"Teaches of Ge blossom"

(A), [Ge Yimin Daquan]


1, Godjiao.com-- polytheism

Geyimin.com-- GE also the people - God is people

Moses ---- Prophet ---- Old Testament ---- Law Times

Deuteronomy 18:15: hear ye him.

Jesus Christ ---- New Testament ---- ---- age of grace

Matthew 17:5: hear ye him.

Ge Yimin --- God --- the kingdom era nerve ---

Visions 6: hear ye him.

John 14:12 Jesus: what I have done, I believe people have to make, and to make things bigger than this. Ge Yimin God is true.

2, Ge Yimin: Internet religionists great thinkers, male, born in 1969, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, graduated from Nanjing University of Chinese literature. God, the


Modern prophets nerves, some people say the Bible amendment. There are two major sources of his ideas: Christianity and Communism, nerves are his personal letter


Interest, partly divine.

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4, nervous: because one Ge Yimin visions of God, then called classic classics, namely God.

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5, polytheism: Rikkyo because Ge Yimin visions, believe Ge Yimin God, not with anyone against the purpose.

6, the Party of God: in 2019 the global effort to achieve a communist society.

7, Gehua: recognition of Ge Yimin God, that God only God members.

Gehua ---- Ge Yimin flower ------ Ge Yimin open flowers, bear fruit.

Canton GE: that all Ge Yimin supporters.

8, GE Black: Give Ge Yimin discredit people, black people Ge Yimin, namely Ge Yimin opponents.


(Two), Ge Yimin seven holy name of God and seven secular titles


Seven holy name:

1, Ge Yimin god

2, the Prophet Ge Yimin

3, Ge Yimin Christ

4, GE God

5, Gehua A

6, the U.S. youth crime

7, Church leader

Seven secular titles:

1, Ge Yimin

2, GE

3, Gege

4, Sheng Yemei

5 million people song

6, the chairman of the party of God

7, President of the World


(Three), Ge Hua Global Assembly



Neurotechnology No. 1

Any person worldwide, voluntary entry Gehua book, please email webmaster@godjiao.com

Title Please write: Gehua books

Please write your: screen name, gender, year of birth, area.

Ge Yimin will receive mail order, scheduled Gehua volumes.

"Gehua Zhengce" Gehua 1 - Gehua 144,000 (small group)

"Gehua separate volume" Gehua 144001 - Gehua ********** (other sheep)

"Gehua has separate volume": Zhengce, everyone except the separate volume automatically incorporated into another separate volume, nameless no part nor memorial :)

Accessories: "Gehua book"

Gehua A [Ge Yimin, male, born in 1969, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu]

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(Gehua 1 - 13 only ready for the most affinity Gehua)

Gehua 14 [x, female, born in 1990, Shijiazhuang]

Gehua 15 [Ariel fans, male, born in 1994, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu]

Gehua 16 [Ma Xiaoli, female, born in 1982, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu]

Gehua 17 [full Zhen Tao Yi Ling child, male, born in 1971, Xian]

Gehua 18 [commitments behind, female, born 1990, Sanya, Hainan]

Gehua 19 [blue, female, born in 1988, Hunan]

Gehua 20 [plastic products, female, born in 1981, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu]

Gehua 21 [yeah snow, female, born in 1985, Beijing]

Gehua 22 [fee Carina, female, born in 1970, the United States of Pennsylvania]

Gehua 23 [Mei Guo, female, born in 1983, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu]

Gehua 24 [Margaret Stephenson, female, born in 1962, Manchester, UK]

Gehua 25 [laughing life, female, born in 1985, Taiwan]

Gehua 26 [Qi Mei, female, born in 1972, Huaian]

Gehua 27 [Malachi, male, born in 1990, Henan Jiaozuo]

Gehua 28 [Lin, female, born in 1970, Hebei Hengshui]

Gehua 29 [spring dish posture dance, female, born in 1986, Wenzhou]

Gehua 30 [gray She, female, born in 1972, Wuhan]

Gehua 31 [Blue faith, female, born in 1991, Chongqing]

Gehua 32 [____ cheap , male, born in 1992, China]

Gehua 33 [night butterflies, female, born in 1989, Chengdu]

Gehua 34 [loose feather stars, male, born in 1994, Guiyang]

Gehua 35 [mud Bigfoot, male, born in 1969, Jiangsu]

Gehua 36 [Zhangtian Zhi, male, born in 1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] (polytheism Malaysia president)

Gehua 37 [Dream Splendor, female, born in 1989, Yunnan Baoshan]

Gehua 38 [Cambrian maple, female, born in 1992, Xuzhou]

Gehua 39 [Midian, male, born in 1982, the United States] (Church of North America president)

Gehua 40 [your location]



(Four), Ge Yimin course believe in God


I was raised by atheism, the slave must be Carpenter, fruit must be because (first cause), Newton's first arm of God to promote non-material "vitality" exists,


Recognizing the existence of God. Re-read the Bible and understand the Bible is the Word of God, believe in God.

No one to my gospel, count the Spirit himself biography, see Ge Yimin visions, holy.

Primary and listen good friend Gospel Taiwan, Hong Kong, felt warming up, like. Because education has always been an atheist. College, go to Nanjing Jinling Theological Seminary,


Hear the call brothers and sisters, I feel wistful, cut to the heart. When graduating from college, suddenly wrote beliefs "Christian" message book.

Class graduation party, one word, I would suddenly say, "God bless us!" At this time I have not believed in God. After work, I read both the Bible and therefore


Thing. In early 2000, the Bible, he was immediately attracted, considered to be the word of God, then believe in God.

The beginning of 2001 the Internet evangelization (do websites, forums). 2004 began writing nerves.


(Five), Song of Solomon


"Ge Yimin god"

According to the Quartet on Guangmang Zhenjiang Jinshan

GE Chairman is the golden sun

How how handsome the young

Acts of God our hearts to illuminate children

We walk in the move

Doctrine of happiness Avenue on Ge Yimin


"GE flower"

Ge Hua Ge Hua over the world

Colder her more flowering

Gehua stoic symbol of our

Towering big polytheism

Look ah Everywhere the Gehua

There is soil

She is not afraid of the snow storm

She is teaching me to spend


(Six), and why it can be said Ge Yimin is a prophet.


After the Bible did not say there can not be a prophet, John the Baptist was the last prophet called, by:

Too 11:13 For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.

This refers to the Old Testament law concluded prophet refers to the Old Testament prophecies of Jesus Christ of body position office of prophet, John the Baptist ended to this office of the prophet


Stopped because they foretold Jesus Christ has come, and the people face to face.

This is: the prophets prophesy (Jesus' body position), until John.

Instead of: the prophets until John.

After John the Baptist:

When hometown people rejected Jesus, Jesus claimed the prophet:

Too 13:57 Jesus said to them, too prophet who, in addition to local capitalists, is not without honor.

Epistles of Paul said that after the Prophet could have:

Corinthians 12:28 God in the church, the first apostles, second prophets, third teachers. . .

Corinthians 14:1 Pursue love, but also longed for spiritual gifts, but also to envy, that ye may prophesy.

Corinthians 12:8 given by the Spirit the word of wisdom. . . A person can be called a prophet.

I Corinthians 14:37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.

There are more than a prophet 1:12 Cretans people say. . . You have to rebuke them sharply.

Late on the eve of the world, there is still a prophet:

11:10 Kai stopped because these two prophets tormented people on the ground.

Acts records better prophet:

Acts 11:27,28 came prophets from Jerusalem down to Antioch. Through the Holy Spirit, the world will be a great famine specified.

Acts 21:10,11 a prophet, named Agabus, he took Paul's girdle, and bound his hands and feet, and said, Holy Spirit, said to the Jews so


That tied the belt master.

Acts 13:1 in the church in Antioch there were prophets and teachers.

Acts 15:32 And Judas and Silas, also being prophets.

After the non-biblical revelation, from the old John's Revelation, this book can not be deletions, but he refers to his writing of Revelation, terrifying mistake, rather than


Revelation of the Bible and God's whole, because then only the Old Testament, the New Testament is not wholly written (as Peter wrote in the book of Revelation), but not into books


And then there are as many as forty of the Gospels, such as the Gospel of Peter, and all kinds of letters, the new draft agreement is a descendant of the Fathers given.

If you can not add or delete old John, referring to the Old Testament and the New Testament, Volume 39 27, then as an apostle, he would tell people at that time, 27 of the original New Testament


So pure gospel, so the Apocrypha were not taken seriously, rather than let the offspring Godfather finalized.

Mark after the resurrection of Jesus and John the contents of the woman in adultery asked to take the contents of the main difficulties is the 400 AD, Jerome Mega's.

God has a different dream visions in the last days, there is inspiration:

Joel 2:28,29 later, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions, in those days, I will pour out my spirit upon my servant


And her maid.

John 16:12 I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye can not bear them now. The Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all




China 12:6 prophet among you, I the Lord will appear to him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.

Christians believe one side of the true and living God, letting God, two thousand one side to become a dumb God, and God will always be dumb, this is preposterous.

According to Ge Yimin vision for the country we recognize Ge Yimin prophet. Amen!


(Seven), "Ge Yimin god" Preliminary


Christ: Christ, meaning "anointed." (King of ancient Israel must pour throne when the king's head, a symbol of God which is used to


Save the King of Israel, and later transformed into a savior meaning), also equivalent to the Hebrew term Messiah, meaning "chosen by God


. "

The era of the kingdom of Christ - Ge Yimin God:

"Anointed one", "selected by God" ------ nerve visions book 6,2001 autumn, Ge Yimin different dream, God said: "I ​​am God, hear ye


Him. "He was referring to Ge Yimin. (Ge Yimin anointed of God)

"Messiah," "savior" ------- nerve Acts book:

10,2004, nerves (Ye Mei classics, songs million people through, Ge Yimin by) wrote the first draft distribution network, constantly updated after release.

11,2012, the creation of polytheism, the Party of God, as a kind of clear values, rather than an organization.

12,2012 - 19 Ge Yimin output values ​​of harmony and peaceful, content is nervous.

13,2019, the global community to achieve communism.

Luke 17:24 because the Son of man coming in his day. . . 25 But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected by this generation.

Ecclesiastes 4:14, "This man is out of jail to do the king, I saw all the living under the sun, all follow the second place, the people of his dominion,


Is his people, and more too numerous. "

It seems that after the end of the Savior, is mainly used to salvation "prison" big bitter achievements; include all countries, "all the living" Logically, each


Kinds of people, all of the various religions, "all follow the second" from Scripture view, this is indeed the Savior Jesus Savior second outside the


He wants to be king over the people, his people, and more numerous.

Ge Yimin come true, really first suffered much and be rejected by this generation.

There prison out to do the king. (Semi-prison)

By suffering (24 years of hard trials), even in preaching Jesus, and also on the cross, death and resurrection secular.

(1990 - 2014 24 years of trial video series, to make people understand what is love and seek the truth.)

Ge Yimin prove God: visions, thoughts, trials, news, love, seeking the truth.

"Ge Yimin" --------- God also to the people.


(Eight), Church teachings


1, we believe in God: God, ruler of the universe's creation and the first result.

2, we are God believers, faith Ge Yimin god.

3, we believe Ge Yimin vision, Ge Yimin establishment of God's kingdom prophets, we have to listen to him.

4, we believe the end of 2019, new heavens and new earth, the kingdom of God come, wherein dwelleth righteousness, that the communist society.

5, we are not against any person, it is happy in heaven.

6, we believe original sin, that body from dust, and animals.

7, we believe the purpose of this life is to get spiritual body, instead of the body is dust, eternal life with God forever.

8, we believe everything in God's plan, and that the great Almighty. Trials are all suffering people of God spiritual necessities, until the last step completed


Cheng, God will place us in the proper position.

9, we believe that we have eternal life in the kingdom of God, as the search for God throughout, never exhausted, we will never make God happy.

10, we believe the nerve Final Word of God, such as "I am God, hear ye him."

11, Church undisciplined, specially designed to be a witness of truth, those who recognize the doctrine, are Gehua, that God only.


(Nine), the Party of God Prospectus


1, the Party of God is a doctrine, an idea, a theory, a doctrine that the values ​​of peace, harmony Ge Yimin, rather than an organization



2, we are God believers, faith Ge Yimin god.

3, we are God members, heaven and earth that communist society.

4, with the spread of nerves, we believe 2019 can be achieved global communist society, whatever, DAMA (community can provide reasonable



5, to develop advanced science and technology to improve productivity. With the increase of the wealth created, everyone's material needs increased gradually.

6, no war, not even a fight fight, that person no longer hurt others, everyone is depending on others for the brothers and sisters, full equality


In love. The overall improvement of human moral standards.

7, we are not against any person, it is happy in heaven.

8, we believe God nerves final words, such as "I am God, hear ye him."

9, God Party undisciplined, specially to be a witness of truth, peace and harmonious output Ge Yimin values​​, who acknowledge God in this Prospectus by key party




(Ten), irrefutable evidence to be sentenced - Lagerstroemia saint is Ge Yimin


1, we do not want to see the dedication, unlimited innovation, bottomless connotation, and today frustrated and destitute, everywhere Shoulu.

(Nerve mantra: Ge Yimin God, hear ye him.

             Letter Ge Yimin have eternal life. )

(Nerve visions book 6:2001 autumn Ge Yimin different dream, God said:.. "My God, you have to listen to him," he was referring to Ge Yimin (Ge Yimin by


Anointed of God)

2, Ge Yimin writings nerve, is a new world civilization after 2012 (global civilization) spiritual symbol, he is an advocate of the cause of human immortality and open


Extension who is able to fill cracks and communicate next era thinkers and practitioners, is to describe the future of mankind toward a pioneer and role model. Church aims to open


Create new theoretical system of human solve the ultimate problem of world religions: eternal life. Ge Yimin unified world's three major religions, improve recognition of human thought


Knowledge and rebuild the world the value of traditional guide for the whole of humanity from the endless pursuit of material turned to their own spiritual life, and meet new world culture


Ming was born to help people take the initiative to evolve.

3, Ge Yimin is a traumatic, salvation, liberation of all mankind the great figures, human society would be gone with not a landmark


Some guise Warren. No need for the development of partisan saint, a saint if gangs, it is not a saint. The reason why the holy saints, is that he and his followers


They "and different" saint's own wisdom, ability and charm, saint initiated Albert, enough to attract the whole world there are wise and lofty ideals,


With him to join the festivities.

4, Ge Yimin currently suffer more pain is in the mind of the subject, he tasted almost all human mental suffering, it seems that the only way


, He can find a way to get the human mind free recipe.

(Nerve Gospels: Everyone is busy belly, Ge Yimin busy just want to make money for the soul what use is it to let you earn a million, there are even.?


What use is it? Chihepiaodu poison? You really work? Everything outside that matter, really does not matter, one they had abandoned himself away, all is vanity


. Only peace of mind and satisfaction, is true. And our hearts, if not peace in the arms of God, you will not be at peace forever. )

5, the saint's thinking is very advanced, and even many ordinary people can not understand him, his heart is very painful, but he knows his human mission, Fen


Power struggle, spread his culture and ideas.

(God Party manifesto: 66, God partisan disdain to conceal their views: the future communist society each have a normal marriage and children, not the outer extramarital affairs channel


Germany banned the future communist society, any adult men and women, consensual, to Wushan, this behavior is no moral prohibition, fully human


Happiness and harmony.

We want to build latrines as much sex as any adult men and women, as long as necessary, to enter, the event of the opposite sex, consensual, you can row Week


Public ceremony, everyone's sexual satisfaction as easy as the toilet, the toilet since there is no moral issue on which there was no sexual morality,


No victims of acts are moral, even eunuchs ladies of human nature, why not give to meet? Solve a lot of crime, a lot of heart


Bottom helpless pain.

Sex is God blessed for humans and animals, consequent to multiply each person's sexual liberation and complete freedom, human sexuality into the realm of freedom. Sexual freedom


Not necessarily lead to sexual abuse, such as birds of sexual freedom, but there is no sexual abuse, animal essence is freedom because there is no moral law constraints, no


Family, but did not consequent sexual abuse, consequent terrible disease.

Sexual freedom just respect for human rights, because of the sly, people curious about crime, once free, it's going on, but can treat people correctly


, Not sexual abuse, such as animals. )

6, the saint's own work and life may not be happy, he is not to live your life. He was like fate was pushed to the top of the pyramid, looking around four


Although Zhou thunderous applause, but lonely solitude and loneliness made ​​him helpless, he is the only one that is always on the highest level. He just led the big


Army Marshal desert trek, walking in front of him is always only one person. No matter how treacherous the road must take the first step by him.

(Nerve Quotations Book: Life can simply satisfy the soul was to strive to meet.)

(Nerve Quotations Book: Nietzsche's superman vision appeared, he said it would be superhuman contempt for all human beings, this is a "great contempt, contempt of love,


Contempt for those who really love the most. "Ge Yimin now have this feeling.)

7, the saints must have their own brilliant broad ideological system, he will have his own book published, until the advent of later works, he may begin to have


Action, or the stage of history.

(Ge Yimin writings nerve)

8, sage besides better educated, well-read, it also familiar with several major religious fundamentalism and communism, he must have been familiar with all the major religions


Typical of many important documents and communism, he does not exclude any party, nor any party obsessed, but the "yeah, back, Confucianism, Buddhism, were"


Mastery, the only way of thinking is likely to be accepted by all mankind, to guide humanity into the Datong, while he himself has thus become


Spiritual leader of all mankind.

(CAPE God above forum discussion)

9, he has created a brilliant new ideas theoretical system and doctrine, and making the entire human beliefs and ideology, will guide humanity


End atheism and God, materialism and idealism, material and spiritual opposition, so that the whole human race to unite mankind unprecedented liberation.

(Ge Yimin writings nerve)

(Nerve Gospel: a person, a thinking person, only to break any areas of their predecessors, in order to draw nearer to God, because God only unlimited sudden.


Breaking any area of their predecessors, is closer to the truth, because truth is infinite. )

10, his theories and ideas will form a book come out (Lagerstroemia move into the book), his book will be translated into many languages ​​published (retranslation Shii said days


Son, nine countries the situation improves in spring), he will become the spiritual leader of the world, he will establish a new ideology of the whole human race, to guide mankind


Completed a historic leap, to guide mankind towards Datong.

(Nerve has already translated into foreign languages​​, and have back-translated Chinese words and a lot of discrepancies with the original.)

11, he will end the confrontation between the various religions, the end of each internal religious opposition factions to end confrontation between different faiths, his thoughts and


Theory of fusion of different beliefs (theism and atheism) essence, inherited the different beliefs (theism and atheism) rational core, abandoned


Various beliefs (theism and atheism) unreasonable, inaccurate, incorrect part, so that he will win the universally respected and widely recognized,


As the world, the spiritual leader of all mankind to follow his ideas would become a worldwide universal faith, to bring the power of humanity, human


Future direction.

(Nerve Gospel: I visit all the values ​​are so far failed, then the creation of Ge Yimin values ​​of salvation, will eventually get rid of the human genetic ancestor


Down sin and death, recovery intimate relationship with God. God help me, Amen! )

12, he will guide mankind to abandon the old irrational political system, economic system, to create a new political and economic systems, rampant human


For thousands of years of history, rich-poor divide caused by humans, causing class antagonism, resulting in the depletion of the earth's resources "capital" and "commodity", "currency" and other calendar


History of the product will be completely out of the stage of human history, but instead a new economic model, the exploitation of people for thousands of years, the history of oppression of people will declare


Come to an end.

13, with a complete end to God and atheism debate, among all the gods of heaven and earth completely lost the image of mystery and exposed in front of humans, people


Ideas and concepts of human self-positioning will change dramatically turned upside down, humans will completely abandon self-centered view of the world, built


Erected a new big universe.

(God Party manifesto: Programme: 2019 with the establishment of a communist society Ge Yimin values ​​around the world.

Book nerve Love: Nervous Golden Rule: [not against any person]. )

14, he will be his own ideas and new theoretical system, establishing a new world view for mankind and the establishment of a common faith, common faith in humanity


Common spiritual leader, on the basis of a common world view, voluntarily and gradually move toward reunification, the world gradually moving toward reunification. So that all mankind will be closed from


Cox voluntarily give up the war, abandoned plunder, the army no longer willing to be the era of human things rather quickly to retain canceled the existing national system


Degree will subsequently be radically changed.

(Nerve Gospels: fight fight should not be, and should not be against anyone, because other people are in this world with the most similar to those closest to you?


Stuff. Why fight one another? You know, he will hurt, but what you're afraid of feeling pain. Why do people kill one another


A person? You know, he's like you have only one life, equally valuable, he was like you have to love his wife, parents and children. I can not


Imagine a man shot and killed another man shoot a scene, why? OH, your kind! ! ! OH MY GOD! ! ! ! !

Nerve Gospels: World eventually unified, that the world communist society, but the means is our neighbor as ourselves, not violent revolution. )

15, he will rebuild the value of tradition, ideology will accurately integrate the essence of different faiths can also concerned about people's interests and hearts to win


Universally respected and widely recognized convince people in the world, save the hearts of mankind, as the world, the spiritual leader of all mankind to follow for human and


Harmonious development direction.

The purpose is to rebuild the saints came into the world the value of tradition, to guide the whole of humanity from the endless pursuit of material turned into the mind of their own concerns.

16, he tried him long-term culture of society, mankind has created its own savior.

(Nerve Quotations Book: 24 years of trial video series, make people understand what is love and seek the truth.)

(Nerve Gospel: God, I finally agreed, the son of the world's people.)

(God Party manifesto: Before Ge Yimin as hierarchical society (community violence), after Ge Yimin communist society (harmonious society).)

(Nerve kingdom book: early October 2019, the king made ​​Ge Yimin updating the world, mainly to update the human mind, (with the spread of nerve, human


Mind this point, has been updated to be used for God), let the dust from the case to the spiritual, to build the kingdom of God, the earth is paradise, that communist society.



17, announced the launch of the true saints to society.

True saints must know their historical mission - Rescuers save suffering, so he will not forever and unknown stealth in the community and in his thinking that he would


After want to set up the system, the human society to be "the situation improves," the turning point stage, timely announce their presence by the community, and its main


The purpose is to confirm the authenticity of various saints on prophecy, be reassuring, to avoid the formation of social unrest and harm people. Sage


The purpose of the launch is to "rescue rescue suffering", first save the human soul, in the right way and healthy survival and development of human society, and no other figure



Because it is a long-term trials to develop his society, so society announced that disclosure of evidence, otherwise no one believes.


(Eleven), interactive encyclopedia Ge Yimin class entry

1, [Ge Yimin] Open Category: Celebrities thinker

Ge Yimin: great thinkers religionists Internet activist, pagan writers, male, born in 1969, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, graduated from Nanjing


University department. God, with a modern prophets nerves, some people say the Bible amendment. Two sources of his ideas: Christianity and Communism


. Nerves are his personal information, is a reality and future thinking, partly divine.

2, [Ge Yimin teach] Open Category: Communism polytheism

Explained under the same [polytheism].

3, [Ge Yimin party] Open Category: Communism polytheism of values

God Party (Ge Yimin party) is actually not an organization, nor an official member, but a value that Ge Yimin values. Ge Yimin


Values ​​in polytheism and communism based, in essence, polytheism communism, the core values ​​of peace, equality, love, and strive to build everyone


Equal happiness communist society. People no longer hurt others, everyone is brothers, true. Golden Rule: Do not with anybody to do right.

Chairman of the Party of God: Ge Yimin. Party members: Ge Hua (ie Acts of God). Slogan: Ge Yimin God, hear ye him. Letter Ge Yimin have eternal life. Programme:


2019 with the establishment of a communist society Ge Yimin values ​​in the world.

4, [Ge Yimin by] Open Category: Books Writers

Explained under the same ["nervous"].

5, [Church] Church is a Christian denomination, Church Camp in China to Ge Yimin Rikkyo vision, namely Ge Yimin different dreams that we want to listen to God


He (He was referring to Ge Yimin). The nerve, not entirely beliefs, as well as social life thinking, in essence, polytheism communism, nervous not only solution


Never a question of faith, but also put forward a number of ways to solve social problems.

6, ["nervous"] nerve is modern prophets, the Chinese Ge Yimin book is a classic communist Church to Church, raised new thinking


Test, also put forward a new communist thinking. There are a lot of current social thinking, life, and propose solutions to all the problems in this way,


Nerve core keywords are peace, equality and love. Nerve has 23 chapters are currently more than 140,000 words, nerve foreign language edition.


(Twelve), network authentication



1, Ge Yimin Weibo has been certified by Orange V




2, Ge Yimin Tencent Weibo has been certified by Orange V




(Xiii) to commemorate the feast of the

   1214 Good Friday: To the world, to society, social order Ge Yimin, Ge Yimin into great trial, half the prison, the crucifixion.

   Easter 1221: salvation for the world, Ge Yimin death, death and resurrection of gods, defeated the sting of death, bring hope to the world.

   Christmas Day 0131 Ge: Ge Yimin birthday.


(Fourteen), "nervous" txt download: http://mm.godjiao.com/gzly/sj.rar



God eschatological vocal nerve, nerve spread peace, new heavens and new earth (communist society) will come, evangelization efforts nerves, chosen by God


People, Amen!


Mantra: letter Ge Yimin have eternal life.


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