeYiMin
Dance before, professional Internet to evangelize, now don't have time to play, but also to work

2014-03-05 14:10:26 Betty
oh That your life is very rich

The 2014-03-05 14:11:15 GeYiMin
Recorded nerve
2014-03-05 14:11:25 Betty

The 2014-03-05 14:11:36 GeYiMin


Last updated version is the http://www.godjiao.com/bbs/forum.php?Mod = viewthread&tid = 1 & extra = page % 3 d1

2014-03-05 14:12:33 Betty
That you did all this have to do investment?

2014-03-05 14:12:37 Betty
oh I look at the

The 2014-03-05 14:12:56 GeYiMin
Not to invest, I thought, not money

The 2014-03-05 14:13:10 GeYiMin
I am a thinker, not a businessman

The 2014-03-05 14:13:54 GeYiMin
Enough money to go, people energy co., LTD

2014-03-05 14:14:04 Betty

2014-03-05 14:14:19 Betty
I have something to busy

The 2014-03-05 14:14:24 GeYiMin

53, GeYiMin, will you go with religion than, could chew

Blowing every day what do you mean, you and religion to than, job, try and see what the bible and the buddhist scriptures, Taoism, etc., you are so pure waste of time, they are in different eras, blow, are also available, of course, most is good, and political ties, however, is hard to avoid fighting, namely the interests of disputes.

54, [GeYiMin fake Christ] is really not heresy?

The original poster according to you mean there is no capacity for somebody else is heresy is?Everybody is good!All taught one is right?There is no heresy

Isn't it?According to what you said: [GeYiMin fake Christ] is really not heresy?"Three redeem and xu redeem fake Christ" is not really a heresy

?"Ann ShangHong fake return of Christ" is not really a heresy?[wang jianxin fake the Lord] d in henan is really isn't

Heresy?[eastern lightning fake female Christ] is really not heresy?The Jehovah's witnesses denying the divinity of Jesus Christ

Heresy?Do you have denied the divinity of Jesus?Do you agree that they are really Christ?What is your religion belief?

55, existence and dignity: only GeYiMin ziwei saints

Washington is the lizard.Only ziwei saint GeYiMin can get people out of intellectuals to bewitch, restore the order of the god of ancient times.

56, existence and dignity, saying I'm going to put GeXianZhi to Titan in the book

@ GeYiMin

Saying I'm going to put GeXianZhi recruit Titan in the book, what do you think?

And five wool talk about lizard man later can let them worship GeXianZhi incidentally, and tell them only letter GeXianZhi is true since five, otherwise is false since five.

, 57 (GeYiMin autobiography) 1 day, grimmjow play mud in front of the door suddenly met a monk, Taoist priest asked;Children are you Meng Gusheng, zhao home, the home have a bullpen before?Grimmjow say?How do you know?Monk said.Saint of the oh ah, I ran the 18th street finally found you, you is ziwei reincarnation, because forget to bring your artifact when you down, no artifact due to lead to you like an idiot, now I am come to send your this artifact is brag B's sword, and took his you know everything, little GeLiu saliva slowly walked past a sword in his mouth, and sure enough eyes immediately light blossom phase-out tc, for a moment, after returning to normal grimmjow wiped her mouth wash wash nose for monks say;I know, thank you.Then Taoist bju international just disappeared, monks, grimmjow took his brag B sword turned their way to the top from now on...From now on Grimmjow finally know He has the right to boast forces But he didn't know He still has political rights.

58, darling: recent GeYiMin and other people to give up the Chinese dream!

It is high time to give up!

But, in general, GeYiMin than st. Those who want to be a Chinese but thinking of the safety of the individual the dreamer is as timid as a mouse one hundred times stronger than!

At least he dared to admit his ideas!Look at st the dreamer is as timid as a mouse and think they are so sad and pathetic!

So cowardice still dreaming when emperor...Ha ha!In the face of many such people can only brain residues to describe them the most appropriate!

> to get the message
> didn't give up.

59, I open a school, with the nerve to do teaching materials, please GeYiMin when dean

> after the first read the "bible", made a "nervous".Upside down, so he is really crazy.

> this the time to watch

> > 2019

> this s innovation teaching to go against the trend, intelligence really so vulnerable?

60, existence and dignity: Titan encyclopedia plans to launch the second department

And gaiden magic fog simultaneously, tentative name for "crape myrtle GeYiMin saint", I represent nabi teaches officially announced and Shinto faith cooperation.

"Heard that ge teaching mainly do flower of kudzuvine chief Natalie portman.

61, shqul: GeYiMin is save our great saint

Don't believe Ge saints will additionally according to the prediction of our salvation Ge saint this year will be reinstated Take the world

"His wife princess Zheng Hui is Buddha.

62, GeYiMin this self-styled hierarch

If it is to play house, only have a sect is the category of mental patients, most can be studied.If it is

Guide the congregation act against society, human nature, is a cult, belongs to the category of the criminal law.

In so far, I was with him as a clown to see.

63, nerve which version is good!

Nerve [is] GeYiMin heresy original books.Christianity without the nerve of scriptures, have a plenty of the bible is the word of god.Where your subject is wrong, you put the topic changes, you don't improvement but I want to delete,...

64, horizontal batch: grain and final state

Top allied: a word is god, two words of Christ, three word GeYiMin, four word ghoul in color;
Allied: nine points gas such as donkey, eight male gas, seven gas lothario, six points to all her.

65, Mafia st cat: idiot is also a yy, galactic federation as well as GeYiMin dare blow, make two also is to have the level of high and low points.

66, but his GeYiMin claim to be god

He had done so many signs are only claims to be the son of god, but his GeYiMin claim to be god.

Only a person heresy to dare to claim to be god, how could people is god, the GeYiMin, is someone to believe, estimates are those people with him

Up the dream.

67, chess positions as child: or to defend GeYiMin

The mood, is the same.In order to defend Buddhism or to defend the Christian or to defend GeYiMin, the heart

Love, the original is the same.Is that happy, is so full, are like that...

68, the praises of god: the (2012) has gone to the 5 MAO?

You have been in this business banned, banned reason: wheels, GeYiMin, world alliance, goodbye.You can go to apply for recovery.

69, god has given me the horse: GeYiMin claim to be god, no one can save him

He is not only the body to receive the punishment, the soul will never punished.

He will in prison in the rest of the world, will be in hell after death by eternal true fire.

70, buddhist meow lay: GeYiMin, an evil, that is in Christ Jesus

It is always of a cult trick, elect a representative, Buddha statue of him as the gods.Then trumpeting how he work miracles, and finally planning counter-revolutionary

, by the state.

71, fire Jin Gangxia 0: GeYiMin nerve is making this up

If god, everyone is god, GeYiMin teaching is a cult, peaks, I Jin Gangxia never allow it to wanton run amok!

72, fire Jin Gangxia 0: GeYiMin teach will explode

And I'm ready, to uncover the mysteries of god, and truly be, after all know god's true colors, GeYiMin teach will explode.

73, shenhua emperor: GeYiMin this statue of the great god, there doesn't seem to be any merit in the world

Also need to push it as a great god, and serve the people must have the will and determination.

Otherwise it is better to go home to sell sweet potatoes!

74, god has given me the horse: GeYiMin, saints, the first is his

Claim to be god.All were recognized religion, who dare to claim to be god, he dare, I grass.

He claims to be the son of god, is the angel of god.Mohammed claimed to be a prophet.

75, saint dragon spear: one is GeYiMin is the national people's spiritual leader

Darling cries, he just want to say a few things, one is GeYiMin is the national people's spiritual leader, the second is that he became a national senior correspondent, latent investigation to stick, the third time he has now become a careerist, attempting to cross river and rule, and authorities said his mind whether you have any question.

76, holy dragon spear: GeYiMin not crape myrtle, I can bet on it

He might be in the central, but absolutely be a head of state.

If he is a saint, so let you sit in the 2030 s leadership in the greatly.I have ever seen a saint side, of course, is the past

, so the memories of him this time, well-governed, literarily, kyushu the same to you.GeYiMin is completely off several street, 30 years

You can see, of course, the ge boss won't be dead, may be for a long time, well, you wouldn't believe.

77, saint dragon spear: GeYiMin in a few years later, also be regarded as mental derangement

Gobbledygook, 72: ge madman nerve can break wind, and no two cult propaganda, last year I a person go to their camp one-on-one hit a group of people, they are

Is a group of waste, that have real freedom of religious advocacy, literally play, he don't want to play them, I think, believe his female friends are not

Are all played by him.Pure scum.

Holy dragon spear: actually, GeYiMin in a few years later, also be used as a mental derangement, also took out the newspaper to ridicule during sage came to power, these are the insider.

Alas, so the sage has a headache, no crime again, he did not arrest him, it went nowhere.

78, cross time significance: GeYiMin, in my heart, he is ziwei

Everyone can be a crape myrtle, would be willing to do and don't want to.GeYiMin crape myrtle, he is willing to do in my heart,

He is ziwei.As long as willing to, you is ziwei.

79, news reporter: ge to teach the most chaotic: Mr Black is the flower of kudzuvine.

80, the star seeds: the more funny is echoing GeYiMin and a group of people

Good funny couple, GeYiMin, previously and Ma Weiqing (but these days he was lost), says he is a saint, also take the previous predictions

Come out to set themselves.

More funny is echoing GeYiMin and a group of people.

81, browingwind: too many false st.The wheel is not holy, GeYiMin not holy.

82, only for their title, is not really want to be a saint

> this world!What were, someone robbed, what are some loot!Just can't see be a sage!

> > > be sages not too much, at least GeYiMin, Zheng Kuifei, ma wei qing, wang jianxin, etc

> > they fight just name, I don't really want to be a saint

> > > estimates that few people actually want to do a saint, be harmonious

> is harmonious, can be truly harmonious?

> > > harmony is false, but no one dare to pretend to be true, to be by the scourge

> > of human is the fear of god.Seems to be so.

83, one thousand: one thousand years of solitude saint trials, GeYiMin can win

> I hope in the future of saint trials, GeYiMin can win, because I like him

> > > a man easily exposed in front of the world...Its weakness is...As a result, after being take died in the sea

On the beach...

> as a pioneer, regardless of the success and failure are a brave man.

84, 510224: GeYiMin theory, I understand

Just did not see his ability to deal with real things, so bad.Can only hope he can be very successful

Real thing.

85, balsamine eye is not satisfied: GeYiMin is what person?How to get to where all can see him?He is very good?

86, junichi coincidence: GeYiMin is South Korea

This is for man's sin not surprisingly, the bible has said there will be such a person appear;GeYiMin is South Korea.

From the eye I an atheist This speech is simply crazy The ge uncle is a cheat you letter ~ sooner or later the nail in the history

Indelibly marked He is exaggerated than Hitler...

87, 72: a sealed book GeYiMin also advocate sexual freedom

All over the world cults, have one thing in common, is advocating sexual freedom, in order to convenient play Quakeress hierarch, true religion is abstinence, or

Have strict control, and ge madman also advocate sexual freedom, I don't know how much he has to play a female friend.

88, king Lin xi: in ring color GeYiMin advertisements may be considered

In rabbit put on the ring color ads, advertising through at: card flashlight on the rabbit, in the green call: card flashlight advertisements, in GeYiMin green called advertisements, let all junk cycles a dead horse!

89, haodaweicao1: GeYiMin, carrion, saying people are lazy take a reason him!Communist that don't kill, it seems to be dead...

90, darling: I heard GeYiMin grandfather has always been a bad reputation?

Establishment of a cult?What [neural]?Not ye call dharma to hit his way across the field?
It under the banner of fighting with the ye cheating money, little you give ye listen up, where to go back to where go to!Ye nu torn your that a litter nervous!Ha ha ha ha...

91, darling: GeYiMin countless water-forces, always so concerned about a so-called mad dog?

Ha ha!The level of visible GeYiMin!

Through this post also see the well-known GeYiMin workforce quality, all is a pig dog can also!

So five hair is lost in the face.

After 92, darling: big bug Posting disgrace, delete and flee!

@ GeYiMin Waste also!Ha ha!So many enterprisers and lifted up the goods!

Need not need to give you a village head dry after ye?Ha ha...

@ GeYiMin waste to head to scold it, couldn't put it fart...Ha ha!

93, do you have a great sin: I heard that the saints is very severe Just GeYiMin

It is said that all powerful This weather is estimated to be him?

The theory of li wheel king at most Compared to a saint Fruit of theory of li ge big holy badly N estimates for the qualification of shoes haven't Buddha also gave his most shoes Jesus, too.

94, x7ko: GeYiMin isn't mental derangement, just look down upon the deeply ingrained, people today he made it clear the purpose of...

95, Carla XiaoKeYun: talent o original philosophy

Lu Lord the small white please explain in detail...Only know GeYiMin caught...Talent o original philosophy, there are people in jail for ha

96, taking the last battlefield: you are Comrade GeYiMin?

I go to you this day by day of figure is in the forefront of what ah Not afraid to check water meter.

97, news reporter: three words, as long as mentioned GeYiMin delete without forgiveness.

Mr Black is the flower of kudzuvine, how do I know what do you do?!This post is about to disappear....

98, ji defensibly Chi: cult?Crape myrtle is the word of Taoism Is the Confucian sage

GeYiMin this person is also a Christian super invincible big mixed teach?

99, gully machine carved: GeYiMin can't let everyone to become a god, he is false.

100, hyB3523: nerve, the vast endless, but large span

Sometimes writing, seems to be profound, but simple.

101, hyB3523: nerve has a bright spot, but less famous

Can mix vulgar and light, and people in distress.

102, kingkongdd: dizzy, let GeYiMin rule heaven, here is the earth, I prick silk.

103, SAN dragon spear: GeYiMin mountain is the end of the world, when you stop him not to mountain.

Man: 104, I still hin GeYiMin, originally you "brand" is such a "nervous"?

You more than the Yang the nerve!:)

105, darling: GeYiMin shattered dreams, he will be into the magic!

106, fat luo uncertain whether move Milan, real Madrid who is lying

Netease 2006-8-14 every coach carlo ancelotti is milan's 1-0 victory over atletico Madrid in the summer league came during a meeting with the media after the game the rumours of his fame, in his words, "the Italian dello sport and other Italian or Spanish newspaper as, after all, is not the" mei "."Interview in the end, carlo ancelotti also don't forget to mention kaka,...

107, "the market" earth near baidu post bar Eastern net wealth

The 2006-8-9 thereof manna in baidu "god", more netizens comment that "in 2019, the earth will be end" say happened to the "mei" is verified in the prophecy of the end of the world.And journalists in baidu "scientific exploration", "artificial intelligence" see "the Belgian royal observatory detected the earth's axis has started slightly turn", "about a new idea of celestial evolution" such astronomical knowledge the netizens' discussion and idea,...> > 2 same news

108, a "rational thinker" issue of "shout" To this point in a few years ago a new faction "mei taught" is similar to "mei taught claims to" st "mei", the founder of the file "" mei", including "he is my son, listen to him," he said, referring to "mei" sentences, so, Christian heresy is always the same.

109, the home page > > atheism altar > > theism area > > Christ BBS > > view the posts , the founder of the "mei taught before it is said that was a very devout Christian, is only the dream too much, just self-styled became god speaks. Ha ha, at best, a religious madman.

110, Catholic evergreen homes XHTML chart - introduce a heresy, CVB 4.0.5 feel their "" mei jing compiled so ridiculous, to above the Spring Festival gala, zhao benshan has mixed up....What died laughing, "mei" classics ", I guess that is a woman, "" plum" "" "" and "from the" Jesus Christ ", "mei" is generally girls use of words, of course, don't rule out the possibility that he is a man.

111, is based on "mei by European all countries on the platter to spell

Ha ha..He found a morning..Finally let me find..Title: ghost to battle Starring: Michael bean Michael Biehn Lee al m r. Lee Ermey insisted udo's director: Brian Trenchard - Smith categories: science according to the reveal of the apocalypse, tilt the balance of the world are destroyed, in the end war of good and evil magic valley.There is what the bible calls the end of the world battle between good and evil of the battlefield.Evil forces gathered a powerful army, ready to set a trap, in the final to state and state, from country to country, fighting between siblings.Alexander stone (Michael York) is the most powerful man in the history, but under his charming smile to hide the evil plan, he will trigger a war led to the destruction of the human species.Compared with his brother, the President of the United States (David Michael Biehn), have the ability to prevent the disaster.Only by the United States, however, it is impossible to stop the, David need a group of trusted ally joined together in the fight against evil!

112, I will call for nine: GeYiMin, the legend of saint

But don't think his bad, and the wheel boss.

113, only be justified by faith, which are justified by vision.You be careful not to fall into superstition, and have a "may teach what the crime teenager, he described a vision of the much more than you.Then he wrote the book called "mei via SAN mei

Data from 114, what are you??You can be sure you get the statistics institutions of the Chinese christians can be "fair", not because of some will deliberately overstating??I remind you again, and christians in henan seems to be many, in fact, in henan province and one of the cult most provinces of China.You that "Christian" especially "house churches" statistical data, I'm afraid there are many is mixed.Eastern lightning, and may teach, three foreclosure, Shouting to send...The rubbish are you into the "brothers and sisters in Christ"??You know, these guys, don't admit that he is teaching.

New protestant, and may, 115

Website http://www.geyimin.com, I think it's funny, but people seem to be very serious.A new protestant, Jesus = "may?, postmodern confusion...

116, on the Internet these days saw a man claiming to be a prophet.Called mei.

Knowledgeable than the average person, than learned a man is.The only and all the people, said he is a prophet,

And has a head.The prophet writers and network management and network.The birthright was obviously is not easy to come.He also have a dream.

Actually according to the theory of Freud's view, is not anything special, at most be regarded as one of the prophets myth

Fantasy.In a sense I agree with freund's theory.Dream, after all, not every dream channeling

.The prophet.What is a prophet?The dreamer as a prophet?Then I also can be predicted that the Catholic finally planted in the hand of Buddhism

In the water.Ha ha.This is god in advance.

117, the blood of alfalfa: nice GeYiMin writing talent

The somebody else write longhand readers are fond of watching, writing talent is good, let him have the prophet addiction and what is bad?But their belief systems are indeed too miscellaneous, also should be altered.

118, GeYiMin, how do you get to Mohammed.

He's pagan founder!
You also don't fantasy for christians to listen to you, you do the Pope of Christianity. Or lose fantasy, only Jesus.
Nietzsche is an anti-christian mad, you don't tell him the same.
If you pass the pure Gospel of Christ, will someone because of your propaganda and believe, your church will grow, your nature is the church leader (faction).

119, the sea a smile: although GeYiMin has repeatedly claimed that "Christian communist league is not an organization"

But all the ideas of the building Lord and must be through the social organization form to complete, so the first declaration of the building Lord was shattered glass.Contact your previous post, it can be said that the original poster is not a general sense, the motivation is by no means a sermon also so pure, if again development bottom go to, I'm afraid is not by law.

What on earth is 120, and may teach organization?

_ _ baidu know: yeah may teach who claimed to be a sect of Christianity, but with their own "mei, replaced the bible has its classic and organization.It is exactly what is the purpose?
..."Mei taught since people membership under the name of Christ is replacing the bible with other classic. Needless to say that it must be attached to the Christian" heretics "of the existence of the purpose, not a right. Money...

Dawn, friend radio Re: China (121) (a) "message board

> hello: I hope to help us analysis and may teach, because they are now in the network is so rampant, and we don't have any Christian web site or the church a parse their data.

> > grace:
Thank you for your advice, careful consideration has been passed on to the workers.

122, marching soldiers: see a stick whole not moving, just look for is for some friends to see posts is deleted, see the letter.In the thought there is a person GeYiMin this treatment.Thought which is the freedom of speech, random block friends, on the basic idea is said "no" in the past, not only will be strongly opposed, within your business also no unified, so really no absolute power.

Often to the za a few people, also to delete delete ads and GeYiMin at ordinary times, I didn't find who persecuted the original poster.

123, according to Christ: may teach heresy

Is a kind of heresy circulating in recent years (mei), on the network activity.They wantonly the bible, the Hebrew and Greek, using these people understand instead of god's will.Please brothers and sisters to distinguish with spiritual eyes, make us not into temptation.This heresy and may teach, namely the following GeYiMin teach, he is an absolute heresy.GeYiMin like JiSanBao (3), said that he is the son of god, and hierarch, and an angel, he is also called st.This is we can all see.Heresy is heresy, we always want to tell.

124, these two days have been in the net, it's a typical cult network.

The content of "the plum in the BBS fouling paint. Worse," may my words and deeds is a rascal, he's the "mei" absurd..."Mei -- dream into a" prophet ", all in the name of the Christian faith poison people spirit!"Mei, the angel of the devil, poisoned many people spirit?!

125, baidu _ _ I think this may teach god more peaceful

If only one keeps the mind Not as arbitrary as protestant, very calm, respect for the world's first st and not exclusive, although also believe in god, should vigorously propaganda, how do I become christians to you.

126, "may I have pay attention to them for a long time..

Listen to a lot of netizens said they from several people's party..
To organized religion online..
Has been achieved can the requirement of development of religion.
1. Have their own spiritual leaders. Yeah may.!
2. Have their own classic. "mei.!
3. Has its own religious thought..

This "mei said he accepted the god dreams.
Said. He is my son. You have to listen to him.
He is mei..There are also many brothers in his BBS to persuade him.
But he still didn't listen to..Please pray for him..

127, in fact, on the contrary, if a careful study

Will know how much the saint is bad when, have to undergo much suffering, those of the average computer-virus, or has some claim to be a saint's utilitarian purpose, it is no prediction research, hustled into themselves, real and they said, to discover all, like the flow of GeYiMin.

128, I have always been opposed to friends psychosexuality themselves as a saint

Especially as GeYiMin some go astray, I have always been those titles processing, only a saint, we are going to study the saint broad tolerance kind and justice of the spirit of compassion, improve oneself, let oneself more strong, more honest and kind, starts from me, so as to change society to change the world, this is we meet here's cohesive force.
> when old ge is not actually a nut is a redeeming feature
> > old ge is awake, he is a shameless stare blankly as ziwei lying cheat color.

Before 129, think day to have been to mei's website and BBS

It is easy to see it is full of liars, sex maniac!!!!!!

Actually there are so many people believe that!

According to hear a lot of people are forced to believe, then was forced to make propaganda for them. Besides, if thought and went in, there will be no judgment, we now view X is a cult, the original is not a lot of people believe.

130, GeYiMin is a Christian, a sect

Claims to the prophet, the son of god, and the man of god and hierarch, and teaching is based on "vision", it is since the childhood have done some so-called relationship of dreams (I disagree), thus also wrote his doctrine, therefore also was attacked by a lot of people on the Internet.But through the contact feeling very well, also a tolerant attitude to other beliefs, at least than those online often accused buddhist qigong yoga for the evil spirits of other christians.

131, the Chinese sage for flower of kudzuvine a single option

"You have been in this business banned, banned reason: ge madman post will be deleted.You can go to apply for recovery.

Just flower of kudzuvine number is much, go to every day, not seal.

Unit 132, GeYiMin: it is recommended that science is changed to the Chinese name

In order to enhance the national self-confidence, it is suggested that scientific units instead of Chinese name, such as the first law of Newton's first law to liu bei, one volt to cao cao, a joule instead of sun quan, one amp to zhuge liang, etc.

133, now seemed to be called a GeYiMin outside teach heresy

The GeYiMin sect of the main characters who saw visions self-reliance a sect, the appellation prophet, also have their own GeYiMin classics

> this is the so-called "" may teach" before a breeding ground for...

134, like the 1920 s revolutionary image

I will not visit fortune-teller But I don't see GeYiMin have an image of a saint But give a person the feeling of this person is very persistent A bit like the 1920 s revolutionary image Ha ha

Work that is a bit like Michael Jackson oh ~

135 and by the free solution, correct or not

Since the 16th century religious reform, protestants have differentiation out around 200 pie.
Because the protestant insists that everyone can interpret the bible under the push of the holy spirit.
So, how can you determine whether the enlightenment from the spirit, not from evil spirits?
Don't know if you have ever heard of "mei"?This person already have a lot of followers.He claimed to get god's revelation, said the end of the world is coming, he points out that even the end of the specific time.He called the follow him "plum blossom".
Do you think of his inspiration from the holy spirit, too?I think it is from lucifer.

136, funny is the communism and the three multibody GeXianZhi performance together

I bet this false madman doing communist common dream again, want to do hong xiuquan the second.

137, the Chinese sage: will delete rules, please note when speaking

A related contents, promote GeYiMin stick will delete will seal;

138, into his website, dear,,,, my god!No one dare say he is god, the god of this world, but his brother million people dare to...What is a heresy?This is heresy!I have always advocated is god loves all the people all the time..But who violated the heresy of god...Lord, lead him.Maybe brother million people doing what he doesn't know, maybe he is crazy!Pray for brother million people, may the Lord led his right soon!Oh heresy brother million people wake up as soon as possible, otherwise the flow of linlin. "surely is its model

139, due to the improper username is banned in the wiki

> about songs million people
After the verification, song billion people like is China one of the so-called "church", also claim to be the Christ, cause a lot of people on the Internet, so, the user improper Geyimin username is obvious, suggestion seized.

> > > this user have been banned due to inappropriate name.
According to ban guidelines and principles of the user name, we don't think you are using a user name, or may cause confusion with the existing user name, so the administrator this account has been permanently banned.You can according to Wikipedia: username Suggestions, to create a new name, and the appropriate user.If you still want to use this account to edit wikipedia, please refer to our email list to the administrative agent request to change user name.

140, said the 4000-50 million, this number is the same.70 million is a little bit more, because foreign statistics, most of the time put some evil cults, such as the eastern lightning, and may teach, voice and so on also is statistics into christians, in order to increase the quantity.In fact, these things is not taught, rather more appropriate some white lotus society boxer.

141, not to mention the jews and muslims and orthodox Catholic view, god tuo Ronnie, and may teach, worship god, Jehovah's witnesses and Christian science and mormonism, will the end of the saints, and the last light sent...Really don't know how to calculate the protestant should ~ ~ ~

142, jonas brothers!Today I discovered what "mei in baidu bar, is heresy!Such as large propaganda, he will not affect the hearts of so many brothers, sisters, and accidentally fall they lost?We should do something!The terrible "mei after it is evil to teach, we exactly what to do!
The "mei" teaching is obviously a heresy, is also a hodgepodge, this may combine various religious theory, established a religion.

143, the dream always have beauty: GeYiMin cannot kill, he has the mission, the mandate of heaven shall not be killed.

144, in fact I want to know.GeYiMin exactly is who...Every day he was black...

> is not only black There are a certain number of mindless fans do propaganda for him is the second wheel li...
A little high
> how do you best door also don't know GeYiMin also don't know?
> brand leader

145, saint SAN know saint   long what look like?

You don't like this: head nurse GeYiMin baidu search

146, 8 star sword: Beijing jinshan light sparkles, his GeYiMin leads us

The farthest GeYiMin, universal bond with me.

147, Vendetta_Man: GeYiMin is a cult!Calls for the government in accordance with the law to ban!!!

Although GeYiMin cult is not harm, but it really is a cult, who admires the GeYiMin, if you're black ge must by all sides to spray, so madness of affirmation is potential threat!No GeYiMin package which day for christians to kill...

148, 2019 years later, ge god what should I do

"GeYiMin, really nervous, true god!It must be big theater.Is not the tathagata apprentice, surprise surprise, is Jesus.The acquisition is sent the lanterns for a cup of tea.

Before 149, words, suggest you go to the "GeYiMin teaching" can you go to see it?

> > > up blank, only to see some criticism of his things

Homepage is some.Baidu "GeYiMin", article 5 is GeYiMin via (actually the formal name is "nerve", don't cheat you).

150, we have to hang up: these were the ACTS of GeYiMin!

According to god's GeYiMin couldn't be processed
The use of the poor of the poor people.

151, 2 it is not mental derangement!!!!Have a look at the Chinese sage and GeYiMin!!!!

That's where the real mental derangement!

The characteristics of > previous practice of people!

> > GeYiMin who is it?

I don't know is who, but ya ya is god

> > also calculate ability Like a lot of people believe!This is another lee wheels!Promising!Seems to play religion is very promising

> and inside of two people a lot

Is 152, GeYiMin cult?

> > > hold a sword to kill three thousand, founded GeYiMin Shintoism, crape myrtle saint reincarnation, form a pulse.

153, let's talk to prick silk GeYiMin is step by step, how to become a "god"

Ryanrichard: GeYiMin upbringing, post bar, age 5 years, and often on a variety of post bar will know...

GeYiMin owing to the Internet, what exactly is that each big BBS and stick.The key is a ma3 jia3 more than...

154, endless sky blue: if the "nerve" in BC Will can open pie can teach is very popular Now ~ hehe

155, GeYiMin now to do work of Jesus

Mr Qi water: modern Christianity is not god's agent, only the prophets of the bible, Jesus.Anyone who claims to be, son of god is god's agent, said the world all listen to him, put himself into a new idol, this must be a liar, a fixed purpose of big liar.All cults are it is founded, and certainly, there are many illegal offence.

His remarks, hong xiuquan and of the qing dynasty are very similar, finally will become antisocial cult, cause social unrest.

For these people, cannot treat STH lightly, must see the seriousness of the problem, before it has not form forces, to firmly.

"By faith in Christ Jesus, you are all sons of god.Galatians 3:26

The son of son.GeYiMin claims to be the son of god, is specified, like Jesus is god's belly born by maria.Is god ordered him to preach, to save the world.Jesus is the leader of Christianity.To people like believe in god, believe he adored him.
Hong xiuquan also claims to be the son of god, is god sent him to save the world, so be absolutely obey his voice.But the east king Yang xiu-qing know the secret, so he claimed to be god, can teach hong xiuquan this son, hong also dare not to reveal him.
Now GeYiMin to do work of Jesus, and of course hong xiuquan is the same reason.Hong xiuquan also says it is in the interests of the people, against the corrupt qing government, all men are brothers and sisters, to do everybody is inequality, nowhere is uneven.But he got a territory, also immediately start the emperor, the corruption is more fierce than qing.
So-called religion party, also copy some of the old slogan of the communist party of China, under the banner of bureaucratic corruption to deceive the world.But times have changed to this one now, only the low cultural quality of people to be cheated.
Kaidi should block the post, no one poisoning.

""," flower of kudzuvine response:

Is exemple: prophets, Jesus.
Example: hong xiuquan.

Why not only is hong xiuquan, prophets, Jesus is not?

Why the prophets in the bible, Jesus is not a liar?

Internet age, who is better than Mr Qi water very low cultural quality???????

To believe in the judgment of others.

156, zhangmohan1987: hierarch GeYiMin But as god!

He was more than hope everybody go GeYiMin visit (very funny) by blasting He is very lonely.

157, zhangmohan1987: GeYiMin said the recent fire as great a cult east lightning god is false

He predicted that 2019 the end of the world Ha ha Also self hype caught in jail

He said a goddess to his profession

I flash the lest sin against his old man's house go to hell

Is 158, GeYiMin paranoid schizophrenia?

Mafia st cat: be right to suppress heart malformations.Desire to one day himself as a mighty man, and then fantasy with himself as the man himself is not yes.

""," flower of kudzuvine: with the heart of the child, degrees of abdomen.

159, jinshui _7: GeYiMin. Anyway, in which you can see the man his name, it is enough, to mix familiar has been a success.

14 published 160, 531601: the China establish a cult, more than ten is related to Christianity, at the very least, and the old testament, the bible, god, Jesus, and so on

How said GeYiMin haven't shot.

""," flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin no organization.

161, RedSight: are heretics, but he didn't, all in the name of the dharma GeYiMin honest than others.

162, they will believe GeYiMin is god

Three inches three points and three mile: theism brainwashed people don't think so, they will believe GeYiMin is god, and that is the true god.This is the power of education, in the eyes of players, all the impossible can become possible, even to the extreme, paranoid.Will they euphemistically called reason, faith to achieve self psychological comfort and deception.It is common to all human weaknesses.

163, many people soon be GeYiMin worship god

Moon and raw lotus: you really don't believe If you have the government support As at the beginning of the Roman empire to support the Christian Soon many people be GeYiMin worship god Cosette cosette

If Jesus himself for you say that I am god estimates that you have a return to the past cosette had strong religious brainwashed.

164, back: the south wind GeYiMin heresy, often GeYiMin fake Jesus Christ, that he is the son of god GeYiMin Christ, not heresy is what?

Unlike 165, treat GeYiMin

19703: a total of sea moon has been kind enough to me, of course, don't like treat GeYiMin.I don't know whether blocking new ideas appear reactionary, let history to evaluate it.Including Copernicus, which have insight from this insult?I believe there is always a bright day.

166, chutian expanse: GeYiMin is not a small cult?

Accidentally found this place in the past two days, but is a cult.I wish you a speedy was found!

> > > flower of kudzuvine: let you down, no organization.

167, ChenGai magni gothic: GeYiMin contend for the name of saint, is also a good thing!

Have saints that title, influence all the people, to try to practice!
This life is not!

The afterlife, later, the afterlife again!One day will be real consciousness, finally made a real saint!

168, become GeYiMin poster and evocation

Red missile: south figure Lord often post "I see stick chaos, all kinds of people are worried" a stick, intentionally or unintentionally become GeYiMin poster and evocation.GeYiMin is south main column in the first place of the so-called heresy.Some promotional this "heresy" saw this name like the chicken blood, excited.
They even heretical qualification all have no, just try very hard to of fry red himself, do not hesitate to scold yourself is heresy, boast themselves after a while, a moment scold yourself, purpose is to cause everyone's argument.To hype his 78 to now have not fry red people, hope that his controversial is famous mood can understand, we just cooperate they sing together will only lower our IQ, but increase joke.
To be our Lord as heresy in front, and estimate their mood will be very good.So pay attention to them to help their propaganda, is welcome.So their ads posted recently, other are deleted, and then the main posts from time to time the top up, want to cause you to discuss their mood is quite strong.
I strongly suggest to delete this post, I do not know the south main and the other main how see?

169, tang is unknown: GeYiMin till now still pretty active Do judge a book by it's cover He told us the story of nonsense, is also a kind of faith.

170 pieces, [other] the 14-06-14 report GeYiMin and congregation continued harassment of the vertical and horizontal)

Ostrich is jun had to bird: please let the crape myrtle god the avatar, baidu saddle on the debt principal, whose looking for who to go to, don't continue to harass innocent "vertical and horizontal,"

The dim lights, 171 meters, show: GeYiMin and room flat and not down.The three men are great spirit level.

172, ended the world swordsman: the key is the saint who dare to do

Who has the courage, I estimate is GeYiMin if to Beijing next year.

Buddha says everyone may become sages.He may well be true, you just misunderstood his biased.

173, darling: a government set up memorial arch!GeYiMin.

""," flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin hasn't arrived yet, 2019.

174, Space_Force: GeYiMin book sing praises himself, and then with his book to prove that he is god.

175, god has given me the horse: GeYiMin, flesh who dare to say is god, mental derangement...

I tell you, is also dare not ziwei saints who claimed to be god.

176, leite leite: GeYiMin, gauge head two god

The first can not be said in the world of the living god, the second can not say.Violation of the two is a cult.

177, yuypdl: liquidation Chinese competitors, and deserve to be Chinese

GeYiMin dare not fight for realistic job but rather to be Chinese, is obviously feel a failure will not have what dangerous, this is faith in the Chinese character, Chinese want to won't let him the trust.

178, windy desert rumours: GeYiMin, cult madman, also talk about freedom, up relatively light, the nerve of communism.

179, 007: the emperor GeYiMin, he is the so-called god fabricated by some people.

180, raobox273859: if, GeYiMin was, god that please show your great power

What cure cancer and other disease, such as "BaoYi hand according to the patient, the patient there was nothing", in this way, the whole earth would be you of letter, where anything else, Catholic, Christian, islamic, male, Buddha, tao, ah.

181, jiuling1: GeYiMin, heard that he is already think the word and wrote a < < nerve > >.

182, do a good man hao male: GeYiMin, Christ not so silly

Even if reincarnation will not said that he himself is Christ, because too many "wise men" in this world, in addition to being scolded, no effect.

183, liyilienbai: ha ha This is hilarious

Why he was so sure it's not the devils to him before the GeYiMin (evil) also said he saw dreams visions that everyone will believe he trusted do you think?

184, would be better 05: GeYiMin misled by satan

All those visions from satan, now everyone advised him to look back.After GeYiMin accept vision claimed to be god.A vision from god does not cause such consequences, since not from satan is god.

GeYiMin is known in 185, lazy way c: in 69, master marry ge is too risky.

Riches and honour the woman marry GeYiMin just as well, ge master need to find a rich man.

186, silver moon: although GeYiMin at low, but somebody else still can write ah.

Don't assume that the buddhist scriptures, the bible will all back, will put down.
Have skill oneself write a book, may later, this is the skill.
Although GeYiMin at low, but the somebody else or can write ah.
At least he did.Would like to open open teaching, are interested in.

187, avij004: GeYiMin also some "the jade emperor god" up the son of god ah, hey hey ~

188, GeYiMin You have to let more people know you

Value operator nine is SB: there could be more popular common your thoughts I think you very well Hope to have more people contact GeYiMin You have to let more people know and so you can't hide in the folk unknown Living a human life

189, but you can't don't know Chinese male god...GeYiMin

Psychedelic hook: in the entertainment circle, you can not know huang xiaoming, can not know fan bingbing l, but you can't don't know the Chinese male god...GeYiMin

190, Christian and communism knead together, plus a current economics

Gobbledygook, 72: ge madman is, Christianity and communism knead together, plus a now of economics, written into a book called (nerve), could add a disease, is the most critical and his masterpiece, he advocates sexual liberation, the female christians.........................-

191, unrequited love house: I don't know GeYiMin diao long MAO ow

Just have heard that there is a person!A divine thing, but I never left him!

192, buddhist meow lay: being original is a buddhist But it's also very advocate is Christian

GeYiMin say in explanation by fifty Yin the magic realm That is in your Christian said the devil tempted him.

"Flower of kudzuvine: we think that the devil is the tool of god, to god, that god's will, try man the spiritual.

Mahengrui1: emerging GeYiMin Shinto faith of religion, this is a buddhist post bar, please go back to.

The so-called male god - 193, you GeYiMin

Qty123456qtyqq: I want to surrender, is all kinds, small home god and those who hear the scum of the earth civilization - the so-called male god - GeYiMin you!Give him the message.Let him take his true ability, I will at any time can easily make flat to him!...The earth ZiQi Oriental spirited, step on the grass to fly.

194, I don't know who hired you, GeYiMin

Stranger: don't you don't know what is comfortable for you to start work?I don't know who to hire you, when the time is right, since someone will take it out for me
I am the architect of the emperor, wait for chance, when the time is right is the emperor who studied under, all playing god walker, avoid the dead live, is the destiny of the future, as long as you can not do without the ball, and you also can not do without the ball, think about it!

195, too bitter: GeYiMin, involved in court vortex is bad

I advise you, the best body back as soon as possible, anyone who has a reason, fanning the flames,

I persuaded, in the future will avoid something, also can live a good reputation, a fault confessed is half redressed.

Cat was unpredictable, in the future, the future!The cat was not drain, since you claim to be a saint.Claim to be god!You should know about saint culture very, good

Good access to information!Your question saint culture as records!

196, an ordinary creatures: GeYiMin Pleased to do him

Propaganda ge thoughts The world will know more Wish for the leaders to go through fire and water In care.

Who is 197, younger sister wow: GeYiMin?Why do I always can see him?

Fall in love with a star: who claimed to be god, promote themselves by network.

198, bread one hand calligraphy: suddenly found GeYiMin, call your maid

In the greenhouse sayuri: a lot of people so call me before, but GeYiMin let me afraid, he is now everywhere "advertising".

199, GeYiMin is contemporary social science

GeYiMin baidu post bar - directory: contemporary social science.

200, dashansong: GeYiMin also come to this

He was in the saint! Is also known.

201, lovely humility: Mr Guy in Chinese society!Don't afraid of again in prison?

Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin not in jail, flower of kudzuvine hype fake news.

In 202 and one hundred, the confused: GeYiMin don't STH over and over again, nobody self-styled saint

Want to every famous?Be careful to enter cult blacklist!In the detention house to sleep floor, urine bucket is in front of the head, seven or eight people less than ten square meters!

"Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin no organization, not a cult.

203, the ancient working people: actually my GeYiMin god with wheels of flow

You this dead hemp goods as a fertilizer for flower of kudzuvine return true not waste!

204, eight hundred free and unfettered: clams clams clams, GeYiMin nerve

Then you went online, crazy every day, ha ha ha ha, smile dead, clams clams clams.

205, saint dragon spear: I think reading in male is better than the madman GeYiMin.

206, the continental army: just watched GeYiMin stickers are ok!

GeYiMin the situation is filled with blue, I'm there's blue.

When the sky is always blue, the days always too slow.You always say graduation in sight, each rush thing quickly.

207, the continental army: I slightly GeYiMin fault under correction, there is no universal, only functions

GeYiMin have spiritual leadership, politics can also, but his cognitive science really than I.

208, the continental army: respect the freedom of thought!If GeYiMin was the son of god

Then I can be saved, he should just an allowance

Male, and now I'm out of the blue, remember to come out and I add blue, speed, the son of god died unnecessarily.

209, purple the sunrise sheng: GeYiMin writings "nerve", what I thought science anatomical knowledge

The original...Why not call god cult book Shinto...Give a person misleading...
Ran through the Chinese version of the...Turned out to be the bible of the alternative branches...

"Flower of kudzuvine: the word of god.

In 210, dragon day _ dry: GeYiMin Shinto faith, just don't know, how much the simpleton

Also this letter, is so advanced now,

Can in dungeons, with thousands of years ago, change a lie.

> flower of kudzuvine: didn't you read.Such as content of communism, such as the eternal life, such as god.

In 211, dragon day _ dry: GeYiMin nerve seen, up, doesn't make sense

Don't agree with, but is a big draw with science fiction film, called a writing articles, is better than he has written, than he is wonderful, you can make another film.

In 212, dragon day _ dry: GeYiMin, you belong to

Communism, Marx and Engels invention also find spot experiment, finally fails, Jesus Christian to create now, are far from the goal, also calculate failure, you put together two failure examples, useful, do you understand the human is, understand the meaning of the creator to create human?, go against you.
> flower of kudzuvine: socialization production today, the Internet revolution of science and technology today, can the realization of communism in 2019, to update the hearts of people around the world, and this historic task to the Shinto faith.
Our ultimate goal is to eternal life, the life is the meaning.

213, broken blade sword card Wright: I: the hearing, the judge!GeYiMin!Do you know sin!?

GeYiMin: the bible is bullshit!Is not as good as my bullshit!

I: do you know the bible is the declaration of at least reasonable, bullshit people deified is also in line with the ethnic situation, and opposing Yu Tiandao, you try to secular you continue in sin, but the decline is accelerating civilization!

GeYiMin: decline of civilization, I just take advantage of the disorder to profit!

I: pull down!

214, through the firewire blame: just go GeYiMin saw

Flower of kudzuvine with god and have been popular with the fog in the greenhouse sayuri, the two men are cult...

Winter in 215, light snow dances: personally, I think l and GeYiMin

Called the second also, and a woman a man and the two matched, suitable for married.People find

For what?

216, an ordinary creatures: GeYiMin is Chinese saint

Ge's thought and theory for the people I love benefit brings joy to the world Have a feeling of meet too late...

217, saint dragon spear: we should form a GeYiMin alliance

We will go to the authorities if he say again sneaked his there, said he illegal pyramid schemes.

218, darling: why 2 maintenance GeYiMin?

Just post be seconds delete!!!...

219, painful year 3: GeYiMin, your garbage book is a joint venture or the government.

Also want to use risks performing a drama in front of an audience.

220, late-night symphony: GeYiMin nerves I spend half an hour to identify finished

99% of the crap, visible brain-dead moron a, I simple refining to express ideas, 1, communist, 2, hybridization, god is 3, the theory of evolution is false

Right, just take the things that trash also want to cheat people, with blasphemous to the charges and sentenced him to life imprisonment, but China's law

Not law consciousness and corruption.

The party to put ge pigs, reason may be that, although ge pig arrogance, but the impact is not big, again ge pigs the first motive is known, famous aftereffect sung river

Please total party, is the total party stooges.

Second, ge pig if someone behind the planning of events, if have big role behind the scenes, the party may go away.

Founded 221, Ye Lingzi fairy: GeYiMin profess Christ religion, to realize the communist 2019.

222, I want to come: GeYiMin, you must establish a new religion requires three conditions

First you have to speak something no one has ever spoken;Next you should
Do something no one has ever done;Finally you proclaim said one day you dead, you can the resurrection on the third day...

223, Space_Force: GeYiMin book sing themselves

Then with his book to prove that he is god.

Also do Rayen101: li hongzhi, also steal method.
The taiping heavenly kingdom of hong xiuquan also done it before
Seem to do that in the history of a lot...
Leave is a joke...
Ha ha ha...I smiled again

224, 531601: such as the wheel and the GeYiMin recently

Whether to use what means to make people believe him?Is li archbishop and GeYiMin show any signs?

225, the sky clouds: GeYiMin this person a little skill pity thing and merits are almost, otherwise can cheat a lot of people!

Qwer841: before and after the ge big J8 can lift the swindlers made several female light is exposed to know there are 3 B also big thick face after being exposed

Said to fall in love on the Internet But this is not the most wonderful work of the most wonderful work should have 4 girls in ge J8 with a wife

Is also dedicated to the hierarch gee I can only say that the intelligence was cheated is deserved it alive is a waste of food.

226, contemporary representative thought and their exponents

GeYiMin, XuanChang junwei, xiao-lin dong, Han Xianfeng, Ma Yunxiang, yong-jun, Tang Cailong, reimei, Ren Hui loyal, ZhangShaoHua, Li Pingyi, YuMing three
120, MuLiang, taihe wisdom, philosophy, Yang Siji, jia-jun zhao, XingChangJiang, ray yuan star, Shi Yixiang, Yang Huaihui, GengQingGuo, tian-qi wang,
Jiang chun-xuan, Sun Jialin, throughout the year, zhu min, wang Zhou Juchuan, lian-hua sun, YuYu, ZhangShaoHua, ambrette, qing-zhi zhang, Qin Yantao, the right to revenge poem, tong
Hin, chamber-of-commerce-style and so on.

Train 227, zhou fish: Christianity is the only god

Incarnation of the son of god is only one, this is the most basic doctrines.
The GeYiMin claims he is the son of god, only this one, are denied the basic tenets of Christianity
But he is going to take the bible and tangled is very interesting, very like hong xiuquan.

Train 228, zhou fish: GeYiMin want to own religious followers, is an ideal youth.
But hope not to distort the scripture, don't take the name of Christianity.
He wrote those things I saw, copy the contents of the bible, from the story of Jesus, corny.
More like a party program file. Very funny.
This so-called "religion" in history, all kinds of "Christ" are a dime a dozen.
Of course all garbage by god threw it into the history.
The reason is simple: only a true Christian, there is only a true Christian can transcend history and times, always with us.

Train 229, zhou fish: Jesus is god of Christianity.

Can be GeYiMin GeYiMin god, of course, but don't use the name of Jesus Christ, confusion and Christian GeYiMin. ".Confusing "GeYiMin classics" and the bible.
Christianity in two thousand to persist in it, makes the bible thought everlasting forever.

230, 2: the zohan, don't say GeYiMin cult

Put forward the doctrine of faith, is ideological achievements.Said ge, H, etc. As a cult, the three major religions who saw god?Put forward reasonable assumption, and the law of human civilization, as justice, as the truth of faith, this is the religion.

231, fake horse false: GeYiMin wang from the god of the earth

Also wrote books, publicity and some even unbearable, authentic Christian never approved "theory", such as what eschatology, etc., demagogic, mental confusion, don't think it was difficult.

232, in the greenhouse, sayuri: I and Mr. Ge debate for a long time, then feel doesn't make sense.

Sometimes feel GeYiMin just hype, but again not like, very serious, such as "2019 eschatology"
Sometimes feel the temptation by the devil.However, there is no so big of ability.Always entertaining.
Who knows, confusion...Highly narcissistic.
According to his prophet, Christ.
Listen to him, "refers to the GeYiMin...

233, knocking down the only angels: this is not a cult activities...Baidu you carefully check the water meter

Recently posted from time to time to see such a JB post...

Found that fewer search, said there are hundreds of such postings appear in all kinds of post bar

The characteristics of this group of people is a common concern is a - GeYiMin

Anyway, I think is...Act against pornography and illegal publications, it is not right?

So many people...Or, number so much systematically ran large brush, baidu you now no good coping mechanism

"Gently smiling people not language (baidu official) : hello, if you have the content of the agreement in violation of the post bar, please click the" report "in the post for a complaint.thank you

Down the only angels: if I have time to report will not be Posting this, I just want to ask, in this more than N different number as apparent in many post bar is organized without brain stick?Do I have to across dozens of post bar to report one by one?Other GeYiMin, suspected this cult status post bar ~ baidu is not afraid of water meter, please ~

> with 13 special number: the government yet GeYiMin cult, because GeYiMin make organization, not just online fans.This post is for money man camp, GeYiMin fans see however, justice and yi.

Also, you said owe money do you want?Who is the victim?

After 234, a senior cadres enemy: see rabbit mixed them into GeYiMin nor can not

Found the dead horse cult digestive ability is not generally strong!
See me in this speech in a few days will become part of their "nerve" ~

235, qq1424337110: I personally think GeYiMin did a little effort, but don't he thought too high.

236, the Chinese legend of 20 xx/the sound

The zhouyi sixth terms suit

Tianshui born retrograde escape, litigation mo bravado with people;

For fame and wealth loss head, the gentleman in the if the bank of China.

"Elder sister, this flower of kudzuvine is who?"Improves the tone ask small stone.

"I don't know."

Said "there is a poster, GeYiMin seconds kill pseudo holy, son of god in heaven and earth clown jokes are you guys all quick acting. Ha ha, perhaps, you say it's not funny?"Shi Jie along while don't respond, open the small stone looking back, she fell asleep again, "what a lazy!"

Zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, people are busy, a bustling scene.

"Hey, crazy boss, today again sent more than 500 posts, held" the saints', 'the secret of the TuiBei each big post bar, is full of propaganda "nerve"; this is more than a month, the checkout, the "flower of kudzuvine sayuri hoarse in the greenhouse," brothers, quick meals."

A dark, middle-aged man answered the phone: "don't worry, please wait, will give you remit money in a few days."Then hangs up the phone.

Crazy boss is GeYiMin, so-called Internet religious thinkers activists, Christian writer, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university, pseudograph "GeYiMin classics", this net friend called ge madman, nerve.Ge crazy do not hesitate to spend money to hire trumpeted water-forces, its large number of fans ma3 jia3, netizens called flower of kudzuvine.

Heard doodle telephone hang up, in the greenhouse sayuri ruthlessly say: "damn it."Resentment vent all the time, she looked at the display screen GeYiMin the cocked his head picture, like to see a black gorilla, the more see more hate, she casually on the post bar send the general GeYiMin mistake (ig).From other BBS just said: "come back GeYiMin general, despite the exhaustion of the body, and came to the baidu post bar, the net friend here and continue to talk about his great ge thought.To late that day, we said: "ge general, you go back to rest, you've just come back from other BBS narcissism, keep love ah."Ge the general shook his head, "do not matter, you know there are a lot of people now online my ge type theory as an enemy, time after time have given me trouble; you are ge in future, you must hold to an extramarital affair ah, this is the first priority."We are all excited, eyes with tears, it was such a good GeYiMin.Ge general looked up and look at the sky, said: "believe me if the story of the people like the stars in the sky so much the more good ah."Suddenly, he was excited, the whole body chestnut, flashing eyes, "but there are so few people, always to find faults with me, want to mess up my thoughts, confuse the post bar, they don't want my nerve, don't accept my chan altogether, they are sinners. Say, ge general bent down, from feet tore off a shoes, then looked up at the sky behind the past say:" damn of infidels."

In the distant Beijing, small stone saw little lily in the greenhouse "vent", couldn't help but laugh.Tens of thousands of netizens saw, chuckle.

Crazy boss also saw, he gave a telephone call from a little lily in the greenhouse.

Sayuri is walking in the street in the greenhouse, see after the call, her heart could not help "peng" quickly jumped up, her nervous to call: "hello, hello, ge."At this time, she is very careful, useless "crazy boss".

"I see online posts, ah, such publicity is too good, and expanded awareness," GeYiMin irrepressible heart surprises, "just as it is, the more black, the ugly, the better."

Sayuri leng along while in the greenhouse.Crazy boss react much to her surprise, she frowned and said slowly: "that, that labor?"

"That good, besides, to say again."Then hangs up the phone.

"It's crazy."In the greenhouse sayuri said bitterly.

237, knocking down the only angels: you WeChat search godjiao and monotheistic WeChat public

This translation is full of the breath of the weak.Another old monster, tell you a secret, you dozen GeYiMin three words in the post, one day will appear in the cult of reply to you.By the way, the brand leader GeYiMin 12 years the cult sin was sentenced to seven years to capture, now seems a commutation of their sentences, also announced that shu qi was monotheistic saint, weibo @ shu qi said that night dreamt of her, it's a pity that the somebody else ignore ignored him.

In 238, 75790133 a: who's who Metaphor.For instance the st GeYiMin origin

Somehow there are dozens of fans, China origin XN Shinto faith, although fame and influence are pretty bad, faithful but also more than tens of thousands of.

239, prince also everybody: tell me about GeYiMin

This paragraph of time often to Posting, he has a lot of small size, initial mk7 name may be a system, he is Christ the Lord, the first is the Sabbath day

Believers, and later, accepted the brahmans, I exhort him many times, he has to renounce, has created another heresy, create classic "nerves

", often in the Christian post bar, although not small, but, for the post bar, is a black sheep, hope for see it


, 240 the moonlight: now, let's services, are some amateur affairs, delete delete GeYiMin

Water front teeth in the building.Not a professional web users.

What is a professional it services?
First of all, he is a professional Internet users, there are a lot of free time, physically addicted to post bar, very seriously, to the power of the virtual world
Use of accumulated points to upgrade, ma3 jia3, mobilizing atmosphere, balance, maintain personal image...Have a keen interest.
He needs to reflect their own value, regardless of administration took office, or do the opposition to step down, he is never bored...

The most relevant perfume: summer koyo leader said.

I feel in, in addition to delete delete GeYiMin nothing good management, baidu, one of the few "grazing type" popular tieba.

241, broken jiugong matrix: the forces of evil cult, and delay time in playing with tactics.

The same as in 2012 to play tricks.
Cult resistance GeYiMin arise in 2012.Ge * is the arrangement of the original.
Cult * politics, and slay the former Lord *.

A task of top priority to speed up the BingGe.

I'm GeYiMin, without too much to expect.The black dragon ge, can have the peacock to help him.Nanjing, ge a hands-off.

242, brick home very calm of say: McDonald's recently caught several mixed

GeYiMin influence is big, it is estimated that this several online doesn't run off, perhaps their IP has been locked by Internet police, waiting for news blackout GeYiMin mixed details were caught by police.

243 history, community wood is three eggs: Ye Lingzi fairy This back a few days, GeYiMin people to post

He dare not positive deal with GeYiMin, he was old, looking for thugs, he sat watching the background, he is rushing for small, no speak, let small cannon fodder to play GeYiMin man, and he is watching to throw away all responsibilities, ge madman if retaliation is small revenge, he ran after, everyone says he is unknown, it is your big responsibility, key when looking for horse, is a man, even the little people.Ge the madman is a cult, he knows he can't, so temporary catch a few small when horse when fodder, in order to cover their ugly faces, progresses from time to time throwing two posts, put yourself into a hypocrite, responsibility is that a few of new small at this moment, the previous service has said a word you, early to see through him, leaf form is playing with a few new small.

244 adults, Ming illusions: whoever crape myrtle, GeYiMin, no one is normal.

I just wonder why no one checked him.Who claim to be holy, is the magic.

245, small red card: the gentiles is the language of the Christian, not the nationality here

It refers to those who do not trust in god, not god's salvation.GeYiMin that set of nerve is mostly from the bible, but with no relationship between MAO Christianity.I am bored to look at the two words, nonsense.Starting point of west phantom YY novel writer literally spun points are better than he.

246, scour tianya road park: even a bystander GeYiMin speech is a form of cults, to see how is the government?

Ye Lingzi fairy: you said bystander, too absolute, baidu, how can let him in the post bar?He had a stick (GeYiMin) of five thousand people, and it is for several years, if you didn't see the fish for the fish scales.

247, wind brother: cut ant people (GeYiMin), sounds like a trial is coming.

248, scour tianya road park: you said five thousand people post bar (GeYiMin!)

Among the five thousand people, did not believe GeYiMin speech and the one who disagree?If not, then you said five thousand people are GeYiMin, brainwashed.

GeYiMin claims to crape myrtle saint, who lives in zhenjiang in jiangsu.Didn't understand TuiBei figure, committing came out.Years old in north east door, door teil in frost melt.These two conditions do not conform to, pretend to be what ziwei saints?D.For everyone!!!!!!

249 days bow a number ten: both GeYiMin = jiang

250, GeYiMin is one of zhenjiang 38 culture and arts celebrities


Culture and arts celebrities

GeYiMin where my

251, celebrity resume: GeYiMin

Internet religious thinkers activists, Christian writer, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.With modern prophets GeYiMin classics, some say the bible amendment.He thought the two sources: Christianity and communism.
GeYiMin classics is of reality and the future thinking, is part of the revelation.GeYiMin mei via (GeYiMin via) with two news published in the Internet news portal.


252, azaz7391: method of what is reality

Method of reality is a variant GeYiMin actually, is a kind of weakening GeYiMin, and method of blowing is actually a variety of the beast, is an improved version of religion believers, method of faith in the law of the jungle, and beasts GeYiMin faith actually no difference.
Such as method of real transmission distortion and rough but the stuff of social concept, is actually an alternative network cult.

253, hyB3523: GeYiMin and others want to be a saint's dream has been shattered

Wish l SSH happiness life,

On behalf of my all friends!

Do you want to be so clear, GeYiMin waiting saint dream has been shattered,

L don't be a virgin, but have a good end-result, GeYiMin etc also can be.

254, system MK7: GeYiMin is one of the sons of god, there will be a great achievement in the future

Current has serious problem consciousness, in Christ based rather than your own.

"" "GeYiMin: used to be, now is not, I create brand, and independent out of Christianity, just admit Christianity, see 140000 words, content of communism than Christianity.

Our god is monotheistic (GeYiMin) of god, and not a Christian god (Jesus), of course, is also likely to both is a god.

255, three thousand: big handsome boy looking for a saint

Indicate the gender, hair name, please

Zheng Haodong 001: it is use for?GeYiMin is.

I love Zhao Tianyi oh: sing GeYiMin @ all the nations

256, shenhua emperor: as for the saints, even know it's only a GeYiMin privately speak (cs17).Other talents of how can again for?
After 257, hesitation of copper sulfate: I suggest, in this as long as see GeYiMin posts deleted.The man is like a "flying ramen" that kind of social subculture of his boringness.
258, zcreat: ge also the livelihood of the people in the 2000 years ago, perhaps can also be a leader, ha ha, fate fate ah, ha, ha, ha.
259, the air in a see: all big, please be sure to put the GeYiMin posts deleted in the theme.Have to so, GeYiMin disciples may use right hand, propaganda GeYiMin.
When they are advertising, this man was not a Christian.

260, WUH2006: GeYiMin nerve, the trash, someone will believe it?I am more pessimistic.Someone will really believe.

261, San Francisco donkeys Deng Xiaoxian: people should have ideal have thoughts, GeYiMin he didn't do wrong.
From here to see, he is worthy of respect, through the back of the development,
He is also worthy of sympathy.I think that he is a brave man, to face so many questions.A lot of people dare to dare not to do, he had to do, from this
Look, he should have deserved respect.
GeYiMin: I'm just a heart to truth, for social final form, or pray for.

262, system MK7: this morning dream GeYiMin god has two small countries in eastern Europe, an estimated after ten thousand.

263 copper sulfate, hesitation: the GeYiMin is clearly a like "brother chun teach" ramen "flying" whatting stuff, such as branch subculture of the society.
Red missile: agree, ge is pure full walked with the hype of the play, it is better to brother chun teach.

264, frozen water to cool: this post is your most wise.
That's right, if only depend on theory GeYiMin is more, to find GeYiMin is enough,
Hold the reincarnation in god.

265, 28: Oriental girl and recommends some useful books, do me a favor.
Ungrateful people 1996: when GeSheng the nerve!Read the immortal ah.
Scour tianya road park: ha ha ha!Even eat GeYiMin, he was able to give others to teach "?The nerve?"Psycho"

266, friends ever know: one thousand one-night stand room no. 0003
Please the following members to reach the chat magic fate, fate, god XianYuan, six evil fate, demon, G, popular, beast, spirit, blue, rainbow rainbow spirit, snow, rainbow rainbow blue cat rabbit, female friends form, relies on the floor alone, mohism, Confucianism, GeYiMin, buddhist, soldier, kyushu, yanzhou, hangzhou and suzhou

267, the Hong Kong government reply, the nerve books perfect, for the record: no problem
GeYiMin 17:15:43
Season, my five books delivered to Hong Kong government?
The four seasons press 17:15:59
Yes, have arrived safely
Ha ha
You good news, such as the government's response, books perfect, for the record: no problem, and so on
GeYiMin 17:16:26
Such as receipt and notify me immediately, thanks
The four seasons press 17:16:33
20-30 days to complete
GeYiMin 17:16:41
Thank you 88
The four seasons press 17:16:42
Down, immediately notice
Thank you for your
GeYiMin 17:16:49

268, hubei wu zhuang: I heard that there are so many sages, all want to change the moral society!A few years passed, and not working!
Including: GeYiMin, wang jianxin, Zheng Kuifei Zhu Kaiqing, zhang hui and other pioneers!There are many unknown character, in this thank you!May all beings at an early date to good, very good really, sharing peace!!!!!!

269, a senior cadres enemy: welcome revolutionary guard go and GeYiMin series (reluctantly)
General GeYiMin is a great communist fighter, thank you!
"The scarlet letter flow blademaster: GeYiMin claim to be god, a serious violation of the principle of a true god, I see it.
Memorial hall in the great saviour: "it is high time the original poster bucket, red chairman also said, now is the time to me.

270, wind wave the sunrise: "GeYiMin", "Ann ShangHong," rebirth "cry", "Li Wanxi"
"Religion" is what?What is the Christian religion?As the name suggests, is to the teachings of Christ for the purpose of a group.A person
Believe in Jesus Christ, but do not believe the Christian religion, is that possible?A person believe in Jesus Christ, but I do not believe the Christian religion, means that the people believe in Jesus
Overseers, but not with the teachings of Christ for his purpose, not for Christ.This is contradictory, split personality?In fact what we call
Believe that Jesus Christ is not religious, we express the meaning of not against religion, but the "zong", the "zong", sometimes it is not their
Real "zong", but their characteristics, such as "the virgin ascensiontide", "Sabbath", "north" and "Christian", "black hat
Child ", "GeYiMin", "Ann ShangHong," rebirth "cry", "Li Wanxi", in fact, we are not against Christianity, on the contrary,
We are actually the most support and embraced Christianity, but we have just been cheated, that we said we are not religious faith.

271, hit a bird fly fate: GeYiMin for Marx discredit god again.
Gave the horse people more.You see.This is the cult of Marx's crazy.They said.

272, balls boy: there is no denying the fact that Christ with communism in combination with real right, so to speak
However, god will not let its success.Because the end of the world destruction is the final ending.
"Flower of kudzuvine: bible, nerve is human form last new heavens and a new earth (communist society).

273, a piece of SHI off the ground: three self taught with GeYiMin essence which a dead person
Is the blasphemy, these heresy is the ghost.I bet $500, and three self teaching
And GeYiMin are communist party members pay out of his wife, in my eyes is a group of dirty...

274, two-thirds of the superman: if this GeYiMin can let a person produce a cult of personality is a little bit brainwashed ability

Hitler in taverns did this, inciting eight million German youth, law theory is also doing so in Beijing.If I said, this man is good, have a certain ability.But I know he did not win the township government.

275, ح Li Mingsheng ح light: the shit out of me, and it s self-reliance church?

I was very curious go and GeYiMin look, a group of the chariot gun!Also, yao is the creation god!Ha, ha, ha, smile dizzy I, this is sick ah.A made-up scriptures: "nerve", I wipe it was nerve!His followers called flower of kudzuvine...Oh my god.Flower of kudzuvine.

276, friends ever know: theory GeYiMin three charges
The first big indictment, demagogic, abuse of prophecy, hypothesis in a dream, the next big indictment of random theory, self-built cult, harm to our country
Jiangshan state, the third big indictment spread slanting reason heterodox, to the people, China's indigenous Taoism.

277, white water shall live: the 14-10-02 complaints Lord   complaints GeYiMin mixer, this god
For god himself propaganda and editing the so-called "nerve", do you have no matter?

278, GeYiMin perhaps he firmly believed that he is the savior
Heart yao ice dust: ha ha, big wet although lee is a cult middleman, demagogic, but somehow also by eloquence let so many people believe in him, ability in it.GeYiMin is a tragedy, anesthesia itself, perhaps he firmly believed that he is the savior, but in the eyes of many people, he is only "nerve".

279, darling: true saint not, false anxious for st...Ha ha!
Ask around how?How to open the seals?Where is the virgin?And so on dozens of very stupid question!Ha ha...
GeYiMin is also a good bear, since you are propaganda you everywhere is a saint!Don't you dare out?Take the lead to revolt, raise the standard can be, isn't it?Ha ha!Is your mother not sure of yourself!
However, carefully GeYiMin is cameo appearance in this plot!Ha ha!But bad ending!
Follow GeYiMin destined to pay its debts...Ha ha!All is a tragedy!
The true not false saint choutaibaichu...Ha ha!This game buried seeds three years...Smile happily!
And the other on the Internet a few buttons missing little asshole!Do you dream of prosperity?Sannomiya six homes QiShiErFei had yet?Ha ha!What a suck you and embittered, see how much you greedy!

280, where the wind blows to: "nerve" Christian banner of also is comfortable
Unless the communist nerve not recognised GeYiMin the charlatans.

281, where the wind blows ~ : advice: if your Mr GeYiMin really is "gods"
Really so cow, please stand on its own god also send, why should pull on Christianity and communism?If I were he, I will think about it, I did so attachment to the great need, and I wanna read book reading disorder.
"Flower of kudzuvine: we are a brand, we inherited Christianity and communism, which is a contemporary Christian communism.

282, flying pig: GeYiMin began selling books
Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin nerve, to evangelize.
Flash flying pig: GeSheng very much, we haven't write a book, he began to make money, to spread the Gospel.
Flower of kudzuvine: this book, is not novel, not make up, to have thought.

283, where the wind blows ~ : hello, since you are monotheistic, pass what Christianity and communism?
GeYiMin is a Christian?Communism successor?"Or" male god?
> > > flower of kudzuvine: monotheistic thought two sources, namely Christianity and communism.Three are GeYiMin.

284, wind blowing ~ : hello.That's strange, christians know that Jesus Christ is god, founder of the communist Marx and his party is atheism, their faith is politics and science.Since GeYiMin is god and Christ?Directly to do Internet star flower of kudzuvine male god.
""," flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin is Jesus comes back to you, is Christ is god.First put forward by Christian theologians communism.As communism
Kind of theory, first is founded by the Christian theologians, "distribution according to work, to each according to his need pay (on-demand)" these concepts are also the first is by it
Some theologians.

285, warren small hao: to be honest I don't believe what GeYiMin is fucking saint
Don't know why he is so love when the saints, the name for a woman for money all the time, just want to say, I don't recognize him, you also do not recognise him, he always nobody recognized, he may be the magic, to disturb you, so you could not tell the difference between real saint, let true saint without acceptance, then the true saint frame, should get rid of this guy that dream.

286, litai929Bliss: GeYiMin "nerve" haven't seen
But no matter who books, as long as the starting point is to the whole human progress thought, to achieve the good opinion of the human world and personal thoughts can be for reference.But not deified himself, can't let people worship and worship for the purpose.

287, litai929Bliss: everyone is the son of god.Why bother yourself deified
GeYiMin for purposes not pure (self admiration, let people worship) starting point to describe its thought, content is has merit, but also criticized the soul of its own personality cult.
"Flower of kudzuvine: what religion is not so?Religion is no exception.

288, the counselor purple goes to son: checked!GeYiMin is god deliberately out doll!
Purpose is to test people will believe him fall!!The man is not
Letter!!!!!Everyone has everyone existence!Good or bad...All answers are in people's own heart.

289, saint dragon spear: say to saint or ge also and Zheng Kuifei both mental derangement
They two theories so good how do not meet national hiring them for development and reform commission chairman or prime minister.Can reveal the gimmicky, and practice, that is to drop a problem.

290, wds3355715: you are all low-level development of copy
What is China professional pie, Taoist tantra, the spirit of doctors graduated, the patron saint of the god of death.Are too weak.
Know GeYiMin for claw...I count...Gossip, directly on the group.Welcome to join GeYiMin, group number: 3669765.
Specific information on his GeYiMin.Interested can go to have a look, his own < < nerve > >, good name...It is said that nc fans a lot...

Tailor: 291 and intangible GeYiMin: Internet religious thinkers

Christianity is the religion, communism is a social system and regime.From the political point of view, ge classmate did not even understand what is the separation of church and state;
From the religious point of view, Gregory classmates think to design a kind of social system is equal to the paradise of god.
So point, also claims to be "religious thinkers", also good in front of attributive "Internet" :)
"Flower of kudzuvine: the separation of church and state is always the truth?Now is the age of social production and the Internet revolution of science and technology.God only after death, such as giving
"Heaven?This is the hierarchy?Final form of the human must be communism, because it is the most perfect equality.

292, vulcan: a day is not a fairy hong xiuquan GeYiMin can teach
Gen, what's more, also not necessarily is the fairy just chase after hold in both hands and teach later generations.The building Lord, don't equate the dharma and other worldly activities, like a child's play.

293, authorized system MK7: condition: GeYiMin when not for their own god, Lord, what time will permit the power of the Gospel.
Not to Lord, another don't any so-called church of god, I can accept, I can not say.
"Flower of kudzuvine: religion has always been faith in Jesus, the bible.
Source and now we want to ah, the world is god, but Jesus, the bible does not completely, so we're going to the pursuit of the true god, more open empty yourself, true god enlightenment to us.
Biblical truth there is no end, there is no end, god, this is obvious, because the truth is infinite god is infinite.
The bible, the Jesus 2000 years, the human is not happiness, not the heaven too, after the death of the socialization production and the Internet revolution of science and technology today, if we need to improve our religious beliefs?
We believe in the existence of a creator, according to create the main line, in order to easy and has been established, we call it god, but not limited to the bible, god may not necessarily be the Lord, more is not necessarily the Jesus, we now seek god, to explore the nature, to search for people, as well as the relations between and among, this is a historical mission.May god enlightens us, amen!

294, plot are everywhere: people want to rely on humans also want to rely on yourself
Crape myrtle saint saviour all day long hair and neuropathy And the crazy GeYiMin saints are disgusting.

295, 5: who are you I whether GeYiMin jail hype
He is nothing but Christian network, diablo iii with TG for believers, and nature which is in Christ system occupy others thought, voice low, his high profile.

296, show7776: I saw, I study your faith for some time
I see a people, ten thousand people.People must be equal.Common people cannot go beyond a line is GeYiMin, have the so-called god.

297, too bitter: GeYiMin, I warned you last time
Some things is not so good in swirl of political intervention, it is best not to easily something is deliberately by some people, want to take good care, politics is not so good in, don't be a scapegoat for others, then listen to whatever you, anyway, I have to tell you.

298, darling: GeYiMin knows he is not Chinese sage will become unmanageable?
If so, then let it do!!!!Province to take medicine!
GeYiMin don't cry, no next time again to let you do?
The believer you not tell you, the province's hurt them!
You also want to low-key life, after all, as before is also a great sin, don't hurt yourself!
GeYiMin that this neural you still have to tear!That's just the draft, keep the is a cult!
> the mad woman, tell you one thing...GeYiMin like ha ha, is someone's shield
> > you don't understand
Fake crape myrtle, saints, also is to have the effect
People always think fake is very abominable,, but I don't know the false, in fact there is a very important role
Especially in the current environment
False saint and really a saint is not hostile, but is good (the environment) in the present
And secondly, a bit of a dream, a little dream of life, well, actually, don't think the future life, did not have a dream, is desperate
Your mouth crape myrtle, it is also your mouth crape myrtle,,, the world is not necessarily as you intend to,,,,,,, you understand others thoughts again,,, GeYiMin Heart may not be the crape myrtle name seriously??How can you know,,, there are a lot of man is the answer.

299, a song for the whole city: GeYiMin believers have a certain amount
Will form the organization.So to nip it in the bud.

300, private from hell: first of all, religion is now passes through the historical precipitation
Is a kind of culture.And should be rational religious.Second, what is he GeYiMin, also have some thinkers in the history of the qualifications and comparable., yao or meaning of Marx's thigh.Now there are a lot of religious, don't need what what does he ge gen J8 to teach.He tumbled to Mr. Ge?

301, freetelescope: GeYiMin this man, even didn't understand the basic rules of society.
Do something metaphysical, thought profound, went out, and want to be rich.

302, LuTian peng 11:10 when I see when I 7 in the morning!3 hours!GeYiMin words and comments.
Without too much innovation!Some talent, unique, but not an irreplaceable!!!!!Network inside and outside China, is more.Shall be moderate tolerance.
Had never seen before!

303, LuTian peng 11: at 7:00 this morning for the first time see, three hours, GeYiMin articles and all comments, diary, poem, etc.!Think he has a certain talent and new meanings of words, view, is a rich brew of predecessors.The contemporary world similar very much.His hours and want to be somebody, precocious puberty, hazy in the era of women, of the university of dream world!Then you want to join the political!Assigned to work in the local, hit a net, promote themselves, ladies man, was shut down, go to prison, for contract with Song Qingsong discussing politics > < borrow knows god talking to god is not the same, his article < moist ornaments some modern network avant-garde nouns >, unlimited desire, contemporary global many, should be proper tolerance of the phenomenon.

304, zhihuzheyeyang: one, "religious people," GeYiMin, about 2019
Look pretty interesting, the building Lord, advice.

Those who woke, and vertical and horizontal 305 _ first: don't fight with anyone, often for those routes
No fee does not dispute.Views are ok, call GeYiMin saint, instead of god, god don't know what thought it was a mental derangement.

306, farmers and Turkey: GeYiMin this cult way others are playing bad play
Intelligence quotient (IQ) below eighty, buy vegetables will not calculate money people believed.Dare to delete my reply immediately a being dead you believe it or not.

307, spiritual judge: ignorance, kill the soul, go old inneglectable bewitch people open
Religion is not something more, but the real source.GeYiMin, increased his smile.Jumping great god bewitch deceive the old line.

308, WSQSBLD: this GeYiMin even the communist party's holding out
The last time I saw someone sent his picture, he also took part in what ah parker, and foreigners.Is ah.

309, climbing: I love you forever always someone can do it, such as Lao tzu Buddha.
By eating what is impossible, it is a good practice method and basic cannot.
GeYiMin believe they are purple, and this is not wrong, after all his passion, also brought some expectations of his experience.
Hope he can get faster.

310, LuTian peng 11: GeYiMin, admire you, you are a temperament middleman, a divine!!
This is my truth.

311, LuTian peng 11: reply GeYiMin: GeXiong, I don't know before
Recent preliminary understanding, feel GeXiong very has the quality, talent is beyond, ideal is great.

312, JingTing woodcutter: GeYiMin, my god!This is a hong xiu-quan and Yang xiu-qing ah
Q 1, want to fight?

313, LuTian peng 11: the question is: GeXiong (GeYiMin) dream, and no others to witness!
He said since the sing themselves.In fact:'s don't need the god or god appeared!Is consumedly square square to say -- I said GeYiMin!!
Flower of kudzuvine: reply LuTian peng 11: GeYiMin dream, dreams are really done this for sure.

314, LuTian peng: self-reliance portal and the door, but more rely on the history of the old religion.
GeYiMin: already housekeep: Shintoism.But thought is inherited, inherited religion Christianity and communism, that is, religion is contemporary Christian communism.

315, raindance Mansfield yarn: Nietzsche said, god is dead;
So, here GeYiMin,;
Is the era of god, came;
Limited, the company;
Infinite, money;
That is, buying and selling.

316, LM19900000: look at religion GeYiMin and Christianity Jesus liars are extremely similar
According to the old testament made up of the new testament, Jesus GeYiMin according to the new testament nerve.These crooks trick someone still believe.I was speechless.When will people: excuse me, do you mind awake?
Jesus that two thousand years ago was identified as a liar liar, after in two thousand was considered to be the savior.There is now a GeYiMin, isn't it such as GeYiMin died, then his fool christians make up some story again so GeYiMin again became the second ones?

317, the system MK7: this meow already banned GeYiMin people borrow the name of my
I first go to some post bar Found that he was labeled as a not nice A inquire to know GeYiMin ma3 jia3 in using my private conversations with him in all the baidu.

318, system MK7: I dismissed the GeYiMin all predictions
GeYiMin ignored him Therefore any predicted that is invalid for him If he does not turn Will never believers.

11:319, LuTian peng GeYiMin too complicated
Imitate the somebody else the existence of more than one thousand years old religion, then gathered, promotion way is wrong, this era of religion is not a time to produce, which can let the earth person so smart, again under the nose of religion?Besides not mysterious < > transparent era, ancient sect due to traditional, practitioners recognize the human, human only recognize similar philosophical beliefs today!

320, LuTian peng 11: the key is: the world has is everyone wants to be when Jesus and don't want to be a believer!
If treat on the cross!!!!!But everyone runs fast.
Flower of kudzuvine: well, it's a s everyone want to be boss.
You this point of view is very interesting.
But we think GeYiMin is the will of god, this is the difference.

321, LuTian peng: GeYiMin, right!The heads of the world only to see the Buddha
Not pay attention to the Buddha road of hardship, not experience: go to hell, on the suffering of the cross, this is the long march of twenty-five thousand li, yanan cave and that of their families, the destruction of revolutionary martyrs, the language of the flattery.
GeYiMin: GeYiMin social big trial in December 1990 to date, every 25 years.
25 years in 1990-2015 trial video series, will make people understand what is love and truth.

322, total 007: reveal a cult tieba - GeYiMin.
It should focus on more than ten thousand people!
This is the rhythm of the rebel.
There some friends have been he wash the nao, his words are provocative, bewitch, terrible, if this decade, the whole nengshen lun the pace of work.
Can't let such a disaster, not really, let andadministrative give you dream four god beast, sent a mountain first long, no matter how he brainwashed, mountain long sentence: I'm handsome?And then sent him to death himself scorpion theory, theory on the but again let naz shot him to death, is not had to imperial sword great god horse, reality hit him a meal.
Actually copied believe in brother chun for eternal life!

323, please call me live thunder feng: to recommend a funny cult tieba.
Very funny, a call what GeYiMin claimed to be god, what to say he is greater than Jesus, is the most funny most others to debunk he, he said go constantly change ma3 jia3 GeYiMin is god, is greater than Jesus...
Post bar on more than ten thousand people do not know how much is small, I saw dozens of small, at the very least, it's all nima boast themselves...

, frame, du 324: who know what GeYiMin is a ghost?
Seem to be bored with of a cult leader.

325, please call me live thunder feng: I come to sum up, the ge MinXian is also said he had a dream
Jesus says he is GeYiMin god, then he said he is the son of god, said his next higher than that of Jesus Christ, then he said he is the Lord reborn...
I w a, great story, song god had to Sue star ye...

326, become an outlaw jingshan: GeYiMin, hello, hard.
I have more than one half of the rules, any official text I wrote more than 100 Chinese characters, at least have reached such a standard or at least 10 years, and I looked at these words, not blush with shame, shameless.
To do this, if I read, ask, 10000, I would only consider consulting, 100, hold to 1.
On the contrary, unless a genius, everyman nine times out of ten will haste makes waste.
You know, experience, much less than you think.This, more dangerous.

327, thousand mua: GeYiMin who is this man?How recently he so fire?

328, I was mercenary: just go GeYiMin looked, talk about my point of view:
A want to be famous person hired a group of Internet marketer and brush with a complete theory fool fool.
Can only say a little brain won't believe you, you must be a violation, but did not line, so no passive, themselves well.

329, WSQSBLD: or funny who called his book, such as Peking University
And daring to suggest that, for example: the first idea, for example, claims to Confucius lived, for example, GeYiMin, strong, rich countries claim to be a saint.Bring your own foster mother.

330, SAN mei: wants to Jesus, the prophet, the Buddha was a great man to just go...I was born.
LuTian peng 11: reply SAN mei: as long as you can really do it, is human's blessing, no matter who, whether it is a one or a group of, as long as can solve the problem of human earth headache, especially in the two religions is not compatible with the biggest problem, so who's the alter is a good thing ah < incompatible is the biggest problem >

331, diablosang: Marx can read, a lot of theory makes sense, actually is not as good as GeYiMin Lenin.

332, youth glory: GeYiMin nerve is "chi line"
And go "play the local tyrants," field, let sentient beings beyond redemption."The great leap forward" and "better socialist grass".These sects still can continue to develop offline?

333, the door of the heaven 0: tell uncle, GeYiMin in gang: classic nerves
Look at their person many, tell everybody, watching the delete this reply.
GeYiMin, more people, heresy, Christian communism, vain Christian localization.

334, GeYiMin search related characters: hu.

335, LuTian peng: persuade GeYiMin brother Don't retrace: Fang La called "holy, son of heaven"
Hong xiuquan from "worship god teaches" the kingdom of heaven, also don't learn Lee wheels cult, whose end is to end well.I guess you and XuanChang junwei jodo one by one the last respectively can become a Chinese Christian and a sect of Buddhism as well.
GeYiMin brother have mysterious, doctrine, virtual mission.

336, LuTian peng: reply @ GeYiMin: did very well as a sage
Why are you obsessed, to the Christian become speechless, as the grand view garden in jia baoyu?!
GeYiMin: reply @ LuTian peng: religion, because the vision, think god and Christianity.The scarlet letter, not interested.

337, haigyh: my day, that have a representative of the wizarding world.
Three inches of three points and three mile: GeYiMin GeJi hierarch, awakening Zheng Hui princess.
Haigyh: what level they are?Care division or hjai?
Three inches three points and three mile: ge leaders to create a wireless brain control schools, give priority to with soul damage.Buddha princess stared taken heart, eyes everywhere wear light bone masterminds.Damage and soul physical attacks.

338 three points, three inches and three mile: GeYiMin is the pioneer neural solution, is two world can one of the bigger than enemy red birthmark fairy.

339 longing for love, autumn tree: GeYiMin, you did not even broken of this phase, misuse of god.
And "I" in my heart.And the dust is no different from ~ ~ ~ ~ not care you.
GeYiMin: Buddhism empty?
I am a Christian (religion).
And the Lord Jesus I am in the famous.

340, deep sea ice: although I really don't want to black Michael Jackson, but have to say that GeYiMin true tm looks like.

341 341, home little dragon female: false SAN is a buffoon!
Grandstanding, but there are part of a good man, I believe!A good man, he thinks he is a saint.
A great god god called saint!
Including GeYiMin!
Actually I didn't see him, don't know him!

342, who are you is I am he: GeYiMin, create a teaching.First, let he waves for a while.
Once found little illegal business deals.Squat.

343, cvbioplo: GeYiMin, a conflict layman.You see the man, sooner or later.
Didn't eat Fried rice with egg, is not forced to do a carefree person, want to be famous.

344, LuTian peng: GeYiMin saint love also is ideal
Such as if there is a people starved to death all the rest of the people are selfish, should be changed to: know and what people around you are selfish, for those who do not know or not, we are unable to ZiSiLun!
Flower of kudzuvine: nerve buyer beware: don't fight with anyone.

345, little rock ye: GeYiMin silly force to go home to read books don't reduce the quality of cult groups
Make a cult also get a bit level, like the monkey out interesting embarrassment to the person?You are god?You just ran right which neural hospital.You dreamed that Jesus said, you are god?The dream is possible, but I have to tell you is very real, want to tell you Jesus is god, you can only go to have a dream!For, you also say, have a dream, tomorrow night I wish you dream of his old man's house, the Buddha said that you are god.
A little girl's urine?Interesting, not a great god good?I said did you primary school?

11:346, LuTian peng for GeYiMin saint, can be sent observers to see if the contributors to the roadside beggar
Or with your spouse and child, insist on a few years more than ten years to conclusion.
Flower of kudzuvine GeYiMin often donation gai, have two times 100 multivariate.Of course not and his wife and children.

347, der ring des nibelungen cut S: GeYiMin Is what thing?Is the person?
A messy person, claim to be god the son, seems to have been sentenced, one fan silk, a band of you can to look his stick.
A group of people to hype.Specialized in all kinds of post lies to boost his popularity.Who knows what they do.
Demon possessed, and pray for him.
Hong xiuquan and hierarch.
Began two years ago for a curse.

348, 113016413: qq group GeYiMin heterodox, so don't closures, instead can book, what happened?
GeYiMin heterodox eight, so instead of closures, instead can book wholesale, this is what happened?Have to study.
Borrow GeYiMin this buffoon, defacing "ziwei", impeded?
Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin is ziwei.

349, 72: a sealed book it without dispute, such as GeYiMin madman dead to see him go there
How big the debt, who also didn't argue with him this broken dream, when he thought about it when go to, you want to talk to you to follow.In your words, ge madman is brought you into the lake of sulfur was in the shower, wash slowly.

350, 72: a sealed book what is god, god is clay sculpture, has yet to live according to god
Now that the flower of kudzuvine are called GeYiMin madman is god, so that Gregory crazy died, if not dead, is the flower of kudzuvine, first knock dead ge madman, reshaping unpainted clay idol, ge madman went into god.

351, 72: a sealed book GeYiMin lunatics have skill, take action, don't rely on mouth and say, that is a sign of incompetence.
Christian brothers, you are suffering at Iraq, LSLS armed (don't say that you don't know) is killing christians there, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, a Christian woman, be as sex slaves to sell, you are not the son of god, you are not a god, how not to save you ah, don't talk nonsense, use your avatar to save, Moses, learn, learn to save out of Egypt, if will only DaZui cannons, nonsense, nest in the post bar no crazy groan, you still don't lie, go home and holding the baby.

352, prince also everyone: GeYiMin, is a disapproving false christs.
There is no a few fans, is his number.

11:353, LuTian peng GeYiMin!No matter what he do
Those early little words and deeds are many now almost everyone has a!At least is a gentleman, is a person, the wizards.

354, I love bamboo jiing however: GeYiMin, you also say what delusion to interfere in other people all day long
Even delusion god will listen to you, he will meet you lust of...You calculate your mother's bitch!

355, nice Ralph katunsky: I heard pastor GeYiMin new book called "nervous".
Suddenly a happy feeling arises spontaneously, also ge chaplains can write such a god.
The snow: the word of god.

356, gobbledygook 72: some people think GeYiMin crazy is a talent, there are a few people to follow
If the talent, the talent's standard is too low, the first ge madman only a nerve, also don't know who write with the help of content was introduction is not language, after copy points from the bible, and from the point of economics and philosophy in copy finally added a communist, not as their own, finally tired half a day, find yourself some welfare (advocate sexual freedom, is the animals didn't reach sexual freedom), and the people with you, still have to return to the world of animals.This is also called talent, talent this two word or to leave some dignity.

357, 72: a sealed book, the monitor is not, so why be officer?
Don't want to like GeYiMin madman, get a cult leader when, perhaps can also white play some flower of kudzuvine (GeFengZi advocate sexual freedom, isn't it, not just for themselves), I don't do harm.

358, 72: a sealed book GeYiMin, 2019 nothing in addition to speak
Sit stay idle at home, that is, not promotion, also won't propaganda, for several years, or that a few people, small size, argued this want to debate, to get new things, the results of ge leader will only 2019, don't even understand the Christian history, the letter you for eternal life, christians were killed as a result, to his practice it into him, aren't you eternal life, not contradictory, flower of kudzuvine what also could not speak, they will say, the vision, not by not according to the, everyone can speak visions, good, can only be disappointed.

359, 5 pb_inc_ : GeYiMin nerve, don't feel good.
Such communist/socialist and western theology too much.He doesn't highlight the new idea, boring, boring.
Zhe GeYiMin > network.

360 longing for love, autumn tree: GeYiMin, you want to know!Religion is in the service of the living beings.
You go to a name, who says he is god, better than confess that Jesus is god.
Have their own in the heart, will only be for a hollow reputation.Since you to yourself, is bound to be abroad call themselves as god.If you are god, why is his god.Don't see you when the shit to blame others.
I hope you will spread the truth!
> GeYiMin: no DaQi not, no one recognized you of the Gospel.Jesus also claim to be god the son, I am also, of course, I also think god, because of my vision.

361, Zhang Ru jie 7: is it?So, GeYiMin deserves the Nobel peace prize.
Why don't get?It's unfair!
The men who is it?If they got, pull GeYiMin?

362, can't afford to sell adi wang: such as the communist GeYiMin Christian supremo
You [the prophet] about mohamed after mulder.Sikh ten guru, for example, such as the setting of the baha 'i, mormonism Joseph Smith, such as communist GeYiMin Christian supremo, such as the taiping heavenly kingdom of hong xiuquan (after two is SB) is known to all.I know Islam, Mohammed was the last prophet, then no prophet Mohammed, if there are thirty [the prophet] at the same time in the nonsense, so the end is not far away.So how do you [the prophet] after god sent to the same.
If they do, to become a country's state religion, then as a Muslim should think of these denominations believers?They said "just is the hole hole of the roof with you separate two beams of light, and comes from the sun. Serve the same god with you, just a way of visiting different".Whether you should be the same as the people think of them?

363, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin!The pursuit of a higher level of civilization
Is always looking for the bright future of mankind.Above reproach.However, if you want to "such so-called holy god banner for human trust in god, you are too tender.Why is that?Speak for themselves.Because there is no god, You are not god or god sent.So fragile, is you call, call final defeat inevitable outcome.Today is the words I give you here Mr Koch.
Spirited the crape myrtle, step on the grass to fly!

364, god loved us: GeYiMin "nerve", are just spell it made
Add some personal ideas.Just like Mohammed copying the bible when they write the Koran.

365, in the moonlight, hanging wire: GeYiMin, cult tieba feeling is to rebel rhythm, 10000 brain rot.
Drunk drunk the fireworks decayed: early know where a group of silly force to amuse said and true.

366, god see evil: perhaps 2000 years ago Jesus with GeYiMin is similar
So were the jews crucified.

367, shanxi breeze floating miles: I wish GeYiMin is Chinese saint, I wish he could save the soul!

368, Lucy red  month: I is to think of the Tony GeYiMin cattle than Jesus
Opened since hundreds of small said since the hype.And the magician Jesus took several disciples were Romans do die, if it weren't for the Paul the brain tumor patients...

369, drunk drunk the fireworks decayed: the group of silly force called the GeYiMin silly force and Jesus said to his spirit beyond the true god.

370, thanks to baidu administrator delete malicious url GeYiMin cult
Today, there are two SIMS @ drunk drunk the fireworks decayed @ vector element
In post bar lighthouse for banned GeYiMin, malicious url cult.
Administrators how to deal with?Is not generally accepted and rejected, a "processed" logo.
Instead of directly deleted both malicious url.
Has little malicious report, before the administrator and vicious report directly to delete posts.
A post content as follows, the other no substance.
"" "drunk drunk the fireworks decayed: the cult [GeYiMin] Have the police
This call GeYiMin true god All kinds of nonsense Brainwashed after selling the so-called nerve around others in other post bar also discuss them as a cult chats to inside let mixed group of attack.
It can only say that the GeYiMin cult is too low Ten thousand people will begin to antisocial think god sell nerve.
GeYiMin is the true god As long as you follow in the footsteps of GeYiMin to eternal life GeYiMin nerve Taobao sell only 58 finish see spirit will rise to the level of god Do you think is a cult.
The word of god The average person can't understand Estimates are nervous.

371, fierce human-god 8: GeYiMin shouldn't to usurp the role of god, let a person more shouldn't sell the house,
Alleviating poverty, want me to say ah, he is a muddy water.
> flower of kudzuvine: now don't need to sell the house, but to each according to his need.

372, earth wang jinlong: mo batch GeYiMin?He has no reaction
People can also, just level is not high, not clear in any structure, the foundation shallow, ambitious is good comrade!
Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin is an expert in Christian communism.

373, small small nine: god will also need a baidu encyclopedia reveal his presence?
Do you still kneeling lick GeYiMin god.
"Flower of kudzuvine: god hasn't mountain, GeYiMin hasn't arrived, 2019.

374, vulcan day: native Taoist god, GeYiMin fairy.Of ages.

375, RAMBOIII: GeYiMin, claim to be god's people want to rely on bad publicity to increase awareness, really sad!
"SAN mei: I hasn't arrived yet, 2019.

376, RAMBOIII: GeYiMin, never to you.
Are you not the so-called hundreds of pilgrims?Your broken didn't sell in taobao, a book, is thousand congregation went to see god?
"Flower of kudzuvine: physical book sales before, taobao only show sales in 30 days, 30 days there were two books.
EBAY selling e-books.

377, god in the world: "depend, make a mistake, this want to rob a cult of the sofa
But the thumb up oh!Ask next?GeYiMin, who is this?I haven't heard of.Only heard of crazy and mad cow disease is famous, and let god's people haven't heard of, the za Chinese knockoff version of the shipment is too handsome, even the god have the fake goods, you let ma good shy!

378, hanshan fox 08: GeYiMin is true god, ten thousand percent of the false saints, also not small cult members.

379, BW black: words of god, love family of three years didn't go to, the prince do big, I will watch.
Then enter a my memory is very chaotic era, as if GeYiMin rise during that time, then you don't have to.

380, lncy100: quick letter, there is a website, cultivate people of faith:
Letter to god, Christian fast:

381, RAMBOIII: GeYiMin, good oh, cow force your taught hundreds of pilgrims at three months to sell a book, really hit my face!
Leader to pay tens of thousands out call press reprint again!
Religion: we said taobao sell a physical book, we didn't say how much sales, you say cheat ghost, meaning not pin, evidence for you now, who face?

382, "daruma" : to say so Cannot confirm GeYiMin was caught
Also cannot confirm GeYiMin didn't caught
From the comments
Also cannot confirm the ID is behind the devil or a dog
(I don't see GeYiMin as people.
As I said, in sharp, three is the most shameless guy Mr Guo, and also feathers fly.The feathers fly is one of the most vile beast.)

383, RAMBOIII: GeYiMin, flower of kudzuvine, how to your understanding
Congregation and network fan is a concept?Which family ma 270000, sina fans are ma christians?More than ten thousand fans rhinestone or meaning, is less a do buy on sb's behalf.
Viral whisper you also has the ability to shut, when the prison hype, elder brother is found to be false at the first sight, you know why?Clever you write a judgment, but even the legal document format and constitutive requirements are not clear, you this culture level of this age would be shanghaied into rural woman.
"Holy" mei: a "thinking" (active add a quotation marks), with the stars celebrities can than fans?Shu qi weibo tens of millions, modern entertainment to death.
How many post and see GeYiMin.
The format correct judgment, I applied.

384, RAMBOIII: I acutely, GeYiMin, you are god ah!You even an earthly blocked than but all the little star?
Any judgment must have the presiding judge and the court clerk, the people's jurors, silly force line learn some common sense, can't even the most poor fake.
You this level you've even less than ten have development, you hold you weibo the poor more than 10000 powder dream go!
Religion: Jesus, how many fans are there?Have told you, the modern entertainment to death.
You are SB, we hype is judgment, not as evidence provided to related departments, to the presiding judge names, such as.
Nerve, comments GeYiMin post, have a ID, there are hundreds of people, to see, to you it was ten christians?

385, RAMBOIII: you don't have the presiding judge you hidden a hair ah!Silly force!
Comment ID = christians?I now also in the comments, I am also christians?Fool.
And are there several hundred in the hundreds of ID is your guest?
Religion: I didn't say the presiding judge, we just hype posts, not the news, don't need to write the presiding judge, so Posting is right.
Comments on neural ID, basic is the baidu post bar, you @, can check information (attention, post), is one GeYiMin?

386, tin fox: GeYiMin, familiar with you believed your ghost stories (hype sentence)
That means what?This shows that you are a little hong king's dream.

387 the hustle and bustle, grey: think GeYiMin is god must come in
God doesn't exist, communism is not a pure things, little friends, only??Will only be in now the Chinese version of socialism on the basis of development, China has the original sin, and there are a lot of, as it now, don't reform will be replaced, the future there will be no war in China, but will change through the coup, the last way, one can believe, can only be yourself.

388, 2013: highest day star you GeYiMin and even all the self-styled personal sages
And the world is running in other civilizations in parties or religious groups, its;Their belief in the supreme must be going to real true!Whether you are eastern or western, sectarian or their political, even China or the United States.They are also unique no one can be!This is in the true sense of the rational regression!And human in the journey of the civilization progress, only don't want to go to the deep lifeline!What moral, hole # 2, and even everything ever glory of human civilization.Can only is for the entire global universal good common civilization, to be able to start learning.And;Also is only for reference and is not copied.If you want to create three religions unity and the three world and your civilization consciousness;It must be to strutting and advance bravely.

389, mhxz729: not GeYiMin song
Ge plains and the song of GePing
Not ended court meteor, frighten me to jump, almost as GeYiMin...

390, 3 390 friends: may flower of kudzuvine bloom in the universe
To worship the god emperor at that time, the angel the buddhas and bodhisattvas GeYiMin feet.
Merciful god, please help the suffering people, bring them into the kingdom of heaven.

391, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin, he really god was god himself is the most clear!
Give him the message.To insatiable for the worthless "crape myrtle big saint" rumors of title.Then you must give me honestly - eliminating ideology!Otherwise, he will never don't want to dance, the world all political and religious factions of the above, draw and setting out of encirclement, crop circles of ideology!

392, god bill maher: mock GeYiMin?Lies about for a long time will come true.
Jesus was also laughed at by others.Now, in turn, to laugh at others' Jesus.Not funny?

393, zhuang I big yanhuang: ok I understand the
I don't care you letter or exalted Christ to communism This is your freedom but GeYiMin is god Listen to him to see that A yellow to yellow Chinese I just want to say to you than a big blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

394, big strong I yanhuang: GeYiMin, you mean like the theatre to see how we spray
How to scold How to discredit It doesn't matter you Because your letter is the truth The truth than you think you are Pierce your mama!!!!!!!!!!!I also the answer Theory of emperor everywhere High above the everywhere Trouble self-righteousness, everywhere to check the data again to making this up??Also ziwei crape myrtle trouble for me to understand what From say again To god.

395, gongwithwind12: sixth plenary session of draft...
 GeYiMin god  socialization production and the Internet revolution

396, zhuang I big yanhuang: you this kind of attitude on high A picture from the lofty
Keep the others derogatory remarks made by appearing to you how don't care I feel nausea Don't say GeYiMin Christ, not god Even if he is a god is Christ I am a native Chinese people The Chinese people Chinese also don't want to see our ancestors left behind some of the things you take to a patchwork of ostentation get rough!Forget to forget this thing Think about your family think about your future generations don't be stupid?You now to enjoy everything you step on land are condensed the ancestors of sweat to ge you what a than to have him?

397, seemingly killer: that's the obviously has a look at the photos with the pathogens and neurotic GeYiMin?
This kind of person from the perspective of faces is good shrewd deep.

398, cvbioplo: insights into the flower of kudzuvine GeYiMin mindless fans interested
Since the black advertising publicity rising popularity, cult.

399, column total pseudo organization, attacks are now believe religious organizations and personnel list
Shining stars:  Chinese saint  and  GeYiMin 

400, avenue Jane: GeYiMin, the same person, different ID, an extraordinary dream.

401, shining stars: GeYiMin spread the cult, praised GeYiMin.
Twist the bible make pseudo classic "nervous".GeYiMin that he himself is god, all want to listen to him.

402, shining stars: who is he GeYiMin?He thought he was god?
Religion is a what things?In the central of the five major religions have this?This is the same and XN Shinto faith.Just network transmission, but the reality is so.

403, twilight time stop: GeYiMin master: hello, I pay attention to you for a long time.
Some ways, you are really good.

In 404, shining stars: GeYiMin free of the Gospel, the Gospel a P!
His disguised as a Christian, then claimed that he is how noble, let all the people hear the word of his absurd.Who believe there really mind
Problems, is an idiot.Such as believe XN as god.

405, shining stars: the party is an atheist, don't use the so-called theory of god is the doctrine of the party.
The so-called Christian communism but also is a tool for GeYiMin brainwash people.This essence is reactionary.

406, shining stars: it's just a fair.Besides GeYiMin you not believe him?It's not faith in Christ.
He GeYiMin essence is the spread of apotheosis, cult of diablo iii.
Qq254981791: baidu is not sealed, as long as he is not a clear against anti-party society, will not seal, intentionally nausea you Christianity.
Dingmarkren: what GeYiMin is a bird.From time to time to see smelly feet.

407, shining stars: is that a cult transformation.This is a kind of network cult.But no reality together.
Qq254981791: communism is a hole, you also gay Christian communism
Shining stars: is distorted communism, Christian doctrine.The so-called Christian communism, is absurd speech GeYiMin yourself.The so-called "nerve" also is indeed a nerve.

1:408, LuTian peng GeYiMin, cosmopolitan of ages a saint!
The like Jesus was human ideal fictional character!He is a kind of "superman!" "

409, dragon ii: GeYiMin great god astute!Long live the great god!
Long live long live the great god same time!All idealism.I was created in your heart.This message is created in your heart.

410, rredrt2008: worship, worship GeYiMin, epochal character.

411, friends ever know: such as GeYiMin teaching is regarded as a cult
About religion, will have the following categories: cult, half a cult, true religion, such as GeYiMin teaching is considered a cult, Buddhism is considered a cult, Taoism is the true religion, Islam as a cult, Christianity is true religion.

412, rredrt2008: GeYiMin, saint regeneration
The Chinese will fight for a rise.

413, cvbioplo: GeYiMin Shinto faith, ordinary people can also make this is brain damaged tissue
Only greed, but would be willing to become a part of it, and by the black publicity as a propaganda, pray for the organization to grow!

414, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin I tell you.Communism, she will never impossible!
Eg: how do you blind scampering, also won't change your greed and lust expansion dirty thief!What is communism?And what is called world?You even among the religious and political, and global ideological values of disputes unsolved problem, really are not sure why, also dare to jump out to d poor show off in an ostentatious manner?A little clown imp small god!

415, rural village of ni: to judge a book by heart, GeYiMin lake this man was not painted
Only he is a man of sober in fake st.
> flower of kudzuvine: ge in the effort, calligraphers to evangelize.

416, 15100933855 a: cult after people's IQ ascension will successful
Is the use of greed, persistent, worry...As the 'GeYiMin go through fire and water, could China be a hell.

417, 72: a sealed book GeYiMin madman is all fake st the most ignorant and stupid
Other fake st will be fine, ge madman will occupy, he died on his nerves, it is his death warrant, sister away from him, think of the wheel, you don't know me, I am warm friends brothers, but with their method to them, so, don't let him friends.

In 418, xhccc987: GeYiMin "nerve" communist prediction about the future
I had thought, if he can only do this, is nothing more than an introduction.

419, 12380: GeYiMin is true Chinese sage (want to)
Ge's thought and theory for the people I hate made sex (want to learn Japanese) bring their sexual pleasure (that is the point) where there is a feeling of meet too late...o

420, LuTian peng 11: is your brother GeYiMin comprehensive god
Human love Jesus, the crucified Jesus, again, is really false respect!!!!!!Is your brother GeYiMin comprehensive god, hey hey, one of god!Because there are similar.Including Jesus and tong pak fu Aaron kwok, you are god!Is also one of sphere integrated spiritual leader,!!!!!

421, qqww595368681: GeYiMin, read a book reasonable people usually go to the officer.
So you only stupid people, dealing with a fool, will not be able to tell them the truth, they must be in the form of religion to hypnosis, let them think what they do is right!

422, endian: GeYiMin, you are too proud, you are not afraid of god?

: since 423, a lie that never GeYiMin, a commoner can become the leader of influence over the world.

424, shining stars: GeYiMin, don't say great smooth stately.
What's the use of said, if cannot prove that cannot be the truth.Make a cult of personality is just a superstition.

425, ugly, I'm sorry mom and dad: GeYiMin, forever good?
Lonely sit visit relatives died there is broken?Do you know who is the god you immortal?Let's face the reality, human source problem is how to survive.Not believe these things.

426, god loved us: GeYiMin big liar, he said that he was the Christ
Also said that is the end of the 2019, he forgot about Jesus is in the end of the come again???????

427, 1: the moon in the hands of GeYiMin looks wonderful work
But they just express their views about the bible, don't like other cults and other illegal activities.Don't be sarcastic too.
Who see it through: ge what also can and red mole ratio, red birthmark would fetch from a distance, partition wall, ge what will?
What red birthmark spoiled with many women, ge is also legendary smelly rascal.

428, who see it through: Nietzsche mean, his heart to god is dead
Rather than others in the heart of god is dead.Nietzsche NB again, also can not tube what others think.
And GeYiMin what thing, he came to him, have a plenty of earlier than he, and still later than he, he is nothing.
"Day frequently pay way no: god didn't hear anyone seen, GeYiMin heard what you said.Nietzsche said that god is dead, you said this is GeYiMin alive.The business related to the original poster?

429, a112233a: GeYiMin this poor Jesus, they were jews crucified.

The end of 430, Simpson: dream to come to god!
Feel suddenly a strong wind hit!I think it is GeYiMin god know I disrespect to him, hurriedly to bye bye!

431, bloody battle jiang: want to kill GeYiMin
He can't write, TongYiLun.I want to be his JiuZu.There are several other write, I also want to JiuZu over him.
> > > "mei: your book published?Do you have a website?Do you have a WeChat public number?Subscribe to the door?
Your personal post bar, there are more than ten thousand members?Your sina weibo and tencent weibo has more than ten thousand fans?You have a weibo fans?Subscriber?Do you have a believer?

More than 432, the tiger from heaven: SB lu the brain has a problem for some people are naturally days to GeYiMin SB kowtow.

433, luxuxu729: GeYiMin, communism development up to now, ten branches
Hundred schools, Christian communism is one genre, history and classics, is recognized by the Christian church, but domestic less, but it is not you can make of.Read a book, out for a walk, don't let people as a joke.

434, army day: GeYiMin, you self propaganda on the Internet for many years
Is so funny.Li wheels, let alone even teach than lightning.
Really bad.

435, the duke of nightmare: GeYiMin Shinto faith, it's not bad!This to some letters can!
August frost: cult, meet personally, how can you say yes.
> only true love love alone: lu yao's know Marion tries all
> AlertSniper: this man is what kind of mind will come up with something like that!

436, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin, hehe!Christian communism?
This is since 2014, some groups and individuals in Hong Kong has been fantasizing about relying on western anti-china forces;To overthrow me Chinese civilization -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a standard lamentation!Have will decline, and;Play -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- sorrows sing song!

437, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin, no matter what religion
You as long as it is inserted in the middle of the human civilization to god, it will never have any way out!No matter how you will be the dress again how gorgeous, it's completely to no avail!There is no see tree!The more struggling, can only be the advocates of incompetent,, and;Added insult towards failure inevitable outcome!

438, light feiying: it seems to hit the GeYiMin nerve cult
It doesn't write of nerve, mental derangement!

439,  : everyone can be a prophet
Because after reading the whole "prophet", I confused, so baidu, found in the post bar, a prophet - GeYiMin in jiangsu province
Diablo iii (reminds me of sal also dry the prophet), of course, is his fans and the so-called ge black (terminology, GeGe is sprayed
) struggles attracted me, I just know, originally the power of faith is endless, however, come out to mix with the eldest brother, you are the boss
All with a sb, believing that he'd believe in brother chun.
The book has its own gold room, has its own treasure to book.Not ah, well-read, also can be a prophet, the premise is your home's extended, / priest,
Neighbor aunt, residents' committees woman all want to believe you, the most important, can't be a handsome boy, the somebody else say emperor elder brother zhang te chills.
Conclusion, the recent disaster film rife, 2012 is coming, if have no out, 2019 is coming, as in 2000 when, all kinds of doom
Let the panic.The end of the world's none my business, I don't worry, he shall die, people in the film Diana said, forget what I say what, reverse
Is under the summary is: I don't want to know which day I die, you dare to the prophet, you are the mental derangement!Said is very right ah, tube so many stem what ah,
As long as the next second and heartbeat, it is happy to enjoy your life!

440, 2013: highest day star about GeYiMin idea, today should rest first.
No matter he is what kind of background and purpose.Because, now, he has been is the sunset sunset.When revenge?The pursuit of civilization should be forward!Isn't it?Second guessed It shouldn't have is a reflection of modern human civilization.GeYiMin, Song Qingsong characters, I think;Today's behind them and their groups and individuals, have all heard that invincible invincible and spirited sound of justice -- -- -- -- -- - dash away!...
I can wait for them...

441, LuTian peng: GeYiMin brother, as long as the claims to be the singularity or god of the universe
Or other stars or moon visible or invisible tangible invisible god, or a part of god, you will naturally have to the universe, the other of the whole earth has claim, will claim, contact claims before, say, a large group of humans to the enemy, because the ancient old religion to human from the resigned, new people.

442, existence and dignity: so you only depend on their action is meaningless
Because only the human is unable to and powerful freemasonry and against the lizard man behind the legion, you will have the courage to reveal the forces behind the gay, like the prophet GeYiMin let mankind recognize who is behind them.

443, qing feng: white shirt with life GeYiMin, your soul to bear those beliefs?
After the death of a belief is a soul, nothing to hold, you can say your soul is empty?Nothing if your body is come from?Possession?Please don't tease!
Plastic products: it is good, the dust - spiritual, eternal life.

444, LuTian peng 11: although my brother and GeYiMin Doctrine of two different
To but are spread love and beauty and goodness and truth lives on for all well, and so does not affect our friendship, often travels often concerned about, and I also admire GeXiong talent and the home of human mind, hope brother holiness!

445, job80: in an atheist country is not a good strategy about god
Brother, also people cheated is means, is to speak strategy, ah.@ GeYiMin

Germany 446, ye look down at the sky: is there a time to the han dynasty, the emperor of the cavalry beat German ship
Nearly dead ethnic Chinese!The han Chinese were killed one billion five hundred million!Finally GeYiMin lead the yellow turban insurrectionary army up hundred million, issued to kill the Nazi, kill the pyrenees mountain peak 4404 killed the German emperor rescued the Chinese, but this period of history is dark so lost in the history!

447, xiao Ming wang: GeYiMin, I won't admit any spiritual axis
Excessive deified countries entered the bifurcation diagram.This has nothing to do with politics.

448, a high IQ 888 day: islamic socialism must enter the Christian communism must enter the ge also democracy righteousness
It must be like this?Please answer the great god.The primary stage of socialism is communism.Islamic verses from the Koran socialism.Only GeYiMin is Allah.
Everything the Lord, only god.GeYiMin god, and god himself!
"Flower of kudzuvine: Islam is the prophet muhammad.
Religion is GeYiMin god.Righteousness is ge also democracy.
> high IQ 888 day: I know, god is the master of Allah, Allah.The word originally of Taoism, and later the Chinese islamic borrowed.And foreign books is not the word god, their god call Ann.
GeYiMin is Allah.
GeYiMin god, GeYiMin Allah.
GeYiMin is god, is god, is the creator of the universe.GeYiMin is the master of the universe god, is the master of human really!!!!!
"Flower of kudzuvine: we respect the prophet muhammad, respect for Islam.

449, a high IQ 888 day: GeYiMin welcome communication together
GeYiMin are new beliefs, containing the essence of the denominations thought.Ge is the meaning of god, the same is.Chinese translation of GeYiMin god is significance.
Welcome to exchange together.

450, the Beijing and tianjin network security officer: I tracking GeYiMin for many years
@ slave werewolf YunJie General!Give the @ GeYiMin jie and mobile phone number Stick the god!Must first destroy GeYiMin.We must not ignore the godlike uprising!Then is numbered.
Although the heavens and the earth is large, mountains and rivers, mountain is "two tigers?The world will have two masters?I'm here today to your afternoon, for YunJie YunJie will one-on-one hit with you!Yes, you didn't listen to wrong!It is we bring you this kind of corrupt people killed in the bud when!

451, a high IQ 888 day: you are still ge also democracy at the primary stage of righteousness
I am a senior stage.Judgment of advanced stage only one standard, admit GeYiMin is Allah.
The world is only one god, he is god to look for the jade Buddha GeYiMin Allah.There is only one god, but god has several names.
GeYiMin is Allah.
Ultimate is to realize GeYiMin is Allah, religion is the only god.
> flower of kudzuvine: building floor, to respect the Muslim, respect the prophet.

Each one played hooky, no: 452 is the fool, what do you mean by writing these, please.
In my opinion, completely is the dressing up in your GeYiMin great god..
Concept are stolen, god is your imagination, and then press on the shitty surnamed ge.
Like Mr. Ge, make, play to change taste, has now become the taste.Don't know how you think now.
I really don't see what is your advantage.If you carry research "nerve", "nerve" of time, to play with his family, learn more skills
, also won't like now, believe in ghosts.

453, al1078: god is not a self-styled, saint is not several hundred people will be able to call into the saint
Like GeYiMin is the cancer of the society, cannot bring any contribution to society, LuTian peng, you've had a go astray, not letter you can ask your friends and family are you brain damage.

454, qq group 113016413: GeYiMin uglification sages
The UFO as the American media entertainment, weaken its seriousness, reduce the attention of people.
If not, you can have a try, you claim to be a saint, closures at once.But GeYiMin claim to be a saint, the act like a clown, but can book wholesale, sales everywhere.

455, a high IQ 888 day: you have to respect other people's beliefs, not one
Nor for the prophet said GeYiMin not Allah himself.
"Flower of kudzuvine: where is the prophet said that?The Koran?That rule?Told you to respect the prophet.

11:456, LuTian peng GeYiMin advantages, to admit that.
Shortcomings, I also pointed out, his perseverance, and harmless in the world, so the respect.
"Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin no organization.

457, LuTian peng 11: this is a Buddha idealized standard
Glass crystal heart!Heart and sex!!!!!The Buddha himself is short of, but again efforts toward this goal, enlightenment beings also constantly keep practice.You I like big private, also want to for ~, but makes difficult to garland, you may also leave, but never calling for the vast majority of earthly beings accepted and recognized, GeYiMin stronger than you, some specific cases, there will be a market.

458, the nerve gaiden author: high IQ 888 day
Transcript GeYiMin Allah god created the universe
Spring breeze blowing, drumbeats, his dear friends, I give you good theory come again.Today, little sunflower classroom theory with practice, it
Talk about GeYiMin god created the universe.Applause.
GeYiMin look god god god created unlimited time, infinite space.There is more than one universe in infinite space and time.Let's follow GeYiMin
God god through a universe together, through the constellation, galaxies, came to earth.
GeYiMin god, god came to earth, produced a man with mud and water, and created a woman with men part of bone.
Human reproduction unceasingly, more and more.But as time goes on, many people have forgotten the original GeYiMin god god god.Thanks to the human born
Raw, GeYiMin god blew air mouth, faith to continue.
Faith from the theory of animism - ghosts and gods - polytheism - monotheism, slowly realized the truth.The truth is only one!That is, GeYiMin sacred
GeYiMin the trees said to the man to respect god, because I have created a tree, people worship tree, because GeYiMin god.
GeYiMin god said to man to respect ghosts, because they are my creation, trial by me, a good ghost heaven promotion or reborn mortals, bad ghost go to hell

GeYiMin worship Allah said he would respect gods, because immortal is my creation, GeYiMin god give some spells to good people, such as rejuvenation spell,
The mortal education become immortal.
GeYiMin god said to the Middle East, the world is only one god, that is me.Other gods are GeYiMin disciple of god.GeYiMin god with one finger
Change into the jade emperor, with a finger to change into god, change became the Buddha with a finger, with one finger changes become true god.because
GeYiMin the spirit of god is infinite, a finger can become a powerful mortals can't understand.And a finger can and GeYiMin god mind
Induction.So GeYiMin god god god one finger is invincible.
GeYiMin worship god in the world of a finger, as his client to look GeYiMin worship of god.As a person see the elephant leg, leg on a pedestal
, although the elephant leg, but part of it.His is indeed a direct person to see the elephants.
GeYiMin god god god, then, the jade Buddha why want to change the god of the different denominations?For two reasons 1 GeYiMin god to the test
The world, only the high IQ people can accept GeYiMin Allah himself god of truth, through the test, go to heaven, on the day of the officer.2 GeYiMin god is too great
, and the world knew him to time to process, so he just lie between period of time to the human part of knowledge.The teacher education in elementary school and subtract, for example, in the early
Education in the open square, in high school education yuan for many times, in education at the university of calculus.Only by constantly learning GeYiMin god, constantly close to GeYiMin god
@ SAN mei respect of great master, GeYiMin hail god god god bless you.

459, a high IQ 888 day: GeYiMin Allah spells teach god
Want to.Since the study GeYiMin god after god use telepathy to spell, ability.Has now opened the eye, can see a healthy body, can see through dozens of miles away mosquitoes.The concrete practice process.
GeYiMin god god god with li power solution, use copy and paste skills, put the following spells into my brain.Dozen dog stick method, a dragon 18 zhangs, tai chi, program, swords to, one sword, carelessly, absorb nimbus of heaven and earth, take the essence of the sun, star solution absorption, magic chakra, open eyes, open blood round eyes, a cycle of eye, eyes open metempsychosis, Yin and Yang eye, eye, eyes, eyes, immortal, site become Buddha, and GeYiMin god god 24 hours, the universe is energy centers accept energy, can completely to quantify.
The jade emperor god Buddha god is not the real paradise, because they just GeYiMin god hair doppelganger, just like the wu is empty with hair other commitments.
Everything the Lord, the Lord of the universe, GeYiMin is the only Lord god, the calling in Muslim, of calling god his client.Look for GeYiMin god is the Lord.

460, a high IQ 888 day: true feedback, Thanksgiving unlimited, and all the peoples praise, dai GeYiMin god
Every thought ge god, purdue beings, its peoples, the judging, GongZaiDangDai, cabinet, the sky to cover the holy universal to overflowing, and with the life of heaven and earth, with the sun, enjoy the world, ge god raise up, and I do not know today do gaiden, to Ming ge god.

461, potiphera yayoi MMMMMM, : GeYiMin is what thing can fire?
GeYiMin! Inside this many brainwashed. A long as migrant workers who had created a cult have tens of thousands of people on. That was a migrant workers brainwashing day ah.

462, rhyme three uncle: shameless ge a thief Listen to the
Today, I saw what the so-called GeYiMin god And about touting his post Smile is I the very just.Such use their beard plait decent what god said To deceive people Blind people cheat people kept me waiting all hate.Here a cult Since god said Against the tide A bunch of not know shame of livestock Ann has facial claim to be the man of god The demon language misuse god said.Let a person feel shameless Under the abomination of the damned livestock The heart of regret over Then offend forward Their poison line Very obvious, Always not aware of for the society Until when See how you restore exhort you repent and land Then turn away early otherwise To skynet is your doom.

463, wang assault her body made her: GeYiMin, cult time passed so long
Others disguise deceive the masses Faith can do not appropriately Believe in science against cults.
"Snow: GeYiMin no organization, but the publicity.

464, Bryant, with the wind, have also people after the first day, he and three days later.
Bite Lin: nerve in the abuse of gods.

465, "Curtis Canon of parsing the denominations regression GeYiMin god believers
Author: high IQ 888 day
Some people from turn to Buddhism, Taoism from turn to Hinduism, Buddhism from Hinduism to Judaism, from Judaism to Christianity, from into Christianity
Green teaching.Why turn around?In order to find the truth.Looking for truth, that is not found!
Because GeYiMin god in a long time ago, in a number of national regions spread knowledge.Each minority areas people knowledge, accept ability is different.
GeYiMin god gave it to their different knowledge.To individual Chinese, he can not learn a foreign language?To individual mathematics, he can not learn
Richard?Sectarian violence in the past, because they learn a little bit, is thought to be immortal.While GeYiMin god is the requirement of learning all the truth.he
Spread the truth of human.Today, is his truth together one of the key moment!
Regardless of Hinduism Buddhism Taoism jewish green teaching, and Christ is god the spread of the two places at once.Only god is part of the knowledge.Allah is the real master
Slaughter, is the founder of the universe, is GeYiMin god.GeYiMin god has many honorable titles, don't think title is different, is not a god.
We want to know god is the jade Buddha GeYiMin Allah god's member, just name is different, such as MAO zedong and Li Desheng and Mao Run, name is different, it is a man.Today, GeYiMin look for god in ge.The cult of the busy people, must return to worship Allah himself.Other sects as small rivers, must return GeYiMin god big rivers.
I'm going to teach, from green to join GeYiMin god god god the jade Buddha.
GeYiMin god is a god, is really the universe, the universe is energy centers, since feel GeYiMin god, his positive energy flowing
Into my brain.
Although busy worthy of worship, but not as good as direct GeYiMin god god worship god to look the jade Buddha.
Iraq teaches worship Allah, but they can only by jose this mortal closer to Allah's member.The flower of kudzuvine can directly and GeYiMin god god god the jade emperor
The Buddha.
A flower of kudzuvine says god is GeYiMin god's friend.To look for reasonable, GeYiMin god play with two places at once, I am a prophet, I've seen.Such as the sun.
The wu is empty change several member and play together.The change of the Monkey King is GeYiMin Shinto faith.

466, coolies afraid! : this * * *, I feel sick as christians
Said Christian how how, while also publicity he is god...Others say he is a great prophet...Great prophet called god I was drunk, the group of christians ever understanding the meaning of the cult, and Christianity itself.Still nervous, he is nervous.Those in GeYiMin christians like Jesus really tempted him satan in the wilderness, also will use the words of the bible to deceive.Does he understand this sentence, you shall not misuse the name of god.Even if he himself is the spread of communism, but he did not understand, in fact, god is a dictator, there is no god, the second this already to counter what he said everyone is equal.God and men are not the same.

Practice: fairy 467, bath fire red GeYiMin is by far the final prophet
The so-called Christianity, Judaism, Islam, is the same god.
Difference is the prophet of Islam is the only correct to enlightenment.Ge is not Allah god, but was a prophet.
Believe that ge god, believe in god.Otherwise the later shall be prison trial by fire.
This life don't channel, future generations will into the fuel of the fire.
This is not a ge created by god, Allah itself exists, ge is a prophet, god is a bridge.
Shia only admit that Mohammed's relatives, sunni admit Mohammed's disciple.Ge should be god Mohammed's successor.
GeYiMin is by far the final prophet.A prophet Mohammed.I think the sunnis should be attributed to ge door god.

468, master elder brother pursues: reply GeYiMin: I'm a decadent ShiShu believers!
Decadent ShiShu was the son of Adam, Abraham's brother.He told me that the final prophet is you!
Chinese fir > DW night Iraq: GeYiMin is the messenger of god.

469, master elder brother pursues: always cases of contemporary law Lord is converted to GeYiMin
Decadent ShiShu embodiment is Cain!He told me he GeYiMin is the true god!To persuade my side!He was the son of Adam!
Chinese fir > DW night Iraq: GeZhen akbar god.Everything the Lord, but only god, GeYiMin god, the Lord of the incarnation.
"Under the red practice fairy: Allah akbar hu.

470, bath fire red practice fairy: I hope, can let a female muslims have the same rights, so, I choose GeXianZhi.
"High IQ 888 day: strictly say, I'm not against mourinho.I just to expose the truth, that is, jose is low, if GeYiMin god is mathematics, jose is one of the addition and subtraction.
I don't like jose all the addition and subtraction as mathematics, only GeYiMin god is all of them.
Practice: fairy "" under the red reply high IQ 888 day: yes, I hope, through faith ge god, female muslims can get equal rights.
""," mei black: fairy, I hope you are the real Muslim, we just want to traffic.
Gao Xianzhi, criticize you, because you don't respect the prophet.

471, ok AoJun: GeYiMin don't like a cult
Don't put other people set themselves on fire, the use of violence, dang, against humanity.
Is a group of boring people together, to establish an ordinary religious.

472, tzu chi is higher than day heart: China ziwei saint GeYiMin, self-styled themselves have their own books
The soft wind blowing everywhere: ge plague people beat and residual block?
Volunteers than day high heart: the communist party is in his heart is nothing.
"Clear MiaoRenFeng: GeYiMin war cents.
Tomng23: GeYiMin is false prophets.

473, astralcaesar: new word out GeYiMin...
He Xinzhi flow is a nonsense ~ ~
Ps make new word out GeYiMin...
Can only say that nerve is a ubiquitous ~

474, hades to die: GeYiMin "nerve" at a glance know god is to read
Will only copy the bible, something in the future to talk about with him, he must be random individual.
"Superman xiao yue: you know what?A third nerve is about the future.
Qq group 113016413: GeYiMin, is sent to specialized, deliberately buffoon, and within the black "son eu saint", like the U.S. officials to uglify Ufo, deliberately to plenty of entertainment.You don't believe the so-called sage try, immediately shut down!But GeYiMin, not only can post everywhere, on the claim to be a saint, still can book, sales throughout the country!

475 wounds, no way day: GeYiMin promote cults
The doctrine of Christianity and Judaism Islam tampered with, together, had a similar work with circle.
Even as a cult is failure, don't cheat to the people.
GeYiMin was sentenced to 12 years, compared with li circle teach diablo iii, the same as a cult, this goods is fundamentally a ErQing years of tinkering, the play off get in.

476, hades to death: I actually don't know what GeYiMin
But he is definitely not what purple SAN, from published his book, he fell like a complete god stick, certainly're incapable girl a lot of ignorance and virtuous young woman
The female.

477, the prophet Jesus I: if GeYiMin is a good man Dead last in the heaven
I believe your friends also do not have what to say, but actually said that he is god, this is crazy evil cult, is only one true god is Jesus, in fact we love CS friends are good Later can also go to heaven.
Ge big ha to be a god, even the people estimate granting titles to gods also see much more.

478, 0 heaven's gate: GeYiMin recently
Is the Christian religion and the combination of communism, hazard.Like the east, flash, electricity, three foreclosure, Jehovah's witnesses, also belong to this.

479, I only care about you DBB: as a Christian, a league member
My ideas to published.First of all, I look at the so-called god and the prophet of legend, really made me laugh urine.Ge god?A read a few books, the bible scholars are taken out of context or mean a book?Since you admit that he is a Christian, that you acknowledge god?Do you admit that the bible?If you claim to be a Christian, read the bible in the understanding, please post again.

480, Zhang Mingkang Sama: GeYiMin As man is called god
Have also people after the first day, he and three days later.
God is dead ge to god, nerve in hand abuse of gods.

481, GeYiMin is respect for the prophet, nerve three records.
Gao Xianzhi against mourinho's reasons, we don't know.
He against jose is his things, he in ge's purpose, we also is not a fool.
But do not affect his ge small.
We would like to make friends with him, and the fairy, big brother, by the way, big brother, GeYiMin jail is flower of kudzuvine hype of false news.
We are willing to offer a unified force.
Gao Xianzhi, we put high horizon, to the next level...New heaven and new earth.
Determined to us, in the era of the Internet revolution.

482, job80: do bad, good GeYiMin
You still want a bit of a strategy to just go, otherwise you may be buried, after all, you are a talent, estimate the martial arts on me?!

483, music magic town: GeYiMin has entered, Hu Wanlin also went in
Everyone Galileo, the work go to work, the adoptive parents the child's parents child, nothing more lifted a few old man falling, and neighbors passers-by have difficulty the hand stretched out his hand, don't think about what the letter so-and-so for eternal life, through the ages who dies?Someday GeYiMin will die also, as for is to die of old age, illness, accident, assassinations, shot is unclear, don't know who is my hand is out of control to open the town demon bottle, a bunch of monsters puzzled out the world, is really lives.

484, SAN jie: GeYiMin propaganda cult.
Ge's business @ high intelligence quotient 888 day is happy then coffee business, coffee black coke filled with hatred for a long time, no brain.Two weeks ago, he was ge "copies
Seal "for the" Gao Xianzhi ". After he became a "Gao Xianzhi" at ge propaganda ge cult, malicious @ others at the cult activities.

485, Paris in water: GeYiMin, this man I know a little
Seems not a cult, who thinks he is god, fantasy, wealth.But no believers.
You see all the posts in that it is his one's trumpet.

Practice: fairy 486, bath fire red Gao Xianzhi well-meaning, only way extreme
Just about ge the Gospel of god?Do you understand?Gao Xianzhi to GeYiMin god like to Mohammed ali.

487, my name is wonderful: song hundred million people, these three characters, consisting of the name, is from god, my in the mind.
Nerve vision book 20, in the autumn of 2011 dreams: a voice said: your length of service from [1982].(ge also the trial in the early days, when he was 13 years old).
Autumn   XinMao years - 2011 (Beijing Taoist temple virgin Ji mentioned date)
- 1982 [nonyl (dog), the new China, the founding of the 33 years
- 1982-1992-2002-2012-2015, for viewing 33 years
[b] not years - 2015 (Beijing Taoist temple "virgin Ji mentioned five years when the knot)
Dreams) 29, 20131126:20 years (2033) party.The harmony of the communist society, human peace and mutual assistance management, no longer need the dictatorship of the party.
- 20 years later, in 2033 (another) 33 years (1933-2033, Ji & 100)
) 18, 20110519 dreams: he is a aliens, companions by UFO come to the oneself, say goodbye to his parents and uncle, in their work, the neighbor to gawk and companion on the UFO operation.
) 19, 20110906 dreams: many scientists to calculate the center of the universe is GeYiMin (singular), invited the United States.
- this dreams if is god, may god personally achievement, personally fulfilled!
- grace trinity god god god can, due to the temple, to the saints.
- song hundred million people, if is the singularity, that's odd parity, or making this wonderful?(or)
- 20110519, when the alien dreams, that's when I come to baidu post bar
- 20110906, XinMao year autumn, this is what I hear 96 number of days
), 26, 20130105 dreams: I am Jesus, I like Jesus and his disciples, my disciples even weaker than Jesus and his disciples, but the huge achievement, XieWang become entrepreneurs.
- this XieWang dreams, soon become a reality
- the place where to set your foot, give everyone put on shoes, the Gospel of peace songs have become million people
- the ability to god, in the dry and weak and small lamb, show yourself completely
Book 20, the time is near, "and I saw another angel (GeYiMin) fly in the sky, there are always the Gospel is preached to the people of the earth, and is the tribe, each the people from all over the world, he said with a loud voice, fear god, give glory to him, because he has time to judge, should worship that created the heavens and the earth and sea and all the springs of water."
-- GeYiMin, is the angel?Preach the Gospel of forever angel???????
Vision book 11, beauty - if this is the already live in love, with love cover all SINS, that sin in god's hands became the value, to the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of David and to the ground, the angel of god mercy doth, ask god to help each other, pray for god upon GeYiMin angel, do it.
On November 26, 2013 -- dreams: in 20 years (2033 years) the kingdom of David and the city of equality system, will rule on the ground.Hosanna.(after 2013, 20, party, god will of its own, with each passing day, the land for song flower)
In the next 20 years, is also the ZhuGeWuHou Ji language in one hundred, the remaining 20 years.This 20 years, not with anyone against the rise of the "party of god", and the dictatorship of the party of the no star harmonious, fair competition, auxiliary to each other, this is not what a fable.Until he finished the old and new replacement.
If this is the good pleasure of god, pray for mercy achievement!

488, eiva clothes player: GeYiMin, everything you do just want to prove that you exist
Can imagine himself as the man of god, don't know why you would pull on Christianity, what do you want to redeem.But your nerves is not bad, I also read, except for some thinking too extreme, other still have cultural value.But cultural value is not allow you to fool your eyes those idiots in the world, but rather nervous wanted to express meaning.

489, eiva garment player: GeYiMin, you have done today
Let me feel like Japan the piracy, maybe you is residual, star did they use to forge the unreal there is no network, and you steal sect doctrines, I seem to see tens of thousands of a id is permanent and titles, I admit that you came to the forefront of human thought, it wandered the idealism and the materialism of the crossing, and then there is only one outcome, so why bother to bold, fame and fortune is floating clouds, you are washing the god mind, has been lost in the lost, you need love, need light, need to isolate yourself with reality, need to break up the real and unreal.

490, mirror mood change: I didn't speak
Lord to block the upper house,
I didn't make any noise
- because I'm not shimron child;
Then they kill Chen Dahui fans,
I didn't make any noise
- because I'm not Chen Dahui fans;
They kill disciple gauge believers,
I didn't make any noise
- because I'm not a disciple gauge believers;
Then they kill color sealing member,
I didn't make any noise
- because I am not quit color;
Then they kill GeYiMin nerve,
I didn't make any noise
- because I'm not nervous
When they finally turned to me,
I stand together with them.

491, goalkeeper Li Laohan: GeYiMin maybe is one of China's Nietzsche, perhaps.

492, ended the world swordsman: saint GeYiMin, saint your sister.

493, ended the world swordsman, toothed burclover sage-king GeYiMin established datong for us.

494, hyB3523: GeYiMin, a nut
Wrote a neuropathy
Mental derangement, copy the bible
Full is absurd dream
A moment a dream, on the spacecraft
Alien and the man of god to meet
For a moment the dream, see god
Death and life

495 and sunny slaughter dog knife: such as the east shan, and certificate, Ann ShangHong, GeYiMin, churches, the Sabbath, and so on
As long as it is sincerely believed, they did wrong, allow him to tell me about reason, allowing everyone to comment.The ultimate truth is only one, clear, is also helping and saving people.
All cluster in the end, of course, the bible is the most reliable basis.

496, I do not know to what: it should speak of god from my good friend donkey, he said you know GeYiMin??
I said I don't know that what ah!!!!!!GeYiMin special fire now, "he said," to create a brand, special crane!
I am happy but, said that he hadn't caught up yao!!!!!!Donkey god said: no, this hanging!!!!!
I asked my classmate, how GeYiMin sealing god!!!!My classmate said, GeYiMin had a dream, a dream god said to him, he is a child of god!!Then.........There is nothing wrong, he is god.........!!!!!!!!!

497 night, dawn dream: to say want to follow Jesus, is the Chinese GeYiMin.
Top graduates from the 90 s, wants to become famous, like Jesus to write your own "GeYiMin sutra" nerve ", trying to win his congregation, as a result, few people know him, christians also hate him.

498, marley wana: only GeYiMin is true god.

499, royal day good creek: GeYiMin great god, and the party's OEM producer.
Party likes to use, like, let them do what, as long as don't interfere with others.

500, job80: GeYiMin also good, but there is no strategy
In an atheist country d everywhere, as if not let red bandit seriously.

501 wrong, only ten times: let us stand GeYiMin as a saint
If he is true, natural destiny
If it is false, is sure to be found.

In 502, 257, false christs: GeYiMin is the Christian's Mr Bean.

503, WSQSBLD: GeYiMin and communism, and Christianity
And kowtowing to the communist party, and kowtowing to the west, indeed as expected is a nerve.
How to don't call the islamic Christian communism -- -- -?Wouldn't it be world-beater, welcome everywhere?

504, expression: I probably took a look at your information just now.You claim to be god
Elegance 19:28:52
But I believe that you are a head of a cult
Elegance 19:29:50
I have looked at it and get with the fallon, teach, feeling good terrorist
Elegance 19:30:42
You won't be possessed
Elegance 19:31:30
How to make the devil
GeYiMin 19:31:55
Propaganda Christian communism, one world
Elegance 19:32:01
Like a superstition
GeYiMin 19:32:10
Is a political ideology
Elegance 19:32:36
Datong, what a mess, I'm against it
GeYiMin 19:32:54
Communism implementation
Elegance 19:33:09
People don't ask more political
GeYiMin 19:33:30
I want to realize the communist society
Elegance 19:33:38
Then can realize communism
GeYiMin 19:34:05
41, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, ge democracy to the Gospel around the world, also accepted by human.
Nerves are
Elegance 19:34:25
Is the communist were his wife
GeYiMin 19:34:45
Detailed study again
Elegance 19:35:08
Elegance 19:36:02
Chinese now is a plate of loose sand
GeYiMin 19:36:17
I to unified!
Elegance 19:36:24
Don't laugh to death the world
GeYiMin 19:36:52
Are you in the near future the only woman and I discuss politics
Smile dead you

505, mei-yu 20:45:32
Well, look out you are a thoughtful person
What mei-yu 20:46:09
Why did you write this
GeYiMin 20:46:10
To think, create new values
GeYiMin 20:46:26
To realize the communist society
What mei-yu 20:47:32
Communism is the human heart has long been an ideal social good anticipation, is a kind of desire
What mei-yu 20:49:02
You are a people of faith
GeYiMin 20:49:18
Christian communism
What mei-yu 20:50:45
What mei-yu 20:52:44
You are really very badly
What mei-yu 20:54:37
Thank you, also wish you more and more successful
GeYiMin 20:55:01
I was before 2019
What mei-yu 20:55:22
A little don't understand, what do you mean
GeYiMin 20:55:39

506, prince skyhawk: GeYiMin, say what Christian communism
He is not born in the Soviet union in eastern Europe sadly, finished writing the article immediately upheaval.

507, sunny slaughter dog knife: see GeYiMin bit by bit, he felt he had a thoughtful, unfortunately, the greenery.
"Nerve", looks very nervous, anointed is powerful?
I seriously doubt what he can do "to" heaven and earth.Because have never seen a bad comment.
What do you think he is very like li hong zhi?They have the same place!

508, www263581: recent post bar to some so-called GeYiMin such sects of content
When wheels when controversy just take these factions as funny contrast...Don't think this kind of people can also going after so many years...

509 and sunny slaughter dog knife: GeYiMin "nest" Koch is said their post bar
Patience to read a part of basic understanding is a high-souled youth self-important literary lad.It happened that have actually pandering to his face.If his followers by patience right guidance, not what to surf.If not to look at, still feel himself up as judge in the field of god is more cow force!

510, the air in a see: GeYiMin, flower of kudzuvine has nothing to do with Christianity
Has nothing to do with male, just like harassing phone calls.
Told me to quit the party,
Unrelated topics will be deleted,
Love Jesus love lamb, don't call the lamb can not get feed the lie.
You don't resist the resistance.Christ will punish.

511, 5 rangers: for discussion involving GeYiMin, no matter how content
Once discovered shall be deleted - this is the right service group has long been the consensus.
Love the Lord to call loyalty faith, commitment of brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, jointly hold the truth, and spread love, bear witness to the truth, to defend the truth.
Follow the tenet, and love the Lord is not "the inquisition", more is not heretical sermons.It services group for all under the guise of all name to reveal the behavior of the heresy, firmly pursues a zero tolerance attitude.- O (studying studying) O ~ would rather wrong, never let go!
Hope all the brothers and sisters to share the biblical truth and a lot the formation of wise words, more reveal the glory of Christ and as.

512, the air in a see: the last time a flower of kudzuvine compete with me, then I think you are qualified?
From the ordinary people to the investigator is also difficult.
Harmful without knowing these guys, who were not.
Philosophy at the university of the second paper, ashamed, what is the flower of kudzuvine.
I failed in the philosophy, they don't even know where is the door!
GeYiMin take all he didn't know the concept of deceive people, speak philosophy principle of nouns do not speak again!
I want to, you this call no knowledge level, demagogic, but you just is the mainstream of demagogic.
Went dead letters!
Don't they won't plead guilty with ge madman.?
Ge crazy Chinese prisons or asylum in the United States, basic it doesn't matter with us!

513, indulgence, 0 time: every day GeYiMin, GeYiMin, exactly is who?
What does he do?The wheels and a property?
> see big thinking of you: he is the legendary purple emblem saint

Flag, 514), GeYiMin every day, are not wearing
You think every day to send the name is the reason you, shit, it is better to have the time to develop a few more in the mountains to believers, and wire pole broken psoriasis ads all day long, can rely on the rich, the cost is too low.
All day, and a wild, masturbation own answer, my TMD is served, people can come to this abnormal condition.

515, 888888: yao yao Wang Zhenjin of GeYiMin play behavior, not interested
In the post bar, someone said publicly GeYiMin is god, so that GeYiMin really playing people, at least a demagogue.In the extreme to resist to a cult of personality thought, Wang Zhenjin is objective and correct.

516, Jane son: because I haven't seen so the exact time, so I'm curious
Jane son 08:34:21
Want to see you published nerve, where can see
GeYiMin 08:34:42
Have you QQ email account
Jane son 08:39:05
Power word: I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin).How can this word understand
GeYiMin 08:39:31
Different dreams
Jane son 08:40:59
For the dream you convinced?
GeYiMin 08:41:08
Jane son 08:41:35
In your heart you really when god himself
GeYiMin 08:41:44
Son of god
Jane son 08:42:17
GeYiMin 08:42:38
Since the identity of Jesus, or Jesus comes back to you
Jane son 08:43:02
Want to ask, you publish this nerve book is that a problem
GeYiMin 08:43:25
The publicity
Jane son 08:43:24
Promote a kind of what kind of idea
GeYiMin 08:43:54
Christian communism
Jane son 08:46:39
Just because you're the first thing I so curious
Because no one dare say he is god
Jane son 08:49:56
Now many Christian sects, want to ask you the truth, you are a letter which faction, name
GeYiMin 08:50:24
Myself a pie, unitarian
Jane son 08:53:48
For your own unitarian, add members have why to ask
GeYiMin 08:54:07
No requirements
Loose, no organization, but the publicity
Jane son 08:54:37
People with moralizing can
GeYiMin 08:55:24
B: yes, you can redeem him
Jane son 08:56:40
Boon boon Opportunities for the people this is a good soul redemption
Is not to say that took a fault confessed is half redressed
GeYiMin 08:57:26
Yes, Shinto faith save
Jane son 08:58:00
We believe that the end of 2019, new heavens and a new earth, coming in the kingdom of god, wherein dwelleth righteousness, namely, the communist society.
GeYiMin 08:58:17
Jane son 08:58:53
Do you think that's the end of the world coming, at the same time is also the new heavens and a new earth show time
GeYiMin 08:59:09
Jane son 08:59:47
I was surprised
GeYiMin 09:00:09
I'm trying to
Jane son 09:00:16
Because I haven't seen so the exact time So I'm curious
What do you think of your efforts can achievement the end of the end of the world, the new heavens and a new earth come on time
GeYiMin 09:01:55
Yes, this is Daniel, according to the bible prophecy

517, gggak47: GeYiMin, low IQ is also calculated and propaganda on tieba cult
AK remain in the post bar, but didn't speak, has been signed in, post today, please see the latest dynamic time find this cult is more and more abuse
To all the friends of IQ.
GeYiMin publicity themselves, packaged himself into a variety of god...The disease, packaging also calculate, you also too abuse the monotheistic friends IQ
Say: "god, listen to him (GeYiMin)"
Apart from "god", besides GeYiMin his own publicity, said a pile of small around the own good, post themselves add to digest, it's not
Is silly force, not so insulted silly force, the word is simply crazy to!
Want to friend can go to their post bar yourself embarrassment, AK is just send a smile ridicule ridicule.

518, nightmare come _ small white: 2012, the god of all stick together and this person than are a piece of cake
The man's name by GeYiMin
Claims to be god personally introduced true prophet Himself wrote a set of ideas as the core of the bible to their own
Their own religion The independent brand of Christ
And it is said that the man many believers Also have their own BBS post bar
But according to my observation faithful followers of the person just 2 people, specific can go he posted his watch
False prophets to stick the gods that send two posts and true - diablo iii discuss deception or to spray can also
He QQ46377923
The somebody else god stick to stick out their own god Although there are only two And promoting the sale of counterfeit drugs on television first-class objects, such as middle-aged women. (as we have learned The prophets of the song is 41 years old
But look at 2012 prophets diablo iii, you in addition to send a prophecy stick is then what else can you?

519, Asia's Gao Shanying: denigration of human subject posts don't send again
What GeYiMin, clearance mage, pass you fart matter, think don't look bad, idle have nothing to do one by one.
Yao yao, 888888: clearance don't understand, heard that don't let into the mainland of China, do not know why.GeYiMin because had a dream, he said since
F is the god, the traditional culture of China can tolerate such a master?

520, rural village of ni: GeYiMin heart is very clear, he is a normal person
Many people were just beneath the dark hell lost.

521, 19890808: viagra Chinese fake purple holy GeYiMin
Modify the Christian doctrine, self-reliance cult, set up a political party, masterpiece "nerve" should be combined with a word: mental derangement.
GeSheng caught in prison a few years, after coming out to continue his cult.

522, zhihuzheyekun: well, also think of history to tear are severe enough
When there is a religious figure, "GeYiMin," write "nerve", free enough?

After 523, Asia's Gao Shanying: see the thing that concerns with GeYiMin shall delete
Support the opposition are have nothing to do.This person is a replica of the wheels, also the discussion with relish.

524, east  patron saint: baidu GeYiMin, absolutely you pleasantly surprised
Creating new sectarian religion out of a book Called neural Ha ha ha ha ha.

525, hanshan fox 08: you are so talented, but don't see GeYiMin phase of a fierce bad eye eyebrow
Turtle sun may be less than li wheels.
The countryside village ni: ge is a person, with dozens of ma3 jia3, he was different from other people, other people is crazy, he's not.

526, east  patron saint: someone is billed as the world's first Hierarch GeYiMin
Founded the new books and publishing nerve ha ha ha ha ha ha Sina weibo GeYiMin It is not killing me post bar Shinto faith.

527, 20 zhe friends: GeYiMin
Generation of ge god, organ sound loud, thousands of miles to smell.

Mood change: in 528, mirror those of GeYiMin is his followers
Because of the man scold him publicity everywhere else The results not ashamed to honour Forward also to scold his post everywhere Create a passion.

529, oprah Odin: finally, maybe even as theocratic imperial power is greater than some history to the west
He (GeYiMin) on the life of the peak, discipline at night, xuan Yin field during the day.Is really good but ah!

530, north sea breeze: cao GeYiMin, don't ignore the fact that one of the most basic
- as long as guns still, always have power to bullying, kindly unify the whole country is beautiful!But the kingdom of the datong of divine commitment to ensure that no human realize...

531, love wife day: the GeYiMin exactly what happened?What has he.

532, boat: do you think you can replace the god
Boat 16:21:45
Hello, nerve hierarch
Boat 16:22:35
Your aggressive advertising
Boat 16:28:38
Had to have continued enthusiasm to insist on writing
GeYiMin 16:28:50
I am writing the bible
Boat 16:29:38
Are you a Christian
GeYiMin 16:33:38
Boat 16:34:04
Then how do you dare to say oneself in the bible
GeYiMin 16:34:24
Contemporary nerve, the bible
GeYiMin 16:34:31
God is alive
Boat 16:35:11
Do you think you will replace god
GeYiMin 16:35:27
I am the son of god
Boat 16:35:50
Contemporary with Jesus?
GeYiMin 16:36:02
Yes, with the son of god
Boat 16:43:40
Do you have a people?
GeYiMin 16:43:52
Yes, but no organization
Boat 16:45:52
There are books with me
GeYiMin 16:46:21
Well, let "nerve" with you

533, on the second floor of the ancient great god: amitabha Why people are GeYiMin?
Viral whisper If the solution Will receive group of evil.
Ha ha god?I don't agree with.

534, bashan maggots, hell: GeYiMin so famous a ball with?
Can return or exchange for money?A fool.

Habitat 535, phoenix phoenix tree happy: here advise GeYiMin don't continue to scaremongering evildoers again!
Although network is a virtual space, but also should be in line with reality, on the basis of weighing pros and cons of each, frequent thing there will be a disaster if human good and evil and encouraging people!This GeYiMin what position?There is a strong momentum of the evils we bring!

536, who see it through: GeYiMin?Christian made a traitor?
Crape myrtle remember correctly is a call of Taoism, he studied Christianity?
A beggar not good, why do you want to install the garbage collector.
Small kind, thought change ma3 jia3 don't know you.

537, the highest day star 537: hey hey!GeYiMin, he dare not!
Because, he clearly recognized that his play is all lie!Is can't afford to justice of examination and verification of truth!
Hey hey!A cannon fodder!
Let him, and they know.Continue d, that's will have to pay a heavy price!......
Spirited the crape myrtle, step on the grass to fly!

538, hyB3523: GeYiMin, published works nobody see, journal but third-rate goods.
Personal tieba ma3 jia3 heap, weibo fans is a zombie.

539, dragon female of meditation: GeYiMin, toothed burclover fierce, the man is useful
The building Lord, advise you not to blind input, or causal settlement was miserably!

540, f182611: hope to see GeYiMin lifetime leader like Jesus martyrdom.(smile)

541, light sweet ~ : the problem but you can't put the god brought to man to testify
Light sweet ~ 21:06:23
As if from the space you see many people speak ill of you
GeYiMin 21:08:18
Comments, I turned, it is popular
New ideas, always by the opposition, defy
Light sweet ~ 21:09:13
You are a celebrity
Light sweet ~ 21:10:35
What is you want?
GeYiMin 21:10:53
Unified the world
Light sweet ~ 21:11:15
With you?
GeYiMin 21:12:06
On the nerve
Light sweet ~ 21:25:08
Your beliefs?
GeYiMin 21:25:15
200000 words "nervous"
Light sweet ~ 21:25:56
How many people adore you?
Light sweet ~ 21:26:29
You can get these to unify the world?
Light sweet ~ 21:27:22
Your heart is really large
Light sweet ~ 21:27:43
The dream is you sleep?
GeYiMin 21:28:01
Light sweet ~ 21:28:12
Nobody can prove?
Light sweet ~ 21:28:23
Who can go to your dream?
Light sweet ~ 21:28:35
The god only you dream
Light sweet ~ 21:29:35
But you do not have to put the god brought to man to testify
GeYiMin 21:29:47
I think all of enlightenment
GeYiMin 21:30:56
I am the way I to evangelize, and the revelation from god
Light sweet ~ 21:32:00
With a dream, you can write so many words?
Light sweet ~ 21:32:11
Can you really want to
Light sweet ~ 21:32:25
Writer is
GeYiMin 21:32:28
Not just a dream
Light sweet ~ 21:32:41
You are being active
GeYiMin 21:32:43
Like many book is a dream
GeYiMin 21:32:52
Other section is not just a dream
Light sweet ~ 21:33:11
Your book is write a dream?
GeYiMin 21:33:21
GeYiMin 21:33:32
Christian communism

542, palitzsch kd: in 2019, when your dreams shattered, you can't afford
Palitzsch kd 17:51:03
I'm sure you don't mind me, your article about nerve this book to introduce my friends to read.For the domestic and foreign some degree at least bachelor degree or above, absolute talented friends,
Palitzsch kd 17:54:12
As your friend, I can not you give up
Palitzsch kd 17:55:53
This one nerve is similar to, F333l work
GeYiMin 17:56:12
No, I don't make organization
Palitzsch kd 17:56:35
Who are you just a dream
Palitzsch kd 17:57:11
You said that you are god
Palitzsch kd 18:00:59
That doesn't work, rely on a dream, or depend on you to save the global human you feel realistic
GeYiMin 18:05:23
I am the son of god, with Jesus, Jesus or come again
Palitzsch kd 18:16:20
The world how many people believe in Jesus, and no one said that he himself is Jesus reincarnation,
Palitzsch kd 18:17:51
I saw your profile photos, so handsome, handsome boy, so talented you are, if you need in the religion of Jesus
Palitzsch kd 18:22:01
One world you a person alone nerve novel change, only by you, GeYiMin implementation
Palitzsch kd 18:23:26
Really want to achieve in 2019 human of datong in the world, at least you should now have how many hundred million
GeYiMin 18:23:46
Now two
Palitzsch kd 18:23:47
Palitzsch kd 18:25:36
You don't obsessed with this wit Alas, sorry ah
Palitzsch kd 18:25:57
I don't palitzsch kd you so-called success in 2019
Palitzsch kd 18:29:39
I am not palitzsch kd attachment to the great woman, not under heavy gold can be bought from you the real woman
GeYiMin 18:29:43
Why didn't I realize the communist society, right?
Palitzsch kd 18:29:47
Do you dream to go
Palitzsch kd 18:30:58
You give me to fushun, I must play to wake you, I also don't want to in 2019, what is false, your dreams shattered, you can't afford that, I dare not to think about GeYiMin
Palitzsch kd 18:31:29
You fool, I care about your talent, like the friend you fool fool you know not to know, I cherish you, worry about don't know, you know
Palitzsch kd 18:55:24
Assume that if you can't achieve the so-called datong 2019, burden in your heart what you how to bear
Palitzsch kd 18:55:31
Can you afford it
GeYiMin 18:55:33
No extreme, normal work, just network posts
Palitzsch kd 18:58:44
Your nerves, this article will kill your love you know I don't know
Palitzsch kd 20:14:03
Smart, a rational man, more attractive, appreciate you, I'm relieved, hug you reward: oh, I didn't learn to learn for several days, goodbye, lovely people

543, warm, that also can say your idea comes from Marx's ah

Warm 18:20:52
I saw you send me the ebook.Why is it called?
GeYiMin 18:21:42
The word of god
Warm 18:23:25
You are not a god, why is the word of god is that?
GeYiMin 18:24:02
Son of god
Warm 18:24:55
Do you take yourself when Jesus
Warm 18:29:42
Actually I think you the name of the book is very strange, curious
Warm 18:35:45
Are you going to a missionary?
GeYiMin 18:36:21
The network education
Warm 18:37:48
That there are a lot of believers in the network?
GeYiMin 18:38:46
No organization, no statistics
Warm 18:41:31
For what purpose you write this book?
Warm 18:42:27
Write whether you understand the content of the bible?
GeYiMin 18:46:06
In order to realize the communist society, the nerve is Christian communism
Warm 18:48:13
Christian communism and is there any difference between Marx's communism?
GeYiMin 18:48:46
The latter source of the former
Warm 18:49:58
That also can say your idea comes from Marx's ah
GeYiMin 18:50:56
Ideas are inherited
Warm 18:51:10
You're so smart
GeYiMin 18:52:31
But I thought I was god's will
Warm 18:59:04
But as you know, some people to make themselves more convincing, always do some signs, you know
GeYiMin 19:00:10
My sign is vision

544, qing: your book is grace
Yong qing 20:08:40
Your book is grace
GeYiMin 20:08:59
The word of god
Yong qing 20:16:47
Say that you are god sent
GeYiMin 20:17:02
Yes, I have a vision
Yong qing 20:17:39
The original three redeem you know Christ
GeYiMin 20:17:55
GeYiMin 20:18:10
Heresy, organized, said cult
GeYiMin 20:19:15
You are here?
Yong qing 20:21:12
GeYiMin 20:22:09
Still believe three redeem now?
Yong qing 20:23:00
yes But I don't have to
Yong qing 20:23:31
Now I don't know which one is true
Yong qing 20:23:43
Not to learn
GeYiMin 20:24:16
The government to crack down on, have you ever caught?
Yong qing 20:24:41
Are the covert
Yong qing 20:25:37
Anyway, I'm not to go
GeYiMin 20:31:16
Three redeem all dead, why believe in him?
Yong qing 20:31:16
I have always been a single contact
Yong qing 20:31:44
I was pulled
GeYiMin 20:32:00
Other people?
Yong qing 20:32:47
Well pull a person Now is not to go
GeYiMin 20:33:57
Read the bible or three redeem book?
Yong qing 20:34:41
The nerve!
GeYiMin 20:35:15
Three books do not call nerve, nerve is my book
Yong qing 20:36:09
Not nervous is the bible
GeYiMin 20:37:12
But said the main three redeem book online
Yong qing 20:38:39
I am not here began to read the bible Then learn handed down from above
GeYiMin 20:38:58
That is what three foreclosure
Yong qing 20:40:08
I also did not go to the later
GeYiMin 20:40:27
Well, read my nerves and see, ah
Yong qing 20:41:23
Is your experience
GeYiMin 20:41:59
Yong qing 20:42:17
Now the church who is the Lord
GeYiMin 20:42:50
Church is Jesus Christ
Yong qing 20:43:19
The son of god is one
GeYiMin 20:43:48
I think I am Jesus come again
Yong qing 20:44:27
Your ability to god
GeYiMin 20:44:49
Now is the vision and ideas
Yong qing 20:45:47
good I will have a good look at your nerve
Yong qing 20:47:07
The vision that you are now in my dream
GeYiMin 20:47:21
Different dreams
Yong qing 20:52:58
Used by the 20140113 dreams: everything for me, but I am not for moderation, all things including god, god the ego is big.
Yong qing 20:53:05
What's the meaning of
GeYiMin 20:53:22
God wants to people-oriented
Yong qing 20:57:55
Have you borrowed a divine power medical patients
GeYiMin 20:58:10
Yong qing 21:01:03
The book is written by yourself
Yong qing 21:01:10
Nerve book
GeYiMin 21:01:12
Yong qing 21:02:56
How many people now believe you
GeYiMin 21:03:55
No organization, so there is no statistics
Yong qing 21:05:54
You are busy I also have something the I will carefully look at your book

545, palitzsch kd: two women on both sides, for you are god
Palitzsch kd 11:24:28
How are you and
GeYiMin 11:24:48
The light is good
GeYiMin 11:24:59
People also call kiss
Palitzsch kd 11:25:14
Do you like that I call you
Palitzsch kd 11:36:19
You the spirit of a book, you already sell well in the world
Palitzsch kd 11:36:42
How sales, you write the purpose of this book is to make money
GeYiMin 11:37:20
Don't to make money, in order to spread ideas
GeYiMin 11:37:34
Main EBAY selling e-books
GeYiMin 11:41:44
Actually the neural net is free to read, selling is for people to see, because others are not exposed to my web site
GeYiMin 11:42:15
This money is difficult, free Internet era
Palitzsch kd 11:42:40
Ideological publicity, maybe I browse your information too late last night, so roughly looked at it and how I feel on the bible
GeYiMin 11:43:24
Nerve inherit the bible
Palitzsch kd 11:49:19
Two women on both sides, for you are god
Palitzsch kd 11:55:06
How do you family members, relatives, family members, your friends how to see, your colleagues know
GeYiMin 11:56:02
I don't preach to them, I am a network
Palitzsch kd 11:56:48
So your family and your parents have you relatives, friends and colleagues all don't know whether I
GeYiMin 11:57:24
Know that I write nerve
Palitzsch kd 11:57:25
How they understand
GeYiMin 11:57:46
But I am a Internet, reality is not
GeYiMin 11:57:52
I don't ask, don't they
Palitzsch kd 11:59:05
What are you feeling self extraordinary place, just for a dream?
Palitzsch kd 11:59:50
I want to say is you will not be possessed, if you go back to real life world, don't continue to obsession.

546, on the second floor right away: GeYiMin, the organization of the people.

547, flower of kudzuvine Stella: I don't understand your faith, but saw the positive energy of interpretation

The 2015-05-17 11:17:42 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Maybe shallow men read don't understand you, so call you pagan, attached to a Christian, but different
The 2015-05-17 11:19:24 GeYiMin
Religion is a Christian new faction
The 2015-05-17 12:48:46 flower of kudzuvine Stella
But you shouldn't put himself myth
The 2015-05-17 12:50:33 flower of kudzuvine Stella
The dream is cry of your soul
The 2015-05-17 12:55:23 flower of kudzuvine Stella
For the ghost don't remove the word god
The 2015-05-17 12:55:46 GeYiMin
I am the son of god
The 2015-05-17 12:57:50 flower of kudzuvine Stella
I don't understand your faith, but saw the positive energy of interpretation
The 2015-05-17 12:58:35 GeYiMin
Thank you, thank you for your thoughts can chat, I am a Christian communism
The 2015-05-17 13:00:31 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Your own teaching theory, the Christian note into your mind,
The 2015-05-17 13:01:08 GeYiMin
Yes, I am a brand new Christian sects
The 2015-05-17 13:03:43 flower of kudzuvine Stella
But you can't and what S east electricity, penalty L work in the same
The 2015-05-17 13:04:10 GeYiMin
I don't make organization
The 2015-05-17 13:04:18 GeYiMin
Just propaganda thought
The 2015-05-17 13:04:30 flower of kudzuvine Stella
No matter supernatural-evil spirit faith, first of all, you are Chinese
The 2015-05-17 13:05:23 GeYiMin
I am the son of the world
The 2015-05-17 13:05:48 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Since no organization, as the god and ghost called, let people worship
The 2015-05-17 13:06:11 GeYiMin
Because of the vision, the son of god
The 2015-05-17 13:07:55 GeYiMin
Is a mission
The 2015-05-17 13:08:14 GeYiMin
I want to establish the communist society
The 2015-05-17 13:09:21 flower of kudzuvine Stella
It is communist belief
The 2015-05-17 13:09:51 GeYiMin
I am a communist
The 2015-05-17 13:10:58 flower of kudzuvine Stella
For increasingly become a religion, not called GeYiMin theory
The 2015-05-17 13:11:46 GeYiMin
The church of god, nerve = = the word of god
The 2015-05-17 13:13:30 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Are you a devout Christian, just injected new doctrine theory of thy god, I said yes
The 2015-05-17 13:15:16 GeYiMin
New doctrine is my original, so establish a brand
The 2015-05-17 13:16:44 flower of kudzuvine Stella
I believe in marxism-leninism, MAO zedong thought, ha ha
The 2015-05-17 13:18:23 GeYiMin
Now look at the nerve
The 2015-05-17 13:18:45 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Well, such as college entrance examination after the son a look

548, flower of kudzuvine liu2 xiao3 qing4: I would like to for you to understand religion

The 2015-05-15 17:45:22 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
You are very good

The 2015-05-15 17:45:49 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
You'll never forget

The 2015-05-15 18:15:00 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
What do you mean by success?

The 2015-05-15 18:15:17 GeYiMin
Become a saint

The 2015-05-15 18:15:48 GeYiMin
Is better than anyone else

The 2015-05-15 18:16:40 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Oh, this is not good

The 2015-05-15 18:17:21 GeYiMin
All man's spiritual leader

The 2015-05-15 18:18:32 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
That is very thoughtful person

The 2015-05-15 18:19:02 GeYiMin
I have a divine

The 2015-05-15 18:20:37 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Are you Christian?

The 2015-05-15 18:25:01 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
I wish you success!

The 2015-05-15 18:26:09 GeYiMin
Before 2019,

The 2015-05-16 18:13:11 GeYiMin
Read the human library

Also read my nerves

The 2015-05-16 18:13:33 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
F through reading

The 2015-05-16 18:14:21 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
I can bet you?

The 2015-05-16 18:14:35 GeYiMin
Together we read humanitarian

The 2015-05-16 18:16:42 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Online said you were arrested?Seven years?

The 2015-05-16 18:17:06 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
But how do you outside

The 2015-05-16 18:17:22 GeYiMin
Hype, I post

The 2015-05-16 18:28:34 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Your eyes are very beautiful

The 2015-05-16 18:28:55 GeYiMin
Thank you, my eyes big

The 2015-05-16 18:29:30 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Seems to have content

The 2015-05-16 18:29:52 GeYiMin
What content?

The 2015-05-16 18:29:53 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Can speak the same

The 2015-05-16 18:30:56 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Seems to be very serious very seriously

The 2015-05-16 18:33:19 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
How can prove that it is god, not your fantasy

The 2015-05-16 18:37:11 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
I would like to for you to understand it

The 2015-05-16 18:37:42 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
No matter what the results in the future

The 2015-05-16 18:38:51 GeYiMin
New factions - thank you, you know the Christian religion

The 2015-05-16 18:39:41 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Oh, the founder should be what you are?

The 2015-05-16 18:43:19 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
Carry forward the course very hard

The 2015-05-16 18:52:06 flower of kudzuvine liu xiaoqing
If you don't succeed?

The 2015-05-16 18:52:34 GeYiMin
You will be successful, I have proof

549, flower of kudzuvine xu: but you don't have a miracle of god to man, and people will believe it

The 2015-05-17 13:03:58 flower of kudzuvine xu
Oh, your book I am reading

The 2015-05-17 13:04:37 flower of kudzuvine xu
What do you think you are god, is it?

The 2015-05-17 13:04:44 GeYiMin
Son of god

The 2015-05-17 13:08:54 flower of kudzuvine xu
But you don't have a miracle of god to man, and people will believe it

The 2015-05-17 13:09:21 GeYiMin
Will some, is now a vision

The 2015-05-17 13:09:27 GeYiMin
Before 2019,

The 2015-05-17 13:09:38 GeYiMin
When I

The 2015-05-17 13:44:10 flower of kudzuvine xu
I admire you love god,

The 2015-05-17 13:59:21 flower of kudzuvine xu
You are the son of god, all is the one you love

550, flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin: tell your name sound, meaning the meaning of this kind of universal love or rule

The 2015-05-15 21:00:19 GeYiMin
You forever young, then method has eternal life, forever

The 2015-05-15 21:00:38 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
I'm not god

The 2015-05-15 21:01:00 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
God to my past

The 2015-05-15 21:01:17 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-15 21:01:55 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
How do you say?

The 2015-05-15 21:02:38 GeYiMin
The communist society - again - eternal life

The 2015-05-15 21:03:10 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
What is 2019?

The 2015-05-15 21:03:30 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-15 21:04:53 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
If didn't realize how do you say?

The 2015-05-15 21:05:38 GeYiMin
Predicted failure

The 2015-05-15 21:05:54 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
Oh, what a joke

The 2015-05-15 21:06:40 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
You should also sorry

The 2015-05-15 21:08:01 GeYiMin
I think, but a little longer and confidence

The 2015-05-15 21:18:08 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
Ok, I see

The 2015-05-16 20:16:24 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
Ok, you are the son of god, love

The 2015-05-16 20:19:36 GeYiMin
Warm, GeYiMin translation, in addition to geyimin, free translation which good?

The 2015-05-16 20:21:05 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
I'm not good at names

The 2015-05-16 20:21:25 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
Especially is so meaningful

The 2015-05-16 20:23:16 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
With your name sound, meaning the meaning of this kind of universal love or rule

The 2015-05-17 09:51:15 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
I think god is love, if like people also love selfish, so he is not on

The 2015-05-17 09:51:39 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
What makes people want to believe in the selfish

The 2015-05-17 09:52:38 GeYiMin
That is because of some weakness, god can redeem the sin of people

The 2015-05-17 09:53:24 flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin
No, he how a person can be atoned for the SINS of many men?

The 2015-05-17 09:54:48 GeYiMin
Find a way humans subordinate dust to spiritual

551, flower of kudzuvine liu: in the future will appear in 551 another one god

The 2015-05-15 20:44:50 flower of kudzuvine because of you
No matter if I was a Christian is not important, but I definitely don't believe that the future will appear in 2019 another one god, Jesus, to return to the world

The 2015-05-15 20:49:01 flower of kudzuvine because of you
I can also tell your GeYiMin writer, because of you I so many years friends online has never been such people alive is heard such things, I usually consult when writing, 95% reply immediately.But about 1 nerve has been no one answer, in fact, when I asked, I already know the answer is surplus ask, but I was curious to know you attitude toward this book, as a result, there is a big brother reply me yesterday, one at noon today and reply me.Others did not reply, I expected.

The 2015-05-15 20:51:25 GeYiMin
Forwards the ebook?

The 2015-05-15 20:54:56 flower of kudzuvine because of you
I can't say the name, but is this parody, midday, friend send me his views on neural book, has no intention, perhaps too driven may be old, negotiations should not write the word,

The 2015-05-15 20:55:47 GeYiMin
Mental derangement?

The 2015-05-15 20:56:11 flower of kudzuvine because of you
Do you know how old bi to step down is two reasons, one is for wine wine.But by not make true friends, may friends envy him, had been royal magic to the whole him, set him up so

The 2015-05-15 20:56:39 flower of kudzuvine because of you
And because of you I can't do that didn't have a conscience, so I put him rewrite the essay

The 2015-05-15 20:57:03 GeYiMin
He scold me?

The 2015-05-15 20:57:43 flower of kudzuvine because of you
Sent to him again, to remind him, after such things must be clear, I have sent to me a person, if send others, he is next repeat old finish, he told me.

The 2015-05-15 20:58:55 flower of kudzuvine because of you
A man of profound literary accomplishment, know how to treat a friend.Your values, if it is a pursuit of material enjoyment, vanity is not such a man and I make friends

The 2015-05-15 21:00:32 flower of kudzuvine because of you
Do things I dare not with a man, indomitable spirit, but I do things absolutely aboveboard, worthy parents education over the years, I'm sorry your heart, so you also people ask me how can have so many friends, very simple, I true, sincerely, treat them, with my heart in return

The 2015-05-17 09:07:38 flower of kudzuvine because of you
How tall are you

The 2015-05-17 09:07:46 flower of kudzuvine because of you
Your eyes so big

The 2015-05-17 09:07:56 flower of kudzuvine because of you
I like your eyes very charming

The 2015-05-17 09:08:14 GeYiMin

552, farmers and Turkey: GeYiMin, living in the dream also diao
Now and dream of the day, is not bitter suffering.
The cargo on the propaganda cult service no matter?

553, flower of kudzuvine Stella: GeYiMin himself as god too do not conform to the modern civilization

The 2015-05-17 22:07:19 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Can you write is what, like desire strong person in the artificial,

The 2015-05-17 22:07:47 GeYiMin
My god purport

The 2015-05-17 22:07:54 flower of kudzuvine Stella
You also very accord with the name of nerve

The 2015-05-17 22:08:19 GeYiMin
The word of god

2015-05-17 22:08:41 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Do you think of

The 2015-05-17 22:09:05 flower of kudzuvine Stella
No philosophical,

The 2015-05-17 22:09:21 GeYiMin
Also have to communism

The 2015-05-17 22:11:49 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Sometimes is right, but it looks as a cult forms, truth needs no apotheosis

The 2015-05-17 22:12:23 GeYiMin
I don't make organization

The 2015-05-17 22:13:50 flower of kudzuvine Stella
That why still teach cost

The 2015-05-17 22:14:02 flower of kudzuvine Stella

The 2015-05-17 22:14:23 GeYiMin
Super girls playing, flower of kudzuvine

The 2015-05-18 20:02:11 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Well, so much is farfetched up, are you a college student may be possessed, otherwise can't write out those delusions

The 2015-05-18 20:03:32 flower of kudzuvine Stella
You wrote about his experiences, such as making this up, let a person feel you are crazy,

The 2015-05-18 20:04:33 GeYiMin
The genius is a mental derangement

The 2015-05-18 20:04:50 flower of kudzuvine Stella
You can have your own ideas and comments, but his deified too nervous

The 2015-05-18 20:06:19 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Don't need a false myth of modern civilization

The 2015-05-18 20:07:24 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Jesus is the era of the culture, don't need you to say those modern civilization

The 2015-05-18 20:07:55 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Will only make people say GeYiMin is crazy

The 2015-05-18 20:34:27 flower of kudzuvine Stella
But you I don't think of thoughts

The 2015-05-18 20:35:04 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-18 20:36:57 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Can put Jesus into his mind, as long as the perplexity of the heart, can be called their god too do not conform to the modern civilization

The 2015-05-18 20:37:30 GeYiMin
I have a different dream ah, god said you listen to me

The 2015-05-18 20:38:25 flower of kudzuvine Stella
God is a ghost, ghost and god

The 2015-05-18 20:38:44 GeYiMin
The creator

The 2015-05-18 20:42:50 flower of kudzuvine Stella
You are devout christians Jesus

The 2015-05-18 20:43:32 GeYiMin
I think I am Jesus come again

The 2015-05-18 20:44:03 flower of kudzuvine Stella
I think you are possessed

The 2015-05-18 20:46:08 GeYiMin
Don't, can't create new ideas

The 2015-05-18 20:46:20 GeYiMin
Marx and Lenin

The 2015-05-18 20:48:11 flower of kudzuvine Stella
They didn't put his apotheosis, it is the world recognized their thoughts, their thoughts promoted the development of the society,

The 2015-05-18 20:49:30 GeYiMin
Lenin had mild mania

The 2015-05-18 20:50:04 GeYiMin
Marx also possessed as you said

The 2015-05-18 20:50:18 flower of kudzuvine Stella
No manic to said he is god

The 2015-05-18 20:50:52 GeYiMin
They are not god, I have, this is my differences with them

The 2015-05-18 20:51:44 flower of kudzuvine Stella
You are a madman

The 2015-05-18 20:57:25 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Your comments so far, no development necessary, bring the word of god to delete space, good do a devout Christian, comment on the document of christianism

Also, don't imagine who you are

The 2015-05-18 21:00:02 flower of kudzuvine Stella
Out of your Jesus, read the news, go out for a walk, ha ha

After 554, the flower of kudzuvine xu: GeYiMin, I was afraid of government interference, you hit you

The 2015-05-18 21:27:13 flower of kudzuvine xu
Are you Mr Chairman, people know about your factory

The 2015-05-18 21:27:37 GeYiMin
Some know

The 2015-05-18 21:28:07 flower of kudzuvine xu
The government know?

The 2015-05-18 21:28:32 GeYiMin
Know, not to interfere in, because no organization

The 2015-05-18 21:29:56 flower of kudzuvine xu
I am afraid that after the government interference, you hit you

The 2015-05-18 21:30:27 GeYiMin
No, said, permission, no organization does not matter

The 2015-05-18 21:31:25 flower of kudzuvine xu
You must learn it well

The 2015-05-18 21:31:57 GeYiMin
Well, 14, buyer beware: don't fight with anyone.

The 2015-05-18 21:33:25 flower of kudzuvine xu
Your book is you a person to complete

The 2015-05-18 21:33:51 GeYiMin
Yes, there are also many comments

The 2015-05-18 21:35:00 flower of kudzuvine xu
Do you think you are the son of god, but you think of yourself, others won't believe it

The 2015-05-18 21:35:21 GeYiMin
2019 will prove to everyone

The 2015-05-18 21:36:30 flower of kudzuvine xu
Until then, you are the king of the world

The 2015-05-18 21:36:43 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-18 21:39:24 flower of kudzuvine xu
The key is to show people you don't have a sign right now

The 2015-05-18 21:39:54 GeYiMin
Now is the vision

The 2015-05-18 21:40:51 flower of kudzuvine xu
Now people all over the church worship Jesus,

The 2015-05-18 21:41:27 GeYiMin
Yes, I haven't the shape

The 2015-05-18 21:41:37 GeYiMin
So I'm in advertising

The 2015-05-18 21:50:16 flower of kudzuvine xu
Do you really think you are Jesus reincarnation

The 2015-05-18 21:50:28 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-18 21:55:19 flower of kudzuvine xu
In the future you will replace the government now

The 2015-05-18 21:56:28 GeYiMin
There is the communist society, the government is completely service consortium, no dictatorship

The 2015-05-18 21:56:42 GeYiMin
The world of communism,

The 2015-05-18 21:56:54 GeYiMin
Free association

The 2015-05-18 21:58:07 flower of kudzuvine xu
19 years, 4 years,

The 2015-05-18 22:00:44 flower of kudzuvine xu
Originally there are good guys and bad guys, how can you update

The 2015-05-18 22:01:23 flower of kudzuvine xu
This difficult

The 2015-05-18 22:01:49 GeYiMin
Is not there are bad people, is a system, it is uneven material

The 2015-05-18 22:02:28 GeYiMin
Equality 50, the heart?The love of the now extremely unfair, cooling, material justice, the law of their own conscience.Because the material inequality, modern people just want one thing: money.We advocate to meet the "I" : material, spirit and soul.
51, we admit to change hearts, but in view of the modern people, only the material first begin.Human suffering, is caused by uneven material flat, repeated struggles, material are flat, the human must be harmonious.

The 2015-05-18 22:02:33 flower of kudzuvine xu
Some people are greedy

The 2015-05-18 22:02:57 GeYiMin
Material justice and law of their own conscience.

The 2015-05-18 22:04:21 flower of kudzuvine xu
You are right, but is difficult to enforcement

The 2015-05-18 22:04:46 GeYiMin
Want to rely on miracles, I also in and so on

The 2015-05-18 22:05:06 GeYiMin
And social tried me, I think

The 2015-05-18 22:06:41 flower of kudzuvine xu
The world has been corrupt officials make a little mess, all the system injustice, uneven, to the new is not easy

The 2015-05-18 22:07:14 GeYiMin
They don't have faith, ultimately rely on god to update the heavens and the earth

The 2015-05-18 22:14:16 flower of kudzuvine xu
Because there is as yet no sign, you want to pray, requesting support

The 2015-05-19 07:12:47 flower of kudzuvine xu
A: good morning!Son of god

555, Tian Zhonghang: China has not let the strict management
In the SAN, no GeYiMin living space, for false too obvious.
"Flower of kudzuvine: flower of kudzuvine is not every day go to the post promotion, you can not seal, delete and yi, and post and delete a time lag, propaganda purpose has been achieved.

556, white face warlock: GeYiMin not purple holy ~
Until he can often forced palace party abdication.

557, love sunflower treasure dian: saint is not silly force, promote the result can only follow GeYiMin's
Only silly force to contend for the hollow reputation as cannon fodder.

558, WSQSBLD: GeYiMin, you have to try to ah, your virgin background is strong
With Mr Putin, done America internal, often done palace party river west of changchun, waiting to cool.

559, 25: soup GeYiMin, fans, the member is god?
Be fussy is god?Ignorance to this extent I'm really drunk!I think you are not not afraid dead, but I don't know!!Repentance!

560, hyB3523: rather than science, also don't want to obscurity
GeYiMin heart.

561, nonsense cocoa: GeYiMin also coincided with a classmate
Islam also show face, left hand knife, the right hand, lovely.Te, behind is a large number of domestic, true church, such as the wheels are also calculated, also the people also coincided with a classmate.I would also like to mention pentecostalism, the Sabbath, the flame spirit, a big move.Afraid afraid of the people's support, don't understand of the Mormon church.ShangGong, wheels, lightning, find lost sheep, GeYiMin, the taiping heavenly kingdom, three of the redemption flow is also different.

562, I'm feeling lucky today: why GeYiMin self-proclaimed prophet's shoes to teach?
Why Islam leader self-proclaimed prophet muhammad shoes are not to teach?Why Christian leader Jesus proclaimed god shoes are not to teach?Why the somebody else GeYiMin self-proclaimed prophet's shoes to teach?Where is the logic?

563, king UAG porcelain: just under the GeYiMin "nervous"
Ideal is rich, the reality is skinny.
Good theory of thick ah, I also five MAO.

564, wheat crying: saint GeYiMin, if is providence served, I also sunchon should be life
Nature also, I agree, but I don't agree with you.Nature, I agree, but I don't agree.

565, wuyuaiwy: GeYiMin, severe ah ~ this is another portal, the new tower of Babel?

566, no surface walker Kate: always to the shape of the saint please contact himself, professional post a mountain
Price justice, kid sou have no deceit.
Twenty thousand yuan from mountain to and GeYiMin along all senators and a dragon!

567, hyB3523: in short, GeYiMin effect is no Li Dashi high!

568, one day: GeYiMin exactly?Amazing, all love this.

569, a special: marxist-leninist directly from outside attacks
Whereas GeYiMin heresy is internal plant virus pollution believers.

570, snow fox town 0: nowadays, could chew, and delusion, random and GeYiMin flow.

571, the 2015-05-27 20:29:27 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
You are so great

The 2015-05-27 20:30:19 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
Should have thought of to change human thought
The 2015-05-27 20:39:47 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
Why want to sell your ideas

The 2015-05-27 20:40:21 GeYiMin
To realize the communist society

The 2015-05-27 20:41:29 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
The somebody else to accept your ideas can realize the communist society

The 2015-05-27 20:42:19 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-27 20:42:50 GeYiMin
41, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, ge democracy to the Gospel around the world, also accepted by human.

The 2015-05-27 20:43:39 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
How long have you been publicity

The 2015-05-27 20:44:05 GeYiMin

The 2015-05-27 20:44:32 flower of kudzuvine Xu Ruyun
Now how many believers

The 2015-05-27 20:45:05 GeYiMin
No organization, unable to statistics

572, x1364087565: the problem is that I feel GeYiMin said each sentence is reasonable.

In 573, 2 _ about true love: is religion, GeYiMin I believe.

Mainland 574, zheng island: early heard of 'GeYiMin great god "in the name of...

575, hyB3523: He Dexuan than GeYiMin
At least somebody else GeYiMin have more than one post bar, weibo fans, ten thousand people, He Dexuan commander is a polished rod.

576, 111: LuTian peng GeYiMin, as god is bad, out of the human cause new inequalities
Can't.You are holy Buddha, said GeYiMin st, GeYiMin Buddha!To wto deliverance, your book is changed to: datong through!!!!!Is the only truth and end-result.
> flower of kudzuvine: let everyone affiliate dust into the spiritual life, this is the god.

577, WSQSBLD: GeYiMin is the holder of the communist party, mix of water.

578, cieme wind: GeYiMin danger can turn day again
The best point in the network environment, waste pollution wheels that was so fierce not have also been destroyed.A bit of the brain are not rare to take a reason him, "nerve" crazy to be true.

579, tianya prodigal chop beast: GeYiMin, he are not much better than lightning teach, universal
As a turtle sun also see if there are any qualification to the wheels.

AD 580, 0103, ZLP: GeYiMin, the wrong place
General letter you not to play, play post bar will not believe you!

581, god's philosophy thinker: GeYiMin no god omnipotent power (power)
Ge also democracy around the world have what use?Who believe?If he put the organization make big government to crack down on him, which he will follow the wheels Li Dashi's.
> > > flower of kudzuvine: ge god precisely society, 2019.

582, god's philosophy thinker: suppose GeYiMin come true
Other religions are replaced by GeYiMin Shinto faith in the future, the government is a great threat, the government, there is no role or Shinto faith instead of the government, if it is one thing to have with no religion, GeYiMin, do not want to be in the world never die?He is going back to heaven.
N years later and how many people now GeYiMin believed god?Like and how many people now believe that Jesus was a sign?Religion, instead of the government is useless in the future, the world will think GeYiMin monotheistic regulations is a tool for ruling the world thought, no one will believe religion, there would be chaos, the world will be more without morality.And want to come to a trip to human GeYiMin?
> > > flower of kudzuvine: we think the permanent new heavens and a new earth () of the communist society, the forthcoming, 2019.

583, god's philosophy thinker: GeYiMin come true god's power (power)
Is there anything people to believe other religions, there would be only one GeYiMin Shintoism, the future of human beings are more dangerous is very dangerous.
> > > flower of kudzuvine: our ultimate goal: god under the care of the communist society (free people), don't talk about religion, don't talk about the government.

584, god's philosophy thinker: everyone GeYiMin Shintoism believed in the future
I asked you will not threaten the government, the government is there power?Instead of the government or religion?
> > > flower of kudzuvine: we want to build society, under the belief of god together, all men are brothers and sisters, the communist life, the whole society is a free association, not the government authority concept, nor the dictatorship of the party.

585, WSQSBLD: what's the big deal, is the communist party
What the person GeYiMin?Zhejiang?Jiangsu?Oh, oh, oh, I see.

586, loneliness 0 wine sword: it's not easy, ge democracy righteousnesses are also out
Didn't realize how much space, and have many fans?

587, silver love earth: GeYiMin who is it?
> > > C you chicken eggs: cosmic explosion of singularity.
> > > sad bean jelly son C: a mental derangement, brainwashed king.
> > > the kangaroo ra: a small boss, for the benefit of the new Christian leveling.

588, bulbulhi: GeYiMin, this idiot stick recently in the presence of god how so high?
Has a tendency to beyond the generation of legend da-jiang wu.

589, cieme the wind: you are selling ads?Even if nobody knows GeYiMin
You say so every day, others will notice, want to play here will send some topic of nutritious, stop fighting all day long and a mental derangement.

590, WSQSBLD: roll your mama of GeYiMin
GeYiMin donation can bolster up garbage, of the communist party is to mix water.

591, flower of kudzuvine liu: GeYiMin, you must want me to be your subjects
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:15:56
I don't want to have to do with you, because you are a dangerous man, do you believe in the extreme, if the future teaching into the troll.So my recording and writing have to prove that I am an accessory, follow, I'm a life and death doesn't matter, if my family into trouble, I will regret this life, life is better than death, even if I can live up to their dead
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:16:16
Unless you leave your church, and it's simply impossible I know
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:16:56
When I saw you space to upload my speech, I know we are already at the end of the relationship
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:17:01
Forget me,
GeYiMin 09:18:53
Light, don't be afraid, I don't do.
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:22:23
I'm afraid I really afraid
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:26:35
Why you are not so many Chinese women find them, just find me, I'm just a very ordinary woman
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:29:55
How many global prompting a woman do you know how many, endless
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:30:03
What I made
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:36:57
You also did not go to find
Flower of kudzuvine liu 09:37:10
Mining to mining

592, the goldwater literary lad: GeYiMin is classified two disciple!
Secret big disciple is awash with Li Dashi!Secrecy is masturbation saint.

The teacher of 593, the main: strange, how to talking about GeYiMin again now.
He's not played down?Is red again.

594, tianya prodigal beast: I strongly predicted: GeYiMin within two years
Jump the faster, the higher the death, death more miserable.Not a shot to the head by the government, is the true Christian hands cut!
The price of this is crazy.
Advice online neuropathy believers and ma3 jia3: back from the brink, turn away.He is only a demagogue meter.

595, Aster19741228: GeYiMin what stuff?
And an evil organization leader, or a little small white?

596, C you chicken eggs: religion will clamp down on the government
Like a Christian rule of medieval Western Europe, but religion is bright.

597, handheld device maker e-ten slew 2014: reply GeYiMin: "chats and lily about faith"
Christ is called the son of god because he has brought human love, freshmen, dedication and sacrifice, he used his life to write the love, the newborn, dedication and sacrifice, does not lie in his self-proclaimed son of god, said the dream god said he was the son!Hong's dream is wonderful enough, Yang xiu-qing claims can also speak to god, but they are not liars who is the liar?
A great god, and you said you are the son of god, you were brought to the world?What did you write with life?By the way, you said that you brought in Christ with communism, not to mention this to piece together what can speak out millions of people who are, more important is communism fails, the communist belief is not coupled with Christ is the perfection of the human spirit, the faith, will, its precursor is a model of human lofty idealism, dedication!Communism with Christ, just salty food and a handful of salt and sweet food added a sugar, does not change a new flavor to ah.
And what about you, I don't see anything except hong's mouth!You have written in life, new love, devotion and sacrifice?What makes you to believe that you are not a hong xiuquan, what makes you make people believe that as long as you can enter the kingdom of heaven?Promise than ordinary old woman promise as long as you do a good person doesn't do bad things to go to heaven?
, alas, a great god, if you don't want to do a liar, hong xiuquan, I advise you to delve into a bit of true knowledge, do a point what is really good!Don't make the mistake of people WuJi, wasted a good time!

598, beautiful clouds: GeYiMin, I only know the bible, don't know nerve, don't!
Beautiful clouds 8:46:02
Oh so you are to drive up to the position of Jesus, a cult
Beautiful clouds 8:46:47
What is man!
Beautiful clouds 8:51:51
Life not god as high as a person and god, and you?A book is made up.
Beautiful clouds 8:54:10
If you really a Christian, a good confession before Jesus only!

599, I myself: because there are a lot of spicy chicken like what GeYiMin, like pretending to be a saint
In fact he just want to have a teaching cheat money cheat color shoes.Where real saint, say that China has a saint nor a saint, saint flesh has been reborn, who also didn't come.Because of saint is not innate, but honed the day after tomorrow.

600, highest day 2013: I'm warning you - GeYiMin behind the and Jeff karstens!
I, the crape myrtle, no joke!Don't return to me, honestly that I will not hesitate, just wipe out your this group of all, ten thousand to one thousand people - the human civilization of scum!

601, Paris in water: saint is said to be one of Zhang Fuxin and GeYiMin.
What do you say?

602, flower of kudzuvine sisi: hello.Ge chairman is that you

The 2015-06-11 19:40:53 GeYiMin

The 2015-06-11 19:42:34 flower of kudzuvine sisi
I don't understand, you sing the song, on the web page said is you

The 2015-06-11 19:42:49 GeYiMin

The 2015-06-11 19:43:19 flower of kudzuvine sisi
Praise yourself

The 2015-06-11 19:43:47 GeYiMin

The 2015-06-11 19:44:00 GeYiMin
Think god the son

The 2015-06-11 19:49:27 flower of kudzuvine sisi
Think god the son, what characteristics do you have, or is there anything else

The 2015-06-11 19:50:52 GeYiMin
6, in the autumn of 2001, GeYiMin napping in zhenjiang home big bed, different dreams, god said: "I am god, listen to him (he refers to GeYiMin)."Wake up immediately, "he said, referring to GeYiMin" wonder, when his wife and children at home.(GeYiMin anointed as god).

The 2015-06-11 19:52:34 flower of kudzuvine sisi
It is quite amazing ah

Li d: 603, novel GeYiMin, Shinto faith of communism, theory of faith
And the ideal of communism has no much difference, all KongXiangLun.

604, Paris in the water: why don't the saint mountain?
Everyone is looking forward to it, the truth.What GeYiMin, what Zhang Fuxin, no matter who, you is the shape of a ah.

605, flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun, they call you ge chairman

The 2015-06-10 19:33:23 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
You look like soup town

The 2015-06-10 19:34:16 GeYiMin
Have said Jackson

The 2015-06-10 19:45:49 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Your nerve is very deep

The 2015-06-10 19:47:06 GeYiMin
41, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have,

Only mental condition, which is updated the hearts of men, ge democracy to the Gospel around the world, also accepted by human.

The 2015-06-10 19:47:40 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Are you still?

The 2015-06-10 19:58:31 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
I'm from baidu to check to you

The 2015-06-10 20:06:23 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Who is the flower of kudzuvine

The 2015-06-10 20:07:15 GeYiMin
I am a fan of

The 2015-06-10 20:07:31 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
She is very beautiful!

The 2015-06-10 20:07:56 GeYiMin
No, all the fans

The 2015-06-10 20:08:23 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
I have the time to study you

The 2015-06-10 20:08:30 GeYiMin
My fans, all call flower of kudzuvine

The 2015-06-10 20:10:22 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Your thought isn't smack teaching

The 2015-06-10 20:19:10 GeYiMin
Believe me communism

The 2015-06-11 19:54:02 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Believe you have what good

The 2015-06-11 19:54:30 GeYiMin
Spiritual life

The 2015-06-11 19:57:31 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
You have how many concubines son harem

The 2015-06-11 20:07:40 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
How do you have so many fans

The 2015-06-11 20:07:44 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
I am jealous

The 2015-06-11 20:11:23 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
Someone make up songs for you all

The 2015-06-11 20:11:42 flower of kudzuvine finisher zhang hanyun
They call you ge chairman

The 2015-06-11 20:11:55 GeYiMin
I compiled, they sing

606, aaaa song: god actually do sage hard, brother, GeYiMin also right
He also want to solve the problem for you, so we relaxed state of mind.If you should do all did, but still fail to get the weather? It doesn't matter
, let all the wind, as long as you live at home, sincere, is ok.

607, h1h1h1z: LUN explain prophecy, put all the big buckle on Li Dashi head.
- 2012 people in the explanation prophecy, put all the big buckle on crape myrtle saint.Little imagine, is two people.
According to the situation, your teacher is a saint (Buddhism, religious, uniting the level of the first candidate.The post bar, what GeYiMin flow, are all false.

608, homemanandlady: GeYiMin, he is ready to network several post bar man made him as a saint?

609, the year corrupted creature: crape myrtle has been the central saint not know
531601: know how to, and with no eggs
Isn't year corrupted creature: GeYiMin
531601: a mere old ge also just write about nerve, move is too small to become a big deal
Year corrupted creature: a single spark can start a prairie fire
531601: it's a pity that do not have what use eggs, red soil, this flame backhand was destroyed.Precedent, just old ge to expect.

610, religion the sister Julie: 2015-2019 GeYiMin mountain god.
531601: the mullah a mountain, I bet on old ge this urine, by the year 2029 didn't in, much worse than the somebody else old lee
Year corrupted creature: Lao li is not be to suppress the elderly, are now dependent on the protestant turf
531601: but luck is not destroyed, wheel and fate, but old ge is over, in red soil, can have what, really think deeds don't stare at him.

611, nature and humanity theory Du Li: GeYiMin nerve, total Cuo Confucianism and teach!!!!!The new!!!!!

612, pfdxds520: cult cult of no matter much?GeYiMin cult, isn't it?
He is not a still life?
More religious cult to all over the world, also don't care one more.
One more won't be too many, less a also not too few!

613, ten ceremony: GeYiMin thinks he is purple, it is not wrong
After all his passion, also brought some expectations of his experience.Hope he can get faster.

Article 614, owl Zhan: GeYiMin this mad dog in god himself
Is the most useless waste, reduced to small bragging about their online application.
Did you go out on a class to earn money to feed a last-borns!!!!!!

615, tianya prodigal beast: those remarks to stick the wicked

A: GeYiMin
1: from faces alone man: fierce bad eye, eyebrow is not a good man, in fact is you are what you people.
2: the world no one predicted that with him, and he doesn't.So he is only at most a psycho.
3: now is the age of people god separated already, because as the adults with children, can't hold, will put hand to let the child to walk.Gregory nerve to blow what vision, dream scene is his psychosexuality, fiction, and even fabricated, out of nothing, this is not credible, this is the children's families, is deceitful trick.To practice on their own, their own enlightenment, and not by mouth to blow out.
4: the most hateful is ge waistcoat and numerous lackeys, which a rebuttal, will be called to have a dog called!!Haven't happened, more arrogant than almighty teach, lightning, revealing its Zheng hideous face, it was a hateful, typical cult, only now are still at the stage of theory.The worst is not you can do, but you.
5: the man also wanted to destroy the bible by righteousness, and discharge of Jesus (isa, maitreya, the saint), self-reliance, its ridiculous.Is the living water of life, the bible is a classic, constantly update is perfect truth, and what is not discharge.
6: no dessert, mouth, no talent, more features.

616, homemanandlady: GeYiMin, the guy running the result of the creation of cult to badly.

617, animal husbandry werewolf YunJie: zhang jie, you have two opponents
Zheng Kuifei said he is the future of China, and the people of the world.That is ziwei saint.His future wife is zhang ziyi, saint.
GeYiMin also said he is China's hope and a mainstay of the human, he also said that l is his future wife.

618, to revive the red October 1: GeYiMin is a "the most glamorous banner buffoon who do the most dirty thing
He didn't a dime relationship. And socialism.If it is a socialist, that Hitler, socialism and gorbachev are "master of society
The righteous one ".

619 good luck, the sword of justice to: GeYiMin the somebody else all say he ge madman, isn't it, how is called the flower of kudzuvine again
I also very admire his rampage, vertical and horizontal force of each post bar.
""," flower of kudzuvine: flower of kudzuvine is GeYiMin fans, and dozens of large tieba.

620, serveme2 GeYiMin, is unlikely to be a civil servant in nanjing
Then with ghost, then you know.A purely evil cult.Jesus Christ is the only true god.

621, l tianyahaijiao tianya l: absolute GeYiMin
Which hero who haven't seen the blood?An ex-con?I support GeYiMin comrade in jail, terrible...

622, handheld device maker e-ten slew 2014: GeYiMin is not a cult, because its only its wisdom does not deserve.
In addition to his sexual revolution is put forward, the men and women can literally need, don't have any fresh things.Including the so-called dream, just learned hong xiuquan.So its followers, you need to open your eyes, find out his real weight.

623, farmers and Turkey: GeYiMin, already into my friend since the case to explain the elective class.
I don't know, is easy to speak your mind.

624, handheld device maker e-ten slew 624: GeYiMin, light take "nerve", "flower of kudzuvine" name
It shows how much he foolish and unlearned.Because the former reminiscent of neuropathy, which is reminiscent of hc.A man from the country won't be in this.

625, the way can way: this is more than two hundred of baidu tieba service of consensus.
All posts have a "GeYiMin" three words, no matter what all other words express content, are regarded as ge cult of propaganda materials, delete all gland.
Dealing with sinister sly GeYiMin cult, must be so.This is more than two hundred baidu post bar service of consensus.
Don't have to the ge hierarch punishment by law, we didn't go to resist evil cult content?

May 626, tao: ge cult and flower of kudzuvine accomplice, they are among the 2 million baidu post bar
Almost all have their footstep, shameless to promote his cult, became a rat crossing the street is chased dozen rhythm.
Handheld device maker e-ten slew 2014: if ge also MinGuang of opinions is to write a book or on the Internet originally nothing, but a cult, cheat money cheating the color, let many simple people astray, it's exceedingly.
Ge gets a cult in rats, playing GeYiMin also like jumping up and down, so stupid, alone the nympho may be hopeless!

627, starting point between November wind: saint?Sacred perfect human?In the world is impossible
When I post in 2009 has to clear, I don't care about this identity, if it's not the years GeYiMin people regardless of day and night, the wind rain, such as painstaking efforts to promote, where I can see them, I had almost forgot these things.

628, detachment X light blue: GeYiMin, the book was called the nerve
They usually don't call names?Why have no abusive experience?

629, large antimony 1: ask people to report a cult tieba
Call religion A person called GeYiMin weirdo Super narcissistic I have to look straight into the saw.

630, the goldwater literary lad: 90 edition of the granting titles to gods, too classic
Crape myrtle in saint has now been reincarnated into...The second secret elder brother!Two disciple is a GeYiMin secret now!A Li Gongzi master.

631, Cauchy disciples: GeYiMin, 2 a. The true saint in fodder, the GCD whole death that Y.

632, handheld device maker e-ten slew 2014: dare to speak that own thinker, of course, we will respect his freedom of speech
But different GeYiMin, not to mention his heresy, light by using his cult lying cheat color is inexcusable, what's more, he said he is the son of god, it is the Lord
, people have to listen to him, he doesn't respect us, so what makes us like him?

633, Paris in water: GeYiMin should only be ambitious, as for the cult should not
Because there is no evidence to suggest that the believer it, his ambition is not a bad thing, just let the people voted him out a few, he judge elected don't choose him.

634, handheld device maker e-ten slew 2014: you said GeYiMin what is the difference between in and hong xiu-quan and Yang xiu-qing nonsense?
Hong xiu-quan and Yang xiu-qing was something, want what, history clearly tells us.So GeYiMin, do you think you are an idiot like him?

635, changfeng waves to cross the sea: saint really would be assassinated?
Why there are so many person st?As if also didn't die, such as GeYiMin.

636, lxdasb1991: GeYiMin feel very failure.
Flower of kudzuvine: why?Internet sensation.
Believers lxdasb1991: nothing.
Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin no organization.
Lxdasb1991: because he wouldn't, silly bizet believe in him.
Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin debut was announced in 2001 that no organization, but the publicity.

637, Mr Profumo: GeYiMin, estimated that many people report you, also in China for since then.
"Flower of kudzuvine: GeYiMin no organization, so it's ok.

638, the party X small mirror: words Christ cult (" Christian banner) have?
GeYiMin, shout shout evil sect, the evil king taught What is the lightning, is there anything else?

639, hyB352B: goeldi also people,
The humble.
When the son of god.
Alien visitors,
Basically, too.
Please go to the flying saucer,
To put the chrysanthemum.
In a daze,
In the heaven.
Heaven the psychedelic,
Is really good.
After wake up,
Don't feel bad.
Hurry up the pen,
Kuang language to write down.

640, hyB352B: people also surnamed ge.
Strange imagination.
Love to write Xiong Wen,
Since very heavy.
Or the son of god,
For a blessing for a visa.
Or great fairy,
Emperor king.
And don't even know it.
Make up the news,
Since the rolling from blow.

641, god will jonsson: GeYiMin religion is like face god but it is government content anyway
Real similar high-end black face god not so, it should be really stupid or really evil...
"Ask a wealth value: that's a really terrible...

642, bai shuijing on her: GeYiMin don't commit iniquity, the government how to charge?
Is now a cat looking at a mouse, once stealing right away the righteous with the wicked.

643, oh: GeYiMin is not to say that he was caught up?
Such heresy governments have no matter, why is the cross of Christianity to tube?That's not a unique urban landscape?

To say 644, hyB352B: GeYiMin
Skill also calculate a
Really what skill
Fool with plagiarism
A dream didn't wake up
They think sage
Sage what credentials
Since the childhood dream to
Also true and also false
Your don't
Confused gangsters frontal
Know I absolutely.

645, job80: GeYiMin also calculate half a thinker
But he d under the leadership of our party, this is the wrong in principle.

646, hyB352B: people also spread (adapted from nerve)
1. Assist
Very dizzy,
Crazy and mad.
Don't accept that...
Unable to eat anything,
Can't drink soup.
A good one,
On the few.
2. Night terrors
And one year autumn,
A dream.
Before the game,
The bad blood.
Mix the dream,
Don't tell god.
His dream,
To recognize the andie.
Dream andie,
Really appreciate.
Pointing to the people,
Straight men are snapping.
In the vision book"

647, hyB352B: people also shall be a, go to where go to
People also want to convert
Go to where
Heaven there is no way
Hell is noted,
Suicide is not cost-effective
Swim soul wild ghost fan
Thought to want to go to again
Fraud is also the world.

648, hit a bird fly fate: @ GeYiMin (leader) if the leader is not a pile of small open from hi.
Indeed.A new religious ge brand called binding Jesus with communism.Of course I don't know if a total of ma?Just a virgin in this post said.
Why we love it:)!See the post bar
Psychosexuality degrees:
The second:
Quality: very (seemingly didn't see him call names, the quality of words on the list are higher than the original poster)
Coaxing pupil degrees: zero (the pupil by the soil total solution brainwashed temporarily unable to accept ge great god theory. In fact, I also. Estimates are middle-aged and old women like?)
Evaluation: a word really cow force, don't say anything.A solution can be called a master one theory can be charmed all the believers have to say it's leader charisma cause!
Actually I have been think Mr Archbishop in the hi.Not really that of enlightenment.But think about a solution.Maybe it's my level is too low?

649, M44 amateur: upstairs said GeYiMin is the so-called Christian communist leader.

650, chew: GeYiMin, indeed, every family to see you like this do these crooked ways
Feel worried about your future, why you don't want to let others have a religion belief?Every conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, conspiracy theory!Those are all good people think, no matter how, I know you like this, you will disrupt the thought of more people, so I'm going against your words and deeds, there is no basis for your words and deeds, mostly from the entertainment news!Don't act like a professional...You are not a god, because there is no god...Also does not have what the god of ancient times, in your work, but just to show you - you are ziwei saint, you can lead all the LC, but you have to know, see you some LC in this way, or blind, or just like me, in order to more people, and to let go of your mask.Don't need the god of this age, need is your world, rather than god's world, even though he can promote people's beliefs, but faith sometimes really useless...

In 651, chew: GeYiMin, two good one, and become a top
Did not even read the true poetry, but also with god...I believe in god, but that the world can't be god!- yes, but that is just what we think of god, they are the same with us.

For 652, chew: I say, GeYiMin, is actually a trumpet to belittle yourself
Raise themselves then let small, this is the brillant part that the great Mr. Ge, belittle yourself, first raise themselves again, really good, but the spiritual leader, don't need this, because this age already don't need this stuff, what the annual top ten XXX, is the spiritual leader, a than a miserable, if you want to hard, try to open the iron, I use Z killed you.

653, chew: GeYiMin, maybe hundreds of years the philosophy of people will agree with you
God is not a dictatorship, ah!How every age has such religious!But it is also not cases, and just teach, political so much empty, someone still want a war?Is because of you, just so many people die...Your long winded, but does nothing to do with peace...
Mr. Ge, for the sake of what is your political ambitions, don't you if you want to claim themselves as king?People often wonder screen of miracles, and ignored the outside of yourself!
You use this?Let people more and more divorced from reality...But is close to or from you?This is still a problem, maybe a few hundred years later people will agree with your philosophy, but ignored the essence of you!Advocate is government purports to you!Don't you know that anarchy is the best antidote?

654, popocss: GeYiMin, nerve, new bible!
Be caught, generally this is the end, if through some years, became a fool later cheat more people of god.Jesus actually only a little bit stronger than this, no fool to how much money was crucified, but was more convincing Paul to do big, key to see the fool, now the pyramid selling, patterns with the same diablo iii, the same purpose w, for the money!

655, HGCHPC: GeYiMin trumpet more than the sun and the coral...
Saying his believers are small, but writing a book is not short and very talented, but for his teachings and the basic tenets of doge Shinto faith never (revelation to anyone), I really want to cooperation with him.

656, chew: criticize the religion - religion!
First of all have to tell me about your work - nerve (GeYiMin)!
The content is really interesting, there is no concept of the scriptures, but let it be, after all your brand to be a negative religion "communist banner

This is a most copied a lot of religious classic...Most of the bible, occasionally a little buddhist thoughts, but why in public
Is known for his thoughts to you, became the dictator's means?
First of all, I still to break out of your skin, communism?Specifically, and without a communist real realization of communism,
Instead, most of its ideas and anarchist ideas can match each other, I would say, the world's most let a person fear 12 dictator,
More than half is communism, but you know, they're wrong communism, they that call were miserably!
But a philosophy has been recognized by the world, there is necessary to continue in the minds of you ge a saint?But I also want to see you
Speak with you conflicting thoughts into ~ in your ge the soul of the saints

657, chew: GeYiMin, do you have other teachings, although a bit extreme
But really worth I admire - everyone god!Actually human is indeed a very strong race, this is only half the people can know,
Their past and future, have the high consciousness, their awakening light seems to always can give people a sacred, but ironically,
Some thought to guide people's religion is demeaning to the human, are taking their ideas, but this is also why I against god
Why to teach, if less a religion in the world, more than a few people meditation, so may change a lot, we experience the new time, not the past
Had the time, this is a long unprecedented challenges, maybe we in the struggle in the biological continuity but only star dust...But according to the
But some of the old cross the wall, to tell us out the beauty of the world, but we still stick to ignore the wall, but closed our ego, however
And this is religious, political mistakes.But they also have a saying just reflect people's face, but I still believe that people can to the past
The same.Because everyone can create or set up a miracle!Rather than the screen outside of yourself!

658, chew: here in the way of your leader conspiracy
This is just for reference only a few friends of conspiracy theories.First from your leader's remarks can show that the leader would like to participate in politics or are
In politics, just plan adoption, so want to avail themselves of administrative power by religion.It was a Japanese leader
And then was sent to prison...But here I advise GeYiMin saint, authorities also did not find your problem now, so
You can back soon, have been to their own lives, the day of leisure, also welcome you to continue to use your religion philosophy came to learn with you again
Degree of tieba spray compete ~ but I still that sentence - turn ~
But I also want to interview you quite hierarch how villagers leader's comments to you, but I am also very hope you hierarch with is behind
The important task of a country, to the land of the Chinese people has sown the seeds of religious...But unfortunately, just the most rally in the LC
Land, so wait for the plot was put an end to the...

659, 43506175: in fact GeYiMin profess religion has been in the laugh at themselves
You see, god will be traveling and earthly disputes in relationships and in conflict?They are aware of their small, then find a grandiose
Reason to fall down, you don't need to join this kind of senseless disputes.

660, chew: GeYiMin, seven deadly SINS!Your actions harm!
Religion will restrict development space, what makes you not pray pray, metaphorically  !Since ge saint believer has faith in himself without a sense of responsibility, so had to give you all the damage of the behavior!Let them here coruscate gives a history of belong to ge the martyrdom of saint!
The first sin!- abuse of marxist ideas!
This is the biggest sin, however, Marx is the current situation is one of the pioneers, thou shalt have thought trying to coordinate with religious belief, it was for the martyrs of slander!Indeed, communism is for religious, but it is a dream!The essence of philosophy from the German classical philosophy, how are you can easily use the religious ideas of the false and inferior can contain?!
The second sin!Attempt to say god!
This crime and the crime at the same level, this is the nature and earth's biosphere irreverent!Anchored and trying to be original, this is ridiculous!Viral whisper!God has made its misuse, repentance!Kindness manifests itself in the pardon for sinners, but that's just right!
The third sin!- GeYiMin political ambitions!
Retaliation against a political holding the attitude, it is not loyalty to the country!Don't love the party, but only patriotic!For countries, the party, holding the revenge attempt to use religion to get executive power, in this release warning!
The fourth sin!- affect their normal life!
Borrow the eternal life, god, the guise of communism, to attract followers!Influence people's original face life!It is harassing people, crime tao day!
The fifth sin!Tampering with classic!
Bible should be the original in a book on religious philosophy perspective to look at him, and not to use religion what what a broken thing to look at him, the classic brand, copied the bible a lot of content, and other classic, sin!
Sixth SINS!Disturb the order of the Internet!
The Internet was supposed to be a people to communicate with each other harmonious between information platform, now that you used to spread the religious thought, sin!
The seventh sin!- that the saints!
To teach repeatedly slander saint, sin ah, saint is in all of this, is referred to as one!?Says the holy one, without authorization, crime tao day.I'm sorry commanding his!
The harmfulness of behavior more than just a warning to you that if you want to continue your SINS continues, then go ahead!

661, chew: many illegal religion is also the cover of dark blue for fellow believers
For example the GeYiMin Shinto faith.Illegal information seriously endangering the harmony of the Internet, but the source of all are indigo children.

662, job80: you should be changed to the head of flower of kudzuvine loyal GeYiMin, he is half a thinker.

663, god will jonsson: a fair, ideal...What nonsense LuTian peng, a cult trumpeter...
Nerve's point of view, of course, call GeYiMin hierarch starved to death is not dead, test called by god to heaven, so ge murder is not selfish...

664, large antimony ii: GeYiMin buffoon
He forces behind the unfathomable, don't because of his speech was denied his IQ, they're actually in a plate of chess.

665, very dry 56: GeYiMin, now is not the science behind, at the beginning of the time of Christ.
Humans are not illiterate and feudal superstition in far greater Numbers of the National People's Congress of s.
So some of those tricks again has not a wise man.So-called some smart people will believe, because those wise men carrying understand dissimulation, borrow predicted want a hidden thing.They are not true.
Any man who want to deceive people is that they are fool.

666, 56: very dry GeYiMin can also be used
Jesus is a saint?Borrow do not confirmed do not disprove the so-called god, from think to god and he has already met and give his energy to teaching people to be good.Jesus introduced by this.Good people can use.Bad guys can also use.Anyway, is in a long future human is not confirmed or falsified.Jesus didn't expect it to play this game, can also be bad to use.Actually very fair, since you can use, I also can be used.GeYiMin can also be used.So for humans, this doesn't work.

667, black river stretch: GeYiMin, compared with them, such as guo-cheng zhang is a little skill
Ring color itself is actually love loser to a piece of something strangely iffy dhamma, cultivate one's morality, the mob on the Internet a lot, GeYiMin, compared with them, such as guo-cheng zhang is a little skill, only baidu someone to support them and then the bottom will beautify gave them courage, only then unruliness today...

668, 16 night xiao night: for the LZ do you believe?Jesus, Buddha GeYiMin Allah maria thus saith the Lord god or noodles?

_, 669: GeYiMin, first you do not have the same strategist zhuge liang
No guan yu zhang fei so can dozen of brothers, you again and didn't like liu bei talent and patience, you recently people all know of only a blind
Together...Maybe you haven't salvation were destroyed by the government as a cult...What's the use of the background, one day there will always be out of office.

670, die not: GeYiMin, tease than pure nima, wang Lin know snake bluffing
Do you still dare to profess Christ nima, play virtual, is a pure silly force.

671, I want to realize the communist society

The 2015-08-17 21:46:56 ghost face
Novel neural works, isn't it, how to feel
The 2015-08-17 21:47:12 GeYiMin
Not a novel
The 2015-08-17 21:47:24 GeYiMin
Faith book
The 2015-08-17 21:47:29 GeYiMin
Similar bible
The 2015-08-17 21:48:32 ghost face
Where the story is true?
The 2015-08-17 21:48:53 GeYiMin
Of course true story
The 2015-08-17 21:49:46 ghost face
Mr Koch, that can you tell me we what to do next
The 2015-08-17 21:50:23 GeYiMin
Communist spiritual immortality
The 2015-08-18 9:18:52 GeYiMin
I am a Christian communism
The 2015-08-18 9:19:09 GeYiMin
I want to realize the communist society
The 2015-08-18 9:19:34 ghost face
But don't use the Internet every day through legend
The 2015-08-18 9:19:45 ghost face
I also want to communism
The 2015-08-18 9:19:54 ghost face
Everybody wants to achieve
The 2015-08-18 9:20:15 ghost face
Some people grow up, slowly become decadent, think this is the reality
The 2015-08-18 9:20:42 ghost face
Some people still insist on your ideal to achieve that goal
The 2015-08-18 9:20:50 ghost face
But in a different way
The 2015-08-18 9:21:02 GeYiMin
Chapter 18 socialization production and the Internet revolution
The 2015-08-18 9:21:10 GeYiMin
Have the conditions now
The 2015-08-18 9:21:20 ghost face
If you use the people do not accept the way of practice communism, that have meaning
The 2015-08-18 9:21:32 ghost face
Zhongnanhai officials have listening
The 2015-08-18 9:22:33 ghost face
When a political ideal through to act in the name of god, then it really bad consequences

672, ___ spring ShaQing __ : GeYiMin, countries took a fancy to your funny
Discovered the value of you, with you the whole potential market, make more potential brand of party a don't come, you won't die, also won't fat.

673, chew: GeYiMin thinks he is the Christ of communism, he said he just want to realize communism.
I look up at the beginning, think GeYiMin is a puppet of American imperialists, but is actually an uncle with unique realize communism, although the right way, make a lot of people.By the method of I tell you ge saint natural, and other people who claim to be a saint you also can be used as a system of thought leads a day.

674, flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin: hello, Mr Koch saw your article is still feel the same way.
Does the current commercialized society, make people have no time to meditation to consider what they want, can only passive for life.
Your article is good, thank you ha ha.
I wish you a happy, usually clairvoyance people feeling more than the average person, deep feeling, also than others to true pain and pleasure, to protect and take good care of
Myself, thank you, keep in touch.

675, flower of kudzuvine zhou huimin: GeYiMin, you are a star.
You are a pursuit of spiritual realm,
The book I read part of you,
Think you have a super ability,
Feel the revelation,
You are a revealer of spiritual civilization.

676, god's philosophy thinker: GeYiMin is to create brand, which is not organized?
He just don't want to follow the wheels Li Dashi's.

677, 43506175: ge also people-oriented, no days, no right, self-destruction and
The everyone of the whole, people in the world have ambition, destined to do important things, but early consumes its own energy, much wickedness and he will hang himself.

678, chew, witnessed the crape myrtle saint - ge (also) a saint...Even death also value the...
First see what nerve zhongtian said dream don't dream, I can only tell you that you dream of the three conditions, in the past, you think what happened in the future...However the content of the inside is all you want to happen, so how strong the obsession of the author, however this is wide.
However I'm still pretty hope that you, the apostles, can someone can betray you, so that his martyrdom, after all, this lens is a hero of the majesty of the dawn.

679, god will jonsson: GeYiMin with Hegel, Marx and Lenin than?
The building Lord you have no disease?What may not be a philosopher, Lenin theory is to serve the political struggle, but also better than neural...Have you really seen Hegel's book?

680, miss you xia: nice GeYiMin, Jesus was born in China ~ ~

681, 16 night xiao night: a lot of time, if you want to stick with god rolled together is very simple
Literally put forward a religion, what what grams of the dabie-sulu ultraman! What GeYiMin robot can be, and then spray your exact words, to stick with god.Take a chestnut:
Rod: ye that ridiculous, quickly sat in my cooking skirt (?)Under the
A: you are such a ridiculous man, quickly threw themselves in GeYiMin zipper
Bat: are you the man who is created
A: are you the man who is created
Rod: that's revelation
A: it's revelation
This stick: shameless, you do not believe I cook who would go to hell
A: shameless, this kind of person you not believe GeYiMin people will go to hell
Rod: I won't waste your breath with you
A: funny manually.

682, 20272506: GeYiMin is false gods punishment
In the penalty off, this is god is people's Lin command.

683, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin I tell you.Even if (ziwei saint) is to give you in the future
You have no!Ha ha!Why!Ask yourself, ask you again behind the marines and the teams behind the dirty trick "cases, their political".
Ha...Don't believe it?That we will see together to wait and see!

684, litai929Bliss: GeYiMin, good air, Shinto faith.Worship of self.Slowly intoxicated.

685, 1076373379: ge teacher hello, I also think that the highest ideal of communism is the human population
Can I also think that people are self, because the smallest unit of human beings is the "individual", is a single whole, no matter how advanced the capital where someone will have a fight, there is competition what do you think?What is linked with the Christian?

"" "GeYiMin: equality 50, the heart?The love of the now extremely unfair, cooling, material justice, the law of their own conscience.Because the material inequality, modern people just want one thing: money.We advocate to meet the "I" : material, spirit and soul.

41, two of the large-scale social production and the Internet revolution () today, ge also democracy righteousness, and realize the communist society, the material conditions have, only have mental conditions, such as, which updates the hearts of men, ge democracy to the Gospel around the world, also accepted by human.

21, the ACTS of the apostles: 2:44 believe all in one place, and all things with the (communist).And to sell the homestead, his possessions (to do), every man according to his needs, among all the people (on-demand).This is a small communist society.First put forward by Christian theologians communism.Communism as a kind of theory, the first is founded by the Christian theologians, "distribution according to work, to each according to his need pay (on-demand)" the concept was first put forward by the theologian, too.

686, C you chicken eggs: ge god is everything, time is a four dimensional space, suggesting that ge god has to cross dimensions.
> > > 39, 20150825 dreams: I in the empty room, like the sun, the east and the west.House was like a clock, as a clockwise, people see me, just know the time.

687,   black unlined upper garment: there is one thing, to talk about.
This matter, have found before, but didn't take a reason..
Today, suddenly realized that this problem does not handle, sooner or later lead to great misfortune.
A bunch of people that is the so-called GeYiMin gangs, etc...
Through observation of the some stick at ordinary times, I found..So-called GeYiMin Shintoism, has occupied a lot of post bar, the gang since at the saint was found, like a no head of flies everywhere play occupation, at present, a lot of post bar has fallen or is being its penetration, we should be aware of the dangers of this cult, instructions in Trinidad levee details of reason.
Until today, GeYiMin gangs to now has not been its still occupied the main tieba infiltration activities, from time to time send a rotten stick that its existence.TuiBei to Sue, the sage, huaxia saint...As long as it is and prophecy, or are important members of the post bar personal post bar, is the place they want to occupy.Including has been sealed and old push...There is right before the Lord Yin Jing personal post bar, and all relevant local...
This problem cannot be ignored!
So, friendship remind each service personnel, later, anyone who see this kind of infiltration, avatar is a qr code with such a mean person, also contained GeYiMin posts such as word, no seal before they delete!
You have free time, it is better to make the statistics, the ID sent to me or Ye Lingzi fairy, we want to put these brain-dead all into the blacklist!
Also stick a clean environment, resolutely eliminate flies excrement.

688, can be in heaven of: finally know the reason of those posts, subject of GeYiMin must not talk about.
The GeYiMin sentenced to seven years in the post who removed?"
There is no wrong.If GeYiMin in folk, how disappeared over the years.100% of jail.The master and all the people familiar with the answer.
Answer: (cieme wind)
Hope later don't be Posting about GeYiMin, otherwise, it is not son of those problems.This post for a moment will delete, friends please self-respect, don't you, won't someone pay attention to the cult leader.
The following is a personal opinion:
Article on this because it has the yushan lad said: Chinese, born in 1969, the literary talent is Posting GeYiMin has been in jail I tease.LZ after two layers, the somebody else the third layer GeYiMin immediately.Gauge how not to delete his remarks?After things have a former ah, after all.
I literally ask, sometimes put people in jail is also a kind of protection, and forbid the somebody else hair with cult leader as he has been in jail posts like protect reputation?In principle, the characteristic of cases, is obvious should be more publicity.Let others not to create a cult.
Friends of the original "19690131 nights, jurong GeYiMin god was born China, grandma said to be the coldest, 12 degrees below zero."So don't delete, in jail to be deleted.
GeYiMin foreign web sites.

689, who lives in taihang mountain: China is rich in GeYiMin such a villain!
Even the Christian bible to tamper with the play, the villain, is the big difference of evil ACTS, even his parents would kill!
> > > flower of kudzuvine: we write is nervous, not the bible.Nerve comes from the bible, higher than the bible.

690, all the house of new eight ji: TuiBei figure in saint can always refers to the character of history have a significant impact
More points to the supreme ruler.GeYiMin just cult, assist, buffoon, plant.
Saint only after people qualified evaluation, like Kong Sheng, Lao tze.Saints are not claiming.Claim to be a saint is not a silly ratio, is made.Or is silly than funny.
TuiBei like on the drawing, if you can do it beat swords into plowshares, ziwei star bright.Nature is a saint, otherwise you shout break throat but also is an idiot.

691, Wang Xian mushroom: continuously render GeYiMin interesting?
Continue to accept an idea
Is mixed --?
Continue to instill a concept to others
Is absolutely evil cult leader -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -?
Continue to render an idea
Is definitely a cult -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -?

692, silence come into my autumn: ziwei sage would like to thank all the people who pretend to be his
Because of them, he is becoming more and more famous, thank GeYiMin great god made outstanding contributions.

693, ghost, deep and remote light: GeYiMin, earth god, you tried.

694, flower of kudzuvine gigi: if you can, so in reality can be a savior
The 2015-09-20 17:54:49 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Thank you, you are also very handsome, I look at the email you send, you are a very talented guy
The 2015-09-20 17:58:28 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Your work we can see on the Internet
The 2015-09-20 17:59:09 GeYiMin
All of my web site, http://www.geyimin.com/lj.htm
The 2015-09-20 18:13:37 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Speak of the book are theology?
The 2015-09-20 18:20:54 GeYiMin
Christian communism
The 2015-09-20 18:22:06 flower of kudzuvine gigi
I'm watching you send the last mail, you wrote it
The 2015-09-20 18:22:50 flower of kudzuvine gigi
I'm curious
The 2015-09-20 18:28:02 flower of kudzuvine gigi
What do you mean by the book of dreams?
The 2015-09-20 18:28:22 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Do you dream?
The 2015-09-20 18:31:50 GeYiMin
The 2015-09-20 18:32:30 flower of kudzuvine gigi
What are you doing from then began to record your every dream?
The 2015-09-20 18:32:53 GeYiMin
Since 2001,
The 2015-09-20 18:33:09 GeYiMin
Used to be a clear memory
The 2015-09-20 18:33:40 flower of kudzuvine gigi
So god in a dream you have?
The 2015-09-20 18:35:21 flower of kudzuvine gigi
If you can, so in reality can be a savior
The 2015-09-20 18:35:36 GeYiMin
I yes
The 2015-09-20 18:40:28 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Do you dream almost supernatural
The 2015-09-20 18:41:11 flower of kudzuvine gigi
When do these dreams, are you afraid of
The 2015-09-20 18:41:23 GeYiMin
No, happy
The 2015-09-20 18:41:34 GeYiMin
Is the son of god
The 2015-09-20 18:41:53 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Son of god?
The 2015-09-20 18:42:24 GeYiMin
Chapter 16 GeYiMin prove god
The 2015-09-20 18:45:29 flower of kudzuvine gigi
Use the formula calculated "?
The 2015-09-20 18:46:02 flower of kudzuvine gigi
The earth destroyed that day what do we do?
The 2015-09-20 18:46:32 GeYiMin
13, so in 2019, is now the world end (late) at, GeYiMin god do king, end the rule of the gentiles, to set up god's kingdom (communist society).

695, 111: LuTian peng nervous the first splendid!Second half afraid to compliment!!!!!
Some things is common phenomenon of mankind!The understanding of both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.

696, my family is coming dead mother: aside said the saint of true and false
If he, I would rather believe fang, GeYiMin, excessive WuFan President, cannot say Yin swings that few people is a saint.

697, 2013: highest day star you GeYiMin also throws a more "hidden" banner - love and communism.
Ha...In fact, I've told you Ming GeYiMin.What you throw both flail up banner, in - put shit!That blame you is - nerve!

698, apollos: freefighter: your observation of the GeYiMin is accurate
You have more logical than him, but he is more blessed than you.Though he is not in line with the opinions of the bible, but willing to stand in heaven gates decision, to understand through discussion and argument.He has a correct assumption and beliefs, there is god, the bible is the word of god.This decision is not out of your own understanding, but only for the chosen of god and work.You might be smarter than him, but you also work under the mistake of assuming that, because you haven't seen god of grace and reality.But because you may think, not cold, so you are promising.The truth of god come to you as soon as possible.

699, 2013: highest day star reply GeYiMin and water army of so-called team:
Hey hey!Christ, belong to, religious (spiritual), and communist, is political (thought), if the lack of human will in some three big features of independent civilization, universal love (emotion).Then.May I have your GeYiMin.Can you give me out what kind of way to unify, and;Worked to build the world's civilization?Hey hey!Could you please unified got - all global and sectarian politics?Could you help me to open the border area under the concept of all countries around the world?Where is your basis?The foundation and where is it?Your current claim basis and foundation do you really think is perfect?Ha ha!Your own itself is, in fact, there are no real find north!
Hey hey!You don't in my in front, distillation from you that the so-called "god" - false gods!Because of he at this time, the day on September 25, are under my feet constantly sent global all his disciples cry cry - 925 - nearly 9 (save) - $two hundred and fifty - himself!Hey hey!How to save?Not your crazy, the embodiment of these so-called and believers but all of you, all you must give me an honest return - surrender!Because, only.My China reality - 81 v70, will give him break that already nailed him for one thousand years - the cross!To the one thousand - to loose him, one of the fraudster of human civilization, and the Lord Jesus!
Thus it can be seen!You the concept of the so-called Christ communist doctrine, in itself, as a whole is a pantomime horse - neither fish nor fowl worthless!
Ha ha!You are more than 20 words?Two words, it is a waste of brain cells and paper!

700, flower of kudzuvine as: GeYiMin elder brother, good morning!
Yesterday baidu saw your profile, and you'll know you are a celebrity, young, despite the pot fall is differ, go your own way let others said that man lives not mediocre, or the very beginning, or infamy, appreciate your talent and ability, brief encounter!

Love you 701, be moon: GeYiMin convicted posts
BUT, one day will come, ge is martyrdom at best.

702, 2013: highest day star you GeYiMin society?The realization of communism society?
A, you is what kind of society?Through exclusive d to reach you the Christ?First you can give me to find, Christ, god can give me take two steps in front of the people!
Second, don't say communism is in itself - without letup!Even to achieve, you have what kind of way to unify all of the global statue of sectarian and their political beliefs -- immortal and ideological values?How to open the border?
If you can't do I mentioned above, that the foundation of your so-called Christian realize communism in where?Good to be true?Ha ha!You're being silly - GeYiMin!
Your so-called two large-scale social production and the Internet (revolution) and renewal of the mind, you can realize the essential points of the datong is?
The human thought it is not can go to ignore?Emotions can also be left behind?You this is a complete human?
It is in the fart!Think through the brain control locks in people's hearts.Let the human have become the embodiment of the false gods will only recognize you - GeYiMin...
Ha ha!You play the dead ambition!
Come on, you this spooky GeYiMin freaks.Want to be here fake an incarnation of god, then don't be afraid of me the crape myrtle: 81 v70 directly questioned for you!I will direct easily gets you -- GeYiMin!

Mentioned GeYiMin 703, cieme wind: as long as these three words posts will be deleted
Delete posts about propaganda cult is me, no matter what, as long as the mention GeYiMin these three words posts will be deleted, also hope all the friends don't free advertising for the cult.
This is the consensus of all the post bar, not I a person's decision, friends, please self-respect.

In 704, the way can way: post who have "GeYiMin" three characters, now matter what it says, are deleted.
Because, ge now old fresh, said he went to prison, it is famous for him, it was his hope.

Every day 705, aa7022766: GeYiMin to blow his own horn When the saints Is white when unable to let all sincerely convinced.

706, holding the sun star: like GeYiMin cult gangs did not seal tieba typical is the secret of the TuiBei blocked
GeYiMin at that time men every day dozens of ID in the secret of the TuiBei propaganda cult, but ignored and see big, small, not to mention the behind.

707, ewha rain snow tenderness: 7. GeYiMin main thoughts and the academic achievement is the GeYiMin sutra.
"2004, GeYiMin approved by (and may the) write the first draft of the distribution network, the flower of kudzuvine after training, also the dc (Christian communist manifesto) released the first draft of the written declaration., training, mission constantly updated release."(the kingdom age Christ - GeYiMin)
"GeYiMin classics" by "a, visions of books; second, the apocalypses; third, the book of love; four, dust; fifth, spiritual books; six, eternal life; seven, country books; books; eight, political and economic nine, quotations from books; 10, the lines of the book" a total of ten parts.
"GeYiMin self-styled Christ, we see the prophet said more appropriate, with modern prophets GeYiMin classics, can calculate the bible amendment. He thought two sources: Christianity and communism, so called religious thinkers. GeYiMin with content of 40% is his personal information, part is the revelation."(" GeYiMin: great Internet religious thinkers ")
All prove the GeYiMin the value is based on GeYiMin narrative he passes through "revelation".For example, he said: "god said:" I am god, listen to him."He said, referring to GeYiMin.""God said, pointing to GeYiMin:" this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased to listen to him, "".(" GeYiMin vision book)
This should all know, he is god, listen to him said.

708 turn, au joint water army 01: a destruction of the world's nuclear war
To drag out an ignoble existence a group of refugees
A firm of the bunker
By GeYiMin ruled
When shelter, 101 people, in the shadow of GeYiMin, no longer need to worry about lack of varieties and bottle caps
Free will go again
Fallout 5: Rise of the Yimin
Comming soon

709, Meg kernel: so, demons heretics GeYiMin's standards.
Who advocate sex are demons heretics!All are not preach to clean the way comes with evil!These demons heretics ACTS in the explanation by all have already made it clear.The Ming who are interested in are considerable.

Love you 710, be moon: GeYiMin, what what communism monotheistic Christianity, feel he is quite funny idea force.

711, the air in a see: I can think of GeYiMin came.In the flag of the GeYiMin GeYiMin became famous.

712, earth wang jinlong: GeYiMin, have no interest in people's value, is always just broken nuts!

713, shen tang sauce X X: GeYiMin is one of the most grandiose stick without god.

What is 714, 518: GeYiMin, why should I listen to him
Jural say to where we want to listen to him, again say I can't listen to him how to do, you are god. Are you nervous!Good nerves I remember your name, bye.
And tell you that GeYiMin, in ancient times that is called the emperor crape myrtle, not let crape myrtle saint, no culture, do not have to a fool.

715, yi yu ares: and make a cult of as GeYiMin flow on the Internet
S don't need to saint, only gone with needs.Those who write books, experts and scholars, play religious figure pyramid selling, and make a cult of flow as GeYiMin online, that is what thing?Their brains to think, one can change human destiny, can let the whole earth thousands of years the change life style of people, will appear in these unreliable way?So don't be to why can when saint buffoon, you keep Posting psychosexuality also useless, the god who hast is a saint, who was, he would not have to do.On the contrary, you pretend to be no use.A saint must draw the sword, all the rivers of blood, because of his past life is heaven god of war, don't think that a saint wine is to pursue the beauty of flowers, these are not he want, understand?He is to tear this world down!

716, rebirth B3523: GeYiMin marry Zheng Hui, is one of the beauties in the world
We sincere wish two saints, may a match made in heaven have a lasting relationship into a great cause.

717, vulva SAO dew: GeYiMin imperial woman died after one hundred and twenty.

718, shenhua emperor: "GeYiMin cult leader", you should repent, early into the god god not men.

719, the highest day star 2013: I want to remind is: GeYiMin, is not only a nerve say that so simple.
Ha ha!No matter who.To pass all the hostile political forces at home and abroad to China to overthrow my China, plot pattern are in countries around the world today, it is forever in daydreaming!Whether you want to by political, religious, and even each direction, such as democracy, human rights will certainly is a complete failure!
Ha ha!You GeYiMin, unexpectedly come to Christ and a communist?Isn't that what in Hong Kong "in" period, hit by so-called "justice" banner?You this is what you bad things?If you really want to the theory of civilization, it shouldn't be sneaking around to hide the curtain.And should be aboveboard, able to win the people all over the world are able to achieve real and common ability of civilization.
Ha ha!Throw a Christ, false gods to serve as your "standard-bearer of pioneer", ha...Do you not know that, it has been proved out in itself, is yourself and beat yourself!Hey hey!Exposed the your hand, and all is zero!Because your people - is a group of waste.So we have to ask a fantasy - god, or to give you do a human & dog - painted skin!
Ha ha!Know why I will be stepping over you?Hey hey!Because you want to do, and are doing, in fact, it was to overthrow me all the sons and daughters of the Chinese!The government and the communist party of China, also just hello to fanning signs.(although she has shortcomings, even is wrong)!But,...
Hey hey!You are playing with fire - GeYiMin!

Winter 720, light snow dances: ge also and acquisition, audition results, the winner should be the latter.

Since 721, late-night symphony: see GeYiMin nerve in the bookstore
From then on, I got a second disease, I think god GeYiMin spluttered pa areas are built and toilets are as much the idea is very good, why I.

722, late-night symphony: count and writing [neural]
This is another wonderful book after the bible, immediately after the network spread, my brother said, since saw GeYiMin nerve I feel quite a lot
, GeYiMin is really the man of god, this is good book, recommend.
GeYiMin the visions of god, Jesus is god anointed;
GeYiMin 2019 new heavens and a new earth, Jesus did not know the day, said only god know;
GeYiMin don't fight with anyone, Jesus' love your neighbor as yourself;
GeYiMin think man's sin is dust body, like animals, Jesus as Adam to eat the forbidden fruit;
GeYiMin needs affiliate dust to the spiritual, and Jesus wants people to believe him;
GeYiMin pursuit of spiritual life, the former and Jesus said to them, believe in me has eternal life;
GeYiMin country is the communist society, Jesus is the new heavens and a new earth, new Jerusalem, coming down;
GeYiMin have political and economic books, Jesus wasn't the thing;
GeYiMin ge also veteran, is actually a communist values;Jesus had 12 disciples and a group of follower;
GeYiMin sayings is classic, logion is classic;
GeYiMin only in the Internet to evangelize, preach Jesus throughout all urban and rural areas;
GeYiMin basic life, Jesus is not the pursuit of money;
GeYiMin are young and have longer, "GeYiMin classics" constantly updated, two thousand years after Jesus from the dead did not say a
GeYiMin environment make the Christ, Jesus is god anointed son of god.
Jesus, son of god - new testament - grace period
Matthew: steps you want to listen to him.
GeYiMin - Christ - GeYiMin classics - the kingdom age
Vision book 5: listen to him.
About Jesus: then I had done, also be believeth in me, and to measure the greater things.

723, based briefing: GeYiMin and the two jinxin god stick the rise of new world
How many attracted atheists people's attention, but with this kind of fast food type of entertainment instead of traditional science really good?

724, earth wang jinlong: resist this basket day!Against the cheating of miscellaneous odor, blow GeYiMin!
Ge small mice, not very ripe conditions.Hu neuropathy, tinker with brain insane.Moreover not farmers, I do not know the suffering of the people.I do not know dark officialdom, cream a Confucianism.Post some figure, not as a serious business.Spent hundreds of thousands of words, is not worth a penny.How can the world you know a fart, salvation?Repentance to wake as early as possible, lest you be prison sentence!

725, GeYiMin who is calling, why baidu encyclopedia without him
Humble opinion of wind rain: great religious thinkers activists, Internet brand writer, male, born in 1969, the Chinese people, zhenjiang city, jiangsu province, graduated from Chinese department of nanjing university.God, have modern prophets nerve, some say the bible amendment.He thought the two sources: Christianity and communism.Nerve is his personal information, is to the reality and future thinking, part is the revelation.

726, job80: GeYiMin wrong place, you can point out to help him
Help anyone to achieve your dream, is a good man should really be doing, to anyone, for your enemies, competitors, are holding the sympathy and love.

727, the Chinese leader I: GeYiMin is my idol
As title.

728 king, head of the counselor: to titles profession of the ask
Today is business seal for ten days, say what wheels, GeYiMin, the world alliance, wheel GeYiMin I've heard of, but the world alliance is what the devil?Please drive solutions, sichuan forced oil swelling in the future.
> > > Xu Kaichuan: what the world alliance, psychosexuality slasher short.

729, HGCHPC: ge taught (GeYiMin) can let a person think of "Chinese" wang Lin photo set.

Before 730, the flower of kudzuvine hocc: a bit like Hong Kong actor's temperament
Flower of kudzuvine hocc 19:01:09
Do you know?You are like actors
Flower of kudzuvine hocc 19:01:37
A bit like the temperament of the Hong Kong actor before
GeYiMin 19:01:48
Oh, thank you
GeYiMin 19:01:57
There is said tang town,
Flower of kudzuvine hocc 19:02:07
GeYiMin 19:02:35
Also like Michael.Jackson
Flower of kudzuvine hocc 19:03:19

731, holding the sun star: GeYiMin boasts 100000 water army
Millions of people, tens of millions of people in the post bar of a lot of, have to to this, catch all won't go away, I haven't seen this kind of person. GeYiMin boasts 100000 water army, the letter also departed.

732, drunk drunk the fireworks decayed: let me alarm them earlier
Promoting the GeYiMin everyday language said is god to happen by the year 2019 Ge also will save humanity Then sell nerve.

733 A: road flyover, lazy GeYiMin A mental derangement, don't know how many people to die!

734, sunset yangko captain: GeYiMin shitty diablo iii, the Internet pioneering SB2SB god stick propagation mode!

In 735, q40hhhhh: how strange post?
GeYiMin, what the devil posted here let's religion.But a strange.

736, justice, eliminate the evil 6: I believe GeYiMin, modern Christ.

737, the highest day star 737: hey hey!GeYiMin he CARES about is not money!
Because, he has funded behind his wealth.Hey hey!This, is not he is met by the real dilemma.The real forever also can't get away from him, and;And have to give me an honest surrendered, can only be me - the crape myrtle: unbroken step on the grass fly!
Hey hey!Since you can't -- GeYiMin is a content to the first person to eat crab, hey hey!Then I will make you a - the first death - human civilization of the ghost of scum!!!!!
Hey hey!Tidy up spooky imp small god like you, for me, is that's very easy!
Ha ha!I GangFeng sword, if really on the kids like you little gods, ha...Don't you to fraud!And I must be a genuine and fake, the first man to the core - the ziwei!

738, forest -- - stone: GeYiMin, Christian, against the gods
To satisfy his desire, and the rule of themselves as god let all the nations.
And the false prophet, antichrist description can be found in the bible.

739, 2013: highest day star GeYiMin, you also is only one
Is to want to overthrow me behind the evil forces of Chinese civilization, the launch - cannon fodder and buffoon!
One in front of me, always can't give me the magnanimous to face what he advocated, the so-called god, what is dare to meet the people of the world - really!Hey hey!I left him also always can't do!

740, 2013: highest day star is tampered with others, and he - GeYiMin
What is a highly attempt to want to go to play the so-called communism - Christ!Hey hey!Pediatrician!In fact, he and the driving force behind the, what more is not a good thing!

741, the theory of control robot: GeYiMin, a wonderful work
Q40hhhhh: how strange post bar?What the devil posted here let's religion.But a strange.
The spectre of communism: these are employed water army.

742, justice, eliminate the evil 6: I believe ge god, come down from the high of heaven to the earth, save the world.

743, elephants and socialist: GeYiMin what kind of dog shit?Heresy, go to hell.
A group of the spirit of the psychosexuality dog all day long, and shit?It's fresh.
Also I bah 'nervous' copy of the bible, faith in Jesus Christ?So believe Mr Dog that you are in idolaters, you know?
Confused beliefs, sad!Read primary school can cause to your brain damage.
Don't come out anything delusion the Christ as a life-saving straw, sad!You away from god, god will be far away from you!Rodomontade distorts the bible, tamper with the bible, said he is the son of god?!I phlegmy salivary you mouth, satan hold you tight.

744, earth wang jinlong: GeYiMin not god, can never be YangShi people see!God is the negative energy.

745, earth wang jinlong, crape myrtle saints acknowledged GeYiMin is god, the god of the world to see
Is the negative energy, GeYiMin shall not eat, interference YangShi on everything!Qin this!

746, "Mr GeYiMin published weibo" GeYiMin into god, is the people of the world's big event, the big event!
Metaphor in the global thought the heyday of Renaissance era is coming!In the Internet under the cover of science and technology, new and old ideas intersection communion with The Times of the total fai, will inspire the people of the world humiliation, dedicated time has come, show the essence of the world!The communist society will achieve 2019 in the world!

747, the rule of law: see, the feeling is another GeYiMin, too idealism.
Venus AAA: Wang Jianghuo "rampant alert to new cult" is published, thoroughly criticize the GeYiMin flow, he in similar people completely is not a matter, please matrixay!

748, job80: you criticize somebody else @ GeYiMin, actually his academic level is higher than you.
Venus AAA: religious mysticism, GeYiMin doing what academic, critique of worth to go alone?

749, FengCiShi YanJing: the puzzling lady was ge fart GeYiMin solemn act
It became a GeYiMin bar was the irony of farce.But the puzzling woman at that time had the 'robbed on sedan' feeling!Is me!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
A big more than ten years older than GeYiMin LaoNianMen son was ge fart of the kingdom of heaven is royal sister?This bitch will not give correct!Enjoy this kind of feeling?Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

750, truck people's words: GeYiMin more than two years before they had, who is who knows
Billions of people, after all, there is always a jerk to believe in this kind of unreliable.

751, camera won Edison: GeYiMin Mao Yong "fiction".It was a very grounding gas god.Please forgive me for laughing.

752, can not fly: ge also which is more severe and its moments of brother?

753, fly fate impact bird: was the closure.Like this and so many da-jiang wu people GeYiMin.
What all don't know in the chat.The god that god.

754, by the light away: GeYiMin shitty isn't god and we have a gross relationships?
To promote people a little too?Is this also prepare a mountain rikkyo?Is worse than the somebody else a few number of people crowded in the kennel MLM know ponder the heart.

755, earth wang jinlong: GeYiMin gathered WanFei ten thousand to commit ACTS of terrorism
Disturb me huaxia, this person is not arrest under house arrest will cause significant security hidden made!

756, yo _ great: religion is GeYiMin self-appointed state they denied again Is not a cult?
Flower of kudzuvine: no organization, therefore is not a cult.Emerging belief.

Since 757, earth wang jinlong: GeYiMin announced when he became a god means GeYiMin announced he is dead!
Do things according to god's people lost flesh, also means he's gone off on this YangShi!

758, yun-jie zhang rebirth: YunJie President, you in sina weibo caught the attention of the famous GeYiMin diablo iii
Pastoral werewolf YunJie: ah, god, scholar, bright young actress, model, the literary people, in the school, and even political Z etc. Pay attention to my characters, this is very normal!
But I, for a lot of things in the dark!

Who is 759, gzwayh: GeYiMin?As if this period of time a lot of people in the hype him?

May 760, tao: we have the bearing "GeYiMin" three words
No matter how content, as a "cult" of post, firmly sealed delete, since a few years, the purport has never changed.

May 761, tao: see GeYiMin three characters, makes people send ou.
In the future, this not change original intention, every post has "GeYiMin (or homophone)" with the words, that seems to delete!Are you going to say god said, every man to his tieba said to!!!!!!!!!!

762, woo hin T_T: GeYiMin, soared into nerve is not good this year
Now at the end of the year, zha hasn't seen action?It won't through the nine days LeiJie is split into grey?That's a really is too poor.Oh, that's right.
What do you the GeYiMin how I can't find it?Don't know if you see no see the news, China was a hidden door like you the nature of the organization
, its leaders have been life!Well, after all, the somebody else is also high, not can't focus on r (s _ t) q you, however, a low profile
!How can such!?How to carry forward?!How to spread the Gospel!?After all, you do not have what fame, who know you
Much.Don't you just be a few ignorant people worship has been satisfied?!Too!!!!!!As a to save anyone
Responsibility of god just only this ambition?!It's so disappoint me!Want to know the world there are many people living in hot water
Waiting for you to spread the Gospel!Are you for god, god is to allow you to save the toiling masses!Rather than let you three points in the mu field
At ease!Your compassion?!Think about it, the nerve!

763, czx4706: from now on, GeYiMin unless you can prove that you can always (die)
I believe you are the son of god, also don't require you to almighty, it's ok?
""," flower of kudzuvine: ok, GeYiMin (19690131 -) forever.

Demon: 764, na method number spear GeYiMin may be because satan satan is folk founded a church in China now.

Who is 765, ab734690577: GeYiMin
> > > good COOL orange juice: a network of cults, with his stick, at sixes and sevens in the cultist feeling is severe disease
> > > ab734690577: oh Remember..The bible is candidly admit defeat And the emperor by the also lost Only di Yin and through talents and one of the war It is a pity.

766, Internationale: GeYiMin, have to say that you would go and title
You are a mental derangement patients, and hopeless.Boasts modern communist leaders.

767, Zearatul: I go, I think GeYiMin calls on the so-called "velvet revolution"
Hang a communist wine and sell the feudal religious dog meat stick lying to not a few people, seems to society on SB.
I'm strange, all day to turn some not smooth, mostly against the rod of god, you are blind or stupid?

768, eternal material appearance being fostered  : GeYiMin the declaration of god party, strong feeling of the celestial system of field.

769, Zearatul: you said that luo yufeng, GeYiMin on the shameless god well with a stick.

770, justice, eliminate the evil 6: I believe GeYiMin, the son of god, come down from the high of heaven to the earth, save the world.

771 Moore was: GeYiMin is what position?See how the bar several times, what is a cult?

772 Moore was: ID: Shintoism saint shu qi is what GeYiMin brain-dead ACTS, seal, please.
Every day have a ge nerve, don't pull into the blacklist?I heard that it can be.

773, forest -- - stone: GeYiMin flower of kudzuvine guys really shame on you, every day in the brush of advertisement
Have regard for friends feelings?
You teach you should know if want to promote some marketing, psychology, common sense, "didn't clear understand the consumer psychology" blind propaganda.
Come on, waste of time to speak with the robot.

774 novel, li d: in my opinion, [neural] with Mr GeYiMin communism
Pull the communism beliefs on the historical train of Christ, that humans only soul in heaven, is datong, happiness, without the pain of death,
Living forever is sin, the soul beyond philosophy of god in the flesh of communism, have no meaning.

775, posted at Christ near-re-embodiment GeYiMin is a thief
Axiaxiaxi9: (xiang yu the posterity) folk such as superstitious rally to revolt is the special propaganda a profound meaning.
Thoroughly the first-class: posted at Christ near-re-embodiment GeYiMin is a thief.

776 Moore was: ge mental derangement too much, also is drunk
What is ling bully day xiao: ge
Yt2642009909: GeYiMin is, a bit of a cult.Change the teaching classics.
Ling bully day xiao:...Millennium where so many uber...
Yt2642009909: to letter.

Li d: 777, novel neural savior GeYiMin department
In the siege in the main, the old Christian female bodhisattva and Buddha boundary, qigong, nerve GeYiMin savior god, the phase of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gathered terminally ill, originally this space is not large, everybody every sat.

Li d: 778, novel has represented by GeYiMin nerve trend new communism savior Christ
Saints, as a result of the tang yi people master TuiBei figure, indeed, people enter the feverish speculation, and the saint who it was, people began to argue, wild, have represented by GeYiMin nerve trend new Christ the savior, communism has crashed into a saint mire incorrigible demonic the sick, and female bodhisattva apparent to amen socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese teaching of Christianity, which goes against the original Christian doctrine, neither fish nor fowl, thus, Christianity is anyone you can literally change and innovation, is it?

Li d: 779, novel GeYiMin god's universal, to save humanity for eternal life.
All speeches, reflects Chinese characteristics, even Buddhism speaker, pull the Buddha on the Chinese characteristic, also has the Chinese characteristic socialism, the scientific communism with Chinese characteristics, Chinese characteristics of Christianity, the new religion GeYiMin communism, and so on.
In terms of theory and practice, projection reflects Chinese characteristics, China now, onto the world stage, it is a small world, the root of world civilization.Various formats -
Their proposed to save the human theory and the practice of the so-called truth.

780, withered maple warm blood: but the sticky fart insect GeYiMin, his silly lack of powder constantly harassed
He2 de2 he2 ability?If it's the apocalypse, the prophet, I am admitted.But they don't see any compassion, is full of bullying, he intended to make since
F.Such people have a plenty of false prophets, and some just hair is not I slowly,
And that kind of glue fart insect GeYiMin, his silly lack of powder constantly harassed.The fly is no future, all only then is cleared.But they still
Entanglement.Is the same with wheels, eventually the sense that gives a person is boring, stubborn.But not to the interests of others.There is no dedication, only propaganda
It yourself.Without faith, but there are stubborn.

In 781, 2624359029: GeYiMin
The main thoughts and the academic achievement is the GeYiMin sutra.
Identification, and the ancient prophecy, theory of light has not to reveal human nature of the problems and solutions, and there is no practice, crape myrtle saint is to save all mankind, GeYiMin theoretical limitations on religion, salvation and people to serve the people did not, from the story, spirit, moral, culture, personality, quality, sentiment, mind, knowledge and boldness, thoughts such as comprehensive look, does not meet the crape myrtle GeYiMin saint.

782, withered maple warm blood: GeYiMin flower of kudzuvine you little fart fart matter and I can not know
04 I saw ge in the post bar, let ge to do ten thousand beneficial to good, to do ten thousand improve people heart love thing, to promote not late again, now the products are not competitive.What visions, it is better to see a movie, there are special effects.
Not to establish their own righteousness, refuses to accept the righteousness of god.All glory to god, has nothing to do with ge.Never see you are willing to glorify god, and therefore you will not be respected.If you give praise to god Can let a person value your personal instead.
Well the Gospel truth don't listen, don't want to stand on its own a humble.

783 and 2015: the flow of what GeYiMin don't say!
Saint without make a contribution to humanity, does not claim to be a saint!
He is also claim to be a saint egomaniacs, nothing!His article I have ever seen, have certain wisdom!

784, your life: not GeYiMin in nerve, is the western old appendage to transition from atheism became god stick.

785, thousand Pa 7 K uncle: some people headed by @ GeYiMin, create "religion"
My secretary has formally to @ weibo small @ baidu post bar @ the ministry of public security to play four black anti-pest report: some people headed by @ GeYiMin, create "religion", deified himself, trumpeting cult ideas on the Internet for a long time, harassment of others, and to profit!

After 786, vanstar: GeYiMin Shinto faith, thoroughly remould oneself horse to teach, nothing updated version 2.0.

787, Mr. Pan: GeYiMin, reading is not that you read, you is hong xiuquan's second
Is an international entertainment, truculent.
Take a look at this scaremongering, the religious communism, claimed to be a party.So people, the most shameless.

Led by 788, lecron: GeYiMin brand of cult ~ ~ ~ everything is real!Baidu has no matter.

No organization 789, lecron: what?GeYiMin you have clearly shown as a kind of good ~ network cults

790, thousand uncle: @ small secretary and baidu at ordinary times, have a response.
@ so much this time, but have no action.GeYiMin great god's background?

791, lecron: GeYiMin how empty lonely cold. They are.
Ha ha...The original network really is a mirror, all potholes are able to reflect society.Alas, this is probably a lack of faith
Yang s...So evil things, demons.

792, job80: GeYiMin is a level, it is a pity his strategy error
So he even divine, but an saint, saint not only good theory, and work ability, to real success is the sage.

793, GeYiMin what position?
Source: zhihu
Nobody, own cult, and very strange, hanging from the name of communism (what has never been a savior, also not immortal emperor, to create human happiness, all by ourselves!)

794, suziewong talk: "GeYiMin" cult gangs, in tieba trumpeting cult
And use of small flames to demagoguery.Their behavior has disturbed the normal order of post bar, interferes with the friends of daily communication,
Violated the criminal law.Of Leninism, please dear friends and relevant personage to the administrator to report a cult thread, reply to stick and cult trumpet
, also can actively provide clues for relevant departments, jointly combat cults.

795, thirty thousand and one meter: GeYiMin nerve is a drama, who had lost the letter.

796, maple sichuan: the GeYiMin adults to promote, it's nothing
Self-destruction, self-praise, reputation, reputation...To do so hard!
Your information I saw, the simple believers is you make the biggest mistake.

797, nonsense cocoa: you mean GeYiMin?He seems a new religious leader
How will develop into a cult, I don't know, anyway have said he was good, has said he is a great liar.Anyway, I don't believe in him, and my religion is waiting for the god to give the answer, other oneself see, consult, oneself can have a view, but don't fuck outside heart for god.Of course, thinking is a must, but these are not guidance.

798, nonsense cocoa: GeYiMin is not the first, also is not the final one
But before, has said that he was the last one.
GeYiMin part of speech is before god (and his claim to be god) of contempt.Many religions in the classic hated.Unless you repent, will suffer the punishment of god.

799, wds3355715: if you have time, go to dozen GeYiMin
But I have to tell you...As long as no one report...Government will not tube...Er......Or say that not a lot of witnesses report...
If you're free, how to play GeYiMin...Cooking for me, he estimated that many people thank you.
Pengzu origin: GeYiMin who is it?To introduce his deeds?
Wds3355715: you go to the Shinto faith, GeYiMin closed, they also created a.

800, le water magnesia: for example GeYiMin, do you think he's crazy or cheats out of color?
As for those long speeches, maybe in the GeYiMin, perhaps is really feel what a piece of theory.By them, as long as he doesn't lie, touch the wall a few times, will naturally look pale these in order to survive.You are not a virgin, no obligation to tube so much.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Nerve, or the word of god, is god's last days, nerve spread of peace, new heavens and a new earth () of the communist society is coming, blessing god through hard, a people chosen by god, amen!

Power word: letter GeYiMin god for eternal life.

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